India, Indonesia, China And Wider Asia Buy Physical Gold And Silver On Dip As Stagflation Threatens

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ok i guess i have to do it...


Silver bitchez!



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CME/COMEX/JPig et al have got to be retard!

By bringing silver price down, they are actually PAYING people for buying PHYSICAL if you take into account the alternative (keeping your fiat in near-zero interest banking or,  realistically, negative interest when you weigh in inflation)!!

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i have 5 bucks to spare.  can someone go dig up an ounce of silver for me?  hell, i'm willing to pay $6!  $7?  anyone?

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Sadly, when they say $5, them mean 5 silver dollars.  About $150 in fiat.


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yeah, that makes sense, cliff, they're using the equivalent of 5 ozs to get one ounce.  Moron.

Bob's short call at 39 and change was usual, you again were wrong and have fallen flat on your face again.

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Go fuck yourself, loser.  For ever $2000 I have lost for people who follow my calls, I have made them $5 million.

You have no perspective, because you have abandoned all sense of perspective and logic, and joined the ranks of the trolls.

Edit: and yeah, that probably is the real cost, as not one single silver mine on earth would be profitable without producing other metal by-products.  And hardly any silver is produced in silver mines.  And, of course, the $5 figure is only MARGINAL cost, and doesn't take into account the huge capital investment required.

You SHOULD know this, having spent so much of your loser life justifying higher oil prices.  But again, you have devolved into a loser troll, so literally nothing can be expected of you.  You will lie and tell half truths to pursue your agenda.

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those people who bought your call of 60 next week are sitting on 30% loss in their life savings, just like you are.

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Bob also called a top at $32. Moron.

I could do that daily as well until I hit my mark.

Bob also, at a silver summit in 2008 said, "Mark my words, the dollar will be worth zero by the end of the year!"

Good call. Uh huh.

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Quick note: Blythe is putting gold and silver on sale again. 

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Silver dropped another dollar in 30 seconds.

I guess there will be another margin hike comming today or tomorrow.



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Yup.  Best stay away from paper.  Only physical will survive all the "one-time" shit they are going to throw at the market.  Guaranteed.

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I can't wait untill they offer some at 20$ :)

No more buying untill than :)



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That should take about 20 more margin hikes.  Might get there in a couple of weeks.

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When the buyers have to pay cash but the sellers have an infinite supply of paper its tough. I can here the airplanes leaving for Asia and India now. These stupid idiots are going to wake up in a couple years time and find out the rest of the world bought all the Ag just like the rare earths. These people have 3 trillion cash to spend and seem to have gained an aversion to paper. Gee I wonder what I would buy with 3 trillion. Commodities NA, never. Bury head in sand.

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Where can I find the current margin?  Trying to get an idea how close we are to 1 to 1, 1 to 2 etc.    

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can they drive it to 1.5:1?  just wonderin' ;-)

- Ned

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= margin increase => 5%

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oops and dont forget Gold





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Saw some British central banker on TV today spouting off about inflation rising to 5% in 2012 and then dropping back to 2% again by 2013. Translation: Inflation is rising but stop thinking about it because we don't need any of those pesky expectations rearing their ugly heads.

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I guess 40% of your population dying of starvation reduces demand pull and hence reduces pressure on the currency. Good plan.

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But but then who will pay all that debt down?

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wow at the sidebar it says that with Scotland's independence the debt is going to be divided up.

and the Scots don't have a central bank, right ?

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"In technical analysis, investors study charts of trading patterns and prices to predict changes in a security, commodity, currency or index."

lol, that is some funny shit.  The only reason tech anal-sis seems like it works less than half of the time is because billion dollar hedge funds use it (without obviously hedging like last week) as a basis for their decision making causing them to buy or sell said commodity, security, currency or index.  When shit doesn't pan out, you can easily mock up a chart giving you 20/20 hindsight.  Which is why anyone with good marketing skills can sell a TA indicator book and make more money from that then actually using the damn thing!haha 

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+ $19.95 (price of the book)

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I beg to differ. TA probably works better today then in the past. We all claim there is only robo trading in the market which can only be done with PhD's writing code based on TA. Plus these PhD's have NO trading experience at all, all they now are numbers and stats. They don't know how to BTFD or buy physical to fuck the banksters. They are machines and do not have emotions so you keep trading on emotions and news.

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Those codes you are talking about are also based off of information 99% of the investing community don't have access to unless you want to spend upwards of 25k(at least).  Not to mention I would wager to bet the majority of those codes are of the high-freq kind.  By the time the avg investor e-trade baby hits the buy/sell button on his ipad, some hedge fund(or more) is making money off of them...twice  This market is rigged to the core, it is a ponzi casino with a marketing fascade designed to keep the sheep in the dark.  This is why BOA, GS and JPM are damn near flawless in their trades.  We'll see what happens soon IF the bernanke clan loses control and the market turns.  See how many billion dollar funds go under this time.

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WOW, you really beleive that many some bodies are sitting at a computer feeding all the news,all the Fed speak, all the ECB speak, everything in that computer system 24/7. And how much does that cost? I thought they were in the business of making money.  WOW, I feel for you.

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"I thought they were in the business of making money."


I was in the process of writing one of these codes based off of information the investing DOES NOT have access to or even know about when I discovered someone beat me to it.  I have since spoken with him several times and now use his data and yes it's ALL numbers and digits on a computer screen.  And yes MANY people with money use his data.  I don't give a shit whether you believe me or not.   

UnRealized Reality's picture

To be fair I'll concede to your argument, except, all that DATA input is transform into patterns over and over again, hence trading patterns. So charts do work. I don't give a shit whether you believe me or not.  

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Ok ok we can have some  Yes that's all the whole entire fiat/ponzi/casino/market is.  All digits, data, patterns, stats which are all on a computer screen thrown and interwoven in a 'Matrix".  Nothing is real.


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Nobody feeds the news... they headline scan the internet.  Everything is digital now and often comes out in digital format before it hits the tee vee.

It is you whom I feel for, your thinking is still in the 20th century.

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Exactly my brutha. Technical analysis is a backwards looking metric in a forward looking market. Kinda like deer tracks, Does not tell yo where the deer are, only where they have been. When you go to the store and see bread is on sale for 69 cents, do you break out a ruler and start studing a chart and drawing lines? No, you buy the loaf because you know its on sale. Same with 39 dollar silver. Just by it, your eyes can see its 30% off. I no a lot of chart heads are going to love the above statements. They have been forcefed the bait with the media for 20 years and swallowed the hook like the sucker fish that they are. Chicken entrails mumbo jumbo sold to them by the very same banksters that are stealing their money.

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And the world screams,"save us from these fiat currencies and the debt they represent". Cue the forgotten Incredibles, gold and silver. They take care of evil old school. 

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I love those predictions "Silver may reach $80 in 3-5 years" Does anybody in their right mind think this Titanic debt ridden economy will make it to 3 years never mind 5. Who the hell can predict 2 months from now with any certainly. I guess when your getting paid to say this crap you have to show up for work.  

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I rather like Mike Ruppert's take on collapse by August when the 2Q earnings show the truth.

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Truth?  I thought we depleted that commodity.

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I've heard that on mars, the soil contains traces of it.

But it's not going to be cheap to mine it because the soil also contains 99,9% HOPE. The most toxic commodity in the world... it makes you halucinate and spend money like there's no tomorrow. And they still don't have a cure for it....



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I predict the US will have a fool for a president in 2012. Also in 2016 and 2020 and 2024 and 2028 and 2032 and 2036....


Wanna a make a long therm bet for a trillion dollars? Or a cola? Whatever is worth most in 2036.

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Those people deserve it all. I still wonder why Bernakovitch doesn't just give it to them for free...




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Bla bla...more `only temporary` inflation from the BOE. They already ran out of credibility. Bottom line is that PM`s and othe comods keep looking good while the CB`s keep the printers spooled up. Money in the bank or in bonds is just getting an inflation haircut anyway. And who wants to be in `the stockmarket`? not me, although I do enjoy Robo`s charts.

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i have no debt but i know and care about so many people who do.  i've tried to convince them to get out of debt, stop using their cards, etc.  all to no avail.  i've quit talking about it.  feel like i spend most of my energy worrying.  am still thinking of the people of japan, however my son's college roommate is japanese and lives in tokyo.  my son emailed him to be sure he was okay.  japanese roomy was nonchalant.  more interested in corresponding about sports.  

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you should send his roommate some beans and tell him it are magic beans which will protect them against gamma radiation.



I think Michael Jackson wrote a song about it....


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just saw this about high levels of radiation outside the exclusion zones:

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Just imagine paper silver would crash to 1$ and some idiots would sell bullions for 2$ per ounce :)

I think I'd morgage my house with whatever loans the banks offer :)


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Will the last person to leave the fiat debt currency building please turn the lights off.

I have hung up a sign on the doors saying 'TOXIC FINANCIAL SITE - KEEP OUT' so as to ward off the unsuspecting.