It's 4 PM: Does Comcast Know Where CNBC's Viewers Are?

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In a sad twist of fate for Comcast, its recent business channel acquisition, which numerous independent reports have alleged has become nothing but a prattling brown-nosing drone for the administration, spewing forth an endless barrage of mindnumbing propaganda, is seeing an ever increasing plunge in its viewership (which arguably validates said independent reports) which in November dropped to 47 in the demo, a 36% slide from a year earlier. Nowhere is this more obvious than in what's left of the audience of the original CNBC icon: Maria Bartiromo. The once jet-setting, and now merely setting money honey, whose Closing Bell slot starts at 4PM, has stooped to having the dubious reputation of being in possession of the weakest 25-54 demo among all of CNBC's November viewership, at just 41K per Nielsen's, a massive 51% drop from November 2009, and a 11% drop from October, it seems CNBC's ever sparser viewers have decided that even icons have a useful shelf life. But that's ok: we are confident that once the next round of CNBC "business rationalizations" takes place shortly once the NBC Universal transaction formally closes, the $ Honey will be able to fall back on the proceeds from her latest bestseller: "The Weekend That Changed Wall Street: An Eyewitness Account", which since publication on September 7, has blitzed almost to top of the charts and currently languishes in the much coveted spot #10,655 of bestsellers.

And not too surprisingly, the other biggest loser: the Fast Money Halftime Session, which has plunged to the same 41k viewership: a whopping 56% decline YoY (and 11% MoM).

Yet what would a CNBC Nielsen poll be if it didn't include the one, the only, the very, very funny Jim Cramer. In all honesty, the Mad Moneyer (dormant SEC investigation into aside: what happened there SEC? not enough nudity on the site?) has had two months of worse ratings previously in his career.

And a blast from the Klownshoes past: "Buy CIT (pre-bankruptcy) at $46.74 - I don't see this big commercial lending problem."


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I've been clean for 8 years -thank-you-very-much-no-thank-you.

wretch's picture

Clean for seven years here.  Easier habit to break than the interwebs, clearly.

malusDiaz's picture

The internet isn't an addiction... Right RIGHT!?

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must...  surf...   ZH...

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Too Funny.  Another Bass Ale please.

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Maria would do well if she finally did Playboy.  It certainly helped Farah's career.  Jim Cramer should be the poster child for what happens to a person who sticks bobby pins in electrical outlets a few too many times.  I think it burned out a few of his chromosomes.

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Yeah but Maria has a gut like she was pregnant a few months ago.  I think Playboy is in the business of SELLING magazines.


unwashedmass's picture


problem is simple...they report on activities in another dimension....and most of us who are active in the marketplace are tied up keeping abreast of what is happening the market...on the Northern Hemisphere.

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I stopped watching them about a year ago. I was sick of the lies and BS on this station. I'd like to know the truth about the state of the economy even if it is not reflected in market price (example; last 3 months). So glad I found Zerohedge.

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stopped watching summer of 09.


Dennis Kneal: This recession is over!!!!


He was kinda right, in a certain delusional NBER sorta way

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Tee Vee? Do people still use that relic of uncontrollable speed (FF/RR/SKIP/etc) content delivery? That is like the stupid people who still use XM/Sirius versus Pandora/

And for f--- sake, TV has those annoying commercials even though you are paying for cable TV. What fool pays for content AND endures commercials?????

PS: Maria truly is past her expiration date. Not just her 'outdated' content, her outdated visuals too. Maria you are not alone, the CNBC writers in general are to blame... though your genetics are not the best either.

StychoKiller's picture

I only watch "Holmes on Homes" (HGTV) and other practical shows.

etrader's picture

Maybe its time Maria bowed out  gracefully  to MSNC like Mr Ratigan and Ms Drury takes over the closing Bell for the Key demo's.

Maria's never really been the same since, that "deep probing" interview on Citi's Dassault.

If CNBC US just  followed  euroland or asia's output style, maybe the bleed would stop.

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Ratigan's Run-on Sentences have actually found a niche at 4pm MSNBC Foreclosure Fraud +1000 Dylan!

shushup's picture

He and bathtub boy should host a show together. ratigan has copied his style well.

doomandbloom's picture

what question is this Tyler?!...u know I am here ...refreshing ZH pages every few minutes..

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who are you and what have you done with reggie?

themosmitsos's picture

Take it easy on Melissa Lee

QEasian FTW ;)

cougar_w's picture

Boob job, tight sweater. Problem solved.

Look I don't make the rules, I just call em as I see em. If there was anything to her reporting then she would work somewhere else. Problem also solved.

Disclosure: I don't even own a TV. I'm just making the usual generalizations one makes in these situations.

Bay of Pigs's picture

I see Cramers old buddy Kudlow is down there kicking ass for last place too.


akak's picture

Yeah, I hear tell that freshly-dug graves are often soon covered with green shoots!

GREEN SHOOTS!  GREEN SHOOTS!  Throw enough "mustard seeds" around, and something is bound to come up!

DavidPierre's picture

Throwout your God damn TV... have not had one for over 40 years and don't even miss it.

You want to change the system?... change your mindset!

Just unplug from all that Bullshit!

TV = Propaganda

A_MacLaren's picture

At least you are clear on the subject.

You know why they call it programming, right?

NotApplicable's picture

Don't forget the remote control. Cuz that's how they implant the programming, ya know.

Thing is though, these are the exact reasons I watch the first hour of Haines and Burnett, as I want to see what the storyline for the day is going to be (and I haven't traded a stock in years). I do have to skip over the debating stock pumpers sections as well as any politicians though, as those are both beyond nauseating.

When I see Steve LIESman in the studio though, I know I'm getting the story straight from Uncle Ben's mouth. Box him up with Santelli though, and it's nothing but a bitch-slapping contest between Keynesian and Freidmamite rhetoric.

akak's picture

When I am cleaning out my refrigerator's meat drawer and have to wipe out that odious slime in the bottom of it --- composed of the months-old sticky residue from leaking ground meat blood gone gangrenously putrid, cheap lunchmeat sweat, rotten fish drippings with their radioactive rankness, and the accumulated flowover from all the various refrigerator spills of the last few months such as spoiled milk, brown decomposing lettuce essence, and the surprisingly bilious byproduct of a leaking cottage cheese container six months prior --- when I am dealing with all that, I am reminded of Steve LIESman.

minus dog's picture

Well that might be a bit of a waste...   Younger people like myself don't so much have a "TV" anymore, as they have an "extra large monitor where everyone can see it".  It is a tool, doesn't mean you have to watch their programming on it.

I have never purchased (or used) television service.  Ever.  

DavidPierre's picture

Forty years ago ..."I was just a soldier on my way to Montreal"... 

The best advice ever! 

John Prine : Spanish Pipedream

Johnny Cash singing Sam Stone


Hello In There

"We lost Davey in the Korean War"

"All the news just repeats itself...

 Old people just grow lonesome..."

Enjoy your youth!

Nostradumbass's picture



Prine sings:

"Blow up your tee-vee

Throw away your pager (?)

Move to the country

Plant a garden...

Try to find Jesus on your own"

(roughly translated/remembered)

... sounds good except for trying to find anyone/anything other than your SELF.

gs_runsthiscountry's picture there is a name I havent heard for awhile.

John Prine just isnt a name I expected to see in type. I was introduced to his music as a youngster on fishing and camping trips. while not my normal rotation of music it does bring back memories.

Good grief...i will have some of these old songs stuck in my head for awhile.

Nice post david.


Xibalba's picture

If only Cnbc could get Marisa Tomei

Then even I'd watch that bullsheet

TheGreatPonzi's picture

A TV program, by its very definition, cannot provide profitable investment advice, as the profitability-to-come of an investment inversely proportionally declines with the number of people going on the boat.

If CNBC starts to tell people to go into gold, becomes bearish on the economy, talks about a Ponzi and stops its pro-gov propaganda, it would be the "bell" signal to sell your PMs.

John McCloy's picture

  These guys JUST DONT FUCKING GET IT. There is only so much propaganda people can take down their feeding tube before they reject it and seek out independent honest sources of information which is why I myself are personally here for over a year now. Evidence of that is Jim Cramer's fall from grace now that he is a laughing stock because he has outed himself as a waterboy. When people lose faith it cannot be regained. It takes years to earn a reputation and minutes to destroy it. 

   What genius thought referring to Erin Burnett on Morning Joe @ 8:30 every AM to give the "Market Report" thought it was wise to refer to her DAILY as "International Superstar Erin Burnett"? 

  Why are MSNBC shows all declining?

Why even though many here do not enjoy Glenn Beck does he have the highest ratings?

Why is it that Judge Napolitano has been moved up to a prime time slot on Fox News?

Why are Olbermanns ratings in the toilet?

Why has Kneale gone the way of the Dodo?

Why is Alex Jones finally garnering massive ratings for a internet run radio and tv show and just ran a 250k money bomb last month?

And why is Zero Hedge  accumulating more and more viewers on a daily basis?

  Because they speak the most truth and "People are suckers for the truth Bubba"

  And it is contagious.

Bill Lumbergh's picture

Well said...even if they only had 10 people watching they would probably be subsidized just to continue the dissemination of the propaganda.

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

Ratigan will go after the banksters, then he starts thst left right BS. I have been listening to Alex Jones for yrs. take 911/truth out he would be even bigger, & he's usually pretty close. Glen beck getting better ......

Cdad's picture

Sir John,

I enjoy your posts often.  I consider you a reasoned and rational fellow.  But you have missed the point per CNBC.  It has been allowed to continue with its perpetual major malfunction because it has existed within the greater body of the mother ship, GE.  And all the while that this has been the case, the various malfunctioning personalities have continued to suffer under the delusion that they are too important to be released from the mother ship, no matter the absolute laziness and lack of preparedness inherent in their daily presentations.

Rather than picking one of the many low hanging fruit there, let us report to a favored son, none other than Joe Kernan...a fellow who spends more time picking out bumper music than preparing hard questions for smarmy investment bankers...and cracking jokes that regularly disrupt the flow...or trickle...of useful information that might accidentally appear during his three long hours.  Why just today, in response to the massive futures move this morning, his partner cited "Good production numbers in Asia" as the reason for the move.  And in response, the much loved Mr. Kernan responded with, "Weak dollar...that's how it works now."  End quote, mind you, literally.

Now never mind that futures did not actually respond to the asserted stimulous, those Asian numbers, and never mind that Chinese numbers are manufactured by a Communist nation of central planners.  Again, "Weak dollar, that's how it works."

Comcast, I should think, will have an entirely different opinion of these things, however...that is if they can close while there is any value left in the entire network.

But sir, we share with equal enthusiasm the notion that credibility lost is almost never regained...which our markets are currently suffering...but the subject of another post.


John McCloy's picture

Sir CDAD let me assure you I am certainly on the same page as you. CNBC/MSNBC/NBC are all now products of the TARP recipients of GE capital. They all believe they are now part of the elites in my opinion to have them and their bretheren repaid in their pieces of silver sometime in the future after they have done their part in relaying the White House globalist talking points. More succinctly they are either traitors or too mental handicaps incapable of original thought.
That is why CNBC recently recieved a Town hall with Obama with pre determined questions.
That is why Liesman is considered the man with GED access. Liesman is a tool who is enveloped in his self manifested self importance and his reward for Fed fellatio is to be the message boy for the Fed to the mainstream.
I once wrote Kernan and angry email telling him " how can I trust your cheerleading network when you cannot even get the aFLAC trivia questions correct?"
To my surprise he wrote me an angry retort telling me I was bitter etc. It's all about sellouts. GE soldout America for out tax dollars and are now co conspriators PRAVDA style. If there is something else I'm missing I'm all ears sir. I love to learn. It drives me.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Correct, and dead on John. Pisani, Kernan, Liesman and all the other tools at CNBC should know better (and I believe they do), yet still refuse to report anything truthful, useful or honest. They appear to have NO conscience, and are only there to collect a paycheck and go off a prearranged GE script. They are becoming increasingly irrelevant as the ratings prove so. 

We must tune these people out, and focus on that which we know is real. ZH fits that bill. I tell everyone I know to bookmark and read this site daily. Many are doing just that.

velobabe's picture

i am ¢'ing it is all about the pay check. can't blame them. i am sure Kernan is no longer an 80 handicap, so that is his K A R M A, not.

plus, he has gotten pudgy over the last decade, i have notice.

StychoKiller's picture

Look, ya don't shoot your PC when a General Protection Fault freezes it, why do you therefore complain when the robots/talking heads relay what's written on the teleprompter?  I'm of the opinion that these people are clueless about what's REALLY going on, perhaps intentionally so.

Cdad's picture

Dearest Sir John,

I am literally delighted to hear that Joe wrote back to you a snotty response.  I have written and yet not received that just reward which, I assure you, I would relish.

Indeed, GE is a corporation that should receive the fullest of federal investigation.  We have heard over the years of their various dealings with nations like Iran, but I do believe, in the end, the story will go much, much deeper than this.  Of course, what we are talking about now is crony capitalism which is corrosive to the republic.  Unfortunately, it will probably take some sort of seismic shift in CA, literally, before the White Iphone 4 seeking zombies join us in a certain amount, anyway, of consternation that CNBC would betray the US public with propaganda.  Hi ho!

Maybe it is the case that there is nary a wit of difference between us, good sir.  Be it the case, I look forward to reading your logical, relevant, and reasonable posts.  Rest assured, I shall step forth and support them.

I tip my hat, good sir.  I raise my glass to the death of NBC...which will likely come only when the Iphone 4 audience starts paying more attention to the broadcast segments than the do the commercial segments.  When this day comes...who knows...but I do pray.

Until then...



tahoebumsmith's picture

But,but that's not what Jeffery Immelt says? Oh but that's right he is part of the new economic advisory board... They are all on the same cheerleading squad, only problem is the team is losing every game.

Milton Waddams's picture

Nah man, Jeff's cool (beside that pesky "I'm a globalist" admission he made on Charlie Rose a few years ago then crawling back, stars and stripes in hand, to the government tit during the height of the crisis. Oh and proclaiming, on CNBC no less, that the GE dividend was "air tight" before cutting it a few months later).

I mean he is a class b board member of the NY Fed.

Class B means he was elected by member banks to represent the public. So he's got your interests at heart!

TruthInSunshine's picture


It is surreal that people watch that bullshit. I can't even stomach that shit for 5 seconds.

Who are these tens of thousands of mouth breathers that actually do watch that absolute tragicomedy?

TheGreatPonzi's picture

Douchebags who think they can become quickly rich following Cramer's advices. That usually ends in tears.

StychoKiller's picture

Make no mistake, those "dirt bags" are making FRNs in the current market(s).  Crazer could recommend Consolidated Drool and someone would probably make some FRNs.  There's gonna be a lot of unhappy campers when the Great Implosion finally happens!

willien1derland's picture

CNBC NEEDS A BAILOUT - Here is the plan sponsored by Bennie & the Feds - for all the 99ers they will receive extended benefits to WATCH CNBC or at least have the channel on a muted TV in their homes - in this way CNBC can continue their propoganda activities as an all-day infommerical - I am Larry Kudlow & I approve this message -

oogs66's picture

Bloomberg news seems much better.  Still somewhat financial. It was nice to have a whole day and not one single analyst complain that all stocks move the same!  they only complain that they move the same on down days!

Shell Game's picture

Anyone else getting creeped out by the blinking genie levitating the sneeker at the side of the page? *blink, blink*