Iran Warships Begin Suez Crossing

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Despite indications that the US would attempt to forcefully box the Iranian warships in the Red Sea, first observed here, this strategy, if that was indeed the plan, has failed, and according to Egypt's state-run MENA agency, the Suez crossing for one (very old) Iranian frigate and one (very old) supply ship has commenced. Bloomberg reports: "The ships entered the canal early today after the approval of Egypt’s Defense Ministry, the state-run Middle East News Agency cited Ahmed El Manakhly, head of traffic at the Suez Canal Authority, as saying. The crossing usually takes 10 to 12 hours, El Manakhly said." Israel is, needless to say, unhappy: "Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor today said
that Israel would consider the presence of the warships sailing
through the canal to the Mediterranean Sea “a provocation”
that should be “dealt with by the international community.”
Palmor said he was citing previous comments by Foreign Minister
Avigdor Lieberman." Yet with tensions already on edge, the possibility that this latest war of words escalates into anything more is quite remote.


The 120-mile (190-kilometer) waterway carries about 2.5 percent of world oil output, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and is a key route for ships carrying Asian consumer goods to Europe. Crude reached its highest level in a week in New York on Feb. 18 as tensions between Iran and Israel over the planned voyage helped to heighten concerns over regional instability. Oil jumped to the highest in more than two years in New York today as Libyan unrest stoked further concern over supplies.

The vessels, the 1,500-ton patrol frigate Alvand and 33,000-ton supply vessel Khark, are the first Iranian warships to use the waterway since the 1979 Islamic revolution that toppled Iran’s pro-Western monarchy, according to Press TV. Alvand is armed with torpedoes and anti-ship missiles, while Khark has a 250-member crew and can carry three helicopters, the Iranian state-run broadcaster said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Feb. 20 that Israel views with “gravity” Iran’s plan to send the vessels through the waterway, a move that he said highlights the need to increase his country’s defense budget. Lieberman said on Feb. 16 that Israel wouldn’t “ignore forever” such acts.

The ships will go to Syria, where they will anchor “for a few days” after a trip through the canal that is “routine according to international law,” Iran’s state-run Islamic Republic News Agency said cited the country’s ambassador to Syria, Ahmad Mousavi, as saying.

Our only question is whether the USS Enterprise, which as per the last update was on the Red Sea side of the Suez, will follow the two ships into the Mediterranean as a constant reminder that big brother is watching, or stay on the "pirate" side of the waterway.

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Could you please drop the caps lock, my dear? :)

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Sudden D, might just be some caffeine-indosed maniac that's running the presses over at the mint and fills in the graveyard shift for the POMO kids while surfing SEC confiscated porn filing his turbo tax timmy return, drunk as fuck on red-bull katusha vodka smoking sticky hopium in a glass bong watching C-SPAN re-runs of "Change we can believe in".

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I ask you, where is your champion now?


I am Chumbawamba.

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stay on the "pirate" side of the waterway.

A short 1000 years ago it was the Mediterranean side of the Suez Canal that was infested with pirates.

Remember, the important distinction is for neither side to turn radioactive.


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There is only one country in that region that has nukes, nuclear technology that they stole of course from you know who with their sayanim traitors,  who worked in our nuclear research, but I digress. 

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You sure must realize that it does not require any nukes to turn most of Israel's shoreline into a radioactive wasteland, right?

It only requires a ship, some radioactive material, favorable currents and evil, sick intentions. None of which seems to be in short supply in that region.

It would be a spectacular tourist attraction for a few hundred years, best viewed from the other side of the Mediterranean. It would be a fantastic view from space as well, that faint glow in the night.


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Why would anybody do this?  Who is a terrorist and who is not?  Why would the Iranians want to do this?  It makes no sense.

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Why would anybody do this? [...] It makes no sense.

You, my friend, are awfully naive.


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I ask you, capslock-impaired idiot:

WTF are you talking about?  (grab a shovel and keep digging).

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but no teeth, I'm sensitive that way...

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ppffftt... I was going to give them these cool badges:




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Hyenas are sweet by comparison, and have no loyalty or mendacity issues.

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"Israel views with “gravity” Iran’s plan to send the vessels through the waterway, a move that he said highlights the need to increase his country’s defense budget"

Read - the USA needs to contribute more than the paltry 3Billion a year to Israel

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Getting all worked up over a couple of old ww2 era tubs. These people cannot exist unless they have a conflict going on. If they had peace in the middle east the Israeli state would collapse under the weight of its own corruption.

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What? the evil empire backing down? the streets will flood with white al quada!

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1) We're not the evil empire.

2) Has anyone explained WHY we should really care if Iran sends ships through the Suez?

Iran's navy poses no material threat to anyone.  If they are transporting supplies to Gaza...THEN it gets interesting.  Lacking any statement of such intent, seems to me the Iranians are just wasting fuel on a pointless gesture.

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TA-that's why the supply ship is hanging around-to supply the frigate.

We'll see what 'pointless gesture' they are up to in a skosh.

- Ned

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Actually the US has assumed the mantle of Evil Empire with the expiration of the good ol' Soviets.  I think the US is hoping the Chinese will assume the mantle once the US does collapse.

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Yeah...I suppose whoever is perceived as top dog becomes the target, but I'd rather China assumes the mantle without the US collapse part.  

You'll miss us as evil empire when we're gone, because we were so damn bad at keeping secrets you could always see through the bluff.   I'll bet China will be really good at evil empiring, manipulating the world so efficiently that most conspiracists will continue to think it's the USA. 

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" Has anyone explained WHY we should really care "

oh come on - surely you realise Israel is just doing what comes naturally

to them ! I think about the wise words of

Mahathir Mohamed (the former Prime Minister of Malaysia),

" "The Europeans killed 6 million Jews out of 12 million, but today the Jews rule the world by proxy," Mahathir told the Islamic meeting. "They get others to fight and die for them," he added.

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Ignoring your anti-jew nonsense, you are missing the point.   ZH is all in a tizzy over Iranian ships in the Suez, but the US government is NOT.   See the comment here on ZH saying Obama is a pussy because he's not doing anything about it.

The media may be making a big deal about this, but the US government really is not.

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Not to belabor the point, but where is the forensic evidence of the 6 million dead jews? How come, they did not go in there and dig around and find out who is buried and what happened to them etc and catalogue it?  Hmmm, perhaps because it never happened???  Now see, I could get 3 years in prison in Australia, or Europe or Great Britain or Canada, for daring to bring that subject up, but so far we can still talk about that mean old holocaust here......

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Pardon me for inciting a conspiracy but what if Iran is out to rile Israel in order to unite the Middle Eastern countries against them?  Sending these old ships is sure to initiate some provocation and at a time when tempers are running hot in the Middle East, what better time to have a mutual enemy to point fingers at?!

Could it all be a state(Iran) game?  I sure hope not but it just occurred to me that it would be quite a clever ploy.

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Your are slow...roast...already postulated by many of us here last week. Since the ships are extremely old I think it holds an even higher chance of happening.

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Will the two ships break down and sink in the canal since they are said to be extremely old?

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And once sunk, what is the multiplier effect of underwater force propelled by tons of Semtex?

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Israel says.

Israel says.

Israel says.

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Like going to a bar with George Costanza, watching him pick fights with everyone, then telling you that you need to defend him.

The international community is sick of your shit, Avi.

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Yep. Let them deal with their own problems.
USA is always covering for them and making excuses. Never condemning anything they do or go back on.

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Israel is like a high drama girlfriend of the U.S.A.:

1. Always trying to get you to get in a fight over her.

2. Goes through your emails and texts to see if you are cheating on her.

3. All of your friends tell you to leave her.

4. No one else in the world sees what you see in her.

5. Costs tons of money to maintain her.

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too true - the USSA is that stupid guy and will not figure it out till maximum pain is suffered.



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High drama girlfriend? That's putting it mildly. More like a fucking psychotic, bunny boiling, Glen Close in Fatal Attraction, with a penchant for kleptomania, infanticide, and victim complex. She's just mad enough to sink both ships in the Med and play the victim, or more likely sink a US ship and pin it on a frigate built in 1968 that'll fall apart at a strong fart in its direction.


The Iranians declared their intentions to operate in the Med (Since everyone else seems to operate in their back yard) back in January, way before the whole ME revolution kicked off. Iran and Israel: Two disgusting regimes who truly deserve each other, and you'd have to be insane to pick one for your side.

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Goddamn if that isn't an incredibly accurate summary of that bitch Isreal. 

Couple more more points

0.1 She told you she was raped and abused and expects your hypersensitivity even to her actions completely unrelated to the rape. 
0.5 If you fail rule 0.1 she calls you intolerant, selfish and too demanding.'s picture

iran sure picked a "funny" time to use the canal, after 30 years.