Italian Eni SpA Joins BP, Royal Dutch Shell, RWE, Statoil And OMV In Shuttering Libyan Operations, Stock Plunges

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Spain...not too smart...

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Can't figure why this would be the case. Desperation? They couldn't really need it that badly, could they? 

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Tells me they believe the govt will regain control and/or they have so much at stake that any interruption will put them under.

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Odd man out in their thinking it seems. But I'm with you, seems to be the only two logical answers. Thanks. 

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Think outside the box ladies and gentlemen.

Libya may have Oil but has no water or food.

Watch millions of Libyans starve to death within a month.

Watch Spain/Italy/France begin the Colonization of Libya.

...This is NWO coming to fruition...

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We need Rodney King to go to the Middle East and ask, "Can't we just all get along?"

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Curious as to why India is in the tags?

udder than that, the big oil squeeze, this time not by OPEC but by revolution.

We can expect higher lows in oil from here on out. This situation is probably not planned for early reversal.

What will this do to the US? And then the domino effect?

Boggling the mind... virgin territory, but hardly desirable eh?


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I have been waiting for our false economy backed by Helicopter Ben and his crony Timmay to blow. It is amazing how the illusion has kept them going with all of the money printing. It looks like what will bring them down is the spike in commodity prices trashing profit margins and forcing desperate people to revolt. Crack up and boom bitchez!

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It´s false

Sacyr and Repsol are evacuating workers in Libya.

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Perhaps they are reporting otherwise to save face? Interesting. 

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What about the Greenstream Pipeline? Will it continue to supply nat gas to Europe?

"The idea of natural gas from Libya to Italy originating from the 1970s. Feasibility studies were carried out in the 1980s and 1990s. Construction of the pipeline started in 2003.[1] The pipeline's main contractor was Saipem, that used for pipeline laying the Castoro Sei and Crawler vessels. The shore approach and landfall works were done by Boskalis Offshore.[2]

The supplies started on 1 October 2004 and the pipeline was inaugurated on 7 October 2004 by Silvio Berlusconi and Muammar Gaddafi."

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GITMO should be used to house all these fleeing dictators.  check their gold bars at the door

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Confiscate gold bars at the door.

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someones gotta say it