IMF Warns Over US Housing, Unemployment, Consumer And Strong Dollar Risks

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Funny how the headlines at MSM news sites say things like "IMF sees US in solid recovery"

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Finally they decide to reveal our "Chimerica" moment!!!

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Pretty much all the retailers missed SSS expectations with gloomier forecasts. I would love to see this "rally" run right into a brick wall around 1100 then a serious leg down. Of course, it may not make it to 1100 but that would definitely be a sweet spot.

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the IMF is a joke..Their US GDP growth expectation for 2010 and 2011 is higher than that of GS and despite all these concerns, the US economy will chug along::)))

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"The IMF has issued a less than stellar outlook of the US economy after consultations with US government authorities..."

You have to wonder how much worse the outlook would have been without these "consultations" and how many countries have the IMF consulting their "authorities" before issuing economic outlooks.

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Any announcements from the IMF should be given as much credence as one would give to The Godfather assuring you that you have nothing to worry about. The IMF is the economic enforcement arm of "The Family", whose headquarters is the BIS. 

Anything said by the IMF should be considered in that light.

The game is derivatives and the following BIS statistics says it all. Total notional amount outstanding on Dec 2009 was $614 Trillion.

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Cognitive Dissonance said:

The IMF is the economic enforcement arm of "The Family", whose headquarters is the BIS. 

How did you arrive at that conclusion?

This statement is at complete odds with my understanding of both the IMF and the BIS.

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Unfortunate for some, our slaves are being discovered and freed. This will add additional downward pressure on the economy as the slaves dilute the job market.

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the IMF are scum, however, you got to use better sources than the English language agitiation media of Chechen mass murderers to make your point.

Remember Beslan.

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn

IMF Chairman




How is this junk? It's frigging true. Bilderberger, CFR, Trilateral etc  all scum who think they own this planet and everybody in it. Who the hell do you think Obama really answers to? These scum.

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Another Zionist member of the kosher nostra ?...

There is no cabal.
There is no conspiracy.
I am an anti-Semite loon.

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So the IMF sees a problem with the US housing market? 

I don't think we have anything to worry about though, all of those assets are marked at true value, the banks and investors are solid money good; right?

Let me guess they're worried about unemployment now that the masses are being cut loose to fend for themselves?  Am I too far from the mark?

Damn the IMF, curse it to hell, it's an institution of extra-national enslavement. 

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I posted a comment here at least one month earlier "strong dollar, beware of weak economic ahead". "Strong dollar helps bond sales but hurt productions and make our debts heavier".  Very soon dollar will drop like a rock by 'design'. Stop playing currency game and get back to work, that's only honest way out of this depression.

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The IMF Is A Thief


Milton Friedman's theory of floating exchange rates, on which the international monetary system has been based since 1971, has given rise to a coercive regime in the sense that International Monetary Fund (IMF) statutes forbid member countries from stabilizing the value of their currencies. A country attempting to do that is branded "a currency

manipulator" and is threatened with trade sanctions.

The prohibition is understandable. It is designed to protect the scheme whereby the US dollar balances of the surplus countries are stealthily embezzled. It works as follows


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No, they'll simply send in their keys to BAC, JPM and rent down the street for 50% less. And yes, that will happen. 

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That the IMF is intellectually lazy enough to use the term "double dip recession" shows just how pathetically run the current international financial system is run.


How Long Is the Coast of Britain? Statistical Self-Similarity and Fractional Dimension is a paper by mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot, first published in Science in 1967. In this paper Mandelbrot discusses self-similar curves that have Hausdorff dimension between 1 and 2. These curves are examples of fractals, although Mandelbrot does not use this term in the paper, as he did not coin it until 1975.

The paper examines the coastline paradox: the surprising property that the measured length of a stretch of coastline depends on the scale of measurement. Empirical evidence suggests that the smaller the increment of measurement, the longer the measured length becomes. If one were to measure a stretch of coastline with a yardstick, one would get a shorter result than if the same stretch were measured with a ruler. This is because one would be laying the ruler along a more curvilinear route than that followed by the yardstick. The empirical evidence suggests a rule which, if extrapolated, shows that the measured length increases without limit as the measurement scale decreases towards zero.

There was no recovery on an averaging scale of just 5 quarters, there will never be a recovery under current political realities.  Obama's claim to stabilize the budget in his second term is just as laughable as Bush admin's "strong dollar policy" BS years ago.

The IMF doesn't exist but to serve the political class of the United States, the IMF is a fully captured appendage of the state, there will be a witchhunt against the IMF again, just as Wolfowitz was hounded, if the IMF dares cross the Washington DC power elite.

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When reality contradicts the propaganda, turn up the volume on/of the propaganda.

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"In this connection, the health-care reform provides a welcome basis for cost control,"


Wow, I had no idea that the IMF was in favor of the US Health Care Reform bill. With the bill's expansion of coverage, I though the IMF would have viewed the bill as being fiscally costly.



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They would if they were independent.

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Those sections were added as a result of consultations with Rahm and Axelrod.

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