Immersive 360 Panorama View Of Japan Earthquake Devastation

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MSNBC presents an immersive 360 panorama view from the middle of the Japanese earthquake devastation. As usual, a picture is worth a thousand explanatory columns.

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What a mess.  That is going to take some time to fix.

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Great.  Disaster porn.

I am Chumbawamba.

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It appears that often the difference between death and total devastation and only a wet carpet was just a few more feet of elevation. Small decisions at the time of purchase or construction comes back to haunt you years, decades, even centuries later.

Mother nature is not to be taken lightly and always wins in the end.

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+1 for the folks on the hill (not congress). 

DarkAgeAhead's picture

Exactly.  Man vs. Nature, even with Man with Robots & Technology vs. Nature, never ends well for Man.

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Particularly because Man is part of Nature. So even if he wins, he loses.

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

I just finished building a house in Costa Rica on a large hill about 800 feet above sea level with 2 smaller hills in front of our hill. I specifically looked for this type of set up with the thought of a tsunami occurence

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How is the food in Costa Rica?  I heard Trump is doing a huge deal in Panama.

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Something about experience that causes folks to make it a duality, wherein the experience as a whole is dissected into "Man and Nature."  Since Man would not Be without Nature, separation and discussions of "contest" between inseparables are interesting, no?

Are we humbled before Nature?  Or is it the entire Experience that is always awe inspiring?  I think that each is in strength always as the experience unfolds as it must for each one and for the whole.

It is in the acceptance of the experience as served that social programming should be examined.  It is that programming that does not accept reality, but instead foments Cog Dis.


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It is that programming that does not accept reality, but instead foments Cog Dis.


More and more these days we are simply travelling between one indoor artificially controlled environment to another in our mad escape from Nature and our very existence and basis. Virtual reality is the next step, then the Borg like reality of brain implants and feeding machines. This isn't science fiction folks, but something we will begin to see in our life times. They are working out it the basic concepts today, here and now. The basics of a human hive mind is being developed using bio-mechanical links today.

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I wish we could have pictures of the coming "market" devastation.

What would you compare it to?

Oil just touched $114.  Japan has taken peoples eyes off the ME, but that pot is just now starting to boil.

As for the photo, it's mind boggling how much was charred and burned after a wall of water washed over everything.

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The best laid plans of mice and men...

And yet, I still cling to the belief that our sad tired civilization is "large and in charge".

scratch_and_sniff's picture

I have seen better looking scrap yards than that, that place is cursed...heard an expert saying last night that if the worst case scenario pans out at fukushima, they are looking at like >1000 sq km being totally uninhabitable. No more tokyo, ghost city.

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1000 sq km = just an 36 km diameter circle

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there was an earthquake?

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i talk daily to my friend in chiba, just outside tokyo. the country is in shock. while talking this morning to her, they experienced 2 large aftershocks 5.6 and 5.8....


how much can a country take? she says everyone is in shock. very little food and water in stores. 


Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Where is the video of looting and pillaging?

Oh there aren't any, I wonder why?

X. Kurt OSis's picture

It's not as bad as it looks.  JPM said so.  We're only getting pictures of the bad stuff.  You guys are failing to look at that upside here.  Japan is going to see GDP growth of 600 percent this year when the rebuilding starts.  Plus all of the Japanese workers who are clearly stabilizing the nuclear situation, once bitten by those TEPCO spiders, will become an army of Spidermen who will be well equiped to deal with insurrection in the middle east and north africa.  With the leadership obtained through closely coordinated G7 conference calls, we'll be able to precisely fix all exchange rates so that every country on earth has enough of a trade surplus to produce a measured GDP growth rate over potential GDP ensuring full employment and stable prices for atleast the next 10 to 2000 years.  Those trade surpluses will fix fiscal imbalances in the Eurozone peripheries and the world will be so happy with the US that they will just forgive all of our debts which will trickle down to cure state and municipal imbalances.  The unparalleled growth over the foreseeable future will lead to significant inovation in healthcare curing all disease and illness thereby eliminating the need for medicare and medicaid all together.  The substantial increase in longevity will produce a secular trend of higher demand for housing, since people won't die anymore, thereby addressing the recent minor glitch in home prices.

And let's not forget that today is Saint Patrick's Day.  Leprechauns are delivering little pots of gold to all of the boys and girls leading to the usual seasonal pattern of above trend improvement in consumer spending and confidence in the late spring.

By the fucking dip bitchez!  This is a once in a (much longer) lifetime!! 




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Fred Sanford's front yard

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That was pretty high def too. I am amazed they even have roads plowed through the debri already.  Can't imagine trying to bind bodies in that mess. It's a meat grinder in tons of debri moving at 30 miles per hour. Nothing left to find.

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How ironic that a DVD case featuring Pinnochio can be seen in the foreground...this wouldn't be a subliminal message about how it's nose is going to grow longer as the govt lies about the severity of the crisis, or that those who get bathed in radiation (Ann Coulter's comments of the currative Curies nothwithsdtanding) are going to become mutants like Pinnochio with the donkey ears,....would it?