Ice-Nine Spreads To Shanghai: Chinese Interbank Liquidity Evaporates

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Previously we disclosed that FRA-OIS spreads in both the US and Europe have been on a tear as a result of ongoing concerns that European liquidity may be frozen. Then following the previous post we decided to check in on Chinese liquidity. To our lack of surprise we find Chinese availability of unsecured interbank lending has quietly dropped to the second worst of 2011, now that the rate on 7 Day SHIBOR has hit 7.4%, the highest since the spike in early January, and a range that goes back all the way to the August 2007 quant market crash. Keep a close eye on this should Chinese vital interests become impaired and China is forced to dump trillions of money formerly reserved for US Treasurys (and currently held in US-denominated reserves, thus forcing a selling of USD and buying of EUR), to buy European debt, once the next two dominoes, Italy and Spain, fall.