Italy Banks Go For The Trifecta On Sigma X

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Slow down on all of the articles. It is summertime. Relax a little.

All of this news has the market up 60 pts in 5 minutes. Hal 2000 does not read Zero Hedge.  ;-) So all is still right with the World!


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Greece fire contained for now, the emergency operations to sustain the fire will be moving on quickly to either Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Spain or Italy. They're just small fires though, thankfully the economies of the UK, USA and Japan are doing just fine so there's nothing to worry about here.

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Credit Suisse Crossfinder is most active, afaik.


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Bankster's yacht at Costa Smeralda -70% vs. last year.


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Italy Seen Riskier Than Hungary, Ireland in BlackRock Index

"Italy ranked worse than Hungary and Ireland in a new index from New York-based money manager BlackRock Inc. (BLK) that gauges the risk of sovereign defaults."

That kinda speaks for itself.


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the CDS thingy was pretty big for a while there, last hand.

now, it seems the banksters have declared the SIV's to be the trumps!

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There are as many sellers as buyers, probably :)  Indeed It's difficult not to buy some italian stocks now. Companies with money and making money with good dividends and a PE of 9 .....  



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nothing news, the only surprise is that BATS is the loser here



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Nothing new....


Italian banks have always been amongst the top traded stocks in EUrope... Every day i looged onto bloomberg website Unicredit montepaschi(  - and also Santander - )compared in the Most traded by Volume window....