Infamous Euroskeptic Nigel Farage Goes Nuts In European Parliament, Tells A Little Too Much Truth

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...and would probably be kicked right off CNBC for daring to do that. Nigel Paul Farage, who is a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) Member of the European Parliament for South East England, but most notably one of the most famous euroskeptics, goes nuts on EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, tearing down the commission self-evaluation, and noting among many other things that according to EU polls, in the last 6 months those having faith in the EU has dropped by 10% in Germany, 17% in Greece, 9% in Portugal, and "less than half of EU citizens believe that being a mamber of the club is worth it." On the ever debated topic of the one currency, Farage says that the "euro doesn't suite Germany and doesn't suite Greece." The most damning statement address to Barroso: "People don't respect you because you cheated to get the Lisbon Treaty through." With truth like this you know this will be a must watch clip. All it is missing is Santelli... and Erin Burnett to moderate.

h/t Gwilym

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Celente on Alex Jones show today.

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Farage better be careful, someone might try and take him out, maybe in a light aircraft crash that's a favorite.

Oh wait someone tried that on Flash Crash day but they were so incompetent they even fucked that up.

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Or get in a hot tub after berating BP

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Yeow!!! Watch out Ron Paul! These people are animals.

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"The Whole thing is a bit of a dogs dinner isn't it?"

I love the Brits.

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The Brits are masters at using ordinary words that can be spoken in the most sensitive surroundings to inflict massive insults.

In fact, as things now stand, my dogs dinner might just look extremely good a year or two from now. In fact, I've heard from a good source (my dog) that Kibbles 'N Bits will provide me all the vitamins and nutrition a growing capitalist needs for a happy life and a shinny coat. Now all I need is for government to flea dip me and I'm all set for retirement.

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Fry a lot of onions and that all goes good with some rice.  

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I remember (in college) being so hungry that I ate Milk-Bones and washed it down with warm beer.

I was ahead of my time?

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At least you had (warm) beer. Of course, in college that's a basic staple, along with corn flakes and rubbers.

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Many college brunches were warm beer and cold pizza.

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I prefer Dinki-Di myself in a Road Warrior world.  Who says personal endorsments don´t work...if Mad Max can chow down on it, I´m stockin´ up!

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"The Brits are masters at using ordinary words that can be spoken in the most sensitive surroundings to inflict massive insults."

eg. The whole Euro experiment was quite a stunning "cunning stunt"

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This guy awesome. He would only get 1 sentence out before CNBC would cue the bumper music.

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+10,000 a british politician that tells it like it is.


what he got fined for......

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... the truth ? just guessing ;)

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"You have the charisma of a damp rag, and the appearance of a low grade bank clerk." :-D

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yeah cheerleader burnett would find this "very rude"

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that was so friggin rude..

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He can't contribute anything constructive, because his party is opposed to the EU. So he "goes nuts" and makes enough noise to get re-elected. I guess it's a living.

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Nigel Farage is a legend and a true patriot.


Another very enlightening Farage speech -

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Wow I have never heard of Nigel Farage before today, but he has given enlightning speeches. If any of the other members had any integrity (and it sounds like they don't ) they would rally behind him.

 His other speeches on you tube are more of the same, very good.

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Yes I ran across his videos while I was watching Nigel's. You can see that the people he is chastising for their abuse of democratic and monetary policies are not worried at all and kind of laugh it off, kind of reminds me of the way Ron Paul is treated.

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Yes -- sort of "Nasty Buzzing Fly, but if the People will Go To Sleep as long as he's *blowing the horn* then so be it."

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We need this kind of your back please Nigel...

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I think he was in a plane crash not long ago...

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No doubt. He really should think about some low key mercs. to watch his back.

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'On 6 May, on the morning the polls opened in the election, just before eight o'clock Farage was involved in a light plane crash, suffering injuries described as non-life threatening. A spokesperson told the BBC that "it was unlikely Mr Farage would be discharged from hospital today [6 May] ... He suffered facial cuts and bruises and injuries to his chest and there might be some damage to his ribs." The plane was towing a UKIP banner, and initial reports suggested that the plane crashed after the banner was caught up in the engine'

Canvassing door to door usually works better and is less dangerous. But it does involve talking to the public. I can see why he tried the plane.



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Canvassing door to door usually works better and is less dangerous. But it does involve talking to the public. I can see why he tried the plane.

Sweet, thanks for that laugh.

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Heheh lived for 20 years in Europe, I know the bunch, it takes them a while to lie, they are zoo shy "you know" but once they get started, "make a (W)hole"!

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if this were facebook i'd give a thumbs up

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Did the EU bureaucrats learn nothing from the old Soviet Union bureaucrats???  Let's speak the truth, all these politicians care about is keeping their jobs and creating more positions for family and friends. They don't give a "dogs dinner" about the average EU citizen and how the bills are paid...Nuff Sed.

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at the end of the clip, is that the old Soviet anthem playing in the background??

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Does anyone know if there are pictures of passing clouds on the ceiling of the European Parliament?

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#uck, I can learn from this guy... and become even more cruder.

Are the rest of them listening to their mp3 players on headphones?

Why is he talking about the Poles. What did the poor Poles now do?


It would be magical to see Ms. Erin Barbie Brunette go up against this firebrand. We can have Santelli in charge of the volume.

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Why is he talking about the Poles. What did the poor Poles now do?

Perhaps he likes the work of Stanislaw Jackowski... and how it applies to the current circumstances

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Rock on dude.

This one's awesome.

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Great great stuff. Hats off to NPF.

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That is 100% fucking awesome!!!!  I was literally standing up hooting and hollering at my computer like a football hooligan by the end!  Huzzah! (or hooray, or whatever)...  screw the collectivist politician douchebags

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He is on safe ground, since he'll never get a mandate in the UK to wield any power. Therefore its easy to stand up and bash Europe as an MEP, and incidentally suits current PM David Cameron's purposes nicely (even if that would never be admitted publicly).

Still a politician though. So lets not praise him too highly.

'In May 2009, The Guardian reported that Farage had said in a speech to the Foreign Press Association that over ten years as a member of the European Parliament he received and spent nearly £2 million of taxpayers' money in expenses and allowances, on top of his £64,000 a year salary.'[13]


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Farage is nothing but a simple, ordinary troll whos catering for conspiracy theorists, retarded nationalists and other folks in that league. 

Seeing so many people rave about such a completely populistic and senseless speech shows they clearly lack political education. 

I personally guess it is the same audience hailing "bitchez" and "desktop renderings" over and over again. 

Well, i like people to have a good time, enjoy your stupidity, and dont forget to boycott all elections. Should you be non-eu-nationals, please queue on the separate line reserved for tolerable ignorance.


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Greed bitchez!


*Lighten up Francis. Fuckin hell.

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"Any you guys touch my stuff, and I'll kill you"

Haha, classic.

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I have studied your post assuming one has to read it backwards or upside down to divine the true meaning, thinking that it works in the same way as that movie where the words say the opposite when played backwards.  You are obviously a very clever person, as I'm buggered if I can work it out.

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"Seeing so many people rave about such a completely populistic and senseless speech shows they clearly lack political education"


Right, I thought it were the "politically educated" who are responsible for this EU fuck up to begin with ..... Please do carry on considering yourself politically educated.