It's Going to Be 2008 on Steroids

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Tyler get rid of this repetitive drivel!

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Wow, I read it in 5 seconds.  Yup.  Then the pitch. 


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Your rating keeps decreasing. Do you know why?

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Couple of thoughts:

Gold might sell off with everything else


Everyone runs into Gold


Gold goes through roof


Market hates this and tanks even more


Interest rates sky at the exact wrong time; Market also hates this and tanks even more


Gold bugs begin to sell overvalued Gold for undervalued assets


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There will be QE3. Your scenario might play out in 2012 after the elections, not before. Ron might win and if he does, I expect TPTB will do someting in a knee jerk reaction that will collapse the world financial system (which almost happened in 2008).

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The Phoenix Capital random word generator must be low on fuel, as this is one of the lamest recycling of the tired, worn-out warnings regarding our lousy economy.  At least have a human editor read this stuff before printing, and add some bit of new, relevant material.

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Yeah, I wouldn't have clicked if I had noticed it was Phoenix Capital

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And then we'll all be Goldman Sucks' subservient sheeple slaves.

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time sell a few bits of silver and gold and totally get away from any stocks at all..and put the money into more rations, good tools/machinery, and all the tuna, etc you can stock up on

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Nouriel Roubin says Spam...I'd go with dried goods like beans, rice, corn, flour, oats, and water filtering supplies.

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It's hard to beat Spam for caloric density and shelf life.  All that salt ya know.


Trust me on this, I've done it - beans and rice (dried versions) won't keep long, especially beans.

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Goldman Sucks will be short every single share of every single stock before the market crashes. And afterwards? They will pay off all our debts the world over.

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'Though NATO wont be bombing us'...yea I wouldnt be so sure of that.

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No, DHS will just arrest any "enemy combatant" (i.e. REAL patriots) and send them to FEMA camps. 

But you're right, if it gets ugly enough we already know that foreign troops WILL be deployed on US soil to quell dissent.

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I hope you are righht but you have been saying this for years Graham and here we are S and P at over 1300

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It seems to me that S&P higher correlates perfectly with the thesis...just the timing of collapse is unknown.