Insider Selling To Buying Ratio Doubles To 147x; Big Selling In Autozone, A&F, Chipotle

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Following last week's outlier of only 60x more insider selling than buying, the latest Bloomberg S&P500 insider selling (and occasional) buying update shows that corporate insiders are once again reverting to the mean of dumping as much of everything as they can with both hands. The last week saw nearly 150x more insider selling to buying, with just $2.3 million in purchases (nearly half of which was accounted for by the $1MM purchase in Medtronic), offset by $333 million in selling. The biggest sales were Hershey, Autozone, Abercrombie and Fitch, Agilent and Chipotle, better known as some of the biggest bubbles in the current market.

Source: Bloomberg

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what's that smell?  ;-)


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It seems as if nothing is able to make the SHTF!


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Tyler this profile is not appropriate and needs deleted.  We dont need to be seeing peoples tits and balls reading about the market.

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I have to agree, I read this at work and they get bitchy when there are tits on my screen.


Now that I think about it, "Tits on my screen" would be a great name for a band.



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Don't read it. It's called freedom of choice. You remember that don't you? You have the choice to read his/her commentary or not to read it.  Or are you the type who likes to dictate to others what they can and can't do.

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I agree, words are fine, but avatars with tits piss off my empoyer. This is a private site, and if it's allowed I have no problem with that. I'll just read from home. Settle down tiger, I'm more than happy to let the free market decide. You remember the free market, don't you?

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People need to leave their hang ups at the door when they visit hedge land.

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OH excuse me, thats me....was just at Chipotle last bad.

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it's yellow "rain" trickling from high atop the pyramid.

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  • Insider sellings
  • Upward revisions
  • Physical Gold and Silver are RUNNING OUT


Can we have somethign new please??

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Go some place else....maybe the yahoo boards will suit you.

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Japan is getting MORE radioactive...

The Dollar (FRN) is becoming MORE worthless...

Washington Gridlock is becoming MORE of a certainty...

People with short attention spans are increasing on ZeroHedge!

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The big collapse in all markets is going to happen any day has been a long time coming!

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Joke's on them.  CMG has a stellar business plan that no one could ever copy.  Plus they pay half the labor cost of their competitors (by recruiting directly in Mexico).

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They're SELLING the $9 rice burrito stocks? Isnt that blasphemy or something?

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Of course they are selling.  They want out before DOW 20,000, b/c no one likes making a profit.

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The only thing worse than Chipotle burritos is the smell of the workers and general appearance of the customers. It's like someone wrapped donkey shit in a douche. Yes, that goes for the food as well as the people.

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It is terribly bland.  What kills me is that here in Atlanta there are at least 3 other places with a similar menu, and they are all cheaper.  I'm guessing that in Manhattan, or possibly CA, Chipotle is a big deal?

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Don't forget about DC.  Mindless yuppies love their Chipotle.  Seek and you shall find.

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But Chipoltles is trendy with the self-absorbed generation.  Ethical food and all that, don't you know.

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agree, I've worked at a couple mexican resteraunts and was sorely disapointed by chipotle, I don't understand why anyone would ever go there instead of a food cart. blows my mind. seriously, I didn't even realise it was a thing, the fact that their stock is going for like 285$ is utterly insane.

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"Tamale Kitchen"  around 21st & Sheridan, Denver Co. FTW!

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DodoTrader said consumer discretionary stocks are great, just great, and that everyone should hold them.

Just not people who know firsthand how business is going.

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Where is RainbowTrader anyway? Havent seen him around since early yesterday when markets were a bit green.

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Just think, the panic selling hasn't even started yet, and when it does, it will be a bloody mess for anyone holding stocks.

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Chipotle sauce is holding the Mkt together..must hold.

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Chipotle dip is even better, just mince some chipotle peppers with sour cream, a little fattening but tastes better than this market.

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Left out Weight Watchers. Insider sales-2,112,610 shares.
Must be their perfect business model that keeps it up. Selling overpriced processed crap to slobs with zero will power. I'm in.

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Fucking HFT stock market is just another fed discount window.