Introduction To The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III

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I read the whole thing already! Gold bitchez! (just wanted to be first with that ridiculous ZH thing)

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I don't put much stock in the junk button anymore (unless the numbers get high), but I wonder if you got junked because you used "bitchez" or because you called it ridiculous (even if in jest)? Could go either way...

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This post or "book" lacks substance and detracts from the credibility of Zero Hedge.

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at least one for the ridiculous comment...

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I second that, Hulk. Just don't get angry, ok?

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Hey I linked to this twice over the weekend in comments - I don't even get a hat tip? Joking (sort of). I'm really glad you are showcasing this because it is an excellent analysis.

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"...Joking (sort of)."


"Kidding On The Square."  phrase from a bygone era.

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OK, a pat on the back for you. I missed it. While it sounds pretty extreme and you'd have to spend time verifying every referenced article and fact, it sounds about right unfortunately.

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1. 2012 ? Election year , Mayan calendar ? fail

2. ZH turning into a paranoid Net tabloid akin to the Enquirer .

3. ZH going to include for our reading enjoyment all parts of this books drivel . Fail 

4. You can tell a paranoid religion by its similarities to other paranoid religions . Aka IMF , World Bank , Fed , CIA . Funny no mention of the Illuminati . Maybe in next installment.

5. Thinking of printing out this book installment and wrapping fish and game entrails with it .

6. Stick to thine own ZH - markets , markets , markets !! This blurb was low class and insults average intelligence



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Stick to thine own ZH - markets , markets , markets !! This blurb was low class and insults average intelligence


Yes, because the mindbending reality of the extraordinary and unprecedented global challenges we now face that are threatening the survival of our young global civilization and our very existence as a living species, have nothing to do with macroeconomics and markets, markets, markets... Its all just some collective paranoid fantasy we're having here, forgive us mr average intelligence, for we know not what we do...

Also, I will junk my own comment for you... Oh, and I like money, and boobies...


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unfortunately too many boobies are like most peoples money, fake and inflated.

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As if the only thing that matters is "markets". ZH is one of the best news outlets I have ever read- if only because they print whatever is available and ALLOW you to decide it's relevance. It may be important, it may be ridiculous- but it is usually thought provoking and a good test for your analytical skills. 

This piece has an interesting dichotomy. One, it presents an accurate overall assessment of what is happening in the world today. If you are well read, you would realize this. The efforts of the elite and their various fronts (the IMF, BIS, World Bank. etc) are well documented and leave readily identifiable results.

However, I would question parts of the analysis- it creates the feeling of hopelessness that is typical of elite literature. The overwhelming burden a massive power structure can exert on it's foes- us. Perhaps, the full text will present possible strategies to confront these actions, I hope it does. 

For me, it is simple. In the face of such an onslaught, the solutions are easy:

1. Eliminate the government tit from your life.

2. Live without debt

3. Eliminate fiat currency from your life as much as possible. Place your wealth in real assets: food, land, water and gold.

4. Work to remove yourself from the entanglements of citizenship.

5. Subvert the ruling paradigm.

The powers that are rely on our weakness and disorganization. They revel in our feelings of powerlessness. They present a face of overwhelming force. However, they are weak- they are few, they depend on their ability to use fiat currency to pay labor and then steal it back through government action.

As the author indicates- their blueprint is very visible from past actions in the developing world and from previous actions by CB's starting with the Bank of England. ALL of these actions require Fractional Reserve Currency systems. They all require taxation and large bureaucracies we call governments.

As long as we allow others to have power and control over our actions, we will wear the chains of slavery. Make no mistake- it is OUR inaction and acquiesence that makes their power possible. It will be our action that makes liberty possible. We just have to say no, knowing that the repercussions can be dire. 

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This is the best September since '39 so you have precedent.  Needless to say "'39 is a big precedent."  Also the conflict between the World Bank and the IMF is a REALLY big deal so "leaked documents from the WB" are a must read.  This stuff is probably beyond most of your readers but it's a great post and obviously a challenging read.  One aspect you do not touch upon (because of clown George Washington) is called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  That ain't no private army.  With what France and Germany are doing it makes an orgainzation like that potentially a big deal.  If you wish for me to explain i can "give you a history lesson."  But you gotta ask nicely.  I said "you gotta ask nicely."

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yes, and as far as history goes and the rich bankers power...A MUST SEE is PBS series:

"The American Experience, history of New York"

All this goes back farther than you think to the early 1800's getting a real foothold in 1850 New York.   This is a generational plan handed down father to son, father to son.

If YOU don't think so, you are naive to history and the truth that stares you in the face.

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"When trillions of dollars are looted from the economy, and the people who did the looting are not held accountable and are allowed to remain in positions of power, only a fool would think that the economy would improve."

This is great stuff. Tnx for posting it!

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Without a coherent non-violent movement to provide a viable alternative, without an outlet for severe and legitimate grievances that provides any chance for urgently affecting necessary political change, people will resort to violence as a last desperate act of vengeance and frustration.

This is, in essence, my take on the Tea Party.  A last gasp at the re-establishment of a citizen-focused, republican government.   It will inevitably fail, of course.  If the Tea Party makes significant inroads in November, the elites will conjure a false flag attack or "necessary" war to refocus its truant serfs on the "real" enemy.

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Bottom line, the Tea Party leaves out 2 key aspects for change:

1. ending the fed

2. scaling back the Military Industrial Complex

How is their current mission taken seriously? Glenn Beck is merely a 'controled' adversary.


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You forgot something:  Don't you dare touch their Medicare or Social Security!

Of course, any other Gov't Program added to those is Socialism.

Let's get it together folks.

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+1. I'm having a hard time getting behind a lot of the candidates but I don't have much of a choice. It's progressive, douche-nozzles or Tea Party and I sure as hell am NOT going with any progressive's. The problem is, I keep hearing the TP candidates say things that I'm really in favor of and they go and say something like ".. and I'll save Social Security".. and I'm like.. NOOOO!! let it die!!

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+ 1 UGrev.

Let them die, slowly so those affected can plan, but these entitlements have to go.  We cannot afford them.

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All your comments are spot on.   A healthy portion of the Tea Party is the Ron Paul, End-the-Fed, End-the-Wars segment of society, but because the Tea Party is such a disparate coalition, and therefore, so easily subverted, those messages are easily swallowed up by populist messages like Cut Spending (except My Spending).   For example, the original Tea Party had nno particular love for Sarah Palin, but now she has established herself as Tea Party Queen, with the willing help of a media gleeful at a subversion of the original Tea Party message.

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I personally have no favorable opinion of her as a politician. As a person, I'm sure she's as nice as can be. I just can't support her as a politician much less vote for her for any office. She's a political train wreck in my opinion. 

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Didn't the last election teach us anything? If your favorite candidate didn't get assassinated, they probably weren't that good. How hard is this stuff?

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All the elections have taught me that it's a choice between "Suck" and "Suck Less". This year has far been populated with a number of "Sucks Less" people (IMO). Seriously, who in their right mind would vote for someone like Chuck Schumer? Merely speaking his name makes me want to scrub my body with a brillo pad. 

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You have to remember, there are two major TEA Parties.  There's the Libertarians who follow Ron Paul, and there's the Sarah Palin branch which is just the GOP trying to steal the movement's thunder.

The real TEA Party wants to do exactly what you say, and far more.  Unfortunately, they're quickly being drowned out...and quite intentionally.

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Last time I checked the Tea Party was against the Fed.

The military opinions of the majority of the Tea Party are really awful, that is true.

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I think you're mistaken.  Sarah P. is opposed to the FED?!?  That could hurt her earnings potential.

Without taking on the Fed, all talk of change is empty rhetoric.

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Please see my above comment.  Palin is absolutely NOT representative of the original(real!) TEA Party.  She is a GOP plant.  Don't buy into the media's tricks!  The social conservative scumdogs DO NOT represent the TEA Party, just as the Statists should not be the face of the Democrats (although they have been for a century or so).  The TEA Party is attempting to infiltrate the right wing of the Progressive party  ("republicans") in order to bring at least one of the parties to somwhere outside of RINO DINO land.  Fuck you two party system, FUCK YOU!

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Conrad - It's compromised.  It's been decapitated.  Apparently the GWOT and the Fed are sacrosanct.  I admit, I liked the idea when it started too, but time to admit it's over.  Time to find a new vehicle.

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Awful might be an understatement. I went to the last April 15th rally in a major city. I will never go to another and have sworn off my support of this movement. It has been completely and utterly infiltrated by war mongering neo-con retards.

The real libertarians and constitutionalists need to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch..

Actually, on second thought, there is no hope with the current system. With the MSM supplying the hypnotizing waves of ignorance for the masses, there is no chance of the extreme breakdown of this current system that is necessary.

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the tea party is a mix of kooks, but Christine is harping against the fed and keynesian fantasy....


but i wonder if liberty is the new change

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...Christine is harping against the fed and Keynesian fantasy....

Mix that with her religious beliefs and you have a negative number.

Nothing trumps stupid, except perhaps removing an incumbent.

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I'm not even gonna check because I have such a strong feeling she's gung-ho about killing Muslims and is part of the eternal GWOT forever program.

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Repubs co opted Tea Party... Was originally started by Ron Paul and it was all about ending the fed AND un needed wars...  

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I don't think the Republicans are thrilled about absorbing the TEA party folks, but they probably have no choice. The TEA party could have maybe compromised our one party system (but probably not), and if the right broke free then the left would have broken free as well. Then where would we be?

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Collectivist vs Individualist.  State vs Man.  God vs Government.  Right vs Wrong. 

I see the TEA Party, which is nothing but libertarian-minded people, as the first real wedge in the one party-two head system.  It is a goddamn shame it's being absorbed by the same pieces of shit that have ran us into the ground since Jefferson.  Study your history, know your neighbors, love your family.  The media is failing us as the fourth estate, and unless we can rouse them from their dick-gargling state, things are going to get very ugly.

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God vs Government?

On another note, I can appreciate the libertarian mindset, but from my perspective there are some practical limitations to it. Firstly, libertarians seem to be willing to extend their values to corporations, which were however not endowed by their creator with certain unalienable right (their creators being men have no authority to bestow unalienable rights upon them), this could allow companies to water down personal liberties. Secondly, I am not aware of any states with libertarian qualities that were not either conquered or transformed into something less libertarian.

It is important to note that Jefferson lived a long time and that his views changed over the course of his life. Anyone who evokes Jefferson should be mindful that even Jefferson himself may not in fact agree with them.

I think that the media/entertainment industry would have been part of the first estate to the extent that they would not have been in the second estate.

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The Tea Party is typically American.  They are angry people who were told to just be angry people and given no concrete reasons on why they should be angry people.  They are an angry club because it is trendy.  Sure, there may be some in there who get it.  But good luck to them in trying to explain to the other 99% that a black president, a Mexican doing roofing, and losing their Medicare are not the earth shattering issues they believe them to be.  The Tea Party is just another idiotic baby boomer tantrum.  They have come full circle from WoodStock.

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Bottom line, the Tea Party leaves out 2 key aspects for change:

1. ending the fed

2. scaling back the Military Industrial Complex

That's stickin' the fork appropriately where it belongs in the TP because it ain't no engine of change.  More like a bait and switch maneuver.

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 Bringin' It has brought it.

Those two rally points are crucial, and exactly where America needs to start; they get covered and a whole lot of good shit will follow.

AIMHO, natch.

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Looking forward to part II.

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Me too Village.

While this piece is very interesting, I still have doubts about the whole bankster-led-conspiracy is the cause of our problems and that the apparent fascist solutions are what is inevitable.  Still, this is great food for thought.

It is certainly true that resource scarcity is going to be a huge problem in the years to come.

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He forgot the aliens, cmon now. Is anybody else watching "the Watchers"?

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My concern, for the past 6-9 months, is that people will start writing along these type of lines - thus making it easier for more and more of this sort of stuff - and I know that this is on the mind/lips of many Americans right now.

I don't think that this is a good thing. Why? Because it's possible, very possible - and we're not seeing anything being done, other than bread and circuses, to deal with the issues making this possible.

I'm a rock-rib conservative - AND I say if we're not sending the more genteel Madoff's to jail - then raise the income tax on incomes above $1million. I'm guessing that not too many of them are part of the "77 percent" living paycheck to paycheck.

I believe that this action would enable a little bit of the boiling steam to escape from the societal kettle and thus make "violence," etc. far less likely. Trust me, Buffet and Munger are NOT helping the pot to simmer - as their comments are just adding fuel to the fire. Are they complete idiots or members of the Antoinette society? Both?

We have a wonderful country and it is full of very smart and patriotic people - left, middle and right - but right now it appears as if our ruling class is more interested in the golden calf of power than to listen to the angst and discord from the voters.

Will November make a difference? I am praying for it!

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I'm with you being hopeful, but there is far too much to fix I fear.  We have strayed SO FAR off the path of our classical liberal founding that it seems only revolution will suffice.  And really, there are too many intertwined interests in our country (military-industrial-financial-congressional-media) that even that may not be possible.  We allowed a standing army to exist, and now it will be used against us as the founders feared; and they have some serious fucking tools.  World war may be the only possible outcome.