Initial Claims Confirm Economic Deterioration: +471k, Miss Expectations By 31k, Previous 446k

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So THIS is what a V-Recovery looks like.  I have always wondered.

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They actually meant "V" as in that shitty movie about civil insurrection.

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"Unexpectedly" increase.  Come on...get it right.

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But not two (dup post).

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Damn...I was long beer.

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"Unexpected", of course.

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Lulz.  Whoocoodanode?

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Once people see nothing is going to happen in Greece today, the market will be back in melt up mode.  I just have this sneaky feeling about it.  I would not be surprised to see the market turn green around midday.

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Yes, right around midday, when Ben calls JPM, and tells them to step on it with the S&P mini ramp up.

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You have been trained well the last 15 months.  I envisioning a rug being pulled out from bulltard feets....

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I don't think double-dip is accurate unless you're talking about something specific like the stock market. Things getting worse more slowly does not equal recovery. This has been a recovery-less recovery.

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+1  The recovery that never was.

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The weekend at Bernies recovery

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Ooooooo.  Green shot across the bow! 



my time is near

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Maybe we'll get to see how well the" circuit breakers" work today? Rainbows and Unicorns for EVERYONE!

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Algos: :"This does not compute; illogical outcome to V-shape recovery input. Repeat. This does not compute. Emergency-SEll, Sell, SEll"

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"Open the pod bay liquidity doors, HAL."

"I'm sorry, Tim, I'm afraid I can't do that."

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We need better expecters. These economists aren't working out worth a shit.

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Indeed.  How do they keep their jobs when they are always wrong?

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As the expecters are delusional, my name rarely makes the headlines.

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Let's call this what it is:

Obama's Depression.

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Are you kidding, the evil Boooosh will get the blame for the greatest depression.

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The Labor Department said that there were 94,788 less unadjusted Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits claims in the May 1 week, bringing that category to 5,101,246. Extended benefits claims rose by 21,419 to 240,260 not seasonally adjusted.

So somewhere between 95k and 57k people fell off the back end, and became 99ers?

(According to the 60% unemployable after 28 weeks theory, considering how close to end of U/E benefits... expect the most unemployable to still be on the extended benefits, so closer to 97K)

And we can now expect this every week until at least the November elections.

25 weeks and something around 80k off the backend of emergency U/E a week... 1,400,000 to 2,500,000 workers plus their dependents is a huge voting bloc, ....


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The disconnect with the election results is the most interesting part.  The unemployment report highlights the fact that there is still a great deal of pain being felt out there.  Yet, in most places, the more liberal and "old politics" candidate won.   Ron Paul's son was the only one who had a true "throw the bums out" message to his campaign.  Specter's replacement is straight from the Democratic machine.  I am afraid we may not get a lot of relief from these dismal statistics and the dismal performance of Washington come November. 

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Morning Joe: "the unexpected increase is due to the number of people now actively looking for jobs because the economy has improved so much."

Spin on ...

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Is this a double dip, or, a stair case down?

It looks like the Obama Administration's policy of bashing business of any type, ramming through unpopular business stifling social programs such as the health care "reform",supporting organized labor at any cost, and supporting illegal immigrants at any cost, is, well, not a successful economic policy.