Interactive Map Of Libyan Violence Over The Past Week

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In continuing our interactive maps visualizing assorted episodes of violence around the world, tonight's edition focuses on that executed by Gaddafi loyalists against protesters over the past week. We will spare readers some of the more violent pictures we have seen of the resulting carnage as they truly are gruesome.

Full interactive map after the jump.

Courtesy of Al Jazeera

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asdasmos's picture

I guess the foreign mercenaries are being brought in because they find it easier to kill indiscriminately.

Whereas the army is finding it more difficult to fire on their own people as this moves forward.

Twindrives's picture

Just wait, Obama will use the U.N. against American citizens in the same fashion when the U.S. economy and U.S. dollar collapses within the next 6 months.   I have seen blacked out foreign made armored personnel carriers on tractor trailor rigs moving up I-45 from the port of Houston.  Think it won't happen here?  Think again. 

carbonmutant's picture

Obama won't be around long enough to do that...

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Is it time to hoard canned food?

Oh regional Indian's picture

You might be surprised at two things CarbonM:

1) how quickly things can go down-hill (think avalanche)

2) How much time is accelerating

I think Obama not finishing his term normally was baked in. Too much trouble, in the US and world over for a teleprompted cut-out to handle.

And heard that someone was gushing about Clinton as President of the World. Now that is a scary thought (Man Clinton 1, not Man CLinton 2, the current Billary).


Cash_is_Trash's picture

Stick around, this century's going to be a thriller!

4horse's picture

grab for the maghreb  .  .  .  Q.E.D?

Paul Bogdanich's picture

Must be quite the dilema for American imperialists (Presdient Obama, Secretaries Gates , Clinton and people like that).  On the one hand their BS rhetoric used to explain to the American population how it was that when we killed those millions what we were really doing was supporting democracy or defending against godless communists as the case may be.  On the other hand their aims are purely anti-domocratic in that it's easier to rape a place of rescources when you only have to pay off the elites versus the entire population.  Much cheaper.  If you need proof look at the bills for Afghanistan and Iraq.  In any event Lybia has oil.  We prefer the dictator.  So my bet is we help supply the mercenaries, stay mum, and then hit it with the platitudes if the government falls.     

Sad Sufi's picture

Cynical statement Paul, but so much is true.

Obama Fail: "Tear down this wall"  Oops, we're on the dictator's side of the wall.  The whole string of revolutions and our weak responses should wake up Americans about the true cynicism of our foriegn policy.

Jerry Maguire's picture

Paul:  Your take may be right or wrong, but it's no more spun than a lot of the "news" coverage we get of this kind of event.


RobotTrader's picture

Meanwhile, in sheeple-world:

Late breaking news from CNN:

"Lindsay Lohan to land post-rehab gig"...

In a couple of days, the sheep will no longer be paying attention to Libya, instead, they will be wondering what Justin Beber will be wearing next....


Larry Darrell's picture

Since all of this happened over a long weekend, the sheep don't even know it's happening.  My parents and co-workers were all completely clueless when I mentioned it...........hell, a friend who works for Central Command spent the day with his fiance and daughter at Disney World, and when I talked to him earlier he simply said "if it's anything important, I'll be briefed in the morning."


Also, Dow Futures have erased about 60 points of losses in the last hour or so.

Did you see the end of that last game on ESPN??

Edit:  Futures now showing -80's again.  Maybe a glitch.  Doesn't change the point Robo was making...........the sheeple don't know, don't care, etc..... 

New_Meat's picture

"if it's anything important, I'll be briefed in the morning."

Dude, if he's any kind of playa' in CENTCOM (including standing watch), then he knows how to enjoy down time.  He'll be spun up (or not) soon enough.

- Ned

TBT or not TBT's picture

Here are the headlines as understood by most:   

Arab countries full of fucked up craziness.

I.E. nothing new.

Thurifer's picture

For those of you wondering about this spreading to the Kingdom, I can only tell you what I personally witnessed:

I lived in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia in 1979 during the Shiite uprising which followed the siege of the Grand Mosque. I lived in the ARAMCO compound at Dhahran.
There were riots in Al-Khobar and I heard first hand reports that the National Guard simply flew over them in helicopter gunships and shot anything that moved with 50-caliber machine guns. Our hospital was filled to overflowing and everyone was told that if they wanted to keep their jobs then it never happened.

The House of Saud does not play around

Sad Sufi's picture

Learned it from the British and Americans.  Sad.

Thurifer's picture

Actually their education on keeping restive minorities in line came mostly from their most recent masters...the Turks

Larry Darrell's picture

Your moniker have special meaning?  And what's normally burned in said incense device?

Larry Darrell's picture

and a triple post......ftw

Thurifer's picture

Since college I have only burned Frankincense. Now I follow the motto of the thurifer: "If you can see the Altar, there's not enough smoke."

Larry Darrell's picture

Hadn't heard that phrase.  Sounds like a shout out to the potheads. 

How long were you in SA, and how long since you left?  Do you think, assuming the reports of SA over-reporting reserves by ~40% are true and peak oil is upon us, that the rest of the world will stand by if they re-introduce the tactics to which you were witness before?

Paul Bogdanich's picture

"How long were you in SA, and how long since you left?"


At least 65 years I should say.  Isn't the SA the Sturmabteilung (a.k.a. Stormtroopers)?  What a swell bunch of guys those were. 

Thurifer's picture

It's a pretty common phrase in some of the High-Church traditions (Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox, etc..) But I'm sure I would have appreciated it during some of my "lighter"  college moments. ;)

I live there from 1974 till 1985

Are the Saudis capable of overstating their reserves? Yes..

Have they to the tune of 40%? I doubt it, or we would have seen much more frantic action on the "Plan B" side.

The situation when I was there was that anything short of a nuclear explosion could happen without the outside world hearing a thing.

I honestly don't know if the internet has changed anything but I do know that all ISPs are gov controlled.

The thing to remember about Saudi Arabia is that ALL the levers of power are not just in the hands of political allies, but FAMILY. The National Guard (the real power) is saturated with Al-Saud princes and cousins down to the level of Staff Sergeant.

The Wahabbi clerics have been given free reign, and in return will, to a man, call any dissent heresy.

Given that there are literally NO other centers of power outside of Al-Saud control the only realistic chance I see of change is dissention within the royal family. The most likely time for this to emerge is when King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud  runs out of sons to succeed him. Power has passed from brother to brother for almost  70 years now and something has to change soon.

Maybe the people of Saudi Arabia will surprise us but its hard to breathe under a blanket of lead.

Larry Darrell's picture

Thank you for your insights.

palmereldritch's picture

Fascinating.  Sounds like a well installed lid on the oildrum.

Paul Bogdanich's picture

"The House of Saud does not play around."


Coming from an Iron Cross First Class, I should say not.  Tell me how did they handle disposal as that's always the tricky part?  Industrial gas fed ovens;  no residue to speak of?


Sorry for the cynicism but that's all I can come up with when reading about these types of events and knowing what we actually do versus what we say we do.  Makes you proud to be an American.  Kinda gets you right here doesn't it.  Those poor people.  They probably actually believe that the West supports them. 

New_Meat's picture

sour gas flares diverted to other uses?

Thurifer's picture

Though you can't really see it, that's a crown of thorns around the cross pattée. As for disposing of the bodies, when I was there (74-85) the place was almost hermetically sealed, they could do whatever they wanted and no-one would know. That may have changed, but i don't know.

I just have to say though that, from what I saw, our foreign policy as a cause of Islamic Radicalism is far overstated. I remember hearing Saudis discuss whether the simple fact that Westerners let their women drive was enough of an offense to Allah that jihad was called for (it was).

New_Meat's picture

Lawrence Wright has similar insight to yours.  Thanks, - Ned

Paul Bogdanich's picture

"I just have to say though that, from what I saw, our foreign policy as a cause of Islamic Radicalism is far overstated."


Agreed.  We don't cause these disaffections per-se what we do do is to use the disaffected people for our own purposes (like Reagan calling OBL a "Freedom Fighter" and then abandoning him to die like a dog once his utility had been extinguished).  In my view the whole World believes our propaganda bullshit about freedom and democracy.  So according to the mythology America should act to help them.  But time after time we do the exact opposite and after 50 years of betrayal the message is finally getting through.  So it's kind of like George Bush asked, "Why do they hate us?"  Because they see us for who we really are rather than through the rose colored lenses of our propaganda.  Now they have known all that since Eisenhower but until AL Queda they still believed that if there was a legitimate struggle that we would assist the "Freedom fighters" because of our basic principles.  Our propaganda is that pervasive and that good. 


In any event the real test is Saudi Arabia.  If there is material unrest there then thousands of Saudi citizens will be slaughtered using American weapons.  Should that happen then we will lose the last element of our propaganda aims which are to create a situation where irrespective of our behavior Islamic peoples will in significant proportion believe or at least give weight to our protestations of benign or beneficient intent.  If we lose that edge then we lose the region unless we behave like the Romans and our population won't support that becasue they believe the propaganda as well.  It's a very difficult situation and Obama is mis-handeling it because he does not understand the propaganda basics himself.  He thinks it's all hogwash and only sees how it can benefit him.  He doesn't understand that it has real utility and will probably endanger or eliminte the utility we have established through decades of intense propaganda. 

Thurifer's picture

Excellent point, unfortunately,and this is merely my personal view from observing the Arab mind, I feel that whether we uphold our ideals or betray them is irrelevant, we are unbelievers and to the Islamist mind that is the beginning and the end of the situation.

The sins of our realpolitik is something that America and the West will have to answer for before the Throne of God. But to the average muslim-on-the-street of Saudi Arabia, the West has two choices: the Book or the Sword, the result is the same either way, complete and utter submission to Allah and His Prophet, our actions, up to and until that point, are meaningless.

They don't hate us for supporting their despotic rulers, they hate their despotic rulers for not treating us like the dhimmis we are.

Paul Bogdanich's picture

"I feel that whether we uphold our ideals or betray them is irrelevant, we are unbelievers and to the Islamist mind that is the beginning and the end of the situation."


There is always that.  When discussing those traits I prefer to use the term "Mohammedian" as opposed to Islamist or Arab as I think those terms are commonly meant to refer to a much vaster population.  But yes Mohammedians are basically implacable enemies no getting around that.  However in OBL (or is it UBL's) case he was specifically pissed off about being abandoned by the Americans after he was used up in Afghanistan.  He even said so.  The pharse that I paraphrased earlier  "left to die like a dog" are his words not mine.  He published a piece in response to Bush's they hate us for our freedom gig where he said that the supposition was rediciulous.  He said that if he hated freedom why wouldnt he attack Sweden.  It was well written.  I think I saw it in the Asia Times.  Nowhere in the American press that is certain.  As I recall even though he went through the trouble to have it meticulously translated into English in advance of its release so no semitic scholar could claim that he used a non-existant idiom like "wipe off the map."  Also he was a Saudi royal you know.  As to the people that do perpetrate attacks in Norway, Sweden, Finland or those places which formerly constituted Lapland, I think Mohammedian is a more precise description and they are to us as a jew was to an aryan German.  They will probably get purged. 

palmereldritch's picture

He said that if he hated freedom why wouldnt he attack Sweden.  It was well written.


That was from a video in 2004.  It was well written but probably not by him as many sources maintain he was long dead by then.
Serves the synthetic vamp of a religious war of cultures tho...


Paul Bogdanich's picture

"That was from a video in 2004. "


The statement I am referring to was much earlier and written form only.  Before the invasion of Iraq so before 2003.  As I recall it was mid 2002 in the Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  It was a statement.  A press release not a video.  As the article you reference points out the video was made later and is of dubious authenticity. 

palmereldritch's picture

"He published a piece in response to Bush's they hate us for our freedom gig where he said that the supposition was rediciulous.  He said that if he hated freedom why wouldnt he attack Sweden.  It was well written."


Emphasis mine


He dismisses as rhetoric claims by U.S. President George W. Bush that the attacks occurred because Islamic extremists "hate freedom", saying: "If Bush says we hate freedom, let him tell us why we didn't attack Sweden, for example. It is known that freedom-haters don't have defiant spirits like those of the 19 — may God have mercy on them".[2]

I think it's from the video but maybe it is a different statement than this to which you are referring...perhaps I misunderstand your point.

TBT or not TBT's picture

They're taking over Sweden via the womb.   Been to Malmo lately?

Paul Bogdanich's picture

Found it.  What I was referring to was "Bin Ladin's 'Letter to the American People'"  published 26 October 2002.

bookwurm's picture


You might be interested in "The Bin ladens" by Steven Coll. The Father emigrated from the coast of Sothern Yemen to Jedda,Started out with a couple of mule drawn Fresnos and wound up being the royal contractor to King Abdul Abin Aziz bin Al Saud untill he died in a plane crash in the empty quarter in 1967. exellent book. Colls first book Ghost Wars is first rate as well...

Oh regional Indian's picture

Thurifer, thanks for the well written in-sights. For those un-familiar with the ME (or the Great East in general), it's often a shock as to how different the consensus picture vs, ground reality really are.

As for what you said regarding foreign policy as a cause of islamic radicalism, the big picture goes so far beyond politics, ne?

It's the social engineering through culture export (read sex vial hollywood mostly) that gets them. India has been radically altered in the last 10 years through a liberal dose of accelerating public (pubic?) nakedness, weekly pull-outs on the gay way of life, Pam Anderson in the house in our version of Big Boss.... that and the creation of an aspirationalist society through the same means.

Foreign policy is too simplistic a way to look at this, I feel.


old naughty's picture

ORI, while so many focus on the surface, you cut deep to the core.

And engineering is applied in duality. Domestic and abroad. Them and us. Us and us. Them and them...and in duplicity liberally.

You have to be a fringe dweller to see, by going within.

Thanks for sharing.


Mentalic's picture

Anecdotal info...Spoke to my in-laws who live in Kuwait...Apparently, the Kuwaiti government is giving out 1000 KD (1KD = approx 3.5 USD) to every person of the family and 14 months of free ration to every family. Looks like every ME country is fearing the "revolution"...btw...these freebies are only meant for Kuwaitis and not expats...I guess the expats know when to fall in line, else they be deported to their country of origin.

dick cheneys ghost's picture

the saudis' and GCC countries militaries are among the most advanced in the world.the saudi's have indicated they will support bahrain with all of its capabilities. how will this end?....bloody is my guess.

Azwethinkweiz's picture

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth.mp3

New_Meat's picture

"there's a man with a gun over there,

tellin' me I got to beware."


'cept, with these protests, it is exactly clear.

- ned

dick cheneys ghost's picture

50 million enviromental refugees by 2020.

RobotTrader's picture

Looks like the PPT is now stepping in.  Crude, gold both well off their highs, ES futures jam now in process.

Maybe the long specs in WTI just got wiped out by the PigMen on a fantastic squeeze, and things are getting back to normal?  Who knows?

Maybe top ranked LULU and NFLX make new highs again tomorrow......

dogbreath's picture



I have never junked you because you are too funny.  Make's me wonder what you really do for a living.  Keep it up.