Insider Selling Moderates As Bulk Purchases In Two Names Pick Up

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Insider selling for the prior week declined from $418 million to just $99 million, as buying accelerated from $18 million to $41 million. The bulk of the purchases, or $38 million, occurred in two names: Cedar Fair and Texas Instruments. In the first, Q Funding, presumably an entity with a big fascination by T.S. Eliot, as its funding vehicles are called J Alfred Onshore and Prufrock Onshore, bought $13.5 million worth of FUN shares. This may mark the first time in history when a hedge fund manager is actually edumacated and doesn't name their funds for a cloud formation, or a Greek letter. The other big buyer was Longleaf Partners which bought about $25 million of Texas Instruments. In the selling category, investors in Broadwind Energy may consider dumping, as both the CEO and Jeff Gendell offloaded about $40 million worth of stock on the 21st.


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thanks for posting this data regularly - this is the sure thing that keeps reinforcing my confidence - "its a suckers rally and the smart seller's bonanza of a lifetime " !!

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The FUN purchase goes along the lines of the New Found Obsession that the PE / Hedgies have with theme and amusement parks - et al the Sea World sale (Blackstone) and another big purchase that I nowe forget by the PE guys. When ordinary folks are not very amused with how life is treating them I dont see what is driving these investments..

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Amidst all the mayhem and calls for "P3" by the Prechterites, Berkshire Hathaway rose on heavy volume. The fact of the matter is that the US Govt. - or any other government for that matter - at this point cannot simply allow another crash, because if it occurs then everybody in Washington is going to be guillotined in short order and they know it. They'll close the exchange first than let the equity markets tank again - period. They may call it "national security" or whatever, but they'll prefer hyperinflation to a tanking stock market.

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I don't disagree on your take at all.  But I think those in Washington are sewing themselves in a corner-- and in the corner is the guillotine.

Crash the markets -- Washtington gets the guillotine.

Keep the Market from Crashing -- more subsidies to the financial system, which J6P will eventually figure out before November.  Washington gets the guillotine.

The only difference is Washington can scare J6P sh$tless and get him on board on even more reflation  and false equity support before November.  Scare the crap out of J6P and come to the rescue, and Washington may have a chance.


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but the market will tank anyways wont it ? how will the banks show earnings (on short side now) if market does not tank ? after all the banks are really making most of their money in the trading business ??

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Doing a quick check, the Broadwind sales was part of an existing offering, with the proceeds being used to pay off debt.

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GOOG founders sellin 3% of company over next 5 yrs...

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btw -- they LongLeaf purchase was in Texas Industries, not Instruments.