Inflation Wins As Tunisian President Ben Ali Flees Country

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It was just 10 days ago (before anyone had even heard of food inflation) that Zero Hedge first predicted food riots were just around the corner (before anyone had even heard of Tunisia). Little did we know how quickly things would escalate out of control. Here is one man who is 100% confident he can leave the country before protests over runaway inflation succeed in getting him to face his (very hungry) population (presumably in close proximity to a decapitation device). This is probably the first confirmed case of a corrupt government overthrown as a result of the daily POMO secret CIA weapon. Certainly not the last. Stocks up on the news that some rating agency has downgraded the country to BBB+ (much higher than Greece) due to revolution. POMO: liberating countries from oppressive governments through excess inflationary liquidity since 2011

As reported by Al Jazeera reporter Alan Fisher.


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if only ben would be next

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Actually, it's another GREEN SHOOT!



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Actually, it's another GREEN SHOOT!



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Green shoot... hmmm, sounds like ecologically friendly (biodegradable?) ammunition.

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Got Ammo?

.223 is not humane enough to hunt animals with... only humans..

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"Everybody just calm the fuck down, I got this shit!"  Said Bernanke as he steered the ship right into an iceberg.

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An awesome image of him wearing a captain's hat behind a large steering wheel came to mind.

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Apparently the coffee I snorted out my nose laughing at the image made the enter key sticky!

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Quiz to all ZH members: where the former president reappear -

1.US of A




5.Other countries.

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Pentagon for dinner, just like the top 'Al CIAda' terrorist leaders.

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@Eally Ucked


I say this fucking motherfucking midget is next seen sitting next to first lady at the next State of the Union address.  

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Is he sunni or shiite?  Definitely NOT Israel!

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Guess he's a sunni, he just showed up, with his family, in Saudi Arabia!

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Yes, it is all so brutal, Ben Bernanke in charge of it, this evil of genocidal proportions.

A few months ago, I was reading articles on Zero Hedge, suggesting how the US policies would shortly - and partly intentionally - lead to spiking food prices, riots across the developing world, deaths, and governments tottering.
It is unfolding now, quite as the ZH articles anticipated.
Now, a good economic understanding, directly points not only to tragedy but to the clear evidence of great evil.
It quite weighs upon me, seeing it all happen, and feeling the strangeness that the real issues are not adequately in public debate, while people die and so many millions are hurting, from things that could in fact be fixed, if some governments were not so evil.
So many people don't know ... these things like food price rises, are actually well-understood by some economists and governments.
It is only in small part a question of food supply and harvests. It is much more a question of manipulation of money and credit supply ... of which the US government is the principal actor.
It seems the US quite knew - and intended - that the 'quantitative easing', added to other manipulative factors, would result in food prices going higher and millions facing hardship.
To make matters worse on purpose, the US even has absurd laws requiring that US corn production, be diverted to help produce a cheap-grade petrol for vehicles ... thus taking needed food off the market, and boosting food prices by choking supply.
They have several goals, aside from the constant one of bailing out big banks. One is just to make the dollars worth less to benefit US trade. Another is so the oligarch speculators can profit from the food trading price rises.
But beyond that, they want on purpose to make people hungry, for specific reasons. A big objective is to force China and perhaps some other countries, to raise their currencies in value ... China has been refusing to do this, and the US thinks that this devious leverage upon several hundred million poor Chinese, will force the Chinese gov't to do what the US wants, to avoid riots in China.
And then the US generally wants instability in governments, like Tunisia's President departing, as these things, tend to be profitable and favourable for money inflows into the US debt they want to sell ... and also favour the US military expansion and objectives.
And it is shocking to me when I think that, if this kind of thing is clearly outlined on one of the leading web sites read by investors - ZH at millions of hits a month - it must also be clear to the economists at the UN, IMF, World Bank etc ... who generally must understand as well, how it is that the US printing money and inflating the currency - which is what food is priced in, on international markets - how this leads to price rises in food for the world's poor.
The price rises are not a 'mysterious' process ... when the US gov't is inflating, plus developing world governments are also printing money and inflating on top of that ... it is clear what the result is, for the prices of necessities for common people.
Yet people do not know who is making them hungry, and how.

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Is this a "Gray Swan?"

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This is just the beginning.  Just wait till indonesia goes, India won't be far behind, and then you could see China and India have it out.

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Wishful small-town unthinking! Tunisia's Ben Ali is the CIA's and uncle sam's favorite dictator in north africa. American and its 52nd state's interests will be severely harmed if Mubarak or the house of saud goes. I think America will probably go into civil war before Indonesia India and China go. And in case you had been to Mars, Indonesia had their dictator kicked out in 1998. India is not ruled by a dictatorship, nor is Indonesia ruled by an american-style oligarchy! India actually has a free press and the first central bank to tighten this time round.

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Over under on Presidents that flee their country this year?


6 Presidents?

AnAnonymous's picture

How much does organizing a presidential election cost?

6 presidents...

Countries that must borrow to organize their elections...

Wont help much, I think.

Sudden Debt's picture

In the US that figure is now up to 3 trillion

ReeferMac's picture

I'll take the over! We're already 1/3rd of the way there and it's only January!

digitalhermit's picture

The over/unders are right here, although not that liquid:


Unfortunately no contract was available for the President of Tunisia.

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Rule number 1:  Cardio

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Exactly.  Remove their hearts.

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is always a crowd favorite. Very fitting for failed tyrants.


There is only one dictionary, and Merriam-Webster is its name.

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Rule number 1 is never leave suspects together.  This is clearly a violation of rule number 3: never be unreachable.


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And don't forget the twinkies.

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I certainly hoped they stretched before running him out of the country.

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I salute Bernanke as a freedom fighter for using POMO to liberate Tunisians from an oppressive regime.

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I heard POMOs are now the device of choice for radicals like Bernanke. +10000

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Time magazine's Man-of-the-Year, again?

I am thinking Nobel Peace Prize.  How hard can it be?

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And yes, with both he and Obama recognized for peace the world over, no one will question the reasons that the most recognized person in the world (Obama) and the most powerful man in the world (Bernake) get together with their friends and launch yet another war.  After all, they are peaceful men, so someone must deserve the next invasion.

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Uh, what are you referencing when you say Obama is "the most recognized person in the world?" 

medicalstudent's picture

hmm this country has two problems


...the most recognized person in the world.


... ...and the most powerful person in the world.

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Time person of the year 1938- Adolf Hitler

Time person of the year 1939 & 1942- Joseph Stalin

It's not that hard

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the tunisian situation would have been worse without qe2. the president would have left yesterday without qe2.

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Same with Marie Louie Antoinette.

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IF (x)

THEN (bifuknDip)


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Stocks up on the news that some rating agency has downgraded the country to BBB+

Damn, I thought stocks were up on Intel's stella earnings report

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stocks are up because today is a day with the letter "a" in it.

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Naah! stocks are up coz my dog is peeing with its right leg up today!

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Clear case for  me: stocks are up because I have none.

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Copy that!  Waddya say we crash the market(s) and buy a share of AAPL? :>D

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LaRouche writes ..who's eating you?  

Got bread?

Flore's picture

Tunesian president named partner at Goldman Sachs