IMF Makes Headlines Again

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Only this time not with its handling of luxury hotel staff, but with its assessment of "reality":

IMF's Blanchard says inflation is a non issue for US economy

And these are the people who continue to pretend they have any relevance? Just get done with your theatrical conclave already and phase out into irrelevance already. Luckily, the "real" IMF, China, is always in the background, willing to purchase, er, bailout any (read all) European states that need a bailout.

More from the IMF's comedy tour:

  • IMF's Blanchard says need for low US interest rates will be there for another year
  • IMF's Blanchard says US economic recovery weak, housing market to remain 'dead' for a while... but,
  • IMF's Blanchard says end of US Fed's QE2 policy would be 'minor event' for world economy

And FTW:

  • IMF's Blanchard says no country obviously overheating, including China

Sorry "The Onion." You missed your IPO window in perpetuity. Instead, we now have "The Reality."

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mfoste1's picture

this guy is braindead....

tekhneek's picture

I don't like the IMF very much. Hopefully DSK turns on them and just starts raping them all at the same time.


All the while whispering sweet little nothings like: "It's okay baby, do you know who I am?" and "inflation's a non issue!" maybe even "More baby powder? I know it's not lube but, whatever."

SparkyvonBellagio's picture

'Blanch' his brain-stem.

Clueless or flat out liar he is. 

Either way he's a buffoon.

Does he wear big Red shoes?

Because this person is obviously a Clown.



RobotTrader's picture

Yep, no inflation to worry about.

Except for Tiffany's stock, now up 9%....


lieutenantjohnchard's picture

Yep, no deflation to worry about.

Except for Gushan's stock, now down 18% ....


see how easy it is to cherry pick.

it's so easy even a robottrader can do it.

Spastica Rex's picture

Trolls without charts = double lame.

lieutenantjohnchard's picture

i disagree. need to refute them, particularly this one who fancies himself a quasi board moderator. robottrader is a pernicious liar, narcissist and provocateur. not responding to him emboldens him, he being a narcissus in need of attention. that's why he posted using over sized charts, to draw attention to himself. and besides, he has a new avatar because he lost a bet with me over whether silver would surpass $40. so calling him out does have an effect.

Rusty Shorts's picture

 - robottrader is a liar? robotrader is a contributor, vetted by Tyler ... or could be one of tylers other tylers. or it could be tyler.

akak's picture

Yes, I agree with LtJohnChard completely --- RoboLemming is nothing but a purposefully antagonistic troll here, officially sanctioned though he may (temporarily) be.  I consider him most likely just a sockpuppet of Tyler himself, with the sole purpose of drawing out our collective ire and indignation with an unjust and massively corrupt status-quo which the troll ostensibly and unquestioningly defends at every turn --- much like the similar sockpuppet of Leo Kolonasskiss.

cranky-old-geezer's picture

Troll-bashing boosts hit counts just like regular comments, so trolls do serve a purpose to a webmaster willing to compromise site quality for high traffic.

alien-IQ's picture

meanwhile the E/U is fast approaching the pre "China buys Portugal" level.

I'm shocked, SHOCKED I tell you. Shocked!

Racer's picture

I am really glad that ZH exists to help me keep my sanity. Listening to these morons makes you doubt evidence that you see in front of your own eyes!

DeadFred's picture

My nephew, being a sports fan, says when the team owner holds a press conference to say he has 'complete confidence' in the coach you know the coach is out the door within the week. This guy wouldn't be saying anything at all if inflation were truly a non-issue.

akak's picture

Radio Berlin, 4/18/45: "The Russian troops who have been sighted in the outskirts of Berlin are a complete non-issue to the security of the Reich."

knukles's picture

And Christine Le Grande is perfect as our new MD. 

When national things

seem badly iffy

sovereign problems

fixed in a jiffy

IMF Shave 

Quinvarius's picture

Why does this sound more ominous than the GDP and jobs data?

Trillax's picture

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

Must be nice to mainline Unicorn scat while taking the occasional Hopium toke and whistling to the tune of REM's "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)".

Lock him in uniform and book burning,
blood letting. Every motive escalate. Automotive incinerate. Light a candle,
light a motive. Step down, step down.

rajc's picture

yeah the only way the Europe and euro zone will survive is if US Fed does the round of "QE3" of some buy EZ assets.  so they have to downplay the inflation.

Captain Planet's picture

agreed. but they dont have to tell you or me about when QinfinetEeee will commence

Just do it, and if anybody asks, just say it is the interest of national security, and you dont have a high enough clearence level to ask questions.



ziggy59's picture

remember, these cling-ons make their own reality

Cursive's picture

Make no mistake. A major theme of the 21st century will be the struggle of commoners to remove the yoke placed upon us by the elites. Those of us who think we are free because a piece of paper "protects" our rights, should pay special attention to these NGO/psuedo organizations that are a front for a cabal of bankers and politicians who have enslaved us with debt money.

Blankman's picture

"Inflation is not an issue for the us economy"


The same as:


Genocide is not an issue for Rwanda

Terminus C's picture

We ignored that one too.

Hell, we are still ignoring it as that war has just moved into eastern Congo.  They have been at it 17 years now (longer really, but 17 years since the Rwanda genocide).  Talk about kicking the can down the road.

lizzy36's picture

Blanchard also said "Greek recession was deeper than IMF predicated"

Meaning that IMF predications, like WS strategist predications, are made on a dart board.

youngman's picture

Well as we found out today with the 0.01% loans...inflation does not matter if you have access to that kind of money..

Also I believe this new IMF head is one of the most important decisions for the next five years....more important than the USA Presidental election.....the IMF will be controlling the world there will be a lot of power there...

akak's picture

Also I believe this new IMF head is one of the most important decisions for the next five years....more important than the (behind-the-scenes, oligarchy-orchestrated) USA Presidental (se)election.....



Smartie37's picture

For members of the IMF, the only inflation is that involving their buttocks swelling against their necks, as their head is too deep into their own anatomy to see anything real

Tense INDIAN's picture

silvers last rally was just because of short covering ???..and not SPECULATIVE buying ...


...what do u think??



Quinvarius's picture

No need to describe fundamental moves as anything technical.  Everyone desperately wants silver to be in a bubble and looks for some market data to support that.  The reality is that we just burned through all of our stockpiles and it is not economical to mine without slave labor and a super rich deposit.  We will continue to coast along on whatever silver we get from copper/zinc/gold mines until the price gets to the proper level to bring supply on the market.  $5 in 1980 is about $75 today based on the adjusted monetary base.  No point over thinking it.

AldoHux_IV's picture

Silly IMF tricks are for kids.

RobotTrader's picture

New world record highs on NFLX.

Sheesh, bears simply cannot get a break.

lieutenantjohnchard's picture

robottrader: when dumb and dumber isn't on tv.

plocequ1's picture

I picked some up on the dip. No complaints here. Im just happy to be here today.

Au_Ag_CuPbCu's picture

I can't wait to watch this lipsticked pig implode as soon when the "experts" realize what the vast increase in programming and content costs will mean to an already rediculous P/E.

Au_Ag_CuPbCu's picture

I can't wait to watch this lipsticked pig implode as soon when the "experts" realize what the vast increase in programming and content costs will mean to an already rediculous P/E.

akak's picture

My bologna has a first name

It's R-O-B-O-T ...

plocequ1's picture

German Bologna index .. $2.99/ lb. No inflation. Rally on

firefighter302's picture

Don't believe your eyes.  Believe, "what we tell you". {sarcasm} 

Getting further off the grid, everyday,


(LOL, no inflation... Lmao...)



Problem Is's picture

The New Reserve Basket of Currencies: Silver coins, ammo and cigarettes...

steve from virginia's picture

China and other developing countries -- the end points of dollar carry trades -- are experiencing hyperinflation. Mercantile economies overheat: see China's empty 'ghost cities' and millions of vacant housing units. China's well- connected have been borrowing from the carry trade by way of loan sharks and underground economy.

Will China deflate its massive property bubble? It's a risk that elites who borrowed mightily to stock up on real estate 'assets' would default. China's is a currency- rather than a debt-based economy with large savings and a liquid currency black market. Its best to inflate elites' debts away, stealing savings in the process.

US/EU are different: elites are lenders not borrowers within debt- based systems. It is best to keep borrowers as perpetual debt slaves. Elites are doing everything they can to stem tidal wave of defaults.

Liquidity consequences of defaults suggest OECD are in deflation not inflation or hyperinflation.

The monetary fulcrum is not QE but ZIRP and moral hazard. The establishment rejects the cures: accountability for- and restructuring of finance, energy conservation, end of moral hazard and yield on investments, all allowing the market to reprice capital. This repricing is taking place regardless -- it's called the 'economic crisis'!

Endorsing this rejection is where IMF has failed, not its bubble- head media mouthpieces' drivel.

irishlink's picture

An old Irish prophesy that made zero sense ...until now proclaims that Ireland would one day be ruled by the Yellow Man! This comes from a book of prophesies from St. Columbcille . Others; *The wrapping would cost more than the gift; Bog-land would sell for more than the fertile green fields.



glenlloyd's picture

more gum flapping from another irrelevant clown

Problem Is's picture

When the US taxpayer supplies your capital, pays the vast majority of your operating costs and living expenses (e.g. DSK's $3k a night hotel room)...

Inflation wouldn't be an issue...

JR's picture

What business is the “economic reality” of the US to the IMF, are we a basket case country they need to take over and tell us what’s what?  Secondly, inflation is the economy; it’s the most important issue of the day; it just happens to be the one the IMFers are not interested in – they use inflation to steal the money.

The Headline I’d be interested in is: IMF's Blanchard says “IMF” is a non issue for US economy.

As to “reality,” here’s what Nathan Martin had to say yesterday: “Of course it is the reaction to the debt saturation that causes greater inflation. And with daily doses of freshly printed debauched dollars, the stock market is artificially kept from seeking a realist level.  This creates bizarre phenomena like an IPO valuation of 1,000+…there is simply too much ‘liquidity’ sloshing around in the criminal central banker hands.  Of course they tell you that the problems here and in Europe are one of ‘liquidity,’ but that is complete nonsense, the real problem is insolvency because macro incomes cannot possibly handle more debt. Income to debt is what matters; debt to GDP is a Red Herring argument designed to distract, confuse, and confound.  It’s all mixed up…” --Nathan’s Economic Edge 05/25/11

Shell Game's picture

C'mere Blanchard, let me show you how massive head trauma is a non-issue in the U.S. as well.  f'king f'ktard..