Ira Sohn Research Conference Summary

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Op-Ed Contributor (NYT)

Easy Money, Hard Truths

By DAVID EINHORN May 26, 2010

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Einhorn’s theme was “Good news for the Grandchildren.” In essence the fiscal challenges of the United States are so severe that they will need to be dealt with before our grandchildren inherit them. Our own future is at risk.



If an existential threat to you and your family won't get you off your couch to tell the A-holes in DC and on Wall St that you've had enough, I don't know what will....

I guess you should just sit there and die. 


It's time for a tax strike, it's time for a no work no transaction strike.  Let's take an unpaid vacation, shall we?

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I think it is a clever level of messaging by David, possibly related to what he learned back during his high school debate days. 

The venue/audience is the NY Times, the hive of liberal and Keynesian activity, the people who supported the "stimulus" package and borrow/borrow/borrow.

To get them (and their readers) to even pay any attention, you cannot try to send the message that the world is ending from excessive Keynesian behavior. 

They will just tune you out without even trying to hear your message.

So, this message is just a step. Plant the seed, get their attention (there is too much government indebtedness), and then follow up with a stronger anti-government-debt message later.

You will never win all of these wreckless, liberal zealots over, but planting a seed is the first step in getting you to the tipping point.

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I honestly was a "wreckless" liberal zealot and some of you nice folks have won me over, to some extent.

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Einhorn is a serious thinker, far more so than the clowns like Krugman, Stiglitz, Summer etc

He and other hedgies like Hendry are now the defacto market regulators, simply because wetsern governments have neglected their duty of prudent regulation, and their fiduciary duty to taxpayers.

Notice the lack of ideology in Einhorn's NYT article. Its just common fucking sense.



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Too bad Ken Griffin, George Soros, Steve Cohen and other elite managers did not present their views.

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You are drinking too much of your own retsina. Sorry