Israeli, Saudi and American Leaders Say Arabs Are Not Ready for Democracy

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The author either needs some reading comprehension, or has willfuly misrepresented: the person quoted at the very top is an "unnamed official", claimed to be a minister. Still the whole post sounds better with the head of state being attributed such declarations.

That said, I won't deny that there is truth in the obvious fact that for Israel it is easier to deal with only a single guy that is keeping things under control. Undoubtley they are worried of a situation similar to that of Lebanon where it is a total mess and a religious crazy - ahem, spiritual leader - has no qualms in sending followers / suckers to their death for his own agenda.

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It's really all very simple:

Cooperation and compassion=Heaven on earth.

Greed and egomania=War and destruction.

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By George Suh!

I do belive youv'e got it.......

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Rand Paul wants to DUMP ISRAEL, as we should:

Israel abuses it's dupe of an ally at every opportunity.  With friends like Israel, who needs enemies?

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Americans are not ready to control their own money to, therefore all assets should be put under mandate of the FED.




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The Feds 'Public Asset Acquiring Freedom Act' is shelved mate, bankrupt Balance Sheet sorted, the Fed can now value their own assets as they wish, back in the black is simplicity now, delusional but simple! 

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It's incredible, really. The president of the United States can't bring himself to talk about democracy in the Middle East. He can dance around it, use euphemisms, throw out words like "freedom" and "tolerance" and "non-violent" and especially "reform," but he can't say the one word that really matters: democracy.

How did this happen? After all, in his famous 2009 Cairo speech to the Muslim world, Obama spoke the word loudly and clearly - at least once.

Lil Bush Part Deux in Technicolor is a Coward, Liar and all around puppet for the establishment...


Fuck the FED!


Free Egypt Now!!


Free America Next!!!

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How incredible?

One incredible thing: people thinking it could be other way.

Since Haiti, it's been known that the US wont endure the drawbacks coming with democracy when it was to be installed into a foreign country.

It would be incredible for the US to speak about democracy when it would hurt their interests. It would be deeply opposite to their tradition, inherited since the Haitian events around the 1800s.

The US is conform to what it is.

What should be questioned is that Obama being a muslim story whose allegiance goes first to Islam and stuff. Obama acts really like the common US citizen who wish to preserve US interests first.

Bu, who cares actually?

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Hey Sacrilege, I'm sure you're not busy, ;-) so how about ... 

We need a chart, like google trends that shows the existance of a serial junker, [w/o exposing who they are].  The y-axis would be the number of junks.  The x-axis would be the occurance of a junker, sorted by number of junks.

If the resulting chart was flat, we would not have a serial junker.  If the resulting chart went parabolic on the right, we would.

By thread and by the whole site.


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all the posts, all the musing, all the opinions. i love it. yet you miss what's right in front of your faces. simply put... jesus is in the on deck circle.

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Anonymous junks are the last refuge of scoundrels.

- Samuel Johnson

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God, I picked a bad month to quit smoking.

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Two weeks ago, I went from 3 packs a day for 40 years to zip. I am not there yet....I could smoke a stogie three feet long in one puff right now.

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Stay away from the bastards, they will break you financially and physically.

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One ZH weakness is allowing this sort of lame rehashing of obvious-to-everyone stuff, like similar articles saying banksters are crooks when it's obvious to everyone banksters are crooks, etc, ad nauseum.

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hey aristarchan I hope you see this.  I had one more comment to your last comment.  See you later.  gotta go.

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The Saudi King calls the freedom of speech protestors "troublemakers?"

That's like when Queen Peglosi called those senior folks at Town Hall meetings Nazi's.

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The Saudi King calls the freedom of speech protestors "troublemakers?"


That's like when Queen Peglosi called those senior folks at Town Hall meetings Nazi's.



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What makes these arrogant leaders think they who is ready for what? They said Arabs are "not ready for democracy"....yet Iraq is?

Their Hubris is only matched by Lord Blankfein's.

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Eygpt just needs a suitible heavy bombing campaign to be softened up for democracy.

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Warm up the B-52's...  Boeing has another retrofit contract.

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Egypt has its chance to lead the Arab world, the Middle East and the Third World, and to shine a light for all nations.

Fazlur Rahman, the Pakistani Islamic political theorist who has had a fatwa placed on him by reactionaries for his writings, is just one example of the robust political tradition that holds Islam is compatible with popular democracy.  Much of the past 150 years in the Middle East has been the story of outside imperial powers trying to stop the ordinary people from testing this powerful truth. 

Let's see.  Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt...getting closer all the time to the Kingdom and the oil satellite shiekhdoms that Lawrence led on and Churchill betrayed.

Also closer to the heart of the modern world's most precious resource.  Interesting times?  Democracy of angry young people getting near the oilfields?  What if it CAN'T be stopped?

How might Shi'ite and Sunni democratic societies, facing off on the very rim of the Persian Gulf, get along?  Because that, my friends, is the future if natural demographic and geographical forces hold sway.  Ever tried to stop demographics and geography?  It's kind of a bitch.

How many people in the rest of the world are even capable of formulating such a pregnant geopolitical question, let alone dealing with the potential outcomes?

Our entire society rests on such illusion, such shifting sands.  Humanity, compassion and goodwill are not naive, they are our best hope. 

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geography and demographic forces are destiny.  Democracy will not change that.  Theocracy will not change that.  Oligarchy will not change that.  Couple the population explosion with angry people and at least temporarily dwindling resources (even the cornucopians admit we might have some temporary resource constraints) and add a nuclear weapon or two to the mix.  Yes if there is an apocalypse it will start in the middle east.  I do hope that the leaders that emerge will be smart enough to think this through.

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LOL That Nutty Netanyahu dude is more laughs than a barrel of monkeys-of course he doesn't think "the Arab region" is ready for democracy, they would elect leaders not controlled by the US and israel!
Anybody remember that assessment of Saudi Arabia after 911? Osama bin Laden would have won. How about the elections in Algeria? When the unapproved by the US and israel party won, the Algerian military (backed by the US and israel of course) voided the election and took power which lead to a civil was and over a million dead!

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yeah but you are an anti semite for even mentioning this.  I'm going to call AIPAC and have you dismissed from your job tomorrow.

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They meant their democracy

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Gut feel on Egypt ETF EGPT: + 20%

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The Saudi's pay about 250 former American diplomats $250,000 per year for life to represent their interests. Saw many of them today on TV were they also pick up their 6 figure CNN gig fee. No disclosure, of course.

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Of course - Same shit, different century...

Speaking of CNN, wonder how many know about the origins of Anderson Cooper?

Anderson Hays Vanderbilt Cooper was born on June 3, 1967,[1] the younger son of the writer Wyatt Emory Cooper and the artist, designer, writer, and heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, and is a great-great-great-grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt of the prominent Vanderbilt shipping and railroad fortune.


During college, he spent two summers as an intern at the Central Intelligence Agency. Although he technically has no formal journalistic education, he opted to pursue a career in journalism rather than stay with the agency after school,[9] having been a "news junkie" "since I was 'in utero.

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Thanks for pointing this out.

Late at night, I was staying at a friends house who has a television.  I'm channel surfing.  Anderson Dufus is on CNN.  He's ranting and sowing panic about new Iranian missles that can fly 6,000 miles and hit Paris!! or London!!  Next it could be Amerika.  Go to 11:30PM commercial break.  Most poor souls go to bed.  Anderson comes back and makes a correction.  'I'm sorry, that was 6,000 kilometers.  They can hit Tel Aviv.'


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Anyone that doesn't see the blatant misinformation spread by the MSM, especially by CNN, is truly beyond help...

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At this point, it wouldn't surprise me one iota to learn that Cooper is an MKULTRA stooge.

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I'd be surprised if he isn't....

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Yes, as an American, I am embarrassed that our leader(s) have not said the "D" word (Democracy) or come out in support of the Egyptian people versus hedging their bets.

Shameful really, shameful.

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New Wiki update

America Corporate Inc, ACI, previously known as the USA that resulted from united funding of politicians by corrupt corporations is well on its way to the trillionth handing out of the new bailout for the poor..

zillion dollars bills to be exchanged on the completion of a 90 hour work week that will be exchanged on queueing for 10 hours for a happy meal for one

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The only way to get ready for democracy is just do it. Practice it, have at least one major civil war, and hope for the best.

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It'll be Sharia democracy which is exclusive to individual rights since muslims are given special rights -- by law.

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In many, many, many democracies all over the world, citizens are given special rights over non citizens (both residents of the same country of course) and this by law.

So what? Mind to expand on your thoughts?

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Kinda like rich people in the US?:)

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Hopefully not.

From what I see...they don't want to be controlled anymore.

We'll see.

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who'd want democracy (fascism?) after what we've done to it? .....'next'... let's try freedom for a change, not some authority structure that can't stop wagging its finger and sticking its hands in of our pockets... we've moved on, we can handle ourselves no worries

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So do you think any of these idiots in Washington know that this exporting or our debt problems causing commodity price inflation to tragically poor countries is our fault? People that live on $2/day kinda get upset when they can't afford the meager that they use to get?

Now there is blood their hands. Just my opinion.


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Yes of course they have known.  They finally admitted it after closing the gold window  "It's our dollar but it's your problem."  I tend to agree with that assessment.  Who was that frenchie that said America can run a deficit without tears?  Well that wasn't quite accurate.  We can run a deficit.  The tears will be elsewhere.  so fucking what?  If you don't like our dollar then use something else bitches, in the meantime I don't want to year your complaining.