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Funny thing about bubbles. They pop. HFTs playing a serious game of pass the hot grenade right now. Everyone please join us in prayer that Waddell and Reed does not decide to sell a block of 10 ES contracts right now, as the world could very well blow up.

CNBC's take:

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Good night, and big balls.

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Yes wtf. Apple down 6% QQQQ only down 1%

If you look at other big tech components they are also down 1%+. ORCL GOOG AMZN INTC CSCO MSFT

Looks like a good opportunity for some arb.

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You guys are's off 4% and it's all over! LMAO...fade it bitchzes

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Perhaps you don't understand.  Apple IS the economy.  Dow n4% overnight is like a loss of 4% GDP!  

We're all gonna freakin die!

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Re-read what I wrote.


Also in response to you, AAPL and IBM are the largest (over)weighted components in the Nasdaq and DOW respectively. So they are heavily the market.

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Apple fell all the way to $300?! 

How many days of gains were wiped out?  3 years?  2 years?  1 year?  9 months? 6 months? 3 months? 3 days?

I'll bet Apple recovers ridiculously fast, and the market yawns tomorrow.   

Buy the dip!

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Quick! The Gov't wants you to sell your farm land.


FDIC Warns of Possible US Farmland 'Bubble'


Producing farm land is probably the investment of the century, even dare I say better than Gold.  The Gov't and its puppet masters are at it again.

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Bank Of America is quick too !!

Resumes foreclosures in 23 states.

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They traced the problem to bad Firmware in one of their RoboPens. :>)

All fixed now.

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Digital ink is so fickle!  Ya never know when it's gonna spit out some extra zeroes! :>D

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Productive farmland has no portability whatsoever and you, as an individual, may own it only at the whim of the government.  They can take it at any time and there really isn't fuckall you can do about it.

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Very true. In fact, there is no such thing as property ownership in the USA. We rent from the govt. Stop paying every year, and you have to move.... That sure doesn't sound like ownership.

Furthermore, to own land is to be exposed to potentially ever greater taxes. Land "ownership" is the new serfdom. Ironic isn't it?

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maddening is what it is...

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"They can take it [your land] at any time"

But the government has already demonstrated that they can take your gold anytime, too.

Popo's comment about renting your land from the government due to property taxes occurred to me recently. One way to look at it is, to "own" $100,000 worth of land, you have to pay $200,000: the first $100,000 buys the land and the second $100,000 goes into a "safe" investment that generates enough dividends every year to pay your [expected] property taxes and to increase the principle to keep up with inflation.

In that sense, you "own" the land -- it just costs more than you thought. Still, it would be nice to own land outright; I wonder if our pioneer forebears ever feared that they didn't "own" the land they were living on?

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You can hide your gold.


How are you going to hide your land?


Besides, you don't have to pay taxes when you own gold.  But you have to when you own land.

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I think it's a hint that the gov't has plans to kill off alot of would be farm product eaters, telling their "boys" to get out. Lots of "smart money" bought farmland.  It is like Men In Black where Tommy Lee Jones is looking for tips in the Weekly World News and The Sun.  That's just about where sane people place CNBC.

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10% increase in property taxes this year specific to farm land in my area. In addition to the normal rate increases on all real estate.They called it "Equalization"

Also known as spreading the wealth.

Also known as progressivism.

So the government will intervene to squash profits on something that:

- is very hard to obtain

- Nearly impossible to get a standard rate mortgage on. 

- Requires maintenance, upkeep and security

- Provides necessities for the world

But the government actively creates bubbles in McMansions, HELOCs for trips, toys, coke, whores Dot-Com and Enron.

Then when those bubbles pop, we bail out all the participants.

We surely are in a bizzaro world at best, and probably something much more sinister......

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6.3% of yikes in after hours trading.

I might try that will my wife.  Honey, it was nothing. That was after hours marrital.

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It works the first few times but then.......not like I know..........she said she was disappointed too many times in the past..............4 hours? I can't get 4 minutes............time to double the Viagra ears are getting hot.......I'm not feeling very well.'s picture

be careful with double dosing that stuff, CD we don't want you to have to spend some time in hospital away from posting your valuable comments. kiss kiss.

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CD, get off that V! 

Try eating some watermelon or drinking pomegranate juice. Instant vascular reaction.

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You rang?  This is what my reaction was to reading Zero Hedge for the first time. :o

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iBubblzzzz beeetheeeezzz

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No matter what - ZH headlines always make me chuckle. Even on a bad day for my shorts, I come to ZH just to laugh about it all. But it's even better, funnier and more relaxing when I am not being rammed by the bull.

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Unless Jobs can spin this margin and iPad miss in the CC with IBM tanking, tomorrow could be a disaster.

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How about a free iPad with every foreclosure sale...

Oh wait, that won't work.

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Or a free foreclosure sale with every iPad sale!!!

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CNBC has "IBM Profit Grows, Tops Wall Street Expectations"

Bloomberg has "IBM Posts Third-Straight Quarterly Drop in Service Contracts; Shares Fall "

Two headlines enter, one headline leaves.




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Wait, I think I got this time, a plan to fix it all.

The fed starts selling gold tomorrow at the open.

They take the money and buy iPads, iPhones, and other iCrap.

Then, they fill the vaults with the unopened iBoxes, painted gold of course.

The stock market rallies and gold market declines. 

Problem solved!

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With tech bubbles like Apple, its all about margins once those slip, its over. Same thing happened at RIMM's top of $149, did OK on earnings, margins showed cracks, quickly lost $100 from there.

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They'll need the "Night Time"  Ipad to stop this bleed.....

Good job Brian's back in the control seat tomorrow.


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is iInvisibleHand coming?

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looking foward to the iCrash.

and if any iCrash trades are dk'd one will go absolutely fucking ballistic.

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Thanks for the best belly roll ALL DAY!

I'll never forget the iCrash!

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Thanks for the best belly roll ALL DAY!

I'll never forget the iCrash!

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Hmm nice support at -10% there.  No surprise... Do not forget the past everyone.  The same thing happened during the depression.  They would ramp the market up 7-10% during the day only to see it close flat and red.  History repeats.  Follow the trend and not the "experts."  We in the infinite moral hazard black hole.

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Moral hazard no longer exists.  It was ruled illegal by the USSC in a 8-1 vote.  No dissenting remarks were recorded.

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Gonna need a little extra iPOMO

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Shit!  Now all the f'n Apple zombies will be roaming the streets, angry, and discovering their taste for human flesh.

I don't have enough ammo for this shit yet!