Invader's Remorse: Arab League Now Criticizes Western Attack On Libya

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Not even a full day after the UN-endorsed attack on Libya began, and the "invader's remorse" is already manifesting itself as discontent among the "peacemakers" emerges. Per the AFP: "The Arab League on Sunday criticized Western military strikes on Libya, a week after urging the United Nations to slap a no-fly zone on the oil-rich North African state. "What has happened in Libya differs from the goal of imposing a no-fly zone and what we want is the protection of civilians and not bombing other civilians," Arab League secretary general Amr Mussa told reporters." We wonder what the Arab League will say when reports of innocent civilians, up to a million of whom have been forcefully armed by Gaddafi, being butchered en masse begin emerging. And how long before the entire operation is deemed a total failure... to be redeemed only by a full scale land invasion?

More from the AFP:

On March 12, the Arab League urged the United Nations to impose a no-fly zone on Libya and said Moamer Kadhafi’s regime had "lost legitimacy" as it sought to snuff out a rebellion designed to oust him from power.

In the West’s biggest intervention in the Arab world since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, US warships and a British submarine fired more than 120 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Libya on Saturday, the US military said.


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monkeyfaction's picture

The Arabs must have expected that the UN resolution would get vetoed by China or Russia. Looks like China and Russia decided to call someones bluff.

J.B. Books's picture

War and more wars....  When will it be necessary to reinstate the draft?


My boys, your boys - cannon fodder?



Dr. Porkchop's picture

Perhaps that may stir people to action.

66Sexy's picture

i hope the enforcement wing of the Corporate dictatorship gets it's ASS kicked.

absolutely NO pride or patriotism here....


china and russia are pussies... for letting the United States of Corporate Dictatorship do whatever they want in the world causing death and destruction to steal the resources of much weaker countries in their backyards.


Dangertime's picture

World to the US pre-involvement:  Where are you?  Civilians are being killed in Libya.


World to the US post-involvement:  How dare you attack Libya!!!!


Tenma13's picture

Its the same on the ground: pre-UN No Fly, burning French flags, post decision, waving. WTF Catch -22 every time. Let the Arab League man u for once. 

dearth vader's picture

It really was Sarkozy's wounded pride that pushed the allies into Operation Odyssey Dawn. He's an idiot, and a dangerous one into the bargain.

Look at his hidden personality.

On the other hand, as ZH reported earlier, Obama was pushed into this stupidity by the three Fates, Hillary and two other influential women politicians.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The French involvement is getting played up, and so is the British, but the heavy lifting is American so far.    We've been doing bombing sorties with B-2s, F-15s, F-16s, and electronic warfare aircraft, on top of the expensive volley of tomahawks already sent.    The French are basically not even equipped, electronically, to play in the  same skies as the US.   So again, all this messaging about the US not leading this is strictly absurd.  

Obummer and Clinton want to put a fig leaf in front of our raging junk, but it is now sticking out, throbbing and leaking.     The subterfuge will have lasted about five or ten hours.

New_Meat's picture

can use the clock to deconflict the airspace.  Frogs get the daylight, US playz at night. - Ned

Malcolm Tucker's picture

AMAZING speech by a brave Iraq war veteran. So inspiring!

I can see clearly now...

New_Meat's picture

speech: probably (no certainty) a playa.  If so, kudos. u play--u get to have certain views that can be used.

Mal-what do u see clearly now that u didn't see before?

just wonderin'

- Ned

{I won't, yet, bring up nay playaz in this situation}

dearth vader's picture

Sorry, fucked up the link address - animated gif. Sarkozy goes apeshit.

knukles's picture

Hidden personality... disorder?
His standing in the pols has shrunken from a terribly can't possibly fuck it up lead to even between the other 2 parties.... each at about 25%.
So, when in doubt, create a diversion, lead the troop (no pun intended) call to arms, unite the country...
One fucking blister on a troopies foot and they'll be screaming bloody murder about how the American Imperialists sucked them into the abyss and hop right back home (as in retreat) claiming moral superiority.

knukles's picture

At best, the Arab League spokesperson said what he meant.... a no fly zone, not a free fucking fire zone.

At worst, ever get the feeling the West been suckered again?  Now that they're officially pissed with the Western Christian Crusaders invasion of Sovereign Arab Islamic territory, if you thought yesterday that the price of oil was goin' up, you gotta rethink that position.

It's goin' up even more.
Known some places as a goat fuck.

chumbawamba's picture

And here we have the nigger of the A-rab variety, the venerable sandnigger.  In fact, a whole group of them, applying the label of "Arab League" to themselves and pretending to represent the interests of the Arab people in the various countries from which they hail.  Contemporary history has demonstrated decidedly that whenever the White Man is invited into their home they don't take off their shoes before entering; hell, they don't even bother to wipe their feet.  Why, when they're only going to make a mess of the place anyway?

So in comes Whitey with his Shock and Awe, and the A-rabs get shocked but not awed by the new plateau of barbarity unleashed in an ever increasingly futile endeavour to arrest the decay of the status quo of the A-rab elites (which are still just niggers to Whitey) and to cover up the abortion of the American empire.

Meanwhile, Americans gather around their televisions watching re-runs of "That's My A-rab Dictator!", the sitcom that has captivated audiences for generations.  No matter how old that show gets, it never gets tired.  Of course, over the years they've edited in the laugh track and updated some special effects to keep the interests of the newer generations, who are raised on sugar subtitutes and a cynicism so acidic it would dissolve gold.

So grab your popcorn and sugar water and sit back and enjoy the spectacle, brought to you by your sponsor: you, the American Taxpayer.  It's your show, designed to specifically simultaneously titillate and numb your senses, so the pain of your wretched existence is never meaningfully compared to the niggers you see eating shit and dying on your television screen, not realizing all the while that you are merely looking at a reflection of yourself in a mirror that tells the future.

I am Chumbawamba.

bob_dabolina's picture

Holy shit.

That was very poignant.

ZeroPower's picture

I like this viewpoint, but jest aside, are you for the UN and others helping to put an end to Qaddafi or did you think its best to leave the sand people to their own shit and ruin?

sun tzu's picture

What have 40 years of the war on poverty and 20 years of the war on drugs done but sent people to prison and destroy communities? You can't help people who aren't willing to help themselves.

ZeroPower's picture

Absolutely. They bitch and cry for money, jobs, and help; then when you provide it they go to shit anyway.

Such a waste of resources on a non-returning asset.

joker78160's picture

You can't expect miracles from people who are too lazy to work. They don't deserve help.

Abitdodgie's picture

Who you describing Americans.

chumbawamba's picture

Ah yes, the false dichotomy.  It is erroneous to call it "their own shit and ruin", because it's imported.  So now we should turn our focus to the exporters of shit and ruin.

Cause causes effect effects cause causes effect effects cause ad infinitum absurdum.

I'm not saying left to their own devices they would have created Utopia by now, but why should we care either way?  Oh yeah, they have something we want.  And having that thing is more important than having integrity.  So we mettle.

I am Chumbawamba.

SteveNYC's picture

"Cause causes effect effects cause causes effect effects cause ad infinitum absurdum."


Nothing more ever need be said.....all argument is void in the face of this one sentence. No winners no losers, just truth.

AnAnonymous's picture

I like this viewpoint


So implicitly, you stated that you know the recipe to help the sand people out of their shit and ruin.

The only solution that I know is going to apply to them is oppressed by a violent dictator peaceful civilians turning into a bunch of not worth the effort rag tag unable to make it by themselves and showing their inherent inferiority... All this overnight.

Meaning that what was considered an issue before will no longer consider as such.

Still, if you have real propositions other than denying/redefining the problem, it would be interesting to know.


gordengeko's picture

+33, now how many good american patriots do you think will even comprehend what you just said?  There needs to be more synapse sparking comments like this.

ColonelCooper's picture

"There needs to be more synapse sparking comments like this."

The problem is that 98% of the politcally correct Western world would take melodramatic offense at the subject sentence, label him a racist, and call for a research grant to figure out how to make Chumba more "peaceful" and tolerant; of course, missing the entire point.  I would say missing it on purpose, because the topic is uncomfortable and requires critical thinking.  It is easier to play politic and ignore the issue at heart.

Unless we grow the Hell up and learn to talk through the hard shit once and a while, and I mean SOON, we are flat ass fucked.

Good post, Chumba.

ZeroPower's picture

Yes, the "racism" (in their words of course) would overshadow any point. Im still trying to see the insight into the post as to how we're fucked? You know, the shit is going on on THAT side of the world. Not ours..

ColonelCooper's picture

Sorry.  I was trying to comment on Chumba's directness which is generally frowned upon today.  We refuse for example to have responsible adult conversations about SS, Medicare, taxes, and spending.  The old "Have our cake and eat it too."

After Japan, we collectively panic about nuclear power, without being willing to talk like grownups about the cost or result of turning them off.

Pick any tough issue.  We will always kick the can down the road before we will EVEN ATTEMPT to address it head on.  Chumba's comment was way too freaking direct (as many on ZH are) to be considered by any number of people.  Normalcy bias reigns supreme, and whatever I can be distracted from by Jersey Shore doesn't really exist.

gordengeko's picture

my two cents, depends on how deep the individual cares to look into it.  The rabbit hole is very deep but can be cut off at certain levels to suffice the comprehension level.  When I say comprehension I couple that with right brained imaginative critical thinking.  That type of thinking is not utilized nor is it instilled at an early age.  Keep in mind this important fact, people are bitching about this bitching about that asking why why why...The ones in control of this planet have been studying and analyzing human behavior their cognitive processes for a very long time.

These people are scientists in every sense of the word imaginable, whether its science, health, education, advertising or finance.  Every one of these systems are so meticulousy put in place it's tough to even imagine how or from where their origins came from.  The purpose is to remove your selfhood, your individuality or "soul" if you will.  If you don't have that what are you left with?  A mass collective souless entity that is easily controlled and manipulated to do whatever you want them to do.  Since they have the means now to print yes literally print up human organs (God forbid a health clone of the bernank gets a hold of one of these suckers..)(

and oh btw in new york they now have two abulances that go out to 911 calls, coming to a city near you...

So I beg the question, this is the type of technology we know about now, they cloned the sheep (funny how they cloned that animal first) back in what 1996?  Do I even need to pose this question???



Segestan's picture

White House sources confirmed last night that President Obama is still seething following the incident at the Macdonald Inchyra Hotel and is unlikely to back down. In an astonishing attack on the British establishment, he told FOX News:

"The regime in Britain, whilst not as superficially brutal as in Libya is nevertheless a disgrace to the democratic world. All them Limeys are sick of immigration, taxes and EU rule but the subtle way the media is controlled means that in effect they are forced to live within a Marxist, police state. The subjects of Great Britain have become nothing more than tax-generating cattle enslaved to a political regime they dare not criticise in case they are denounced as racist."

"What they need is freedom and proper debate because at the moment what they have is a media so biased, journalists are actually forced to report on the opposition alternative in a negative way. Man, it's like something out of the Soviet Union. God damn it, it's so bad over there now that even the human rights organisations try to put the opposition in jail."

Matte_Black's picture

I think that was one of the most disgusting displays of superior intellect I have ever seen. Revolting. And Brilliant.


agrotera's picture

your poetry makes me weep chumbawamba

lincolnsteffens's picture

Sarcastic but up front straight thinking. I find it refreshing that someone has used the epithet "nigger" in a constructive manner that provokes thought  not one sided prejudice.

Arch Duke Ferdinand's picture

""At best, the Arab League spokesperson said what he meant.... a no fly zone, not a free fucking fire zone.""

USA Building Islam to create War...

Dangertime's picture

You cannot create a no-fly zone without taking out air-defenses.

AnAnonymous's picture

Air defense includes the guy armed with a pistol.

Wreckage shows troops transportation lorries.

Only way this can endanger an airplane is through troops.

dick cheneys ghost's picture

for those that havent seen it, the National Radiation Map........updated every minute

cosmictrainwreck's picture

meh - that's US plants; I thought you were gonna show me the shit coming in from Japan

ZakuKommander's picture

Yes, you can.  Say you want to protect rebel populations in Eastern Libya.  Well, there are no defenses there that are not controlled by the rebels.  But let's say that the rebels allowed Qadaffi to plant AntiAircraft devices around Benghazi.  US says, "Don't flu over Benghazi or we'll take you out."  The US patrols over the Med. When EWACS  or ground radar spots aircraft heading from Q-man's place to Benghazi, we have air-to-air stuff capable of taking out those planes without getting near to the Q-man's AA emplacements which we have for the sake of argument permitted to exist in rebel territory.  

Many variants on this theme possible.

Don't believe everything the Government says.

i-dog's picture

if you thought yesterday that the price of oil was goin' up, you gotta rethink that position.

It's goin' up even more

That's the plan! Some countries just refuse to declare bankruptcy and capitulate to the IMF, so an oil price increase should fix 'em!

BTW, of every dollar spent on oil to the Arab front men, most gets funneled back to purchasing US Treasuries. That was the deal made with them by Kissinger around 40 years ago. See the connection?

Dr. Porkchop's picture

I'm thinking this was all pre packaged from the get go. We will support your no fly zone with the understanding that we will later criticize it in order to save some face.

serotonindumptruck's picture

That makes sense. These same Arab League leaders may also be experiencing a much greater tide of discontent and insurrection from their increasingly (dis)loyal subjects, which is sure to go unreported by the MSM.

It is an intensely fascinating time to be alive.

"Basically, the worst parts of the Bible." -- Billy Bob Thornton


lincolnsteffens's picture

"May you live in interesting times" I'm told is an old Chinese curse.

Be careful what you wish for. 

Motorhead's picture

I wonder what deal the U.S. cut with the Russians and the Chinese for them not to veto this UN b.s.

zaknick's picture

This is more of a Euro deal, IMO. Le Baron's gang have ties and interests with both.