Investor Sentiment: Battle Lines are Drawn

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I'm always sceptic with such tekni chart stuff, especially when not intraday and when such fundamental macro events going on like now. However, I indeed believe the stock market is going up because the money from fixed income markets is flowing into equities due to inflation and risk/return skew. The funny thing is that most people here believe in a hyperinflationary trend and rising commodity prices but on the other hand in falling equity prices. This is simply not consistent. A litte reminder from Weimar is that miner shares were the best performing asset classes and went ape nuts. You will see multi baggers and a hudge increase in market capitalisation in this small sector, overproportionaly affecting various indicies.

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how do i flag this whole article?

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The information here about insider buying/selling seems to consistently conflict with Tyler's assertion that selling has outstripped buying by a wide margin for a prolonged period. Does anyone have insight on thisÉ

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sentiment/contrarian speculating will get you crushed

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Jim Rogers built his career on contrarian bets? Painting with broad strokes and investing without being educated will get you crushed!

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I find this discussion very interesting! Let´s revisit the posts on this topic in - say three months time.