Iran Police Disperse Tens Of Thousands Of Tehran Protesters With Teargas As Rioting Spreads: Follow Events In Real Time

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<Insert obligatory pro-US military retard comment about invasion and WMD here>

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Don't be such a killjoy, this has nothing to do with the US military or CIA. This is genuine, grassroots opposition to brutal dictators! The US isn't even interested in Iran!

Besides, Ahmadinejad is a nut! He's got nukes and must be stopped!!

We can only hope these freedom fighters overthow his tyrannical regime and welcome our own friendly overlords the IMF.

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I can't believe they called people ruffians.  Those are fighting words.

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Iran Tehran 14 feb 2011 Basijis going towards protestors UNITY4IRAN

Iran - Tehran 14 Feb 2011- A protester lifting picture of Martyrs UNITY4IRAN

Iran tehran 14 Feb 2011 Death to dictator UNITY4IRAN

Iran 14 Feb 2011 Tehran, near Enghelab Sq Free political prisoner UNITY4IRAN
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Looks like the real deal right now. Expect the CIA to be manouvering for a color coded entry point.

Unlike Egypt this little box of sand sits atop a sea of 10W30.

And I have yet to see a battery operated Chinese jet fighter!

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There is precious little that has escaped my eye when it comes to the matter of avionic propulsion systems.

But that would be one. Yeeeouch!


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No nukes and they haven't invaded another country in 250 years, I wish the US could say both.

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No nukes leaves you vulnerable to invasion.  The second part I agree with, however.

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Whoops. Looks like commodities AND Middle East rioting are going parabolic.

To the moon Alice.

Police used tear gas against the protesters in central Tehran's Enghelab, or Revolution, square and in Imam Hossein square, as well as in other nearby main streets.

Thank God America doesn't have a "Revolution" square, just Sheep Highway and Passive Four Corners.

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Doesn't matter. So long as "the markets" close green today, everything is dandy.

Must. Close. Green. <splat> "Damnit Timmy! You got that in my eye!"


As I said a few weeks ago, not even a major cataclysm could shake these "markets" down more than 150 points...

The French named Marie Antoninette "Madam Deficit" shortly before the revolution. We should give Ben the name, "Dr. Deficit" and let history come full circle.

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Thank God America doesn't have a "Revolution" square, just Sheep Highway and Passive Four Corners.

I am often struck by the fact that the recent, popular, massive public protests in various "authoritarian" Middle Eastern nations would be impossible in the United States today, as any such "unapproved" protests would immediately be broken up, and the participants arrested en masse.  "Land of the Free" my ass!  Yet another arena in which Americans are much LESS free than others around the world.

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Unfortunately, you are right

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I suspect that the televised Egyptian revolt has strongly modified many cops' attitudes about beating down protests.  It's been made very clear that security forces were heroic only for their forebearance. 

What a great time this would be for a march to the NYSE, ten thousand people taking over The Street.  If they were arrested, viewers would definintely get the point: Wall Street is a dictator.

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That's an interesting cut. I've not been comfortable with how our own "internal security" shock troops would respond to domestic unrest. Could be you are right and they are watching this and thinking about things.

I read a story recently that pointed out the difference between today's military and that of yesteryear, being that modern professional soldiers get a lot more training on actual killing, and as such can be relied upon to do exactly that. If any amount of that has made its way into public safety (via all the ways that military culture does, including media and entertainment) then I have some concerns going up against the cops around here.

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It needs, in bobworld of course, to be tested asap.  How about a demo on Wall Street?

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good stuff cougar, think of the % of the reg. military who've developed the taste, let alone "contractors" and on up.....i bet they'll be corralled and kept in with the gimp until its time to wake 'em up....most standard troops and rural police wont be too blood thirsty....maybe?....all depends on how much more ground sensible people can make before the party starts.

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"protesters?"  you mean terrorists

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Dude!  That's why you do meet-ups to arrange your flash mob.

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Mom? Is that you? I told you to stay inside while Banzai7 was roaming the streets with camera in hand. Now you've gone and got yourself posted on ZH.

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How about Boston Common...The Liberty Tree

The Liberty Tree (1646–1775) was a famous elm tree that stood in Boston, near Boston Common, in the days before the American Revolution. The tree was a rallying point for the growing resistance to the rule of Britain over the American colonies. In the years that followed, almost every American town had its own Liberty Tree—a living symbol of popular support for individual liberty and resistance to tyranny. In some locales, a Liberty Pole rather than a tree served the same political purpose.

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don't worry, a Riot Reality show is in the works with full sponsorships and a related theme park ride..

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Why would they when they have Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to keep the sheeple laughing. Too bad they can't figure out who is really the joke.

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'total chaos' in a large oil exporting country.


Does not compute for the buy buy buy bots.



Treasury rates...unch




Please proceed to the stock walk up into the close.

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Must. Close. Green.

The "markets" are so easily manipulated; YAHOO has the search words "stock prices" in the 5th place today. The sheeple think higher prices mean recovery.

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Yes, the yahoos at yahoo determining the

search words of the day. Does that come

across via fax?



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Must. Close. Green.</i>


Like Solyent Green.

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Oil is up sharply.  Stop looking at WTI.  It no longer is the benchmark.  Brent is up almost 3%

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A news agency called FARCE?

Turn on the popcorn machines!

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Weak minds (and stand up comics who suck) always turn to fart jokes as a last resort. :>)

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In Tehran, nothing could be farter from the truth.

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whoever denied it suppli... ahh nevermind...

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Hip to the revolutionary power of social media, the United States government opened a Farsi-language Twitter account to reach increasingly restless Iranians a/k/a "FART-WIT"

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I'm pretty sure that the protocol calls for the "smelt it/dealt it" form of standard response to Cog's question.

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Like Jeopardy, I prefer the response in the form of a question.

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Okay, how about, "What makes you think that half a thread of flatulence jokes is even remotely funny, Alex?"

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It's Banzai7's fault. He started it. I'm the victim here. Just like every other red blooded American.

BTW "half a thread"? Please tell me you don't believe the guy when he tells you six inches is a foot.

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Blame the people naming the media outlets in Tehran!

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Thank God that was Nomex covering the chair or he would have been in real trouble.

BTW he looked supremely satisfied with his performance. :>)

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Wait. Is that real butter you are using or some kinda yellow hydrogenated plastic paste from China?

Cuz butter makes me fat.