Iraq Slashes Projected Crude Output By Half Over Next 5 Years

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peak oil is so 2005

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peak cheap oil is the new vogue.

Pay at the pump bitchezzz.....

Oil is the trigger to all things inflationary, war, currency flucks, etc.

Gold and silver, don't mean shit here except against ponzi fiat.

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  Peak oil is ultimately deflationary, as is the rising cost of oil. Forget fiat, look at the Gold to oil ratio....

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I won't quibble with you.... It must be ultimately deflationary as an increasing fraction of disposable income is required for basic energy needs...

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The ultimate collapse will be a bitch.

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So I should call my wife ultimate collapse?  'Cept she argues.

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Who needs oil when we have mint juleps to lubricate the joints and fuel the mind?


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Flak, depends upon what you mean by that...oil supply decline means that debts predicated upon a future of expansion aren't worth par.  That is devaluationary, if we use monetarist definitions of inflation and deflation.

Any debt simply has to be discounted against the reality of a future of less.  That includes the FRN.

Iraq won't get to 6mbpd by 2017 either...that's a mere 6 years away.

There goes 6mbpd of "expectations" right the fuck up in smoke.  IEA is going to have to adjust again.

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No real argument here, I equate devaluation of future obligations to be deflationary. You do agree though that loss of disposable income is deflationary.

So maybe I didn't state it correctly. But, hey, I never took economics, I was too busy learning useful information....

Re: 6 million, yeah, probabaly a pipe (line) dream. I do not doubt they will bump it up a bit though. Too little, too late...

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Entropy is the Law.

Entropy by defintion is deflationary.


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There's that 'D' word again here on ZH. Heretic, Heretic!...

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But...but..."you can't eat oil!"


It's all 'bout PMs and oil...hold tight and prosper.

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IMHO - pm's are not held to 'prosper', they're held to maintain, to preserve, and to make it through to the other side. Fellow citizens will be much less likely to accept pm's as money if they are enriching a new set of 'elites'.

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I think he meant prosper as in "continue to live".

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Perhaps. But I get tired/wary of all of the excitement around here with how 'rich' people are going to get with their pm's. I believe a reset is inevitable and that pm's are a core aspect of preparation. But I have no illusion that the reset won't be really painful. And that in many ways, these are the 'good times'.

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cossack, you are 100% correct! Gold will allow you to maintain wealth in realtion to the rapidly expanding money supply and loss of purchasing power of the dollar (and most other paper currencies). I don't plan on getting wealthy from it, but I just want to be able to enjoy a Snickers Bar, bowl of berries, etc. Look at what the dollar will buy today? A 12 ounce "pound cake" that used to be guess what, A Pound!


GL! to all bag holders...unless they work on Wall Street and are getting one of those $800,000 Bonuses at GS, they need to think and is the key to survival.

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Better to hold those reserves until they can be revalued in whatever the SDR mix is to replace the dollar. Iraq certainly doesn't owe anything to Americans after what they've done to the country. 

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SDR transition start date 2022. Full implementation 2028.
Count on it.

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There'll be nobody left with any money in Amerika by then (just the FEMA camp guards).

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Everytime I try to start a 5 million man oil sucking army that uses more oil than a country of 150 million people they go and pull this shit.

At this rate all I'll be able to do is mount a mini gun in the trunk of my camry and weld some steel plates on it. The man is always keeping me down.

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A Camry trunk has room for a minigun?  Wow!  Better get me one 'o those smoking 20MM quads for the back of my Escape hybrid.

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And the hits keep on coming for the USA. Keep chanting USA USA in big deep shit

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the bears may have something to say about that........

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It's all the same problem. Just the 1 cause.


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Margin Hike Bitchezzzz!!!!!

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is this iraq's big "F U" to the USA?

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 iraq thinking about " capturing the 700 mil  cu ft of natural gas it flares at its oilfields each day "  ...  found that startling 

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Pipelines through Turkey have been more of a bugaboo than Russia transporting through Ukraine. 

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I would call it just one of many FU's to the US, and I live in SF, USA.

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I guess the price of oil without financial investors would swing somewhere between 75$ and 100$ pb. Swings above and below are extremes added by the everlasting fight of bulls & bears

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You can't output want you ain't got.

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So which is it?

"Ministers also argue that there is not sufficient demand for the extra oil, despite soaring prices. Last month, Saudi Arabia cut its output by 800,000 barrels a day after pumping more in response to the political crisis in North Africa, complaining that the extra crude was sitting in tankers with no customers."

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  There is a grain of truth in the Saudi statement. The world refining capacity for Arabian Heavy is well supplied. Now those refineries that need lighter sweeter crude are running below capacity because of a lack of feedstock...

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KSA also may have been employing surge production capacity for this extra 800kbpd.

This would not be the first time they've ramped into a spike and then backed off.  They are likely in decline, thus flat out in terms of production.

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Wondering when your smiling face would appear...

Yes, they are masters of managing their ~60 million barrel tank farm.

They ain't altruistic but all things being equal their management of "The Precious" has been fairly even handed....It could have been in worse hands.

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Better get used to sour crude oil.

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After all that shit all we get's a pile of dirt?
Maybe if we all hold hands and sing Kumbaya?

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This should help the Iraqi Dinar revalue to $3.00+


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Oh no!! The Dinar bugs are back. 

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You can call me anything you want.  Just don't call me late for dinar.

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Waiting for someone to say that this is bullish for silver.

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you see, with the additional long term revenue that iraqis will receive, they will be able to reinvest the proceeds of oil sales into their seventy-third most loved asset - silver jewelry. so you see, buy silver. clearly.