Iran Speaks Up: "Paper Dollar Destroying World Economy"

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This one is just too good to pass by: the latest critic of US monetary, and budget policy, is none other than... Iran. From PressTV: "Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad strongly criticizes US economic policies, saying that the paper currency created by the American government is taking a heavy toll on the global economy." In an address to the fourth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries in Istanbul, Turkey, on Monday, Ahmadinejad said that the cash injected into the global economy in the form valueless US dollars amount to over USD 32 trillion, IRNA reported. “This is while the US budget deficit for the 2011 fiscal year is expected to reach a figure above USD 1.6 trillion,” he added. Who would have thought The Onion reality of our centrally planned times would get to a point where Iran speaks more truth than our own politicians...

More from PressTV:

The Iranian president also pointed that the US foreign debt now approaching over USD 14.6 trillion, while the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the United States stands at around USD 14 trillion.

President Ahmadinejad stated that such figures clearly explain the plunder of national wealth in many countries, and the upsurge in poverty and underdevelopment across the globe.

He noted the certain countries rob less developed states to pay their international debts.

“Most of international economic organizations either defend the existing situation or serve the interests of certain states,” he said.

President Ahmadinejad further said the era of colonialism is coming to an end and the management of world issues should be reformed.

Lastly, if Iran gets its way, the US may soon follow Weimar not only in infinite printing, but in paying reparations:

He also proposed the formation of an independent commission to assess the extent of damage inflicted on oppressed nations during the era of colonialism, and to oblige former colonialist powers to pay indemnities.

There is little one can add to this gem. Pretty much says it all.

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Xibalba's picture

Now,... about that oil for gold trade.....

jus_lite_reading's picture

Thats why we need gold and silver baby!

onesoul's picture

Indeed, fiat paper money IS the weapon of mass destruction.

So as margin hike under their control of exchanges, effectively increase trading cost and contract size.

Do Iran have their own crude oil exchange to set their price yet?

Rick64's picture

The IOB (Iranian Oil Bourse) is intended as an oil bourse for petroleum, petrochemicals and gas in various currencies, primarily the euro and Iranian rial and a basket of other major currencies apart from the United States dollar.

During 2007, Iran asked its petroleum customers to pay in non US dollar currencies. By December 8, 2007, Iran reported to have converted all of its oil export payments to non-dollar currencies.[

Manthong's picture

Agreeing with and understanding of Iranian Islamic totalitarians.

We're so f'd.


zerozulu's picture

Completely agreed. Iran is doing what Saddam tried to do and Qadafi was thinking to do. The difference is (I think) Iran's a-bomb and its reach to Israel.

Dr. Acula's picture

>Iran's a-bomb

No such thing.


dark pools of soros's picture

poll 300 million americans and see how many give a damn about Israel - even non zionist jews could care less about Israel

clymer's picture

After which the undersea cables linking the exchange to global investors were severed. (with maximum prejudice, and love of violence)

Juice Box's picture

Funny that Iran accuses the U.S. of flooding the world with worthless U.S. dollars, because Iran is the biggest counterfeiter of dollars in the world.  They have had nearly perfect US plates and have been the 2nd biggest printer of US dollars (after the Bernank) for years! 

Bringin It's picture

No one, no entity can out counterfeit the Wall Street/Beltway complex.  Dollars aside, massive waves of naked short selling is just the sale of counterfeit shares by another name.

hugovanderbubble's picture

....Short Silver till 30-32$ then reload, my humble opinion.

Xibalba's picture

short spy down to oblivion, imho

Seacap81's picture

I see...been saving that sage advice for a "Mahmoud Ahmadinijad" thread have you??

SoNH80's picture

Well, I guess he wants to speak his mind ahead of his imminent purge at the hands of his "Supreme Ayatollah".

nmewn's picture

Maybe he shouldn't listen to his Rasputin so much ;-)

CPL's picture

Commence Iranian invasion plans in 3...2...1...

john39's picture

exactly.  and throw in a humanitarian mission by NATO just to help it along.

onesoul's picture

Or another pig bay. Too sad, Iran only speak up after US strategically announce Osama dead story. Now there will be another CoD story.

john39's picture

Iran has been sticking its thumb in the eye of the NWO (pun inteded) for some time, hence the axis of evil designation.  Iran's press TV and Russia Today are actually good sources of news outside the grip of the NWO, have been for awhile.

onesoul's picture

I think China will need a TV channel for that as well. Even thought theres are a lot of best selling books around bookshops, radio program about all those NWO and CFR... etc, no TV channel is dedicated on those global event, so the sheeple are still asleep, you know all they want is grass and water, they don't care. When some Chinese were told about NWO, their immediate impression is about the wrestling program.

doggings's picture

..possibly an earthquake to make sure..

ps math captcha ...x25=100 ?  wtf? no wonder these numpties are getting on here.

Troublehoff's picture

that's nothing

i got 28 + 28 = earlier

Max Hunter's picture

As soon as I saw the headline.. thought the same thing..

pods's picture

Cue Debka story about Al-CIA-Duh regrouping in Iran.


GoinFawr's picture

Non no no no no, not 'Invasion', it's a 'precision strike in the name of humanitarian egalitarian intervention with overtones of ever ubiquitous US altruism'. I know it's a bit wordy, but we need to cover all the bases in the positively unlikely event of any 'collateral' damage

BobPaulson's picture

Tell the women and kids to get inside, the Axis of Good is coming to wipe out their evil ways. Let no Axis of Evil school, water treatment plant, or hospital remain standing until Brown and Kellogg comes in and rebuilds them using their oil revenue.


carbonmutant's picture

Did you mean "Kinetic Military Action"?

CPL's picture

Weird fact about when I post.

The higher I get junked the faster it happens.  Junked to death on anything that smells like a problem, the faster it becomes a real one.  Egypt...Euro Crash...Oil spill, nukes in Japan.  Name it.  Go look.  I know it's not me making the comment, it's the fact all the news stories the three weeks prior I've read give me the "knee jerk" reaction to the subject matter.

The fact is the rumblings out of the middle east in the last YEAR is the call of ONE FUCKING THING.

In the next two years we will all see a brand new Caliphate backed by nobody by the Muslim religion and the people on the ground.  It doesn't mean that it'll be a huge problem.  It just means a change.  A massive change at that.  It also translates into a bunch of other things.  I'll let your own imaginations wander with that, might want to wiki the Original Caliphate that took over all of Europe (including england...look up the term Moor), only thing that stopped it was the Mongols.  Only reason the Caliphate happened was rich, white assholes not keeping their shit out of Arab business in terms of the church.  Funny how that piece of history is starting to repeat itself...anycase, suggestions.

If you are Israeli, I would suggest selling the house and running to the other end of the world.

If you are a soldier (US, Canuck, UK..I'm excluding the French Foreign Legion...they are actually dangerous when deployed), you should put your affairs in order, it's going to be a tough run to keep a position or maintain supplies.

The Mediterranean is no longer Europe's or any of the water ways.  Just like the last time the Caliphate was in the lime light.

There is a reason nobody walked into Iran, it's just asking for a shit load of trouble.  Now with people starving and getting pissed at missing meals.  The Mulahs, shamen, priest or rabbis...whatever word you want talk religon, these folks aren't going to listen after the third missed meal.  Then whoever is "in-charge" is in deep shit.  They'll be killed, and more than likely eaten (humanity's dirty secret).  Then it'll be a total fucking mess.

It's the exact same reason nobody is insane enough to walk into Libya.  The tribal factions aren't warring over space...this is about food.  Trust me, if any of you were hungry enough, you would kill a passing aquaintance.  Throw healthy...fatter than the local soldiers in there...we will see it on 4chan and a video of some 20 year old roasted, braised, sliced and then served.  It's humanity's dirty secret, canabalism that is....anycase.

Birds on the wire are already talking about mobilizing an air strike this week from the US/ISrael end.  On the birds nest on the other end, the Carriers have been tracked for two weeks and will be sunk then a complete shit storm dropped...get this, no on Israel.  On Iraq.  It will be flattened.  The engineers there have been given instructions on both sides to follow in close.

God speed to my Engineering brothers on both sides to stay alive, although most of you will die. <sigh>  so fucking stupid...armies without engineers are just assholes with sticks.


CPL's picture

Same reason if a highschool sport's team has there mom's there.  If the Eqyptians wanted to they could starve Europe in less then a week.  They are running the canal with Israeli money..but the other dirty trade secret is Israel is in the same shape as the rest of the middle east.  No food.  Nothing is growing...even with a heavy emphasis on engineering salt water into fresh water, there just isn't enough to replace nature and rain.  Israel won't be Israel much longer, it will be part of the NEO (fuck I hate that latin term) Caliphate.

Last time this happened the Greeks, Spaniards, Italy...well most of the PIIG's fled north.  France was a strip of land and the Germans minded their own business.  Want to know where the term Black Irish comes  And anyone in those areas were smart to fuck off and run when it happened.  Only reason most of Christainity lasted as long as it did is because tonnes of information found was shipped to Ireland.  England wasn't too fond of that, nuked the Irish, kept the church and currently that old bitch in England is sitting on a lot...A LOT of information on the era.


Let put it this way.  Europe didn't have a hope in hell of making it the last time.  This time.  Playing the same spade on the same hand five minutes later isn't going to make you luckier.  And the last time a Greek attempted to broker a peace of someone elses land in the Caliphate...well...his entire family was killed and his head was put on a pike in, then, Constantinople, now Istanbul.

Paris will be renamed...just like Constantinople.  Couple of things you learn as a Canuck.

Don't haggle a New Yorker under the retail price (retail is the price, unless you know a guy)

Don't play poker with a man from Washington State (they all seem to be semi-texan).

Don't play chess with an desert Arab (regardless of religon).

Don't try to outdrink a Pol even being built Irish tough.

The Caliphate is the next step.


Bringin It's picture

CPL - yes, sometimes you are entertaining.  But this time, you are way overboard, at least in your versions of history.  Take this for example -

I'll let your own imaginations wander with that, might want to wiki the Original Caliphate that took over all of Europe (including england...look up the term Moor),

Including England!?!  Look.  Try this. 732 Battle of Tours.  Charles Martel.

Believing that the plunder of the campaign was being stolen, a large part of the Umayyad army broke off the battle and raced to protect their camp. While attempting to stop the apparent retreat, Abdul Rahman was surrounded and killed by Frankish troops. Briefly pursued by the Franks, the Umayyad withdrawal turned into a full retreat. Charles reformed his troops expecting another attack, but to his surprise it never came as the Umayyads continued their retreat all the way to Iberia. Charles' victory at the Battle of Tours saved Western Europe from the Muslim invasions and was a turning point in European history.

In Eastern Europe, they tried twice, but never got by Vienna.  Sicilly yes.  Mainland Italy no.

Maybe it's the mushrooms?  Is it the shrooms?  Maybe Canadian schools are different? Der Hey ;)

Black Irish - See Spanish Armada - northern escape route followed by shipwrecks.

CPL's picture

England was barely a nation at that point ...MAYBE to what is liverpool at this time (what a shithole).  It was far too busy pretending to HAVE A NATION if not stealing land from Scotland like the filthy pirates they were in the 700's.  It was a land grab of cowards RUNNING from a real threat, so the British attacked anything gaelic (including Gauls along with the Scots, Welsh and attacking farmers and traders...pretty easy too, they hold out a hand and you cut it off).

Most of your Crown was BLESSED by the colleges set up in Lisbon by Al-Walid.  THE BRITISH CROWN WAS GIVEN BLESSING BY AL-WALID to continue because they needed energy, corn (wheat), specifically whale oil and coal for energy.  England by fact is a lovely Muslim enclave without a mulah but some King appointed by "someone's" god, if the german's hadn't figured out how to kick ass in around the 1400th century, you wouldn't have seen Henry the Eigth. It would have been a nice piece of shit shanty town that people trade in.


Oh is.  London that is.  England:  Built by Muslim blessing to rule all the Celts and Gaels.  Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?


Please go start at "How the Irish saved Civilsation"...unfortunately I wish they didn't for a couple of reasons.  The title was ridiculious (well, referenced and easily read by morons like followers of three page dialogues in "published" works like Time magazine.) and we actually saved this crap for the British empire to expand.

Bringin It's picture

Oh is.  London that is.  England:  Built by Muslim blessing to rule all the Celts and Gaels.

London was built by the Romans.  Here ... Welcome to Londinium.

Also ... I did read the book.  There's almost nothing in it about Muslims.  Summary: Ireland was on the fringe of the Roman Empire and did not convulse during the collapse, Irish monks repatriated during the collapse.  As a result, they wound up saving most of the ancient texts that survived.  Monks left Ireland after a time to reintroduce said knowledge/texts.

 and you're just making up stuff.

CPL's picture

Doesn't matter anymore.


I own the land and I could give a shit about the Queen.  She may have been your's on birth.  But to be blunt.  Most of us have been left in the dark in "Irish Valley" to not be included  in the decision.

Fuck you all., we are going to continue sending food to China because in Canada to be a farm AND ship south means dishonestly.


Took me 5 years to teach that.  At this point in time I want to go to jail.  I need an army to defend them.  Come cunt rags...and your mothers too.




put me in a mood...orangeman's club is on fire.  All five of them bitches can eat shit and die.  See you tommorrow.

CPL's picture

Well if it's done right...fuck you MORMON.   Do not come back here from the temple of the anti christ EVER AGAIN.  Prick.


Irish Roman Catholic.  Don't fuck with us noob.  We've been doing this for a LONG time.  Like what you are typing on JEFF.  ON...<whatever> rd, play games with christianity and you will get the horns follower of the golden calf.....hammered and can work it, if you want I can have a targeted attack please...offer the word.  Ass.


One more mormon walks in here without something meaningful to say OR something useful on a smart assed bent...I offer a big, big, fuck you.


Get your shit in gear, get it straight.  I would offer the ...umm... fun those running the mormon church... but...I really like the kids I talk to during the week.  CD is my hero, those that runn your garbage bag of a church are not.  God has a sense of humour, andit's not anyone's.   Hunting time.  Bag bag my phone.  You lucky CHRISTAINS. 



Merry whatever you fuckers celebrate.  I'm sending all your sons and daughter home as whores and drunks.




Should correct myself...I'm just about to feed the horses.  MY FUCK ANIMALS, ON MY FARM.  WHICH MOST OF YOU MORMONS WISH YOU HAD.  here's my though.


Curse you, curse your dead, curse your loved ones, curse your hated ones, curse you all.

Anyone that doesn't get cursed gets to use Catholic words for non-curse or the Muslim words for no curse...because we are the only religons with them.  An irish curse is a carry curse, it hope you all die a horrible death.  The only reason Ireland has no interest in a muslim curse is because we carried a long from the English which we broke years ago by L:OW FUCKING INTEREST RATES, but that's not going to happen.  We might speak english, but the last thing the ECU should hearis FUCK YOU, virgin pieces of shit horse fuckers.


Doesn't matter, you are all going to be visited by your grandmothers on money when you sleep.  That's all, and until you are all reasonable about what money looks like, your mum's mum with be there.  It will be creepy, but she will make your life a lifing piece of shit.  Greece and the other PIGS not apply, they have other dreams.


Why is belgium done again...what what?

CPL's picture

My father is law is offering the crow, whatever the fuck that means...apppearently it's all yours.  btw caught three pickrel...very father in law has given me permisson on a...maximum annoyance will be long...sandwich won't be parking.


Fuck you.


We don't agree on much but love of a daughter, how old the dick head is and how fucked anyone walking in north america is.


Wed will suck a bone, but Indian curses suck a bone...forever. 




Suck a bone for all of those living forever.   On someone else's land and appearently my surse adds to it.  But the assholes living it...why've already given me it.  Not Satan btw.  Just your strike at life since you've done nothing with it.  Mine...fucking loser.

Logman's picture

Mixing sleeping pills with alcohol makes people type strange shit.


But you are an Irish Roman Catholic.  Which means you must have a sore ass and an IQ of about 60 and a large chip on your shoulder.


Oh, and the muslims are coming for you.

CPL's picture

Tommorrow yu find a fun time.  kiss kiss bang bang.  Not end ya.


Twink brit prick FER ya.


Actualy you aren't....fuck your mum....and brother overseas.   Both should be organ donors,   And they will be... 23 year old fuck.  Cash on delivery.  If it wasn't your mummy or workwhat the fuck would you know.  CPL...Sold for MY FUCKING PROFIT.







CPL's picture

My MUslims are coming for you now, you are one in 7 billion and I pay, feed and if offered and needed home.  Some dumb fuck brit like you is garbage.  Your mum is dead btw.

CPL's picture

Your government killed her.  I would have too, but it's weds, so you and all islandstates are in teh same issue.  YOU GET NO FOOD BUT THE CELTS.



Sorry that slipped out.  I'm sure the queen or whatever it is you morons follow is offered....wel not really.  It's just some shit tired island that no body cares a shit about.


Kiss our ass ?


lol...who the states.  WHO FUCKING CARES



Logman's picture

fuck off you troll.

CPL's picture

Kiss kiss bang bang...useles twat

CPL's picture

Paris will be renamed to honor another MENA queen I'm sure of it btw.  It's burned down yearly during the summer strikes in France.  Unless France wants to bring the Legion in, but the Legion doesn't take names on help the man on the ground reporter I doubt that.  It would be like inviting the Mongols that conquered France until a heart attack changed that.


BTW Martel is a fantastic name in my area of Canada, it's French for recieving welfare on the third generation...might have started with land, but like most blue bloods, they lose it over time.  It can be inherited, but to keep or make it you have to work for it.

I apologise if you are named after the original blue bloods of europe, genetically you won't survive...ancestors would have, but after many generations, like fruit flies, it's a learned trait, then becomes conditioned in the genes.  Much like teaching a kid not to complain at fletching his french fry, it's impossible to recondition damaged genes.

CPL's picture

It's okay, CPL is awake to fight you now.  Guess what?


Fuck you all, jesus, play with my kids.  All you assholes should have known.  BTW


The butterfly has one look before it's's gone fuckers.  No more fun times...I'm getting my tools...

michigan independant's picture

Yes, I read the library that was left from the Irish monks when it was the only corner left to put the library we call Western thought. I assumed "whatever" the grainery depot on the left coast the Greek bought was to signal the CCP he had there back. The Iberian ancestors you alluded to from 1588 reminds me of why some relocated as in my case of lineage from 1637 to north America. Always the same reason it appears. Thanks for your thoughts neighbor.

CPL's picture

It's pretty easy to spot, Black hair turns grey/white and the beard is red or copper.  Black Irish is pretty much a Calico man.

Logman's picture

So this is a once in a millenia event, yea?  You're so full of shit.  You have no clue about geopolitics, no clue about history.  Just end yourself.

Logman's picture

I bet you cried when Glenn Beck was axed.  The redness of your neck must burn with Christian pride.

Robslob's picture

I would suggest when it comes to paper money our Oligarchs are much wiser than ones from other Nations.

This one big fat set up for the deflation trade of the century...shortly followed by hyperinflation...and then back to same as it ever was...