An Inconvenient Truth - The Truth Shall Not Set Us Free

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An Inconvenient Truth - The Truth Shall Not Set Us Free


Cognitive Dissonance


There is a widely held belief among those who wish for ‘the truth’ to be exposed that once this is accomplished the insanity will begin to unravel and a new day will dawn. Unfortunately this belief is erroneous, delusional even, and by itself also a part of the insanity. The uncomfortable and extremely inconvenient truth is that ‘truth’, regardless of where it originates or whether it’s really truth or not, will never set us free because the official lies are not the ultimate source of our bondage. Instead the lies are just a small part of the overall control system, a system that relies upon our willing (some would say informed) consent not only to exist but to endure. 

Hidden somewhere deep down inside any discussion of true and false statements by politicians, the Bureau of Lies and Statistics (BLS), psyops and disinformation programs, WikiLeaks or any other governmental, corporate or individual propaganda is a simple and fundamental truth that’s widely known but carefully ignored. We are being lied to by hundreds of entities about dozens of different subjects, all for the purpose of maintaining or increasing control and power over the masses. The truth of these fundamental lies is all around us and yet we are still not free.

The only way a relatively small nucleus of people can control a much larger population is through psychological manipulation regardless of whether it’s by way of brutality or baubles. Spending our days minimizing, dismissing or bargaining with these controlling lies is simply the process we use to avoid dealing with our own internal self deception. This is also a well understood and universal truth that is self evident, obvious even, to those who wish to honestly look. Yet it is denied as well.

We hide this fact from ourselves by differentiating between big and small lies, from their evil propaganda and our harmless little tales. And we always tell ourselves the ultimate controlling lie, that we don’t really ‘lie’ so much as we tell small fibs and half truths in order to feel better or to get through the day. We want to believe that we are different from ‘them’, that we know we aren’t really lying because we know ourselves and thus can’t lie. We all deceive ourselves into believing that to ourselves we are true.

The ugly truth is that we expend a tremendous amount of energy each day maintaining our extensive network of internal denial and self deception. The result is a mishmash of fact, fiction and fantasy we call our world view and the act of denial itself becomes such an integrated component of us that for the most part it’s seamless and nearly invisible. The control system enables our denial by feeding us a constant stream of ‘news’ and information that serves to reinforce this internal narrative while massaging our confirmation and normalcy biases.

Why do we need ‘proof’ of something that’s self evident, of something we know to be true? Exactly what sort of proof would satisfy us that we’re being systematically and consistently lied to? More to the point, what would we do once the perfect proof is offered that we would refrain from doing without it? So many of us fall into the trap of demanding specific and infallible proof before we’ll ever consider changing our beliefs, an almost impossible condition to meet and precisely why we require it. Others demand that the liars admit they are lying. What then? Do we forgive them for their past transgressions so we won’t need to confront them (or ourselves) the next time it happens?

What proof of truth (or falsity) do we need to receive in order to be absolutely certain? And will we ever receive enough proof to overcome our aversion to taking a stand and declaring that enough is enough? All of these questions are reasonable queries to ask, but we avoid them like the black plague because following them to their logical conclusion would sweep away all our self deceptions and delusions. Asking these questions, then candidly answering them, would force us to be honest with ourselves, an outcome we collectively and studiously avoid.


Clarity of Vision


Clarity of Vision

Contrary to popular belief clarity of vision, which is what truth and proof is supposed to provide for us, is the last thing we want because clarity removes any remaining plausible deniability we might cling to in order to justify hiding within the faceless herd. Clarity compels action in the same manner that a clear and present danger compels action. If we don’t act once we finally have clarity, especially after demanding it for years, then we must confront our own lack of moral courage. In effect we either deal with this cognitive dissonance or we kick the can down the road and bury our denial in another layer of justification and rationalization.

For example, let’s say you’re startled awake at 3 AM by the apparent sound of someone breaking into your home. Are you going to roll over and fall back to sleep until you receive absolute “proof” of a break in or are you going to react to the information at hand no matter how limited it might be? While the answer might be obvious, the question is so simple it’s often dismissed as silly. I’m not talking about confronting the potential intruder, but simply acknowledging his or her presence instead of demanding more proof before rousting yourself from bed. Of course you’d acknowledge the potential break-in. Then you’d begin to react accordingly.

What it really comes down to is not whether we receive enough proof to act, but rather how close we perceive (or deny) the danger to be in order to overcome our reluctance to deal with whatever it is we are avoiding. The noise downstairs demands our immediate attention because it’s coming from within our home at a time of night when we’re most vulnerable. It’s hard to ignore this frightening situation. However as long as we can successfully deny proximity we can avoid the singularity of confrontation regardless of the actual circumstances.

And a skilful manipulator will encourage our denial using a variety of tools and methods. Consider that the Nazis took deliberate steps to enable the concentration camp inmates to remain in denial about their inevitable destruction. Most knew what was really going on, but the façade was convincing enough to enable just enough denial of proximity to keep the majority calm and under control. This was mutually beneficial for both parties involved, allowing the Nazi’s to use very few guards relative to the large number of inmates. Our master(s) benefit from our denial as well, thus they expend large amounts of energy to enable our denial rather than just forcing the issue.

It appears to me that those who are unaware of, or outright reject, their inner spiritual connection are more likely to engage in fantastical thinking and denial framing all in an effort to deny proximity. Let me make it clear here that I’m not talking about a God or religious entity, but more like a centering or recognition of our presence and purpose within the cosmos.

This ‘knowing’ helps us to maintain a realistic perspective and inner calm when others become deer in the headlights. Our masters are experts at frightening us with continuous fear based mental images of dangerous boogiemen while promising us that the danger will never be proximate to us as long as we do as we’re told. And we play along because doing so enables our own internal dishonesty.

In the case of the downstairs burglar it rapidly progesses well beyond clear and present danger and has morphed into red alert proximity since we’re trapped upstairs and can’t leave without descending the stairs and moving even closer to the very danger we’re trying to avoid. But the insanity coming out of Washington, Europe, Libya, Japan or wherever today’s madness is emanating from is somewhere way over there, meaning not proximate to us and thus easier to push aside and deny.




Learned Helplessness

Until that is the danger is proximate and can no longer be denied. Of course once the obvious can no longer be pushed aside the next step is to trot out another inconvenient truth redefined in the form of an excuse, that the problem is so big that we can’t do anything about it. Intellectually we declare we’re quadriplegics trapped in our own wheelchairs and unable to do anything about the situation. This self victimization is called learned helplessness and it’s an example of how we actively participate in our own impotence and subjugation. And its use is not restricted to the uneducated and poor. In fact it’s a highly refined intellectual tool of the educated and professional classes who twist our self victimization into superiority or entitlement impulses.

What we really want, what we so desperately seek, is for someone else to shoulder the personal and emotional risk that comes with taking responsibility. We definitely want the good outcome, just not the sweat, tears and pain that might also come with it. Our insistence that we know exactly what happened, the so-called truth, followed by our never ending demand for even more proof, is simply our psychological defense to any assault upon our carefully constructed world view that we are just helpless victims and powerless to do anything except to be the perfect injured party and take care of ourselves. This is also the perfect excuse to abandon any sense of obligation to neighbor or community.

The beauty of being the unfortunate victim, of being a planned and intentional failure even if that plan is on a subconscious level, is that this condition is easily accomplished and usually requires little to no active participation on our part. Thus our needed plausible deniability comes from doing nothing, which then reinforces our apathy and justifies our inaction. It just doesn’t get any better than this. All that’s left to do is to construct an intellectual shield stout enough to justify our inaction, child’s play after decades of personal experience shifting blame to the spouse, sibling, boogie man, politician, dog or boss. Our ego immediately takes over and skillfully massages our lying eyes and guilt feelings.


Don't Blame Me


Lost to Ourselves

It’s important for the reader to understand that I’m not necessarily speaking of professional, career or even political failure when I address the concept of being a planned failure. Ultimately these are all artificial constructs, fantasy representations of our denied inner being, the outward manifestation of an ‘us’ we wish to project to those around us for a variety of reasons and purposes. Instead what I’m referring to is our inner being, our spiritual entity, our essence, that part of us that might be called the soul which only we answer to.

This unique sanctuary, our own safe haven or refuge we can flee to when we wish to engage in contemplation and reflection, can be the source of our inner strength and moral courage in the face of hostility or our pitiful failure to be a moral person and spiritual entity. Because we cannot hide from ourselves while visiting our inner being, for the patently self deceptive this is a place to avoid at all costs.

The external ‘us’ often has little connection to our true inner self unless it is deliberately pursued and sought after. Our inner being doesn’t come looking for you or me, but rather the other way around. I have found that the more superficial our outer skin is, the further away we are from connecting to our inner truth and meaning, often described as our centering, knowing or intuition.  

The weaker the connection to our inner self the more desperate we become to believe the self validating lie that if only we knew what really happened with unerring proof it would expose our external tormentor (and keep our internal one hidden as well) thus forcing other people to finally act. Is it really surprising that someone who lacks moral courage and strength would try to find others to do his or her bidding?

We convince ourselves that with absolute proof of the official lies in hand the illusion would be unequivocally exposed, thus compelling ‘we the people’ (meaning ‘other’ people) to reject them and it. This is the lie we tell ourselves to remain hidden from ourselves and safely within the consensus herd which acts as an extremely poor substitute for our missing inner communication.

We wish to believe that simply knowing the truth will somehow displace the lie, similar to Archimedes splashing water over the sides of the tub as he settles in for his weekly soak. Somehow this absolves us from the obligation to act because "the truth" is now known and the liars will wither away in the bright disinfecting sunlight of truth, justice and the American way. The ugly truth is that a ‘truth’ (as well as a ‘lie’) has power only when it’s embraced, not simply because it exists. Since we don’t wish to embrace the inner truth, we must support the external lies in order to use them to feed our plausible deniability. While we might not fully understand this form of self deception our masters are well aware of it and skillfully use it against us.

Many truths lay abandoned on the side of the road for years, decades even, because their abandonment serves the needs of nearly everyone, not just the official liars, to ignore their own culpability. Once a truth is exposed the liars have no control over the truth except in their (our) ability to convince us to ignore or distort it. The spin doctor’s only purpose is to enable our own self deception. They don’t ‘hide’ the truth as much as they help convince us that it’s in our own best interest to ignore or distort it. You really don’t want to look in there, do you? The con man never forces the mark, but rather skillfully leverages the situation.


Seductive Submission


Seductive Submission

This entire process reminds me of the quintessential seduction scene in a Harlequin romance novel. The women is ‘taken’, seduced in the arms of someone who may or may not have her best interest at heart. Very little is said about her willingness to believe the lies and promises, of her own desire to suspend disbelief and accept the attractive lies, other than to present the supposedly mitigating factor that she’s emotionally overwhelmed and thus ‘not herself’. After all if you’re not yourself you certainly can’t be held responsible for anything your ‘self’ might do, right? Naturally no one wants to ask where we might find the ‘self’ if it’s not ‘here’.

She’s being told what she wants to hear and its music to her ears. The incredible natural high we receive when our egoic lies are confirmed by outside sources, conceits we actively solicit precisely because they induce that endorphin buzz, puts to shame any man made pharmacological magic created to date.

Of course this behavior isn’t restricted to the fairer sex. Males are just as accomplished at self medicating as the female side of the species. I guess surrendering to passionate desire (and greed) is justification for any transgression as long as the emotion is pure, intoxicating and oh so good. We wouldn’t let our children get away with a bullshit excuse like this yet it seems fine and dandy for the adults in the room.

This is a classic example of self victimization, but it’s diplomatically presented as a near innocent who is being intentionally harmed by a scheming evil doer who’s only after her lying labia lips. Notice that it’s rarely pointed out how the liar would never be in her arms in the first place without her willing consent and active participation. We hear about his ‘power’ over her, but very little about her willingness to submit and let someone else be responsible for her (in) actions.

Layers of self deception this deep can only occur when we are patently dishonest with ourselves, yet this type of behavior is glorified in far more ways than just romance novels. Nationalism is a perfect example of the process we use to allow ourselves to be controlled by others, to surrender to the herd mentality and any responsibility for our actions. We’re all familiar with the seductive urge and the invisible pull to engage in herd behavior where the anonymity of the crowd washes away any personal responsibility for ones actions.

There’s nothing more we need to know, no other proof needed, other than the certain knowledge that we are lied to on a daily basis. This is obvious and widely known, but rarely openly acknowledged. Our need to know the truth and our demand for unequivocal proof that it is the truth, proof that we often insist must come from a person of ‘authority’ (usually one of the authorities who told us the lie in the first place) is a reflection of our inner reluctance to remove the liars from our lives, starting within ourselves.

Doing so would require us to move out of our comfort zone and face who and what we really are, co-conspirators and dance partners rather than helpless soap bubbles blowing in the wind. Our masters know this and to further enable our self deception they constantly shrink our comfort zones, giving us all the more reason to remain safely huddled within our contracting world.

We say we want freedom yet true freedom is just as frightening to us as truth itself. For the most part we are kept animals and as distasteful as this may be to our sensitive egos we like it this way. Many years ago I overheard one woman tell another that “Children like it when we set boundaries and rules for them.” I agree. Very young children want, in fact need, to know they are safe in a world that is capricious and unfathomable.

So it makes sense that externally imposed rules and boundaries would give children an artificially implanted sense of order and predictability, at least until their own conditioning is complete and they can maintain their own illusion of personal safety through denial. The same applies to us as adults. We all want our freedom just as long as it comes with a reasonably clear set of rules that thankfully keeps us from straying to far into personal accountability and responsibility.


Hamster Wheel


Love Your Captivity

While few among us would actually admit this we are trained to love our hamster wheels and for the most part we do. Or more accurately, we fear having no hamster wheel because then we would need to be self sufficient and personally responsible for all our actions in a world that has no overall order imposed upon us. That’s the key difference here because presently the prevailing attitude amongst us hamsters is quite simple. Just show me the maze, hand me the rule book and I’ll figure it out as I go along. Or at least I’ll survive long enough to feed and breed. This is of course a crass oversimplification of our social order, but you get the idea.

Because we allow ourselves to be seduced by the rules of a world that’s created for us we are easily manipulated by the controllers and the control system. It does this by making the rules……wait for it……wait for it……capricious and unfathomable if we don’t submit to the whip. By surrendering our inalienable right (and I submit our inner moral and spiritual duty) to be free and independent souls in return for a set of externally created and manipulated rules and conditions we condemn ourselves to a life of predictable infantile responses that are easily controlled.

The cognitive barriers that define our comfort zone and the lines we claim we don’t wish to be violated are all an illusion presented to us. And after sufficient assimilation they are perpetuated by us. They are thus easily modified by us each time the line is crossed by the liar, affording all of the liars plenty of wiggle room. “OK, I’ll give you one more chance. But don’t cross this line or next time you’re really gonna get it.” The inconvenient truth is that the battle isn’t with the external liars; it is with us and within us. And our external liars, our masters, unquestionably know this which is precisely why the insanity is escalating as they pile lies on top of more lies.

As this spinning top begins to wobble out of control and despite our protestations and demands for the truth, we really don’t want the lies to stop because if they do the day of our own internal reckoning will also be at hand. The definition of collective insanity is our willingness to be destroyed as a group so long as we are not judged as individuals. Or worse that we are not forced to judge ourselves. But even this we’ll deny knowing in order to maintain our plausible deniability. Thus we begin to understand the reason for the continued lying by all the parties involved, victims as well as the victimizers, and why I constantly describe the insanity at its most basic level as self induced.

We talk about financial moral hazard on Wall Street and within the Too Big To Fail (TBTF) banks as central to their escalating greed and corruption. And yet we all participate in a similar social moral hazard that fully enables our abusers. We’re trapped inside this insanity because to acknowledge it means dealing with a life time of denial. It’s so much easier to accept one more beating by our master rather than to come to terms with a lifetime of self abuse.




Presumed Informed Consent

Tragically, because we willingly participate in our own subjugation, regardless of whether it’s occurring on a conscious or subconscious level, the abusers see this as informed consent and the green light to continue the abuse. This is why they often tell us exactly how they’re going to abuse us long before doing so. In our role as victim we declare the abusers to be sociopaths and ourselves as virginal bleeders in order to shift blame and responsibility away from ourselves. It’s all part of the dance of denial and the abuser will accept the role of the heavy in exchange for his or her own rewards.

We may say we want the abuse to stop, but our verbal and non verbal communication says otherwise. How is this any different from the Harlequin woman saying “No, please stop” in the arms of her seducer while returning each kiss with passionate urgency? This is the unspoken communication between the abused and the abuser that is witness to and evidence of the real insanity of the dysfunctional relationship, regardless of whether it’s between husband and wife, nation and citizens or Ponzi and the world.

By the way I am in no way, shape or form justifying or condoning the abuser, rapist or thief simply because I’m explaining the process involved along with our own participation. My position is simple. If we can’t even honestly discuss our own weaknesses and foibles, we are well beyond self redemption. I often say that we are only as sick as our deepest darkest secrets and examining how much of our world is considered verboten and not to be discussed demonstrates this concept superbly.

We’ve all been in relationships where the dysfunctional discourse goes something like this. I won’t ask difficult questions of you if you won’t ask them of me. And I’m not talking about being sensitive to someone’s unsightly mole or dandruff, but rather avoiding a healthy discussion about our spouse’s basic character flaws in order to be spared our own undressing.

This is the fundamental basis for all dysfunctional relationships, including the present one between an intentionally self absorbed and distracted population and our enabling and manipulative masters. As long as we are given the choice between believing the lies and rejecting them, the vast majority will accept the lie rather than risk the perceived emotional and psychological harm of challenging our victimhood which supports our fantasy view of how the world works.

Because we don’t wish to undergo a rigorous self appraisal or emotional unveiling, we completely blow out of proportion the intellectual and emotional harm we will suffer if we do so. This serves the dual purpose of creating plausible deniability while feeding our inner victim. In this way we fulfill both roles of the dysfunctional relationship, that of the abuser and the abused. I call this process a familiar circle jerk with me, myself and I. Add anyone else and the room would become too crowded.

The master’s lies are a direct and personal challenge delivered to us on a daily basis and our controllers know that as long as their lies are not seriously confronted they are safe………and so are we. So they work very hard at keeping the lies from being contested, expertly using a variety of tools including ridicule to turn public opinion against truth. In reality it’s really not that hard to seduce us with lies when so very few of us really wish to hear the truth to begin with.

This explains perfectly the assault upon Assange and Wikileaks from all sides. He’s promoting himself as a truth speaker and thus challenging the lies not so much by what he’s exposing, but by the very fact that he exists. He is a danger to everyone, not just the official liars. If he is accepted as a truth speaker, we the people must then do something about the truths he speaks of. We definitely don’t wish to be forced to confront those who lie to us because then we would be required to openly admit we participated in the lying. This is why we want them to lie, to allow us to remain out of harm’s way. “Daddy, tell me another lie so that I can believe it’s the truth.”




True or False, it Doesn't Matter

Assaulting the truth messenger also removes the need to know if he’s a disinformation agent or a real truth speaker. What’s missed entirely in this discussion is that it doesn't matter if he is or is not a psyops operative. It's the message of ‘truth’ he's delivering that’s the source of our power, not the actual revelations. The powers that be don’t fear the truth; they fear people embracing the truth. Ultimately this is the secret to our inner peace and freedom. Understand that it is not the truth that will set us free because we can free ourselves at any time. The inconvenient truth is that perpetually seeking the truth while doing nothing about the ‘truths’ already established is the crutch we use to avoid facing the original lies that begin within.

When we have abandoned the willingness to honestly look within for truth, when we are complete strangers to ourselves and no longer posses the capacity to 'know' something without the need for external affirmation we then desperately turn to poor substitutes from corrupted external sources. This is why there’s an increasingly desperate need by the population at large to seek 'proof', 'truth' and 'facts’ which must always be secured from those who are widely considered to be 'authorities'. The only authoritative source worth consulting when seeking truth lay deep within us, unless of course we are also hopelessly corrupted.

Once we are completely lost within our own insane world of distortions, lies and self deception we become obsessed with finding ‘truth’ everywhere else in order to validate and sanctify ourselves so that we may continue to perpetuate our own lying. This infantile need for affirmation after we have lied to ourselves and to others is similar to the child who has just lied, then seeks confirmation from the authority figure that the child is still loved. Often the adult knows s/he was just lied to, but chooses to say nothing to prevent opening their own can of worms. This in effect makes the lie socially acceptable and further cements the bond between the two dysfunctional parties. It’s also how we teach our children the art of self deception.

The pathological liars and self deceivers we have become serves to compel us to continuously seek external affirmation that we are not a ‘bad’ liar, meaning socially unacceptable, precisely because we can’t provide that ‘proof’ internally. We can’t hide from our own lies since the one thing we always know is the source of them. As was so wonderfully illustrated in the movie ‘Inception’ we know where the root of the lie originates, thus we must dig ever deeper into our own insanity in order to bury our self deception. This in turn just compounds our raging dysfunction. Because everyone engages in this behavior, yet no one talks about it, everyone’s insanity is considered to be a normal part of human nature.

This is the pathology of our insanity and precisely why it must be vigorously dug out and then thoroughly rejected. A quick splash of paint or a rough wall papering will not suffice. If this is not done, ultimately we revert to worshiping Golden Truth Idols and false True Gods as saviors of our lost and abandoned souls. If we are honest in our desire to seek truth and we begin a fearless search within, we eventually come to realize that the external seeking of ‘truth’ is immaterial and all just part of the control system we gratefully embrace in order to hide from ourselves. 




Cognitive Dissonance

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downrodeo's picture

Thanks CD. Great article. We're reaching the point of no return. Mindful action is required immediately. Where to begin is the question I've been pondering. One thing is for certain; the ability to live with inaction has run it's course. We can no longer operate under that model. Good luck to everybody, let me know what I can do for you. THanks again.

ccrabill's picture

Dear CD - You articulate so graphically why it is that the Trap the Global Elites have built is almost complete without so much as a peep from the sheep. As you wrote, that's the plan.

As Bach was played for the sheep on their last few steps toward the gas chambers, so are we seduced by seemingly solvable economic and political "problems" that  demand our attention and distract us from the facts staring us straight in the face.

You deftly illustrated the reasons we refuse to acknowledge the Trap being  constructed right under our noses as the Police State, and all that goes with it, prepares with its multitudes of surveillance capabilities, via the Patriot Act, for the ultimate sheep round up.

As a Christian, who has studied End Time Prophecy extensively, I am more than a little dismayed to conclude that it is here. The Seals are being opened, the Four Horsemen released.

With four children entering into the realm of the possibilities of their dreams and goals coming true, I ache for what I know is to come.

I sent the following email below on April 7. Since then the following article was published:


Dear Israeli Embassy,


On Glenn Beck last Tuesday night (March 29) he showed a video of Cass Sunstein's wife, Samantha Powers, (who was credited as the one who pushed Obama to go into Libya), talking about how to solve the ‘Israel problem’. It was truly terrifying to eyewitness the cold, calculated, overview of destroying Israel necessitating "A Massive Force". I don’t think it unreasonable to extrapolate the new Orwellian war-speak of “Responsibility to Protect” which was the purported impetus used to go against Libya as what may be used in an assault on Israel. (See actual video of the program )


Additionally, last night, (April 6) Glenn Beck alerted us to a ‘Flotilla for Gaza’ being planned for this May. ( He scrolled the number of nations either participating in this flotilla or supporting it. I had a horrible sense that this provocative act against Israel may be the set up to invoke “The Responsibility to Protect” in which the absolutely worst and most horrible scenario would be Obama ordering OUR military to attack your beloved country.


I am well aware of how crazy this sounds. But given the fact of Obama’s obvious disdain for Israel, his collaboration with that self-loathing Jew, George Soros, his Marxist affiliations, his bowing down to Islamic leaders, his covert support of the Muslim Brotherhood, the documented account of this Administration ‘organizing’ the protests throughout the Middle East, and the insidious comments of Samantha Powers (who is being considered to replace Hilary Clinton as Sec. of State) in the video Glenn Beck provided, I am utterly convinced that he is not only able to use America to destroy Israel, but totally willing to do so. This also may explain our bizarre intrusion into Libya. Was that the cover for sending our military into the Mediterranean so that they would be conveniently positioned against YOU?


Obama is determined to destroy America. He will not collapse America until he uses America to destroy Israel first, apparently.  Our economy is being held together with duct tape, the American people are waking up to the truth of who he is, Donald Trump is investigating him to expose him, he knows his time is short and his only option is to STEP ON THE GAS.


I beg you to consider this a real possibility and make your concerns known! This would be the best way to protect yourselves against such a conspiracy. I am praying for you.



One can only imagine the ultimate response left to Israel under such circumstances. They may be forced to employ their "Sampson Option", so named from the Biblical account of Sampson and Delilah. When Sampson is betrayed by the beautiful seductress Delilah, with his famous hair shorn (the source of his strength), he is thrown into prison and blinded. Brought back to the colosseum to the amusement of his enemies, with his hair grown back, he pulls the pillar supports out from the colosseum and brings it down on all of their heads, killing himself in the process.

Where does one go to hide when the whole world goes mad? Where does one go to escape the coming Judgement when all the money in the world cannot save you? The Bible teaches that Jesus is the Ark of Refuge.

Waterman Jim's picture

Beautiful CD


ever see this quote from Jeb Bush



"The truth is useless. You have to understand this right now. You can't deposit the truth in a bank. You can't buy groceries with the truth. You can't pay rent with the truth. The truth is a useless commodity that will hang around your neck like an albatross -- all the way to the homeless shelter. And if you think that the million or so people in this country that are really interested in the truth about their government can support people who would tell them the truth, you got another think coming. Because the million or so people in this country that are truly interested in the truth don't have any money."

Jeb Bush



mkkby's picture

Cog Dis:

I have to admit reading your essay more carefully a second time made me uncomfortable... which probably means I've got some anti-denial work to do.  I suspect my form of "the insanity" is knowing everything is a lie, but hoping someone else will take on the dirty job of doing something about it.

One slight constructive criticism.  You don't use enough real world examples.  If it's so obvious we're being constantly lied to, there ought to be more specific examples.  The hard part to understand is how is unmasking the lie so damaging.  Let's say I believe the rosey economic numbers coming out of DC.  Or I believe the war in XYZ country is really God's work.  What specific negative consequences am I avoiding by these beliefs?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I consciously steered away from using real world analogies because I didn't want the discussion to devolve into the validity of the analogy rather than the message. But I suspect you are correct that I should have because the comment section will go where it goes and I have no control over it.

cougar_w's picture

Another great read from your fearless pen.

Though of course you are a liar. We all know that the proof is found only in the pudding, which you did not mention. You'll need to awake a little earlier in the morning if you intend to fool a cat.



Bloodgroove's picture

Nicely done, CD.  You're an excellent writer.  I like the cadence in your writing. 

I'd only add that as one poster spelled out above, I stay away from big banks, stay out of debt, buy PMs, store food, grow a large garden, etc. 

Anyhow, thanks for making me think.  You always do.  Peace to you and yours.

Miles Kendig's picture

If we cannot truly embrace our whole self and dance with that in purest joy then all that's left is mutual masturbation.  Be it with the self or with the ever present assistance of willing larger groups. And hell, the latex is so thin most folks never even notice the lube free vinyl of the CondomNation.

Nice read Cog

blindman's picture

09 April 2011
Stiglitz: Of the 1%, By the 1%, and for the 1% and the Downward Spiral Into the Abyss As we can see, the 'crisis' of the US budget impasse was averted, and the theater came to an end. Now the real work of creating a sustainable budget can begin.

The pigmen are going to be unrelenting in their attacks on the middle class and the poor. The attacks are threefold:
... ...

unnamed enemy's picture


always enjoy your articles, just would like to pint out that a small minority of us are actually awake willing paricipants, simply because we have no ther choice.

the strong and powerful few have a lot on their side, they controll all the resources, they control the military and the police, they have jails, and lawyers, and mass media, and millions of zombified citizens on their side.

the truth is simple - theres nothing we can do. vote if you like, take to the streets and fight if you want, even going off the grid is an option, but who needs us when there are billions of others to take our place in the machine. if you don't obey them - they will destroy you - if you obey them you will live a peaceful life as a slave.





Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I understand your point. Who am I to judge since I also live a mostly transparent life among the insanity. And while I claim a higher level of awareness than average I am the first to call myself a hypocrite.

Over the last 15 years I have continuously climbed down the corporate ladder each time my shit began to stink so badly that I can no longer stand it myself. I suspect I will eventually get to the point where I will be forced by my own conscious to either take a stand or go silent. I can only hope that I will have developed the courage to actually live either path in peace by the time I arrive at that intersection.

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Cognitive said "My position is simple. If we can’t even honestly discuss our own weaknesses and foibles, we are well beyond self redemption.". True, we need an exogenous fact so compelling that we do the one thing that will force us to bring our Three Monkey Society Leaders to Law. Then we can impose the maximum penalty swiftly, without exception, especially for lying to us. All we need is some want to. We do outnumber them. Doing this is the only basis for sustainable self-government. This describes how they do it. Why is simple, they like power, wealth, and privilege.

So the only way to bring our 3MS leaders and above all ourselves to account is to bring up a fact that can not be denied. Somebodies, presumbably not from Earth, "said they moved" by showing us exactly when two 100+ mile in diameter asteroids were put into a conjunction on July 16, 2009 that could NOT occur naturally.

This conjunction implied exactly when our Sun will explode(not a nova), something hits it and Earth is vaporized.

Since there is a real way to prevent it, I have been raising the alarm. Theory and evidence hopefully well explained.

You will be glad to know that I have not had a single question or comment from a stranger (over a million hits so far)  on my site that explains the danger and what we can do to prevent it. Denial is wonderful. Given that I have agreed to answer questions from anybody, Cognitive's article is spot on.

Since confirming this conjunction will conclusively prove we have been warned, and there can be no denying its existence, then we will see if we can be awakened from our slumber of denial. If not we all fry.




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Sorry for the ommision. "Awareness" is by Anthony De Mello. The subtitle is "The perils and opportunities of reality". I reread this book every 5 years or so and am always amazed to see how my life continuously changes as I become more aware. It is very liberating.

dropdeadfed's picture

This had me feeling like I was on acid and looking into a mirror for way too long. ;)  We cannot  change the world until we first change ourselves.  Well done.

purplefrog's picture

Totally awesome.  A mirror for a person or a society.

OS2010's picture

CD - well done.  I believe it has been building ever since about 1970.  I also believe that one of the most basic causes is destruction and castoff of shared values; e.g., if the most basic societal definitions of honesty and responsibility become lost, then then there is no protection for those who have little power.  I'm sure I haven't stated it well here, sorry.

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It reminds me of an episode of The Prisoner, where there is an election for No. 2 and No. 6 enters and wins!

He races to No. 2 HQ, right into the room with the modish chair and starts turning off all the security system. Even Rover. Turned off.

He grabs the microphone and announces to everyone in the Village that they're free. Go! Run! Escape!

And everyone in the Village, being used to pausing and listening to all the announcements from No. 2, stop, pause, listen, and then go back to doing whatever they were doing before hand.

End of episode.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The Prisoner series was so far ahead of it's time. It remains so to this day.

Seymour Butt's picture

CD - I've always been a fan of your postings. Thanks you for enlightening us. 


Don Levit's picture


Original sin, I believe, is the radical, psychological solution for dealing with arrogance.

I do not believe in original sin, though.

I believe (currently, of course) in the original evil and good inclinations expressed in Judaism: the yetzer hara and the yetzer tov.  These are only inclinations, not natures.  The yetzer hara, the evil inclination, is stronger than the good inclination.  Thus, man needs a Regulator to keep him from self-destructive tendencies.  And, the purpose of the 613 commandments and to study Torah  -  to educate the evil inclination, to transform it into being a source of good deeds, at least partially.

I go to the Chabad, a mystical orthodox Jewish denomination as well as a Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

This provides a proper balance, in my mind, in order to grow spiritually.


Don Levit

blindman's picture

occasionally i like to try my hand at truth.  when i do it

seems the truth is a strange and mercurial metal that

flows in and then out, gone, leaving a film that acts like

a short term memory.  at this time i conclude, in truth,

the very large problem we encounter in this regard is a very old

and well established and observed fact of truth,  that being

where to keep it?  where is it.  someone recently said the

Mind is non-local.  what does this mean?  the "self" as we

are taught to experience it is contextual and local and very

much defined and experienced in relation "ship" to the

other self or selves.  this is the domain of self ism.  relationship.

this is the key or the rock at the foundation of everything built

from this fundamental truth.  without relationship there is no

individual self, no need for it, so we have a necessary conflict from the start,

an irony.  how can there be a free and liberated individual self

when it is necessarily defined and predicated on other selves

and relationship?  there comes responsibility which is the flip side

of freedom.  the side few like to recognize when it limits the fun

and irresistible indulgence/s.   indeed if you were the only person on

earth what would be the point of being someone?  and if you could

find a point in it who would you be? 

but what of the local context and the concept of the individual

self in relationship to other selves and the environment?  the point

i wish to bring to the fore is that, as we know it , the self varies

from time to time and place to place and circumstance.  it is

predicated and therefore symbolically mediated and entirely conceptual

and fluid in time, musical even.  it is an emergent product with no

shelf life but is absolutely indispensable in the instance of relationship. 

but it is a trick, an illusion based on a truth/lie as necessity is the mother

of this invention, this symbolically emerging fluid claiming to be solid metal.

and what is the point of living if you are the only person left on the earth?


consciousness as an emerging fractal,  the soul; something is trying to get out or

get in!  as man seems to exist as the bridge between the micro and macro cosmic.

non-locally sourced but locally manifest, seen, in the realm between the micro and

macro cosmic.


have you noticed how people are compelled to congregate.  of course. 

the question is does the reason have to do with emerging fractal of

consciousness or is it just because they want to stay warm and increase

the likelihood of breeding?   

what i am saying is that the soul, like the Mind, is also non- local.  the

individual self is just a tool, a filter, an antenna, an instrument or

"biological technology"  and enormously replaceable.  its function is

to be the lens, or gateway, the door for the flows of energy in the

universe.  from one side/end of the universe to the other.  apparently

the universe needs us to witness its glory and serve as conduits for near

and distant communication, it will not tolerate any hidden or covered place

for long !!  so ,  as has been said it has all been said, so i say it again.

peace,  and thanks to everyone for your thoughts and insights. 

"we are, all of us, in the gutter.  some are looking at the stars."  o.w.

shine, j.m.


Tread Lightly, she is near
Under the snow,
Speak gently, she can hear
The daisies grow.


Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.


A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.

oscar wilde.

ps. this opportunity is a very sacred gift, the suffering too,

and that is the truth,

the one that sets you free after pissing you off.

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Check out the documentary Human Resources, watch for free here       

I would also recommend Century of Self

And The Kogi; “The elder brothers’ warning”

blindman's picture

important information and links here.  tks.

flacorps's picture

Arrogance is prominent among my character flaws. As is a willingness to exaggerate to make a point. Perhaps "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" would also be of help. Maybe we look to David, who for all his faults, loved the Lord and ACTED on his beliefs rather than being a hypocrite ("actor" ... perhaps better rendered as "poser"). For the moment we have too many people running things out of Ragnar Redbeard. CG you are unquestionably a genius. A bias toward brevity (or close collaboration with a top flight editor) could make you a titan.


I would also recommend M. Scott Peck's "People of the Lie"

Don Levit's picture


This is incredibly insightful.  I posted it to my Unitarian Universalist discussion web site.

In addition, I have sent to 3 friends.

As it states in the Talmud, to add anything would subtract from it.

"Escape from Freedom" by Erich Fromm was mentioned.  I just started reading that.

Any other book suggestions?

Have you written a book on this topic?

I think of the quote from Willian James that goes something like this:  When you look at yourself, you see 3 people;  the person you think you are, the person other people think you are, and who you really are.

The person we think we know is an impostor!

Don Levit

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Most people can't handle the TRUTH.

They need consumerism, religion, drugs, TV, and other distractions in life to keep them laboring until they suddenly realize they don't even know what makes them truely happy.

CPL's picture

That would be classified as external validation.  The person defines themselves not necessarily by the quality of what is done, but by the quantity of what is done without the necessary part of introspection of why it had to be done.  At that point people fall into the justification.


It's not just distractions like tv, religion, drugs, etc.  It can also be the opposite, those that jog as a hobby, play the corporate game for the sake of keeping it running, getting fantastic grades by memory versus understanding.

The axe can fall in any direction, the choice we all find ourselves committed to is truely understanding our own reactions and intentions without resorting to dogma.

falak pema's picture

This article reminds me of a medieval philosopher, Abelard, who got very badly treated for doubting god's universal truths as pronounced by his Vicar on earth. 

First, a bit like that guy in Cd's quintessential Harlequin photo, Abelard seduced the young girl to whom he was tutor in a torrid love affair, ending in secret marriage and many years of bliss with the love of his life Heloise. For his ardent efforts he got badly paid by her uncle, the Rector of kings church in that day : he had his nuts cut off for his perceived lack of professorial diligence towards woman pupil, now his wife and mother of child. This created a popular uproar for this cruel punishment inflicted on renowned philosopher and dialectician by TPTB; at his cognitive dissonance with accepted conventions. Heloise never abandoned him in-spite of his subsequent infirmity (which speaks kudos for women who love equally sex and intelligence). As philosopher he was then later on challenged for his doubts about divine vision of man as defined by canonic dogma. As he proclaimed in his debates in front of increasingly enthralled audiences in this greatest of urban centers of christianity that was fast becoming medieval Paris, that "One must first understand to then believe in divine word" and not the contrary as proclaimed papal dogma since St Augustine's days. He then went further when he implied that as Nominalist thinker "He who speaks in God's name only speaks in his own", implying papal bulls should not be accepted at face value but their meanings debated through dialectic techniques. The greatest theologian of that age, St Bernard of Clairvaux, denounced his teachings as heresy, obliging him under duress to retract. He died a week later pronouncing as dying words : "My God I do not know the truth and I doubt"...To the dogmatic this was a sure sign of his mental decrepitude. To the ages to come it became the salvatory sign of wisdom; as first pronounced by  the Greek philosophers to whom doubt was synonymous with logic and its tortuous trail in search of truth.

Of course as historical corollary it should be noted St Bernard preached the second Crusade saying "Go there all, we can't lose in just war where God is by our side". It failed like all other attempts. St Bernard was like an earlier version of our Saint Ben Bernanke of today! He had a PHD in theology!

So I hope sincerely CD you don't finish like Abelard...when you say... "I don't know, but I don't buy your white wash", to TPTB!

wds031211's picture

CD: A most important, powerful article. Thanks very
much for putting it together!


Most of us already know what u are saying. But most of us,

as u say, want to deny it. We don't know how to handle it. And

when some of this 'truth about ourselves' infringes on our

consciousness we immediately push it out!


Do u have suggestions on how to begin this journey to tap this inner

source of truth, about ourselves?.


I am at the point of 'knowing' that the governments, i.e., "authorities" are
lying to us. Also, it seems that I am at a point, that everything is a lie.


Don't want to take any more of your time here, but if u have suggestions,

they will be most appreciated!


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

First let me say that you have already accomplished much since you are already tackling your own cognitive dissonances. Don't diminish that statement. It takes great courage to begin to overturn your own belief systems and to declare that you don't 'know' anymore. You have already demonstrated the needed courage and you should be encouraged to continue.

In this case there is no way to learn to swim other than to jump in. Each person's journey is an intensely personal and unique process and what worked for one will be a disaster for another. Trust in yourself and your ability to navigate in what you perceive is total darkness. Trust that your inner self will guide you on your path if you are sincere in your efforts. Trust yourself, maybe for the very first time in your life.

Do this and you will be very happy with what you discover. There is no end point to arrive at, at least not in this lifetime. There is only the journey. Accept that and begin.

artinlight's picture


Hogwash.  How many times have lies become truth - yea yea that is partly what your ramble is about - yea I get it.

But coming from a high school drop out who has an addiction that I have maintained over 25 years and who has passed half way into life dreaming of surfing more than the 3-5 times a week I get to - I know one thing - Truth and Lies are just stories.  None of the last Presidents taught you losers anything?

They have no basis in reality as reality is only right now.  The only thing that is real is RIGHT NOW.  

How one tells the story of any version of reality with either video, photos or words and portray what is truth or lies is a complete waste of time (unless I get to stare at her cleavage while she thinks people are listening to what she has to say).

You wanna make things better?  Start talking about TRUST & VALUE.  Those of you who see money or currency in those two words are  - LOSING!

What that can be trusted creates value - the Sun coming up in the morning can be trusted - simple.   The Value in this Trust is way beyond anyone's f'in little understanding of lies and truths.

Then let folks Succeed an Finding What Does NOT work.  Create Value through your own reality - not the trust funds, embezzlement or fraud those here live off of.  If you lie and or tell the truth getting there is of consequence only if others have influence.  Many here have proved this too well - I imagine.  

Stories are all the Truth or Lies are worth.

I look forward to hearing back from those that have built an engine or house with their own bare hands.  The rest of you get to still live in your stories - and yes I get to call those of you mamby pamby handed intellectuals - IDIOTS!

Why do I feel better now?

Dental Floss Tycoon's picture

“Why do I feel better now?”

Because you put those liars in their place!!

And validated your own lies.

artinlight's picture

So you live in your own stories too?

Validation in your definition of what is true or false leaves you at every option to be right.

Being that you are obsesed with a clean mouth I imagine the rectum that spews from it is the reality you live in. But I am just a stoned artist.


falak pema's picture

You sound like one of those piggies who built his own house...until it got huffed and puffed away by the evil wolf. Then he shouted "Its all lies this shit about building your own safe nest egg" and ran to his brother's place. When his brother asked him what is truth he replied "Having a house of stone is the truth. Its here and its now! And that scummy wolf won't get my butt for breakfast. That's good enuff for me. And don't sing me your "to be or not to be" Mr philosopher brother!". His brother was a true CD but he was also practical. So he played his brother his favorite Sinatra song : "I did it my way". 

Some people should just listen to Frank! And forget about the 'M connection'. Who gives a shit about past truths! Now part of the woodwork...

Dental Floss Tycoon's picture

The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

To see the truth and act on it is often simply to die.

Tenma13's picture

Psywar - The Real Battlefield is in the mind


for visual people like myself. Enjoy

Dental Floss Tycoon's picture

From the Tenma13 link above:


"Propaganda has become the primary way the wealthy communicate with the public."

falak pema's picture

Funny how the US's dominant, popular creed has evolved in thirty years : Then, it was Ra, Ra, Hurrah, go Rambo...slam dunk OUR truth on the world...Go the times are a changing...from... "Hey, Mr Tambourine Man" today. The wheel turns : where now brave new world?

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Nice work, CD. 

Practically speaking, it is too hard to know thyself when there are so many telling us who we are. 

The way to enlightenment in America is blocked, for most, by three seemingly impossible tasks:

One:  Throw away your television and video games. 

Two:  Write, journal, blog, preach, teach, or do stand-up comedy.  

Three:  Pray, exercise, meditate, sew, knit, fish, or play music.


Dan Duncan's picture

There was a great documentary made several years ago about a mountain climbing accident called "Touching the Void".  It's an amazing story of suffering and perseverence.

At one particularly low moment, one of the climbers suffering from a shattered leg and extreme frostbite was in a state delerium.  For some reason---and to this day he still can't explain it---a song from the godawful British pop band, Boney M, popped into his head.  

The interesting thing about this song playing in his head (and again-- it is just an utterly abysmal song; think Brittany Spears covering "Sky Rockets in Flight") was what it did NOT represent. 

At this lowest of low moments, what did this survivor use for inspiration?  Religion?  Even though he was raised in a religious family, he didn't think of God or religion once.  Didn't even enter his mind.  Love of family?  He didn't even think about it.  How about plain old self-preservation, as in "I want to live!"?.  Again...nothing.

The one thought that actually did give him the impetus to get out of this abyss?  "Bloody hell, I'm going to die to Boney M"!  A perverse, yet life affirming nihilistic call to action.

And it's with this non sequitur that brings me (finally) to my point:

The Cog Dis post brings to mind a song by Lou Bega from several years ago called Mambo #5.  After all these years, you finally managed to banish it from your neural circuits---or so you thought.  You don't know the "artist" and you don't recall the name...but you sure as hell remember the chorus:

A little bit of Monica in my life
A little bit of Erica by my side
A little bit of Rita is all I need
A little bit of Tina is what I see
A little bit of Sandra in the sun
A little bit of Mary all night long
A little bit of Jessica here I am
A little bit of you makes me your man


But here's my slight modification, to the same groovy beat:

 A little bit of Dr. Phil in my life
A little bit of Depak by my side
A little bit of Oprah is all I need
A little bit of Tony Robbins is what I see
A little bit of Echart Tolle in the sun
A little bit of The Secret all night long
A little bit of Self Esteem here I am
A little bit of Guru makes me your man


Tenma13's picture

Thanks for getting the song back in my head :(


interesting point thoug :)

Tenma13's picture

Really insightful article. I could have down with a few more real life examples to consolidate some of the technical points. Will reread and nodoubt I can think of some of my own. 

 For those that enjoyed this Chomsky has written a book or two about manufacturing consent. Here's a clip from a doc they made about his book.


Something I find difficult to do is to turn people on to this and then MAINTAIN IT. I was having a discussion  with other students on my Masters course and the discussion went like this: Isn't it terrible University fees are rising and the austerity measures are starting to hit home, I come in and mention that the government has next to no interest in what is best for everyday British people as can be shown from the bailing out of Banks vs cuts in education, armed forces etc - silence..... Lady pipes up that her council tax has gone up and then we're talking about 'Dancing with the fucking Stars'  WTF? 

Its like the mental pathway is being willingly blocked as the 'truth' is a distraction from the illusion, a deeply unwanted one (the main point of your article I think).

In the exchange above I may as well have been a 5 yr old shouting 'dick' and laughing uncontrollably as kids do. It was that same reaction, mothers/fathers smiling and then returning to the 'real' conversation. Thats a powerful control mechanism. The group shunning converging opinion. If the majority get their opinion from certain sources and believe certain constructs as unbreakable, challenges to this will be ignored, rejected or mocked. 


I Keep coming back to this:

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. 


What happens if people get all the 'truth' in the world and out right reject it as they'd rather live in blissful ignorance.   ala Cypher from the matrix?  


IMHO things need to get a lot worse before they are going to get better. 

velobabe's picture

tiger didn't win the Masters, some robot did.

fabio didn't take home paris roubaix 11.but a belgium did.

life will of course go on,

M A N c a v e†

falak pema's picture

tiger has a girl friend again. That should improve his swing soon! And more importantly his putting into an 18 hole paradise...

Implicit simplicit's picture

 "Intellectually we declare we’re quadriplegics trapped in our own wheelchairs and unable to do anything about the situation. This self victimization is called learned helplessness and it’s an example of how we actively participate in our own impotence and subjugation."

There is always hope.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Great post, CD.  The insane have been running the asylum for some time now.  Many posting here acknowledge this but love their cage just the same.  Good friends, family and community are about to become more important than ever.  All one can do is be positive and well-prepared whether that be for the collapse of currency or for that intruder coming up the stairs.  I know I am and have a strong community of like-minded souls around me.  This is really the best anyone can hope to do.

falak pema's picture

To the residents of the asylum it is the outside world which is insane...Those who run the asylum being their surrogate servants...keeping the truly free within closed walls...we are in Kafka's world. That's the beauty about the word 'truth' has a thousand faces...which can each launch a thousand ships to defend it!

There was once a film called "Rashomon" by master Kurosawa...made a monkey out of me...and an early believer in subjective 'denouement'. Not for reasons of ethics but from intense shock of  insufferable melodramatic trauma (I was kiddo then). Masterpiece of Hitchkockian "who done it".