Iranian Warships Have Crossed Suez Canal

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Reuters reports that according to Canal authority officials, the Iranian ironclads are now in the Mediterranean. Priced in. BTFD.

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Good for them! As soon as they reach port they can call Merrill and BTFD

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Apparently, the navy needs some target practice.

Wonder if we boarded their ships and inspected the cargo as mentioned in DEBKA article?

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Even more interesting. Looks like the 4 Americans on that hijacked yacht were killed by their Somali kidnappers.

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Which is a pretty good excuse for a show of naval strength in the area?

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You mean more than is already there?   It's a sad outcome, but short of carpet-bombing the Somali coast and sinking every small vessel that ventures from that shore, what do you want?   Come to think of it...not such a bad idea, huh?


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It would probably be easier to sink all American yachts capable of sailing to Somalia.  Hell you could pass a law, and get them to do it themselves.  Then they would build more, and kickstart the economy!

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The question I have is why the f**k would Americans even BE in a yacht anywhere within 1500 miles of Somalia???  Some really clueless Americans out there...

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Intelligence seems to be in short supply, worldwide!

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There is something seriously wrong with this story. Why would Somalian kidnappers be operating off the coast of Oman?

Why would they shoot the hostages unless a rescue attempt had been made?

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Bingo.  Team Shiite shoots the 4 point play.


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Maybe Somali Pirates really hate bibles.

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Yes, the story does have a certain smell to it, doesn't it? Botched rescue attempt is a more likely scenario.

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Just because people have been expecting for a year or two, the perfect moment, when the situation could change from diplomactic-dilly-dally to "justifiable force", doesn't mean this is fishy...

Yes, I am holding my nose...So what?  ;)

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TPTB are just looking for their own Gulf of Tonkin event so that they can set of the real fireworks 

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Isn't it nice of Iran to play along? Always knew they were just puppets.

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I heard on the news that a rescue attempt was made and the kidnappers shot the hostages. This is coming from Centcom so not sure how true it is. We all remember Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman, right?

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Yeh Jessica Lynch, she fought like a tiger against those evil Iraqi soldiers to she had no more bullets left. and Pat, oh Pat was killed by friendly fire, they finally admitted but they left out the part that he was shot by someone with the gun barrel no more than a foot away from his head.

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Pat Tillman died of friendly fire.

His death was originally covered up by the military brass, but he wasn't assasinated.

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Of course not, he was just a celebrity who was writing home that the war was wrong and he would come home and expose it... No reason to assassinate someone - A simple mistake - A taliban fighter and a US soldier look very similar from 1 foot away...

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A whole new conspiracy theory - thanks, that makes my day.

Mind you, the idea that Pat Tillman arrived in Afghanstan and decided that fighting the Taliban was a mistake is a bit of a reach.   You need to come up with a plausible reason for him to be opposing the war so suddenly (and so early...check the dates).

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Stan Goff, the author of the linked article, is a multi year Special Forces vet who debunks the notion that Tillman was killed deliberately. There were no shots from 1 foot away. Read the article.

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!Why would Somalian kidnappers be operating off the coast of Oman?! two reasons:

Like the bank robbers rob banks because it's where the money is, sailors know to stay well away from Somalia so the pirates have to go further afield. The Yemen and Oman coast is the furthest away from Somalia when coming from/going to the Suez canal.

The Somalians look on this as a business and based on their previous successes have invested in "mother ships" so they can go further. Most navies rules of conduct require them to be caught with weapons so they just dump them overboard if needed.


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If I were a wealthy person yachting in the area, I'd be looking to acquire some autmatic weapons and a healthy supply of javelin missiles, which after the corruption of the Iraq debacle, are probably readily available.

Then if any would be pirates come within striking range, you remove them from the planet.

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Yep, check out the Russians, they cuff all the pirates to their own boat then blow it out of the water.

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A minute or two on a .50 cal would take care of a few pirates.

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Cant they send in ships to bait them out to sea and then blow the shit out of them?

Some nice looking yachts, unassuming and well armed.

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This is the Obama Aministration we've got now, understand?

Barry the Bodhisatva, the Enlightened One, Ommmmmmm......

BTW- remember the shooting of the Somalis holding the tanker captain ~2 years ago? The WH was pissed that the on-scene commander did that.

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I viewed a recent video showing the Russian Navy 'taking' a pirate ship.   The subtitles said that the commander of the Navy vessel on the scene has total jurisdiction of the prisoners and their fate.  The Russian commander had all their hands secured to the rail around the boat (I'm guessing there were 50+) and then blew up the boat and sank was painful t watch, but obviously those guys won't be committing any more act of piracy.  Geneva codes say that guerillas can be executed summarily...wonder what it says about pirates.  Why did we kill two pirates who were on the 'yacht' and take the rest prisoner?  So we can spend taxpayers dollars to fly them back to the U.S., spend more taxpayer dollars to try them in court and then more taxpayer dollars to put them in jail or execute them?  I say do what the Russians did.

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Over/Under on how long before they enter Israeli territorial waters and are sunk?  Given the instability/popular revolts in the area and the Ayatollah's trouble at home my estimate would be 7 days.

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Over/under on how long before ZH stops hyperventilating over this non-event?

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Hopefully they have better luck than USS Liberty

If the Israelis can shoot at their 'allies' imagine what would they do to their enemies

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Just a coincidences that it was "Liberty".

 V- There are no coincidences, Delia... only the illusion of coincidence. ...

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Only if the Israelis clean up the oil spilled from the 2 Iranian ships and dispose of the hulls in an environmentally-sensitive way.

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Maybe they'll defect to Malta.

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Some Libyan ships just did it. 

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They sure won't be defecting to Libya.

Just heard reports some Libyan ship(s) have been seen close to Malta, myabe more defectors? there have been lots of diplomats defect over the last 24 hours.


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I can't wait until the various tariffs and tolls must be paid in Gold.

Gold, the other money.

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Woulda thought you'd be pushing for silver.

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Silver for the automobile toll booths, Gold for the Suez Canal toll booths.

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Hey, you DO have a plan.

I think I like it, assuming I can get my sweaty little hands on the odd shiny bit of silver for travelling in my trusty HumVee.

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Oil is gapping down?!? o_O 

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Gapping down, of course.  Oil has been under price suppression in the Comex for a month.  Every day like clockwork, it gets banged down at mid day.

Welcome to the WTI price suppression scheme.