Iran Shows Off Mass Graves Prepared For "Aggressors"

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A video being hosted by Iranian FarsNews Agency (google translated here) shows mass graves that have been dug in the province of Khuzestan (located closest to Iraq and Kuwait) that are destined for Iranian "aggressors." It appears Iran is actively preparing, at least in the form of TV propaganda, for what at least from its own perspective, is response to an invasion. If any of our readers have a better proficiency with Farsi, we would be curious to understand what the Imam says in the beginning of the video, although based on the context we have a vague idea.

h/t Sudden Debt

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Ditches bitches!!!

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Nice.  In Texas we have made 8-lane highways and the largest healthcare center in the world in preparation for the Mexican invaders.


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Cross out teachers unions and insert useless investment bankers playing bridge in Nashville and you got that one right.

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Wrong town for an example Skip.

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Great idea from the Iranians! They should dig some in central park and fill them with Banksters

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There will be no ground war, they've already been surrounded.  This is seige warfare, surround and starve out (militarily/politically/economically) your enemy.  Then hope they turn on themselves, hearts and minds aren't part of the game plan this time around.

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A little hard to do that when you have China and India cutting deals with the Iranians worth hundreds of billions.

There are millions of Iranians living outside Iran who could cause great problems for anyone who attacks their homeland. Over one million Iranians live in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands live in the Gulf states, UAE and Bahrain. Any talk of a revolution in Iran is BS.

The US bases and supply lines in the Middle east are woefully exposed to attack. We will see how many supplies the US will be forced to fly into it's bases when the locals have unlimited supplies of anti armor weapons and shoulder fired anti-air missles. Seige warfare indeed....

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First off I'm not advocating either way, just want to get that out there.


So your saying that Iranian expats in Arab states are going to hinder the US military effort more than a US/Israeli air campaign would demolish the power structure within Iran?

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Hmm, it seems I heard similar argument before the first Gulf war. How the Iraqi's would do everything you just describe and the U.S. forces would be cut off like Custer at the Little Bighorn.'s picture

You're comparing apples to much larger and more sophisticated oranges.

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If Iran is so great at fighting, why did they fight Iraq to a draw?'s picture

Let's not fight, just talk, OK?

I'm not saying that Iran is great at fighting and I believe that the United States would  defeat the Iranian military. However, Iran does possess hundreds or thousands of surface to surface missiles far superior to Saddam's small cache of Scuds. I believe that Iran would have a very good chance of taking out more than one American naval vessel and other targets. Remember the Exocet missile that took out the British warship in the Falklands war? The Iran missiles are superior to those used by the Argentinians in the 1980s.

Also, Iran is three times the size of Iraq in terms of population and total square miles. They are the nineteenth largest nation in the world (out of about 140 nations). Even if the Iranian military on the ground were defeated and mopped up in a few months (with how many casualties on the American side?) I imagine that insurgent actions across Iran would tie up American forces for years taking far more Americans lives than I would care to see lost in Iran's mountainous terrain.

With the United States already on the brink of disaster it seems foolish to begin yet another war when we are currently borrowing billions of dollars everyday from China in order to fund both our social programs at home and wars abroad. If the Iranians close the Strait of Hormuz through mining operations and missile attacks the flow of oil from the region will be significantly curtailed. That's just the sort of thing that could push our weakened American economy over the edge. Do you recall how the Soviet Union fell after it's costly, failed adventure in Afghanistan? I don't want to see that happen to America.

Considering the fact that the United States National Intelligence Estimate has concluded that Iran has no nuclear weapons, has no ability to produce nuclear weapons and no ambition to produce nuclear weapons I believe that it would be ill advised to risk catastrophe in order to solve a problem which does not exist in reality but only in the message of the politicians from both sides who believe that they themselves will benefit by touting war.

Does any of that sound reasonable to you?

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I think you might even be under-stating your case.  Iraq was basically just a one lane river/road corridor from Kuwait up to Bagdad - the rest is just desert and in the North was the Kurds who hated Saddam.  Iran is huge in comparison and its front-line units will not cut and run like the Iraqis.  Their anti-tank, anti-ship, and anti-air capabilities are all also superior to Iraq's.

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No ground war.  No way.  Never happen.  Here's why:

(Insert whoever) goes after Iran might just blow up the distillation column at Iran's ONLY refinery, and there goes 50% of their gasoline.  Blow up the rail bridges to the north and no gasoline imports via marine tankers, and the Iranian Army WALKS after the tank of gas goes dry.

If (whoever) also "Plugs the Damn Hole" at Qom, oops then no 12th Imam comes popping out!  Cuts the head right off the Shi'ite branch of Islam.

(Whoever) would have an easy time taking down their grid too (as in carbon fibers in Serbia).

(Whoever) can get a few nuke material production sites as well, and the Iran problem gets kicked down the road 5 - 10 more years.'s picture

No ground war. That was Old Man Bush's call in Gulf War I. But a dozen years later there was a ground war. And hey, we finally "won," although I really never felt that VE/VJ Day feeling.

Sure, we can kill a bunch of Iranians and maybe they won't disrupt the oil supply, but any attack now plants seeds that must be watered by blood later.

Better to talk peace with these people whom we could wipe off the face of the Earth any time we put our mind to it. Our intelligence agencies all concur that Iran neither has  nuclear weapons nor the ability or desire to produce them. If we, as decent human beings can't try to pursue peace in these circumstances then perhaps we are not as decent or as honorable as we believe ourselves to be.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture



No ground war.

I AGREE re talking with them, but their .gov just does not seem to be in a dialog mode with either the Great Satan (us) or the Little Satan (Israel).

No way is America (or even Israel) going to lose any ground combat troops in a huge place like Iran.  I just sketched out just above how easily Iran could be so weakened by a few smart attacks (by whomever).  No need to INVADE, what for?

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Our intelligence agencies all concur that Iran [doesn't have] the ability or desire to produce them (nuclear weapons).

Do you have any links to information that supports this claim? [asked gently, not as a challenge]  Your point loses vigor if this part of your claim is not true.  And I think it is not supportable at a minimum, and is maybe flat-out not true at a maximum.

Iran has the ability to produce the level of enriched uranium needed for a bomb.  It is a small step from there to hiring the know-how to build a bomb.  And how can any agency measure the desire of a government (as in, no desire to produce nuclear weapons).  A large part of your point rests on this claim being true.  I propose it is impossible to truthfully measure this desire.  I certainly would not forgo destroying Iran's ability to make nuclear weapons just because their government said the had no desire to make nuclear weapons.  There may be other reasons to forgo such destruction, but self-reported lack of desire is not one of them.  Self-reported anything has proven remarkably unreliable in all kinds of social science experiments.

And we will not so easily be able to wipe these people off the face of the earth any time we put our mind to it if/when they acquire nuclear weapons.  Acquiring such weapons is a game changer, and I think you know that.  That is the only reason anyone is even considering destroying Iran's ability to make nuclear weapons.

Rhetorical question:  which has the potential for greater bloodshed?  Stopping Iran's ability to make nuclear weapons now?  Or waiting until after Iran has used a few that they produced and then trying to stop them from using more?  Your are the President.  You actually have to make the choice, and the world will have to live with the unintended consequences of your choice for generations.  How do you choose?  Because surely you know, there are real people right now that must and will choose.  I'm sure their concern is no less than your concern would be about making the correct choice.

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For your information: A Miracle: Honest Intel on Iran Nukes

by Ray McGovern - December 4, 2007


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what a load of bullshit RP. Ive seen you on this site before you are a typical warmongering, bloodthirsty, jewish supremacist, im a victim, , racist, truth hating zionist scumbag that are all too common here on ZH.

Just look at what you said "And we will not so easily be able to wipe these people off the face of the earth any time we put our mind to it " that is a desgusting thing to say about people. Why do you want to wipe people of the face of the earth? Let alone peaceful people that have done absolutely nothing to any one for several hundred years.

"Acquiring such weapons is a game changer" yes, everybody knows that and you know what? most people, including me, are quite happy to see the game changed in the ME as we are sick and tired of seeing innocent civilians being murdered, opressed and dispossesed by jews as their bloodlust is unsatiable. if it takes Iran having the bomb in order for israel to pull its head in and start acting like a nation instead of rabid bunch of phycopathic murderers im all for it! The only people (i use the term losely, sub human filth is more like it) who dont want the game to change in the ME are the Zionists as they like it just way it is where they literally get away with murder on a daily basis.

So, if you chosen ones, including you RP, want a war with Iran go for it. go and get some guns and some ammo and go and invade them. i dare you, but dont try to grag the rest of the western world into it. We couldnt give a shit if iran produces some isotopes for their medical reactor to help cancer patients. The only people who seem to have a problem with it are zionist scum like you. But you wont do that will you you fucking pussies? you will want american lives and american money to pay for it.

Are there any decent Jews out there that disgree with RP on this topic? No, i thought not. Until one of you proves otherwise you are all the same to me jews = zionists, zionists = jews. So dont have a go at me for being antisemitic. Im an equal opportunity hater and hate all people that preach war and murder, manilpulate the truth, seek to destroy justice and deprive people of their rights. The vast majority of them seem to be jewish

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Well said, Hedge Jobs.

Next time you hear the word "anti-semitism", remember that "it's a trick, we always use it", as a former Israeli Minister put it.


This quote by Yehoshafat Harkabi, Israel’s longest serving Director of Military Intelligence, also deserves consideration, especially by Zionist Fifth-Columnists:


“Israel is the criterion according to which all Jews will tend to be judged. Israel as a Jewish state is an example of the Jewish character, which finds free and concentrated expression within it. Anti-Semitism has deep and historical roots. Nevertheless, any flaw in Israeli conduct, which initially is cited as anti-Israelism, is likely to be transformed into empirical proof of the validity of anti-Semitism. It would be a tragic irony if the Jewish state, which was intended to solve the problem of anti-Semitism, was to become a factor in the rise of anti-Semitism. Israelis must be aware that the price of their misconduct is paid not only by them but also Jews throughout the world.”


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Exactly! Because you're not brave enough to stand up for your beliefs because you know that you'd be laughed and hissed out of the room.

Your very handle on this site is anti-Semitic.

Just wear your jackboots with pride out in public and watch how many "millions and millions" as your fellow Nazi said line up to goose step with you (make sure you get a crowd permit from the local authorities, since you'll need protection from all the good-hearted citizens who will show you exactly how popular your stances are).

Shylockracy's picture

Irrelevant ravings of someone who lost touch with reality.

When your disloyalty, intimidation, lies, corruption and wickedness come due, I pray for the well-being of the innocent Jews whose only fault was not resisting more forcefully Zionist evil.

Until then, you may keep on playing the Inglorious BastErd in your daydreams, Bear-Jew.

jakoye's picture

What is a "Bear-Jew"? Is that like a really hairy, gay Jew?

Disloyalty to Nazism and the "white race"? Yes.

Intimidation by calling people what they are? Yes.

Lies? No. Go ahead and name one.

Corruption? No one's giving me any money to vote a certain way or say a damn thing (I wish they would!).

Wickedness? Haha... seriously, where do you get these things from? Are you taking drugs, son? Cause I think you better put down that crack pipe and get back to reality. "Wickedness"! Hahaha! Who even uses that word to refer to their opponent when debating? Like, maybe modern jihadists and 17th century Pilgrims?

I doubt very much you pray for any Jews. You do realize that with your handle, you offend ALL Jews?

Your strategy of stateless Jews depending on the benevolence of their host countries has already been tried and it failed massively with the Holocaust (not to mention the various massacres and pogroms previous to WWII). I'll take a Jewish state of Israel any day over your preferred method of handling the "Jewish problem".

thefatasswilly's picture

Are you being sarcastic? No, you're not, sadly.

"Let alone peaceful people that have done absolutely nothing to any one for several hundred years."

Are you fucking kidding? That sort of classification defines "peaceful" in your book? Jesus ass fucking Christ. 3, 400 years is nothing when looking at history.

We men are not peaceful. ALL people (er, men, I believe that women are more peaceful and thus inferior), not just Jews, are bloodthirsty, you fucking idiot. Might is right; that is the only reason I support Israel at the moment.

I honestly don't know how to respond to your idiocy. Violence is the answer to everything; history is jam packed with murder for money. Who are you to declare that wrong?

Fucking retarded liberal "peaceful" pussies piss me off to no end. I'm glad that you will all die by my hand, very, very soon.

thefatasswilly's picture


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Yes every country is just like Iraq.'s picture

And of course the 5000 men we lost there are meaningless.

Citizen of an IKEA World's picture

That's a surprisingly-frank--and shocking--point of view.

Your honesty is improving.

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A neutron bomb or two should take care of those complications.

Clancy's picture

We surrounded their million man army with our hundred thousand. Oh my stars how can they ever escape.

In classic Wei-Qi style they also have us surrounded, by making alliances with Syria and Lebanon (and Russia and China) and infiltrating Iraq.

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He said at the start of the video  : 

"see how civilized we are in Iran , we make you individual graves rather than the one big stinking pit you Infadels really deserve"

And then something about dollars , toilet paper , oil price and gold.

still kicking's picture

that can't be right, they don't use toilet paper do they!  j/k's picture

They don't need it, what with your big, fat tongue lolling about.

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I think the U.S has a nuclear war head for each one of those graves.

Don't know why he's talking shit when the U.S can kill the world 3 times over with no problem.

Maybe they should keep digging.