Insider Selling To Buying Surpasses 1,400-1

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For all those who thought last week's "dramatic" improvement in the ratio of insider selling to buying from 650:1 to "just" 290:1 was a sign things are turning and insiders may soon be selling only 100 or so times more stock per week than buying, we have some bad news. According to Bloomberg, the latest ratio of insider selling to buying was 1,411 to 1. Let us repeat: 1,411 to 1. Needless to say, corporate insiders are totally buying the Fed reflation story, and the economic recovery. Like, totally.

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I guess that answers the question of "Who" the Fed is buying all that stock from.  Wealth redistribution at its finest!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yep, "they" sell high, taxpayer buy high!

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Head for the hills, bitchez!

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This is strongly bullish, as the insiders obviously use the proceeds to buy equities.

/I kid, I kid.

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The word is, they are all buying Adobe stocks! :)

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One thing for sure, they are not buying their own bullshit.

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This is actually pretty funny! I laughed out loud.

Imminent Crucible's picture

They probably are; equities in Brazil, most likely.

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And the coke dealers of NY rejoice!

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Cool.  Is the market even open today?  Taking a breather before +2% POMO Tuesday?

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Pum n dump bitchez!

Unrelated, but equally ridiculous -

UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors'

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A new market for US Gov't paper appears to save the day.

snowball777's picture

Let's hope they don't go with John Bolton and get us extinct.

Kobe Beef's picture

hahaha...Bolton... what a deliciously terrible idea! Thanks Snowball.

Thunder Dome's picture

Jim Sinclair bot $800k of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration (TRE) a few weeks ago.  Stock was at $5.50 when he made purchase.  TRE now trading $7.07.


Sinclair is President/CEO

Minion's picture

Yes gold mining stocks are their own market these days.  I don't think the FED is pumping them.

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To hell with Pomo. I'm Gumby Dammit !

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"the latest ratio of insider selling to buying was 1,411 to 1."

Aw, $h!t.  I wonder how far gold stocks will get sucked into the freaking black hole coming to a 401k near you!

azengrcat's picture

Insiders of APPLE selling the greatest company in the history of the universe?  Blasphemy!

tmosley's picture

If they paid dividends in iPads, they might not be selling so much.

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This has been true all year...very few insider buys..and crazy amount of insider selling..Chirst the algo guys would have the DOW up another 1000 points..the only selling is INSIDER selling...

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It's bullish. Insiders are nearly always wrong - one of Henry Blodget's current sidekicks told me.

He also drooled a bit and kept saying Shazam! Puzzling, but hey - what do I know about high finance?


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Wasn't he fined and barred from trading

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So actually "investors" are selling 1-1 which leads to outflows yet the markets are up.

Evidently the banks are levered up beyond belief to buy stocks relentlessly. So my question did we not just have a bunch of hearings about the dangers that unchecked leveraged gambling poses systemically on our financial system and why is it not only permitted but encouraged.

   Is the "things are different this time" mantra really going to be explained away as we could never have seen this coming when one event will explode the banking system because of this leverage? Keep buying bankers because nobody else wants your pieces of paper. Regardless of QE the P/E still has to match up with earnings.


Here we have a company like Netflix whos earnings have just finally surpassed 100 million annually in 2009 yet they are given an 8 Billion dollar market cap. They are a company with serves only as a middle man and the moment Apple decides to become a player in this arena they are toast. Let us even say in 2 years they are bringing in 200 million annually the technology will inevitably catch up with them since as we have learned from Blockbuster this is not a difficult barrier of entry.

  They face physical competition from Red Box expansion, Apple entrance and the access to the Internet increases will only lead to increased discounts to stave off competition especially when consumers can just go direct to the settop box as on demand services begin to include a Netflix like inventory. Eventually they cut distribution deals to removed the Netflix middle man and boom bankrupcty. One day people are going to wake up with a 30% haircut in NFLX.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

It's cool.  When the banks blow up again we'll fix them again.

Robbob's picture

But Obama promised us that there will never be another bail out.

lamont cranston's picture

Beat me to it on NFLX...dammit. But think it will be a crew cut, not a haircut. And BIDU will be right on their heels.

ATG's picture

CNBC search engine disappeared their Insider Buying Record headline.

Nonetheless still majorly bullish:

So where is the ZH search engine so we can track contributor insights?

goldmiddelfinger's picture

The fact that long and short term capital gains tax rates are going up next year has nothing to do with it either.

truont's picture

Sure, but that would be more noticable around the end of December, wouldn't it?  (when the tax year ends for individuals).

But locking in a 15% vs 20% cap gains tax in September?  Seems a little early to be explained by tax considerations.

Pladizow's picture

This is awsome news!

Now there is more cash on the sidelines.

Hephasteus's picture

Big sucker pool

Big labor pool

Something big and stupid is just dying to get built.

StychoKiller's picture

I vote for a large, bullet-proof dome over Washington DC -- not to keep us out, but to keep THEM in!

Goldenballs's picture

Who is the 1.Do they watch the TV or receive the Newspapers or does the 1 live on a remote South Pacific Island and get news every 6 months.

Pillage's picture

Oracle Insider: CEO Sells $27.3M Worth

Headline is a little misleading because that's just the amount he sold on Thursday.

He sold $27M each on Mon, Tue, and Wed as well as the previous Friday

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all your insiders are belong to us, make your time...

awh come'on, I had tah!


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 virgil's 'rule of zero'. W/out buyers the NYSE shouldn't be called an "exchange". You need willing buyers  AND sellers to be an exchange.. Not sure what you would call it now.  Probably a museum in a few years.

espirit's picture

I promise that if they give me a billion bucks, I'd pass some down the line.

bigdumbnugly's picture

1411 to 1, huh?

the last time i saw a ratio in that range it didn't end up real well for general george armstrong custer and his troops.

virgilcaine's picture

A serious lack of demand, For goods, stocks, services, houses, boats, everything except the 'precious' and some Ipods/pads etc.

Wait we have activity on the Nys e.. up 000.3 %

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bloomberg seems to have pulled the plug on the link.  Very odd.  too bearish for them?

espirit's picture

Insiders are buying Gold Bitchez!

espirit's picture

Ok, ok, I get the reason why I was junked so I'll rephrase...

Insiders are buying Gold HarryWangers...

arthur darrell's picture

What about the million shares a week by Gates?

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virgil's 'rule of zero'. W/out buyers the NYSE shouldn't be called an "exchange". You need willing buyers AND sellers to be an exchange.. Not sure what you would call it now. Probably a museum in a few years.
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