It's The Chart, STUPID

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With every Tom, Dick and Harry convinced they can take on Goldman's Jim O'Neill and come up with a wittier, edgier, Gen Y/Z BRIC equivalent, Zero Hedge has decided to join the fray. We present the STUPIDs: Spain, Turkey, UK, Portgual, Italy and Dubai. We admit that while the BRICs and some the other more ridiculous sounding acronyms we have seen out there recently are a gauge into various countries' pent up "growth" potential, the STUPID index is merely a countdown to the inevitable sovereign debt implsion that so far has been postponed due to cash printers working on overdrive 24/7. And to make it simple for the armchair acronym specialists, since the index is in CDS, the chart will go up... but not on the pervasive permabullish sentiment.

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how about STUUPID, with another U for the US...just to be fair and finger pointed out has three fingers pointed back, yada yada...otherwise, typically excellent....

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Portugal is usually on that craps acronims. Yes, it´s accurate Portugal's economic system isn't so great, but you will find other people countrys inside a poor scenario than 1800Flowers Coupons Portugal for example Poland, Italy and other people.

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STUPID index is more than a countdown to the inevitable implsion sovereign debt until now has been postponed due to effective printers working in overdrive 24 / 7. And to make it easy for armchair experts acronym, because the index is in the CDS, the graph will go up ... but not in the general sense permabullish.\] canada pharmacy

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well, totally depending on how we use them :) thanks!


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The clock is ticking, and no printing press will save the European banking system when the time comes. Wonder if goppers will manage to tear down the house of cards before it collapses by itsef. If it were not a tragedy, it would be just hilarious.

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Anonymous's picture

nope, cap and handle

Anonymous's picture

Actually, i don't know how i didn't think of it above, but the STUUPID PIIGS would roll-up fairly nicely to that great 70's memory,the Organization of Fuel Using Countries, which can't be more than one oil crisis away, so we can re-start it now and bet against ourselves in the swaps market with the BRICS on the other side of the trade as the S Debt funding mechanism. Problem solved. For a few more years at anyway.

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Inverted H&S with an atrophied LS? Either way it measures up to 300ish.

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The 2008-09 fractal implies a gravity defying wave 3 is about to launch.  Uh Oh.

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"STUPID is what STUPID does"


Great stuff TD.


I need more cowbell's picture

I respectfully submit there is one omission. It should be:


WaterWings's picture

UST default more likely than blue-chippers now:

Check the comments. Similar to over here and I think I found were Cheeky has been hanging out.

Anonymous's picture

STUUPID !!!!!!

yy's picture

sounds great but we need more info

1. How are the contributions weighted?

2. Can you provide separate graphs for each contributor on the same graph or anotehr one?


pams's picture

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2. you can extract from the main chart information about individuals.

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Anonymous's picture is just a matter of legal accounting semantics.....

Anonymous's picture

"I" should have been Ireland.


Anonymous's picture

definitely ireland

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in my opinion it is useless... I can not use it. gay chat

Anonymous's picture

Speaking of STUPID, look who's on TV right now!
The only thing missing is the clown nose....

Daedal's picture

ASSININE Index: Argentina, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, India, Nigeria, England

Maybe replace Argentina with America?

Racer's picture
  • And U and the S with the US
Observer's picture

How do India and the Netherlands fit into this bunch; is it just for convenience?

Daedal's picture

Yes. Perhaps Illinois and Nevada would have been more apt.

dnarby's picture

My God...  It's full of awesome.

(apologies to Clarke & Kubric)