Illinois Supreme Court Halts Rahmless Ballot

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Future mayor Emanuel's first promise once the Illinois Supreme Court elects him? To live in Chicago. Full filing from the Supreme Court of Illinois attached. It is unclear if the invoice for services rendered comes with the filing or later.


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Rahm and Bloomy taken ovah!

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the machine speaks, the machine lies

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Looks like ballots won't go to the printer for a while...

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This is Chicago... vote early, vote often.

Do you see any connection between the political corruption and financial insolvency?  Nahhhh just a coincidence, I'm sure.

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The ballots will be printed tomorrow! That way the deed will be done and too hard to correct. Then, the Ill. Supremes can take their sweet time.

It's the Chicago way... and now the USA way.

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imagine the chaos if the IL SC lets Rahm on the ballot as they have, then rules against him as ineligible.


Never will happen.   The fix is in no matter if there was overwhelming arguments against him being eligible.  They wouldn't want a teamsters riot on their hands. 

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This dirty bath-house crook has to win. He is needed to oversee the next staged 9/11 type event.

Some urban redevelopment is needed for Chicago.

Never let a good crisis go to waste!!!!

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no news here, please move along...

Was there ever any doubt that the Chicago machine couldn't or wouldn't have its way?


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He's connected to the Syndicate. The Law doesn't apply to him.

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Maybe the justices are just ballet fans:

"Emanuel was encouraged by his mother to take ballet lessons as a boy and is a graduate of the Evanston School of Ballet as well as a student of The Joel Hall Dance Center (Northside of Chicago) where his children also took dance lessons. He won a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet but turned it down to attend Sarah Lawrence College, a liberal arts school with a strong dance program."


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I've seen a picture of "Rambo" in his tutu (sp?), but can't seem to find it.  A fella named "Marshall" posted it over at

If you ask him, I bet he can find it again.  Priceless photo of Tinkerbell Emanuel!

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The latest US corruption game... "Who's Court Has Your Side Bought And Paid For!"

County, State, Federal, or Supreme... we buy them all!

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Exactly. No surprise here. 

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Chitown write in Common for Mayor!  It is your only hope.

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What a joke....



..... " Moseley Braun was the subject of a 1993 Federal Elections Commission investigation over $249,000 in unaccounted-for campaign funds. The agency found some small violations, but took no action against Moseley Braun, citing a lack of resources. Moseley Braun only admitted to bookkeeping errors. The Justice Department headed by Attorney General Janet Reno, turned down two requests for investigations from the IRS.[11]

In 1996, Moseley Braun made a private trip to Nigeria, where she met with dictator Sani Abacha. Despite U.S. sanctions against that country due to Abacha's actions, the Senator did not notify, nor register her trip with, the State Department. Once again, Attorney General Janet Reno failed to act. She subsequently defended Abacha's human rights records in Congress.[12] Her former fiancé Kgosie Matthews, who also served on her campaign staff (in violation of U.S. immigration regulations[13]), had been a lobbyist for the Nigerian government; Matthews would later leave the country before he could be prosecuted. Attorney General Reno and the State Department under Madeline Albright refused to take action against Matthews. Mosely Brown had paid Matthews, a native of South Africa, a salary of $15,000 a month during the campaign.[14]

In 1998, after George Will wrote a column reviewing the allegations of corruption against her,[15] Moseley Braun responded to Will's comments, saying that "I think because he couldn't say nigger, he said corrupt,"[16] She also compared Will to a Ku Klux Klansman, saying "I mean this very sincerely from the bottom of my heart: He can take his hood and put it back on again, as far as I'm concerned."[17] Later, Moseley Braun apologized for her remarks.[16]" ............

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This is going to be great theater because a lot of the Machine hates Emanuel's guts.

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There may be some who hate his guts but they all know when to fall in line.  That's why this well-oiled machine has worked so well for decades.  Upholding the political unit comes before all personal considerations.  

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The courts work very efficiently for some!

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Can't jump to conclusions on this. Probably no other reasonable choice remove him from the ballot would have resulted in an election being problematic if he does remain a candidate.   

If he is removed as a candidate then votes for him don't count, simple as that.

koaj's picture

except for Chicago where each real vote for Rahm counts as 1.5 votes when counted

New Revolution's picture

Cometh the Revolution....

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To paraphrase Mr. Bill:  it all depends on what the definition of "reside" is.

If it is the same as New York's and most states' laws, the fact that Rahm previously was temporarily located in D.C. and rented out his domicile while in D.C. is irrelevant - he can still claim to have been a resident of Chicago.

Sorry. Just the way it is in most states.

weinerdog43's picture

As a long suffering Illinois resident, I can actually state we are not like NY in this respect, and that is why the appellate court ruled as it did.

Our statute says that a candidate must actually 'reside' in the jurisdiction in which they are running.  The ordinary Black's (or Webster's) definition applies.  Reside, as commonly understood, means to actually live there.  Not just have a house.  This is why having the Supremes stay the Appellate court is so infuriating.  If they let him stay on the ballot, the term 'we was robbed!' will have whole new meaning.

koaj's picture

Rahm would squash Nucky Thompson

Hedgetard55's picture

My guess is Rahm is toast because some big playah in Chitown don't want him as Mayor. Could be the current Mayor Daley, could be Soros, could be Obama hisself.


FWIW, Gov. Abercrombie says he could not fnd a certified b/c for Barry.

DosZap's picture

Dont you know Obama will get him not only on the ballot(illegally) but he will win,and be the new Puppeteer.Outside of Wall Stret, Chi Town is the Ganstas Hub.

weinerdog43's picture

But at least we don't have to live in a banjo state.

JLee2027's picture

 I used to believe he was born there, but now I don't.

Yeah that's been rumored MIA for years. No birth certificate on file...and since O was adopted by his Indonesian step father his citizenship may have been renounced, as Indonesian law requires, and his certificate of live birth could be a forgery because Barry Soetoro should be his legal name post adoption. And he went to college as an Indonesian foreign student on a scholarship, apparently.

It's a mess, and only the corrupt would defend this.

RichardP's picture

When President Obama was born, was his mother a U.S. citizen at the time?  If the answer is yes, what legal weight does that carry, if any?  If his mother was a U.S. citizen at the time he was born, does it matter where he was born?  Wouldn't renouncing his citizenship be a more useful avenue for exploration than wondering where he was born?  If an under-age person in the U.S. cannot create a contract that is binding, does anyone know whether an under-age citizen can renounce their citizenship and have it be binding?

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Yes, it matters a whole lot.

According to the legal requirements regarding citizenship that were in force from Dec. 24, 1952 to Nov. 13, 1986, encompassing the time of Obama's birth, state, "If only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least 10 years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 14."

Since Obama's mother was 18 when she gave birth to him, that means, the only way he could be a citizen is if he was actually born in Hawaii, which appears to have been NOT the case.


indio007's picture

Obama was a visiting on visa. He was a Kenyan National not a permanent resident. Observe CITIZENSHIP OF THE UNITED STATES, EXPATRIATION, AND PROTECTION ABROAD.  A LETTER FROM THE SECRETARY OF STATE,

SUBMITTING REPORT ON THE SUBJECT OF CITIZENSHIP, EXPATRIATION, AND PROTECTION ABROAD. December 20, 1906The law of nations, which becomes, when applicable to an existing condition of affairs in a country, a part of the common law of that country, declares the same rule. Vattel, in his Law of Nations (p. 101), says: "As the society can not exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, these children naturally follow the condition of their fathers and succeed to their rights. * * * The country of the father is, therefore, that of the chil- dren, and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent." Again, on page 102, Vattel says : " By the law of nature alone, children follow the condition of their fathers and enter into all their rights.'' This law of nature, as far as it has become a part of the common law, in the absence of any posi- tive enactment on the subject, must be the rule in this case.

aerojet's picture

One thing is abundantly clear:  Something happened that Obama doesn't want people to know about.  If he was clean, there would be no reason for all the coverups. 

trav7777's picture

cmon...everyone knows that if such a BC existed, it would have been disclosed by now.

but nobody wants to touch this one due to the consequences; until/unless someone of import like Abercrombie himself steps up and issues a statement, it goes nowhere.  The "friend's" claim is hearsay.

If Bama's true citizenship is known somewhere to be other than US, then they have essentially remote control over the man.  NeO has been very clearly playing a role throughout his administration; the fuckin thing is on autopilot.  The appointments to key positions show no imagination whatsoever.  He's clearly enjoying riding around in AF1 and the trappings of's been pretty obvious from the outset.

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White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett weighed in on her former colleague's case Tuesday morning, stating that President Obama believes in Emanuel's case for residency.

JLee2027's picture

It's none of Valerie Jarrett's biz.

Salinger's picture

she was channeling Barack

tpberg7's picture

Of course it is her business.  Valerie Jarrett is just one of the many appointee's in the Obama administration that have deep historical ties to the Chicago machine.  If this group says that Rahm will be mayor, it is going to happen.  This was decided soon after the election of the president.  The Chicago machine generally makes top down decisions and history shows the success rate.  

bugs_'s picture

The third branch corruption exceeds YES AMAZINGLY ENOUGH exceeds the corruption in the other two branches.

CH1's picture

Sadly, yes, just as Jefferson predicted. :(

America is OVER.

Johnny Dangereaux's picture

Can't wait til We Are Change shows up at bath-house boy'z events....

(Hey Banzai, can we get a pic of rahm in a tutu?)

Cheesy Bastard's picture

Looks like Steve Jobs didn't waste the 50 grand he donated to Rahm's campaign after all.  Whew!

downrodeo's picture

So, if they put him on the ballot, and he loses, does he get a 'do-over election'?

trav7777's picture

I would wait for a substantive ruling before getting totally hysterical

AbandonShip's picture

The term 'douche-baggery' comes to mind.  Rahm sucks, dirty ex-IBanker crook.