It's Official: Ron Paul Is Head Of Monetary Policy Subcommittee

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Despite rumors that various splinter forces within the Republican party are attempting to block Ron Paul's fateful chairmanship of the Monetary Policy Subcommittee, we now have confirmation that the only sane politician left will now be Ben Bernanke's direct nemesis during any and all future Congressional spectacles starring the printing unchallenged one. And with US debt creeping ever closer to the debt ceiling, coupled with the dollar for dollar monetization of the US deficit, such spectacles will soon be plenty.

Fast forward to 3:30 in the clip for the announcement.

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TruthInSunshine's picture

You thought The Bernank seemed nervous on '60 Minutes?'

Just wait.

The GOP Establishment just got slapped down by the real fiscal conservatives, many of them up and coming freshmen, including Spencer Bachus.

Lucius Cornelius Sulla's picture

As much as I admire Ron Paul, although it will be an interesting side-show, I doubt that it will meaningfully change anything.  Monetary ignorance is the rule in the USA.

dumpster's picture

monetary ignorance is not a trait of Ron Paul

qnd with him asking the questions ..  the perps cant just hid behind other stupid politicians

it might not change any thing ,,  because the fraud is so far inbedded into the fabtic of american life ,,

but some one needs to get the ball rolling in the right direction,,




Max Hunter's picture

May not be sweeping changes but at the least RP will make it interesting.. He has been the drive of the handfull of good things in Washington present day.

BigJim's picture

I love Ron Paul and everything he stands for (with the exception of his anti-abortion leanings... though as the man was an obstetrician, you can see where he's coming from)

But I wish to god he'd get a new tailor and take some lessons on public speaking and presentation. Yes, I know it's shallow, but a lot of people see this aspect of RP before hearing his message and turn off.

You can get decent, bespoke suits for £400 here in the UK, so I imagine similar deals are available in the US. No more of that droopy, off-the-shoulder nonsense.

He's always 'on the money' in my opinion, from foreign affairs to monetary policy, but in debates he often comes across as whiny and querulous, and this does his message no favours.

kridkrid's picture

It's all we got...

It also doesn't help that the subject matter he is drawn to is so far removed from what the average american is told is important... which is by design. 

Watauga's picture

BigJim--Cannot argue with points about Paul's style and carriage (or lack of both), but wonder why you take exception to a pro-life position.  Is it that liberty should be extended to every person except those whom mothers choose to kill?

RockyRacoon's picture

"Person"  ??

"Naturæ rationalis individua substantia"

Auric Goldfinger's picture

Watauga, with all due respect, let's stay focused. 

Don't bite, Rocky!



RockyRacoon's picture

Okay.  I'd hate to loose this beautiful striped tail and be made into a frontier chapeau.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Yet, if you engage in dog fighting, you go to jail. Kill a preggo+fetus while driving drunk or in a domestic dispute...2x Homocide. Have consentual sex without condom and spoon afterward...get Assange'd.

The mess we find ourselves in, is just a small part of the bigger problem...we are too stupid, as a species, for our own good.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Truth needs no spokesman, or snake-oil salesmen.

Just a note that Dr. Paul's stance on abortion is the most logical. He doesn't not believe in abortion personally, but views it as a States' rights issue. Furthermore, he understands that prohibition of ANYTHING leads to black market activity, and results in more harm, than good.

RockyRacoon's picture

States Rights, bitchez!

If you don't like the laws, move to a state that you like.

If you wanna carry a gun, move outta New York!

Unbeliever's picture

Ron Paul may not achieve much himself directly, but he has planted innumerable seeds throughout his career.

Problem Is's picture

Ron Paul: Crank Up That Subpoena Machine
Paul will slap Bernank with subpoenas for Fed records bitchez...

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

"Dear Diary, Bill Gross makes the perfect latte.  Note to self:  Remember to ask him what his secret is."

"Call Lord BlankCheck:  Tell him we will buy all of his toxic assets at 100% if he buys three of my wife's paintings.  Remind him he owes me monie for the Vegas hookers."

"It's easy being breezy!"

"If Assange fucks with me, I'm going to have his Amazon account suspended."

"Monday:  Had a bad dream, the printer broke; woke up and puked on my wife's hair.  She didn't notice."

Clancy's picture

I think of him as my third grandfather.

fuu's picture

Me too! He is still the only politician I have ever given money to.

M2Market's picture

And me too!  The only two politicians that I've ever given money to, the other being Peter Schiff

TruthInSunshine's picture


I've learned to be painfully skeptical.

But I do believe RP won't sell out, so they will have to railroad him to prevent him from undoing the fraud that is a gracious private central bank that controls our monetary policy as a nation.

And I do hold out some hope that there are incoming representatives intending to do some good that will hopefully take a lesson from RP and not succumb to being bought or blackmailed.

redpill's picture

He won't sell out, but he may very well be blocked by his own party.

Clancy's picture

And don't forget murder by airplane.

Quixotic_Not's picture

The good Dr. Paul will be hobbled by his religion and as such won't go for Ben Bernank's jugular, i.e. accusing the bearded asshat of aiding & abetting institutional fraud.

When dealing with a snake, one must grab it by the tail and smash its head on the ground.

The looting will continue until moral improves...

hardcleareye's picture

I picked up Paul's book at the library last week, it was an interesting rambling read.  The book was unfocused, short on the kind of details that in real life "bite you in the ass", my impression, a "naive idealist".  Some of his representation of facts were inaccurate (no excuse for that, damages creditability).  If his style of writing is any reflection on his political career, I doubt he will be effective.  I must say I concur with much of what he says, but if I had a different opinions prior to reading the book I would not be swayed by his writings....  opportunity lost...

On the side it has been very interesting pulling old books on the federal reserve from the library, (trying to find books without Machiavellian conspiracy theories woven into them, "I want the facts, nothing but the facts...").  I read one several weeks ago published in 1913-14, very dry, lots of "ra-ra" for the "new" Fed, on the eve of WWI, the intent of the book was to explain the new "Fed. Reserve".  Made me very thoughtful about liquidity, federal reserve, inflation and wars.....  (this was echoed in Paul's book).

fuu's picture

Which book? He has written over 17 of them.

samsara's picture

(trying to find books without Machiavellian conspiracy theories woven into them, "I want the facts, nothing but the facts...").

Try "The Creature from Jekyll Island"

But then, you will find that a factual historical account of the time that  "The Facts, Nothing but the Facts"  WAS actually a "Machiavellian Conspiracy".

Such a paradox eh?




thetruth's picture

hahaha if you have a preconceived notion of what the facts are you will never find them!

hardcleareye's picture

You are correct, however you have to start with a "frame of reference/observation" and "work" from there..  you never relay on one individuals opinion or observation, you also have to consider if the representations are impartial or might the they be "couched" in a way to manipulateyou for some reason?  A healthy dose of skepticism is very important....  I think it is important to be able to accurately articulate both sides (and there may be more than two views!!) of an issue before drawing a conclusion.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Your most important references, when delving into this subject; Money, and human action. Keep that in mind as you study. Happy hunting.

hardcleareye's picture

"The Creature from Jekyll Island" was the first one I read, and I thought (at first) it was a "wild, paranoid, bullshit tale".  Which "motivated" (no way is this true!!) me to get the "real facts"...  dig a little deeper,  the discoveries from other sources seem to confirm much of what is in TCFJI, my husband refers to my research into this issue as "mental masturbation" (subject matter for lively discussions between us). 

Yes I concur it is a paradox, one I view with much concern.  I wonder why this is not covered in the history books?  Had a lively discussion with grandson over dinner the other night, discussing the causes of WWI, school teaches it was because of the Assassination of Ferdinand, started getting the kid to think a little, "reality check here...", countries don't "really" start wars because someone gets shot, they use it as an excuse to obfuscate the truth...  this lead into wonderful 90 min debate with the whole family involved, google searches etc..  No where in any of his Global History Studies do they discuss ANY Monetary Policy... money, currency, they mention in passing the inflation in Germany prior to WW2 but no detail for its causes, etc.. most societies in history raise and fall with their currency and wealth.. ummm I wonder why it is excluded??? 

Is it an ignorant oversight or is it intentional?  I am not sure....

-Michelle-'s picture

And people think it's hard to homeschool.  Involved families are always homeschooling.

Bring the Gold's picture

You think monetary history being as important as you note is "accidentally" left out of the history books? Considering the influence of those who control currencies that seems a bit too coincidental that something so central to history was unintentionally left out of so many texts. It would seem that the direction of historical inquiry and discussion at university would have to be actively guided away from monetary history for such a result.

Also when one considers that for many years books like Creature from Jekyll Island were said to be conspiracy non-sense. Now the FED has confirmed the large part of the truth of it eg Warburg, Morgan et al secretly meeting and secretly planning legislation. It's almost as though the need to hide this history has passed. Why? Why hide it? Why reveal it now?

Bring the Gold's picture

Great post and I agree. Supposedly, and this could be disinfo, the Jefferson quote you used is not a real quote. I say that simply because some would use a minor error of atribution to discredit your thesis, a thesis that I believe is correct.

dcb's picture

don't know why you got junked. you didn't attack Paul, you attacked the system. Although if he manages to educate americans maybe the end result will be some changes. The oligarchy isn't going to change unless forced.

alpds's picture

Although I agree, I hope that we will be proven wrong.

Zon's picture

The only fiscal conservative in GOP is Ron paul, Bachus and other "tea party" pols all support war which is far from fiscal conservatism as you can get

GrouchoNotKarl's picture

I'm going to be watching C-SPAN more often and with some popcorn.

Irwin Fletcher's picture

Best news I've heard in a long time.

StychoKiller's picture

Advice to Mr. Paul:  Stay out of hot tubs, don't fly in small planes, and wear double-strength condoms!

Voluntary Exchange's picture



Also, wear Kevlar underclothes with ceramic inserts and pack your own lunches. It would be nice if RP was also chairman of the financial services committee as well as speaker of the house. At which point he would need better secret service protection than Mr "hope and change" himself.   At some point after the PTB have decided they have sucked as much blood from the American people as they can, either they will cover every thing up in devastating loosing war (if history is any guide), or is it possible they will set up the Fed Reserve to take a fall if they finally have what they want on a global scale? I don't think they can ever let the criminality of the Fed ever be exposed to the light of day as that leads to too many trails that they would rather not have followed and a permanent compromise of their special enslaving power via fiat currency. At which point they would have to attempt a reboot of "civilization" itself to wipe the slate clean with people starting from the ignorant cave man stage AGAIN while they attempt to play god from their bunkers (or where ever it is the alpha-bloodsuckers hang out).

Clancy's picture

And don't forget to check your chair for poison thumbtacks.

DCon's picture

Driving in open-top convertibles near grassy knolls should be avoided too



rookie's picture

and don't shop with wife in London.

Tom Terrific's picture

Hmmm, I wonder what's up with this.  No way would the Reps do this without approval by the Fed or TPTB.