Insiders Sell $5.4 Billion, Buy $128 Million In Stock In Month Of February

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Paging Gupta, Blankfeinon line 1.

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A thread made just for bad at math man.



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Obviously these sellers are up to date with their anti-propaganda vaccine shots.

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Another V-Bottom bought with full force and fury
RobotTrader - Tue, Mar 1, 2011 - 11:21 AM

And as tech stocks are bought with the utmost urgency, gold, silver, and crude sell off once again.

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Oh shut up and BTFD already

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It is actually die....because I capitulated and gave up my shorts.

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let's see "media stock, media stock, media stock, media stock."  i'm "sensing a theme."  could it be...SATAN!!!!

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Well....isn't that special!

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luckily, insiders have been able to use company cash to ramp up their stock prices before unloading.  so much easier than buying capital, hiring people and expanding the company....


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The Casino has successfully spent 5 Trillion in advertising and now has enough hoodwinked patrons coming back to cover the amount of money that is being stolen from within. All the high rollers want to cash in their chips before the Casino closes its doors again, leaving the the one arm nickle dumpers stuck in the dark when the lights go out.

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I would like to know how much of that money went into gold and silver eagles.

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Is there anywhere else to put it? 

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Lopsided liquidation continues by insiders

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no one wants to be left holding the bag this time, as it may be the final time

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Oh big deal. Speed up the HFT algos abit more and all is good.

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Do we have any historical data with which to compare these massive imbalances in insider buying/selling?

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The current insider selling bothers me not because I think it is a harbinger of a top, but because it constantly reminds me how management steals shareholder money by dilution, and shareholders are stupid enough to keep buying at these paltry dividend levels.

Oh well..when in rome....

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If they're selling, who's buying? BENNY and the JETS

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""""If they're selling, who's buying? BENNY and the JETS""""

well, yes...for now...we [The People/Taxpayers] will get stuck with the Tab later

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No one inside the banking and financial system believe the US market anymore.  They know that it's just a big ponzi scheme to get the rubes into buying into the market and the insiders into getting out.


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So -- if the insiders have been getting out of equities from months -- what are they doing with the cash they have been receiving for the sales?