Iran Deploys Security Forces In Advance Of Popular Protests

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No missing tank rumors were disseminated in the copy and pasting of this latest Reuters blurb on what is happening in Iran now. Incidentally, if the reports from Bahrain are even remotely true, it is all downhill from here as the religious aspect of the food revolutions comes out front and center. "Iran's security forces have been deployed to the streets on Tuesday ahead of a planed opposition rally calling for lifting house arrests imposed on opposition leaders, an opposition website reported. "A large number of security forces have been stationed at main streets and some squares of Tehran since noon to prevent gathering of opposition supporters," said the Sahamnews website. It is unclear if any Bloomberg reports were beaten with broomsticks as a result of this latest crackdown on demonstrations.

More from MSNBC:

Iran security forces fired
teargas and clashed with opposition supporters in Tehran on Tuesday, the
opposition website Kaleme reported. "Security forces and people in civilian clothes clashed with demonstrators in Tehran to disperse them," the website reported.

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JimRogers's picture Donkey Kong?

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The Bernank is going to do what Israel couldn't do..... Blow up Iran

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"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"

-Ben Shalom Bernanke

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Pro-test, anti-test, all the same now. All we need is screaming headlines. The thrill is palpable. Like the moment on top of the roller-coaster... peeking over the top.

To my eyes, this is a time when a lot of potential energy is going to go kinetic on us.

all around. Political, finaicial, geographic.

Iran is now clearly just the diversion. The play is the house of SAUD. Saud=trader in arabic. Their trading days are over. Iran=diversion, history be damned.

Kinetic days, beescheeses!


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Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

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They are going to need their warships back soon...where did they go...did the Somali Pirates get them?????

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They are too old for the Somali fleet.

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With all of this war going on, if I was in the service, I would not reup my contract and I would get out of it.

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Most Serviceperson don't have an option to leave even after they are out. There are stop-loss clauses in every military contracts, even in Canada. In the case of Canada they have the "ex-members" for 5 years after the release date.

I imagine it is the same for the U.S. I even imagine that they have an unlimited period of time since your Constitution is no longer respected by the U.S. Federal Government. Freedom is but an illusion.

High Plains Drifter's picture

Yes you are correct. I forgot about the stop loss fine print in the contract. Heck they can't even run to Canada anymore ever since the North American Free Trade Agreement.  We are all one big family now.

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Pussy.  This is what you call "job security" for servicemen.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

To my eyes, this is a time when a lot of potential energy is going to go kinetic on us.

I've been searching for some perfect wording for the situation.  Well done.  Can I use that?

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 so thats what they dug all of those ditches for a few weeks ago..

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I fear Iran will be worse then Libya.

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Iran and Saudi Arabia fading into focus...$120 is just a few short camel shits from here.

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Sen. Rand Paul is a guest on the Peter Schiff Show today at 11am ET. 

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Schiff has his own internet radio program now. Hmmm , didn't know this. Thanks for the link.

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It appears that the dirty clothes are now being taken to the washer for cleaning all over the middle east now.  Is all of this happening by accident? I think not. Something is afoot there. The useful idiots that for so long did as they were told and held sway over their other useful idiots, now , it appears , have outlived their usefulness and a new pardigm is in effect. It would be necessary for all to see what happens to themselves when they are no longer of any use. They are disposed of , like yesterday's garbage, without so much as a thought. Yes they were all willing to do the bidding of those that run this world but now they are being removed one by one to make ready for the new world order which is near now I predict.

pods's picture

I was wondering about this myself HPD.  Could it be that with the budget troubles in the US, there needs to be a reason why we have another "crash"? $200 bbl oil would fit that bill, and it would allow us to print oodles more FRNs in the ensuing war.

The US just cannot leviate the economy forever, as it seems that our inflation is showing up.  Maybe they do a controlled burn in the ME to avoid the US or our Asian friends straight up imploding.  If oil were 200 due to unrest in the ME, that is alot more palatable than oil being 200 due to us printing at lightspeed?

Toss in a good excuse to goose our bombmaking industry and government spending and voila, QE3,4,5, and some pressure let out of the US.  No more talk about our deficit, debts or austerity?


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In a fiat system, war has always been a way out of trouble. But now, we are at the time of the end. I cannot see it helping them get out of this jam. We are in this jam on purpose. They are ending it now and in that ending so too shall we end. For you see, our usefulness is coming to a end as well. What is amazing (at least to me) while I know full well that many of these men and women have had a full life's worth of brain washing done to them, that so many are willing to continue on in the military and never stop doing what they are told, and never asking any questions and being the good little slaves that they are?  It is amazing to watch. And God help you, if you bring this up to them. They are so full of this mindset, it is very difficult to get through to them. They live in some haze, of brainwashing and false paradigms of a false type of racial patriotism if you will, where the enemy is some evil mooslim or towel heads etc etc or any of the other stupid ways they refer to innocent people who bearing up the weight of illegal invasions by these idiots. Now in the end, they will come home and some of them will get out and live under bridges and wonder what has happened to them and the rest, will deploy against us. Remember if you are not with us, you are with the terrorist. It must be said, that the real enemy always was us. Make no mistake about it. Any American who has the ability to think rationally and to reason is a enemy of this state, a state that requires complete obedience at all times due to the undue influence of a certain tribe of people who do not have our best interest at heart.

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I agree completely.  Best thing I am shooting for is to get this thing reset for a better opportunity for my kids.

We are going to have a reset, so best to try to shape it as best as we can.


High Plains Drifter's picture

Think long and hard on it pods. It will not get better. It will only get worse. Has it ever in the history of the United States ever gotten better for us? No. Jefferson was right. Every once in a while we have to take out the trash. Now if I could just get the rest of this 3 percent pissed off enough to take care of business.

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The only really good things about Iran are the girls are very pretty when the hood comes off and the rice is delicious.

High Plains Drifter's picture

Do they shave their legs and armpits? Do they they take baths at least once a week?  Do they put foo foo water under the armpits to fight bo?

falak pema's picture

They have jasmine and orange blossoms. They also wash as they are civilised, some of them say their prayers to stay fit. It's exercise. Anyways, when they are in the bathroom they know how to turn the tap. Even a monkey like you can understand that. Don't bug them too much or they could flush you down the toilet.

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Iranian women are some of the most beautiful women I have ever encountered.  They are also very intelligent.  2nd generation Iranian/Italian girls are also very pretty.  Very regal look, dark hair, prominent (but attractive) nose.  Good figures.


High Plains Drifter's picture

They are the most beautiful women you have ever encountered.<<<<

Have you ever been to Houston.???  ha ha ha......

High Plains Drifter's picture

I have your monkey and its swinging



I was just joking anyway. Relax pal. I don't care about the subject anyway. But I will say being an American I have been around many people from that area of the world and I never even left my neighborhood for the most part. Now, why is that I wonder. Did I as an American ask for the immigration of all of these people to my country, to my land, the land of the white western european man? No we did not want it nor did we ask for it. Then why has this happened to me?  By the way dickie , are you a Persian living here in my country?  We can go to town if you want. I feel froggish. I am ready to jump. You want to go to fight club?

falak pema's picture

I was talking about persian women in Iran. You jumped in about armpits. Don't move the issue to Texas, man. Keep your eye on the ball when you talk. Nobody's going to wrap your manhood into persian kebab. Not on my agenda anyway. So let it swing. Swing lo, swing slo, sweet chariot. Just kidding.

velobabe's picture

well i am not iranian nor pretty, but you just describe my personal hygiene schedule and maintenance.

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middle east is total mess now..

US empire on the verge of collapse with its farce currency like Roman Empire before..

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"on the verge of collapse"

Hardly. Weakness there implies strength here. Power shifts in the direction AIPAC wants it to. Puppets installed. National assets looted in exchange for US cotton fiatcons.

Those with vision and clarity of thought load up on undervalued metals.

Long-John-Silver's picture

A couple of months ago you would have been correct. Unfortunately the US Dollars is no longer viewed as a safe haven currency. If it were the US Dollar would be way up compared to the basket of world currencies. The US Dollar is actually down during this crisis.

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What better way to incite a riot than to post armed thugs on the streetcorners.  Nice thinking there, Hitler.

alien-IQ's picture

in America we call those "Free Speech Zones".

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I wonder what's on President I'madinnerjacket's iPod this morning? I bet it's not Led Zeppelin's 'Your Time is Gonna Come...'

TeamAmerica's picture

Nothing that can't be solved with a few well-placed nukes.

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I guess this gives credence to the British intelligence report of 2001 which predicted that invasion of Iraq would likely end in civil war.