Initial Claims: 474K - Bring Out QE3

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And scene: jobless claims explode to 474K, beyond the worst economist expectation, far above consensus of 410K, and well above the previous (upward revised of course) number of 431K. This is the worst claims number since Aigist 2010. Game over for the US "recovery."

Welcome to the US Recovery:

Those collecting EUC and Extended Claims continue dropping of the 99-week roster, with 48K no longer collecting weekly government paychecks.

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The government cites special factors behind a 43,000 surge in initial jobless claims. The biggest factor is an adjustment timing for a spring break in New York state

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Now you know why OBL had to die THIS week.  A lot of bad news is coming, and the more distracted the plebes, the better.

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here here, well put.

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here here, well put.

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Yup. It was a effort to rally the American spirit just before the debt bomb drops on them...

That's what Obama's press conference was about: "we're America and can do anything!"

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Holy Shite - green shoots are busting out. 

Can you say Timber. Go any silver or gold you can get, borrow, steal or rob cause the wind cometh before the storm (TD I was right - 13 weekers never lie).

That said they have flown back the pumps from Fukushima because it is judged a situation of Major meltdown in containment.

Micky D's showed the way with near a million for 63k. Suck on those numbers bitches cause it is your reality.

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Hey, look at the bright side.....if McDonalds hadn't done all that hiring, the number would have been over 500K.  Wouldn't that be considered a green shoot??

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Well, thinking about it ? your dead fucking right.

That would have made the legs tremble. Good old Mickey D saving America one lousy job at a time.

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You a**holes, Fed!!

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You a**holes, Fed!!


At this point I see no reason to mask the word asshole.




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You hsould be thanking them for a soon to be 13,000 DOW.  This is bullshit......I mean bullish.

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The Rally Monkey should appear on this news.

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does that mean my silver will be on the rise again :(

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Yes it does.  Once this ridiculous 'Deflation trade' idea that appeared this week has run its course in a day or two, and traders move back to facing the obvious reality of QE to infinity and eventual hyperinflation.

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Not if the CFTC can't do it's job....or rather...does it's job per tungstenman. 

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tungsten is useless now. muhahaha.... didn't you know conventional lightbulbs are about to be illegal?

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Well tungsten makes good fishin' weights still.

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Black market light bulbs = free enterprise.

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That all depends how hard "they" work to suppress it. Margin rates are a bitch.

Buy physical and wait it out.

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"Hyperinflation is preposterous"

Mish Shedlock

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"Mish Shedlock is preposterous"

- Hyperinflation

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+1.  Did anyone else picture a character called Hyperinflation saying that because I did.

Quintus's picture

Anthropomorphism at its finest :-)

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Didnt Krugman say 7 trillion needed? What could possibly go wrong.

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What's in a number anyways

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What's in a Krugman statement?



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Mish doesn't shop at Walmart.


......he has "people".




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I know where he lives. He probably does shop at Walmart.

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They have 2 options.

1. Quit the margins increases and let the price rise until overage Joe can't buy it anymore so the industry still has enough to function and demand to level.

2. Make it so cheap that inventories all over will be depleted in the next 6 months which could cause a catastrophic domino effect in the derivative market.


2 options, both lead to Armageddon.

There is a 3th option but that would included every silver investor to dump their silver back to the melters and industry demand to go down, but I don't really call it a option. The problem with the investor silver is that once it's put in circulation it takes a very long time before it returns if ever.

In 100 years, there will still be enough people who inherit silver from people who are buying it now.




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Number one is what usually would happen, but can't because the dumb fucks have such a huge short position.

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Short positions go to zero when a currency dies, ie. the US Dollar.

To own Gold and Silver in Weimar King!

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I'd say the option that is much more likely is to maintain the staus quo where we will see margin requirements increase everytime silver reaches a certain point until we reach the point that silver cannot be margined at all and must be bought for cash.

More likely is that the exchanges crash well beofre then as these staged increases only prove that they are ponzi schemes and are trying to hide that fact by manipulating the price of the underlying.

That can work for a while but not forever.


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wtf is the problem with removing margin from commodities exchanges?

They SHOULD do this.  Exchanges should return to being places where real sellers and buyers trade, instead of a place where speculators try to manipulate and make money off of doing nothing.

Imagine if the grocery store or farmers market worked like'd have some spec trying to lever buy up all the spaghetti and make the prices go up up up when he has no intention of ever taking delivery of the stuff.  Fuck speculation in real assets.  Shorts should have real metal and longs should be interested in buying real metal.

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Agree with your sentiment 100%, but what you are talking about is a far cry from what's happening now.  What we have now is a sham of a paper market, and the margin increases are just the tugs on the strings of the marionette.

Once we opened the door for fractional reserve metal exchanges, the matter of margins seems like a pimple on a fat guy's ass.

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Exactly.  A proper functioning exchange wouldn't have 2 hands in the cookie jar front running every policy change.

The CME is a total fraud.  The "speculators" are only those with deep pockets that can smell blood.  The CME and Morgue has brought this on themselves 100%.


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  Fuck speculation in real assets.


hear hear


especially the lifeblood of nations, oil

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It should. Yes.

But now the paper is priced at 26 times the actual spot price!