Inside the Global Banking Intelligence Complex, BCCI Operations

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New World Order, Bitchez

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You people who are the "First-to-post" graffiti guys.... did you actually READ the article or are you having a stiffy about using the term "Bitches"?! ;)

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Don't encourage the living in parents basement crowd.

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That NWO reductionism is just that: a reduction for the dumb.

There's always a world order, an alignment of world powers. Any change leads to a new "world order". There have been quite a few NWO's during the 20th century.

But what do the Alex Jones sort of crowd say about what the NWO really is, instead of a fits all sizes reductionism? Well, during "The Obama Deception" this NWO is described as the coming of an Anglo-American empire. Well, that's been happening for quite some time, decades at least. So a real NEW world order would mean something that is not an Anglo American empire, and I think that can't be THAT bad (not as bad as empire I guess)

Learn your words Bitches

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"it's all about the debt"

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'The International' has been getting a lot of play  lately.

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we need to look at the history of events that led up to it

Just how far back do you wanna go? How about this for instance?

The Hebrew word for "usury" is "neshek," meaning literally "a bite," from its painfulness to the debtor; Lending on usury or increase is classed by Ezekiel (xviii. 13, 17) among the worst of sins.

The Talmud (B. M. 61b) dwells on Ezek. xviii. 13 (Hebr.): "He has lent on usury; he has taken interest; he shall surely not live, having done all these abominations"; on the words with which the prohibition of usury in Lev. xxv. 36 closes: "Thou shalt be afraid of thy God"; and on the further words in which Ezekiel (l.c.) refers to the usurer: "He shall surely suffer death; his blood is upon him"; hence the lender on interest is compared to the shedder of blood.

Loss on a Debt.

The sages of the Mishnah knew full well that the forbearance of a debt causes a measurable loss. Thus the following case is put: A holds a demand on B for 1,000 zuzim payable by agreement in ten years; but two witnesses testify that B had agreed to pay in thirty days. An alibi is proved against the witnesses; and they are condemned as "plotting witnesses" to pay the difference between 1,000 zuzim payable in ten years and the same sum payable in thirty days (Mak. i. 1).


Look, you don't have to be a Bible thumper expecting to be whisked away to heaven while driving your car to understand the underlying rational behind these admonishments. The simple reason usury has traditionally been prohibited throughout the ages is, as Denninger points out, the math.

That is, a lender will never lend at an interest rate below the rate of growth, therefore, compounding principle+interest will always outrun the productive output of the asset used to secure the loan. When the debtor can no longer afford to pay, the property is repossessed, and in older times, the debtor was bonded/remanded into debt peonage. (In simple English, became a debt slave. And to sweeten the pot, oftentimes this status became hereditary.)

Money lending is nothing more than a sophisticated form of 3-card monte. The outcome is absolutely guaranteed, but is typically known only by the creditor (the con & hustler). The reason the inevitable outcome is known only to the creditor isn't because the topic is complex - it's not, it's incredibly simple. Rather, it is a combination of purposeful ignorance (as KD says, how come this shit isn't taught to 3rd graders?) PLUS 24/7 propaganda targeted at your malleable & fungible brain that expressly extols the virtues of going into debt.

There's two ways to play this game: either blissfully allow yourself to be a victim, or figure it out and help the wolves shear the sheep. (OK, I guess there's a 3rd option of warning others, but how is that working out for you so far? LOL)

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Good informed posting and finally a bit of scripture showing that a real Jew would not get into usury with any blessing from his religion.  Of course as you point out they may "hop aboard" the gravy train" and partake in it -- but would inevitably suffer to the degree they wrought hell on earth upon others.  little evil eye follows all where ever they go and extracts to the nth degree.  The only way to know that is to look into the lives of such a creature and from a rational and objective standpoint you'd see levels of perhaps denied desecration there but no less would it be obvious to even a moderately "clean" person that having seen the "inner effects" of the wrong action -- they would never trade places with one in the Pit of Ignorance -- no matter the reward for doing so.

Ya wanna talk about "extend and pretend?"  You aint seen nothing until you've seen into a life on the lower planes.  Take any real big whig of the last 100 years and where on the surface there may be untold levels of "bounty" within there is a gaping hole -- so hollow it swallows all light around it like a black hole.  Ever thirsty -- never satisfied -- constantly in search of a "balm" to scratch the itch...   Thats not life that's living death.

Nature just built it that way and she hasn't changed her blueprints one darn bit.  The trials of excessive wealth are just as stiff and as those of material lack.   Trust me, any of these creatures in the Pit of Ignorance are receiving a full "dividend" on an ongoing basis with no need to add to their plight.   Thus why the truly informed only pity them for nothing can extract debt like the Spirit.  Think Full Spectrum Dominance but on the inside.   Yes the hunger does not have a balm and until they turn they suffer, period.  The only people they can hide such from are those who themselves attempt to project the delusion of a peaceable life whist extolling suffering on "the general welfare..."  

So no, B9K9, there is only one choice...  No second one...

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Thank you. Truth hurts. So does growing up if done properly? Comforting to find that Marla (gone, all gone) isn't the only one willing to cut through the bullshit.

The more you know, the worse it gets.


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B9K9, you left out a key excerpt of the article you quoted above:

- "In modern language this term denotes a rate of interest greater than that which the law or public opinion permits; but the Biblical law, in all dealings among Israelites, forbids all "increase" of the debt by reason of lapse of time or forbearance, be the rate of interest high or low, while it does not impose any limit in dealings between Israelites and Gentiles." -
Without this passage for context, you will never understand why the Jews, who are defined as a group primarily by the observance of their Law (Halakha), have been consistently persecuted througouht the centuries for the crime of usury.
You may also add to the picture the Kol Nidre, the  higher tribalism, the doctrine of 'chosen people', and a widely spread racial self-awareness and you will end up with a moral relativism that, combined with interest-free capital among Israelites in an interest-demanding environment, produces an efficient albeit ruthless acquisitive culture.

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If you know that all genuine scriptures were intended to be used as tools for inner growth, and as a way to preserve this key knowledge into a future that was understood would enter into a type of "dark age", then you might conclude that anyone who would use something intended for an esoteric purpose exoterically (in the outer world) would not be getting the full intended meaning of "scripture". Judaism when it was forming was one of many "mystery" religions and required instruction from those who understood the symbolism in order to use the text as intended inside yourself. This was also the case in the time when  the "New" Testament was formulated (well before the 4th century AD Nicene corruptions) and it was the Gnostics and Ebionites who again knew to use scripture internally for inner transformation while the so called Orthodox or Romanize "Christians" made the same mistake the "Jews" had made, (and in fact this same mistake was again made by the Muslims who misapplied the corrupted teaching of Mohammad).  In esoteric circles all those who do not use scripture "esoterically" can be referred to as "Jews". I think you are using scripture as a "Jew".


As far as usury or interest, wealth today is worth more than that same amount of wealth tomorrow because the wealth of today can be used to increase and produce more wealth over time (can be but might not be if misapplied). This is a fact of human civilization and human action (see "praxeology": What the Hell is Praxeology? ).  Don't confuse something that can be used as a tool for mutual benefit by honest people -- payment of interest at a some point in time for the use of wealth today -- with the usurpation of wealth by lending fraudulent (fiat) money that appropriates (steals) wealth and demands more wealth at a later time to complete an original fraudulent transaction. To better understand the time value of wealth you could read "How an Economy Grows and Why It Doesn't" by Irwin Schiff

Best of luck in you overcoming your misconceptions

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This review is from: The Last Circle: Danny Casolaro's Investigation into the Octopus and the PROMIS Software Scandal (Paperback)

The final long awaited and now published book by CHERI SEYMOUR - "THE LAST CIRCLE" completes two decades of her investigations into "The Octopus" and the PROMIS Software scandal, aka "The Inslaw Affair." And the misuse of power by government agencies to expose the tentacles of "The Octopus" controlled by a "Shadow Government" that operates beyond the reaches of law enforcement - WORLDWIDE! Her investigations have sought answers to questions dealing with our intelligence agencies (DOJ, CIA, FBI, NSA, U.S. CUSTOMS, and others) trusted professionals involved in stealing commercial properties of U.S. citizens, dealing in and the transportation of drugs for profit and power, and the potential biological weapons development. Arms sales and clandestine operations that will make the reader sit up and take notice - and question?? The trail of the deceased now exceeds 50 people, individuals, wives and families, who have been accidented, suscided, or murdered, to cover-up the criminality that's become a cancer on America's political system. Cheri completes the work of investigative reporter Danny Casolaro, who lost his life in pursuit of answers when he became entangled in the tentacles seeking answers two decade ago. Cheri enters the labyrinth of "The Octopus" undeterred by the danger in pursuit of those answers. She has performed the most courageous act in hopes that America will wake-up, inform themselves, and spread the word, and demand honest government! THE LAST CIRCLE is the last word in exposing "The Octopus" with its tentacles reaching into every corner of our hollowed institutions that will, if not, exposed continue to erode and destroy the foundations America was founded on. If, you read no other book this year, The Last Circle is A MUST READ!!!

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That would explain why this was never a huge public scandal.  I was only beginning to pay attention to such things at the time.  I know the WSJ was on a tirade about BCCI, but it was almost never covered anywhere else.  Then one day, all the stories stopped....

Now I see why

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about time someone took a good look at this enterprise.

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people stopped covering the story because they were afraid for their lives.

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Who plays the role of Truxton Spangler? is running the show

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We're getting there.  Much more quickly than I imagined.

Keep talking people!

Awesome article.  Concise, factual, well-presented...I would just like one representative of the "government" to come and refute any word in this account.  I dare you.

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Bravo!  By the way, you're now on the "No Fly List."

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When people try to run the world they just wreck it but they will never stop trying because they know somebody else is trying to run the world and they have to be stopped.  That it's exciting as hell and sometimes very profitable are bonuses.

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Bravo ... Come in Johnny Bravo.

You told me rimm' was a bad buy at 41$ ...

I think you made an S & P ~ gold call about 4 weeks ago.... , I think gold is up $100.00 and S&P up 100 very,very bad calls....

I think its time you go up stairs and grab your sisters knee pads and tell everyone,......

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But he is the best (self appointed) trader on ZH. Too much homework, we will have to wait until the holidays for a response.

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Beatty and Gwynne's book, The Outlaw Bank, is excellent, and really shows how all of these seemingly disparate entities work together. I highly recommend it.


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I bought my remote land after the last collapse. Get your ASAP

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More fun: 

Japan approves 5.05 trillion yen in new stimulus

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It was published nearly 2 weeks ago by Sax on xxxxxxxxxxx  bog via Reuters.

This whole MSM Internet news is becoming the evening news.

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Superlatives are quickly exhausted: it is the largest corporate criminal enterprise ever, the biggest Ponzi scheme, the most pervasive money-laundering operation and financial supermarket ever created for the likes of Manuel Noriega, Ferdinand Marcos, Saddam Hussein and the Colombian drug barons.”

Ponzi scheme?  This is simply not true.  The bank had actual assets and real returns. 

If you want to see a real Ponzi scheme, look no further than the Social Security Trust.  It's assets are US Debt; the returns are near zero percent, but they keep accepting new money.

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Yah yah yah, the real criminals ruining the planet are pensioners kept to a strict diet of c-grade dog food, single moms on welfare, and the recently unemployed pilfering free medical care right out from under our noses...

Thank GOD, Allah Akbaer, Yo Jehovah (or whatever deity happens to pump your nag these days) that you pointed out the real definition of ponzi scheme for us HH; I was actually worried for a second there that we were all proper fucked. Now we can continue to disregard info. like that posted above and get on with our lives; go back to ignoring the 'one-eyed man with glasses' staring us in the face with perverse intent. You know, the one always ready to poke at our orifices without so much as a peck on the cheek first; slurping up the "I'm all right so fuck all the rest" anodyne it spurts at us in the intervals between our mandatory 20 minute hate sessions. Thanks to your glowing insight we can all maintain our focus of disregard, disdain, or outright hatred on the weak, poor and/or unfortunate, who are the ones that really deserve it, apparently, for being such losers in the first place.

 Oh here's a video, whatever.


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The only American political figure with the guts, nerves, courage and fortitude to break the spine of criminal organizations like BCCI is Sarah Palin.

She's an American hero.  A moose hunting maverik that can restore dignity and valor to an America that has been taken over by African Nazi's.  If you have any doubt, just watch Glenn Beck.       

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Thanks Tyler for bringing this to the light

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No one really cares about government fear & false flags. Once you understand the inside joke on Global Governance migration. You will ask for a V-8..

Joseph Tainter; The Collapse of complex Civilisations

Watching the story of Government unexpected failure requires a super sized  popcorn rationing. Use President Obama's food stamp barometer as a gage.

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Great article, but it goes back much further than this.

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Great job Tyler & staff. Keep up the great awareness.



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Thanks ZH.  A Great Face of Reality that is much needed.

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I'm glad you finally felt comfortable enough to write this. It's amazing how just living and coming into contact with "news" that doesn't tell you shit can make you want to dig into this stuff.

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It is interesting that you feel that the[i]er[s enough blood in the water...Tyler, too engage in such activity. That in its self is a flag to me, your market share (cough...cover has

This_is in_some ways so old and so much in one humans life time...must we spend in unraveling the knot of our servitude, whom holds *my* note of credit and how am I traded, too...gods, governmental legislature in the name of the people or the creators / traders / of value...IDK.


Skippy...*all I know* is that I was born from...inside a star...a furnace of possibility, yet this is how we (humanity) apply it...after what humanity has been bequeathed...a beautiful world...sigh...lamentum...I was in their employ...can not wash it off, my being, for the life of me.    


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..and the cross-directorship seating between banking interests and the intelligence community has ended..?

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There's a part missing from the analysis...BCCI was suppossed to be the TBTF middle eastern bank. Its sponsors wanted to take their place beside the New York banks- and this was dashed when BCCI was shut down... as a bank, it was doing what banks do.. as a result of being kept out of the club, there was a feeling generated in the middle-east that they were not going to have a decision-making capability at the highest levels. I mean, petrodollars are recycled through the banks..and at the time, the USSR was not a significant exporter, so BCCI's dismantling was seen as marginalising the Arab world... and today we have a very difficult situation between the West and the Arab world.   

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When you leave out the Federal Reserve, even at this point, then you don’t have a book.

A reader is left with the paradox on how the widespread activities of BCCI could take place in our modern world. The answer is, the Fed runs protection for them.

The owners of the Federal Reserve control the currency, i.e., most every major financial operation in the world, down to whether this company is to go or this company is not. 

None of this criminal activity is possible without the express intent and approval of the owners of the Federal Reserve.  They can squash you like a bug if you try to step out, whether you are Kissinger, Bush, Saddam Hussein, Soros or Rachel Corrie.

You can’t investigate the 80s and 90s without investigating the Fed.  DeGraw is not Matt Taibbi. Taibbi goes for the guys behind the curtain. There’s no hint here that DeGraw is going for the lynchpins at the core of the real money power—the men behind the Fed.  Instead, he appears to be sticking with the lieutenants, the field staff of the mob.

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The origins (and players) of these activities pre-date the American colonies, let alone the Federal Reserve, by a long time.

Cathartes Aura's picture

thanks for stepping up ZeroHedge.

wide-angle view folks, wide-angle view.

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One of the most fascinating articles in a long time. 

Lots to follow up on.

Thanks for posting it!

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It has really helped TPTB that human attention spans (due to other manipulations) have fallen so far over the past 3-4 decades that stories such as this, even though the big players are still the big players, will register as quaint history after 3 lines...

1979? Like, history dude. George Bush Senior? Lost to Bill Clinton (hidden hand in entire Regan presidency forgotten). Prescott bush? Who?

Tomes like this carry coals to newcastle. Sheeple wake up only when the shear touches their back.

Till that moment, they're in the thrall of the Shepard!



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"BCCI was modeled after the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies and multinational corporations. It represented the evolution of organized crime into the new world of the global economy"

Couple of minor corrections to an excellent article:

1. It was not an evolution ... it was just the first to stupidly get caught and end up going public!! It was just another one in a VERY long line of organised crime fronts into the global economy. The origins go back centuries, and another one, which I'm very familiar with, nearly reached the public eye 12 years earlier. Governments around the world scrambled to cover that one up ... and succeeded.

2. To some extent, the global economy has always been manipulated behind the scenes by a small group of oligarch families who derive their primary income (and power) from drug trafficking and related activities (arms, slaves, trade monopolies, assassinations). Those incomes are huge, tax free and totally hidden from normal economic reporting. They are, in fact, a hidden tax on all peoples of the world! The intelligence agencies are just one of their "operating departments", with roots that go back well over 1,000 years. For example, the first to know that a ship was about to come in could profit greatly. The first to know the outcome of a distant war (cough ... Rothschild ... cough) could profit greatly.

3. Bank of America was not just "an invaluable ally" of BCCI, it was a 25% shareholder in the initial setup and reputed to hold 30% at the shutdown.

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With regard to the end of paragraph 2, the battle you are referring to is Waterloo correct?