It's Official: Wisconsin Gov. Walker Signs Bill Taking Away Public Worker Collective Bargaining Rights.

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While the signature of Governor Walker to the Bill that had passed both the Senate and the Assembly, was inevitable, it is now also history. The first shot across the bow at America's unions is now official. What happens in Wisconsin next is anyone's guess. Probably nothing much. And any union member who may consider protesting today should carefully evaluate whether they should be doing so at the Senate building or on Wall Street/D.C. where the root of America's insolvency, and all of its financial problems stems from.

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get ready for a 4000 comment thread from union whiners.

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funny how that works. all the "pain" tends to roll downhill to the shit shovelers. the eye in the sky? kickin' it, and collecting tax payer bailouts like huge doses of morphine.

what used to be 'fuck the poor', now its 'fuck the middle class', all reflective of a declining dollar losing purchasing power. the problem is not just overpaid union workers, and wall street. its that we have become maladaptive, and cannot compete in a true market. we need stimulus, credit, and bailouts to exist day to day.

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This is the inevitable conclusion of the nanny state.

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Executive Order 11110 AMENDMENT OF EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 10289


By virtue of the authority vested in me by section 301 of title 3 of the United States Code, it is ordered as follows:

Section 1. Executive Order No. 10289 of September 19, 1951, as amended, is hereby further amended-

By adding at the end of paragraph 1 thereof the following subparagraph (j):

(j) The authority vested in the President by paragraph (b) of section 43 of the Act of May 12,1933, as amended (31 U.S.C.821(b)), to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of any outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denomination of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption

and --

Byrevoking subparagraphs (b) and (c) of paragraph 2 thereof.

Sec. 2. The amendments made by this Order shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil or criminal cause prior to the date of this Order but all such liabilities shall continue and may be enforced as if said amendments had not been made.

John F. Kennedy The White House, June 4, 1963.

Of course, the fact that both JFK and Lincoln met the the same end is a mere coincidence.

Abraham Lincoln's Monetary Policy, 1865 (Page 91 of Senate document 23.)

Money is the creature of law and the creation of the original issue of money should be maintained as the exclusive monopoly of national Government.

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To ALL Republicans on this Thread Bitching about the Union(s)...


To all wanna be Hawks / wanna be Conservatives...


$440,781,045,961.00 <----- got NO! Fucking Air Time... No Picket Signs... NOTHING!!!!




Anger as JP Morgan bankers get $10bn pay and bonus pot



JP Morgans Bonus Monies Last Year.. when no real work was completed.. could have paid for Wisconsin in TOTAL which includes the Unions...




When you wanna be motherfuckers take the time to post 700 plus times on the 102 Billion that "We the People" are getting Fucked for next Month.. I will stop calling you Poser / Wanna Be's.. but until then, you are fucking banker puppets paying attention to what you are told to pay attention too.

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Walker is a dead politician walking.

He's lost his conservative margin vote that put him in office according to numerous polls.

The recall movement is well-funded.

The recent state legislative action violated numerous state statutes and is heading to court.  It will likely be overturned.  (Shades of Walker's attempt to steamroll an end to collective bargaining in Milwaukee County during a self-declared so-called budget emergency as county exec which was then overturned by a judge and cost the county millions.)

The naked power grab is being seen for what it is...a looting of state assets, pension, forests, energy producing for his wealthy Billionaire Backers the Koch Bros. and the banking interests that put him in power.

Now the governor of Michigan is trying the same crap.

It's amusing that many libertarians support this.

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wtf is this? Arianna Huffington's troll bitch avatar posting on ZH? anyone who thinks that public employees shouldn't be compensated on the same level as the private sector is a shill, no way around it.

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I think you meant public employees should be compensated LESS THAN private sector employees.

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If they can even be paid the "same", then it necessarily means the government has already intruded into the private sector...  in other words, we should not even be able to compare the two.

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Maybe read Tyler's write-up here before spewing your nonsense.  The Wall Street "external advisors" (who by the way cost the state of Wisconsin $194 million dollars last year) gifted the state with a net $10 billion dollar loss to it's primary pension fund over the last three years.  The state would have been in great financial shape without these fucking jackals.


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This my pro-billionaire/bankster so-called libertarian friends is your bright future…(and when Walker and his Koch backed deluded Tea Party friends are done looting state assets, they’ll come after your assets.

Scott Walkers Real Agenda in Wisconsin

The Republican governor's budget plan would open the state up to a corporate asset-grab not seen since robber baron capitalism

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We have six bus drivers in Wisconsin who made over 100k a year, and one who made over 150k one year. If that's not public unions hosing the taxpayer then what is. Public unions are evil. When a union negotiates with the Democrat they helped elect, then who represents the taxpayer?

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From the article--

>>>Concern about bus drivers being among the city's highest earners isn't new. The issue surfaced after Metro changed from a Downtown hub to a transfer station system in 1998.

In 1997, before the change, no driver made more than $70,000. But two years later, as Metro struggled to fill vacancies, two drivers topped $100,000 and seven more made more than $70,000.<<<

Sounds like supply demand.

Couldn't find (or retain?) qualified drivers.  Senior drivers took the overtime.

Private businesses are subject to the same labor supply issues as public employeers.

So, go drive a bus for $25,000 a year late at night, in the wee hours of the morning, in the ice, snow and minus zero degrees and ease the burden on the taxpayer.

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If you would care to read the article then you would realize that the union negotiated restrictions on part time drives, and other methods that might have been used to reduce overtime. You know those very collective bargaining rights that have been stripped.



Also, the union contract limits part-timers to 15 percent of the number full-time drivers, and part-timers can only drive morning and afternoon school routes. Those rules create opportunities for overtime and other special pay for full-time workers.

The city negotiated more flexibility for using part timers in 2002-03, but a state audit last year recommended Metro seek even more flexibility and noted that some pay premiums, such as those for evening and Sunday shifts, are uncommon in the industry. <<<<<<<<<


That strangely enough was just after the quote you used, but I'm sure it was just an oversight. You wouldn't attempt to mislead anybody.

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It is hilarious how if the white collar bank labor were unionized the elite left opinion on bank bailouts would be completely different. Would have been 100% behind them just like they were 100% behind GM as a country needs a car maker but not a banking system to function.

Whereas the right opinion against the bailouts regardless would not change.




It is not Wall St/banks why the country is bankrupt,

it is the Ivy league educated brainwashed governmental leftists bailing them out that is at fault.

Is is the gov'ts insane barriers to entry, endless regulators, ludicrous conditions that enable them.  Blame fractional reserves? Smart idea, keep 100% reserves locked in a closet somewhere, ultra efficient and not oppressive in the slightest.


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Jesus, flattrader, give it up already. What Walker and the WI republicans did was perfectly legal according to the tenants of a representative democracy. They proposed a bill, they voted on the bill, the governor signed the bill. Just get over it. Even if your union pals and the brave Democrats who fled to Illinois had carried the day, the public union retirees still wouldn't have gotten their retirement benefits because there is no money.

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I live in wi. and have family members that work for the state.  I have a brother who has stated for years "I really dont do anything at work",he is protesting now.  I have a sister in law who has been so busy at work she does not have time to go grocery shopping(on the taxpayers dime). I do not like what is happening now,but as a taxpayer-I think it is not too much to expect a full days work for a full days pay.

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Even if we place the collective bargaining issue on the shelf, the bill as passed will damage Wisconsin.  All you union haters out there - WAKE UP.  Yeah, this bill kicks the unionists in the balls - but if you happen to make something in Wisconsin - watch out, Scott Walker just sold you down the river.  If, as authorized in this bill, Walker decides to sell off state-owned powerplants, you can kiss your profits goodbye.  Does anyone at ZH remember Enron, 2001, and the West Coast energy crisis?  At the pleading of "conservative" activists, California forced its utilities to divest their generation resources and enter into competitive contracts for energy, mostly on the day-ahead market.  This unleashing of the genius of the market was certain to save their customers money.  I won't go into all of the machinations Enron and others engaged in once they opened the "free market" door, but I can say this, wholesale electricity, which had virtually never exceeded $75 per megaWatt-hour was priced in the hundreds much of the spring of 2001 and at peak demand, often exceeded $1500 per MWh.  California lost about $9 Billion (and Gray Davis lost his job).  You're all a bunch of fairy-tale believing children if you believe that the state would obtain fair market value for its resources and won't suffer stunning and economically strangling electricity costs as a result.  Herr Walker finagled getting YOU to support legislation aimed at putting a knife to your throats by offering to kill those detestable public employee unions and you took the bait, hook, line, and sinker.  Idiots.

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The governor of Michigan wants to be able to fire mayors and put a CEO into office.

Jamie Dimon's class warriors will be giddy at such a prospect!

More than well-funded, the movement against the Koch Head is well staffed.  Let's see how he does when a couple dozen tractors roll up to his doorstep this weekend.

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Fukk the poor and middle class, they didn't just have unabridged access to capital at historically low interest,

that was all my imagination.

The current 0% lint on savings is really killing them vs the rich too.

They don't really live like royalty does elswhere around the globe, another figment of my deluded mind. The concept of unattainable luxury really isn't dead, the ultra rich have personal spacecraft or something.


They need to  cut taxes for these people, oh right can't cut $0.

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Savings accounts pay about 0% these days, too.  That's a real incentive, isn't it?

Workers pay SALES TAX, which is more than the banker-gangsters pay to loot the world and blow up the economy with their trillion dollar derivative schemes.

The Keyboard Cowboys get bailed out, though.  Because they went to private school!

Either you're disingenuous or you're stupid.  Regardless, you're serving the Morgue.  

Good job.

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A lot of state sales tax going to that $14,000,000,000,000

federal deficit class warfare/union bot.

$0.THe poor will pay nothing towards the economic calamity and the middle class pretty close to nothing-that is what happens when 50% pay no federal income tax and/or have no savings to be penalized with the 100% tax on interest income called 0% interest on savings.


I am stupid, a total idiotic moronic imbecile

and I get it, so why don't you?



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There are many ways to erase huge amounts of debt, starting with actually TAXING those people who have looted our treasury.

Does that, specifically, solve the problem of Fractional Reserve Banking?  Of course not.

But the whole "debt" game is a sham to compel extortion of government by the bailed-out the banker-gangsters to whose defense you've come.

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Atta boy stand up for the biggest criminals in the world, the governments. They take and take and take some more and keep on taking. The banks are an extension of the government afterall they have made it almost impossible for any normal to get into the banking industry. They would adore full reserves, making capital even less accessable to the normals and making it even more difficult for a normal to get into the banking industry.



Taxing the poor is never a solution to federal debt but keep beating that ignorant drum.


The problem isn't fractional banking as if taking resources out of circulation and putting them in a closet somewhere doesn't hurt the poor and middle class imbecile. That is what they want you idiot, even less access to capital for the normals.


I get it though, you are a fanatic of titanic proportions and will latch onto any old bullshit to support that fanatacism.


Public unions,bankers, insurance companies, welfare, any industry who games the government, the government itself et al all on one side vs the normals   on the other.


Not sure why figuring out whom is on their team is so difficult for the neo marxist.


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The problem with pensions is simple, unfortunately, the understanding is not. We are not educated in economics and therefore don't realize what a pension is.

Pensions are a loan. We loan our present earnings to the government in the hope we receive it back (and a little more) at a future date. What no one understands is that there is risk involved when you loan money. There is a chance you will not receive it as the receiver may go bankrupt or you may take a haircut as assets can only pay a portion of what you invested.

These public workers are ignorant of risk, just as GM workers and any number of other pension plans that have gone bust. They assumed they would be paid in full. This is as dangerous as banks thinking they would be made whole (of course, they have more influence than a worker, thus, they are being made whole). 

People can whine and complain and dance around crying how they are being cheated, and they are. Unfortunately, this is the nature of risk. You have to make an assessment of the borrowers ability to repay a loan. 

This is complicated by a union that required your participation. There was no way to opt out and receive your benefits at the time you earned them. Further, there is no mechanism to hedge your risk- meaning, your union screwed you.

There is a price paid for ignorance of economics and how money works. If nothing else, people hopefully will learn this lesson and make adjustments.

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The risk is especially high when that 'loan' from the pensioner (that's what you call this obligation constituting one part of a negotiated CONTRACT) gets handed over to the banker-gangsters for 'risk management'.

The Keyboard Cowboys then steal it from you, claim they lost it, and get bailed out.

And if you were dumb enough to believe the word of Capitalists bearing Contracts, you just get the shaft.

Then they attack you on ZeroHedge.

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Sure last time I actually looked at one,

it was New Mexico's state pension fund,

being managed by financial professor from Arizona State in 2006,

guess what he was invested in?

every mortgage fraud know to mankind from Novastar to COuntrywide and back again.


How much better off would they have been actually letting Wall St manage it instead of some academic theoretical pack animal?


You play the victim well whiny bitch, now try actually finding the state pension holdings and who actually is managing them next time.

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never mind the unions, (a diversion), what about secret no-bid deals to sell off state owned utilities?  anyone know if this language made it in to the final bill?

(1) Notwithstanding ss. 13.48 (14) (am) and 16.705 (1), the department may sell any state−owned heating, cooling, and power plant or may contract with a private entity for the operation of any such plant, with or without solicitation of bids, for any amount


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 O/U on times Koch appears below 100,000 1/2.

America 1 Soros 0.

Afterall bank CEOS are vastly overpaid so government servants should be too.

 Maybe they should just raise taxes, oh wait Europe has higher taxes and most of it is broke too.

 The new normal acccording to the union bots=

uneducated labor making $150K a year, retiring at 50yo with a pension and full benefits.

 Oh but people died for these labor laws 50yrs ago, so make it $200K and retire at 40yo.

Unions are so congruent with government, earn as much money as possible for as little work as possible, really jives well with government providing as much services as possible for as inexpensively as possible.


Green Bay the model for all cities, bus drivers earn $150K/yr,

fresh out of school physicians with $250K in med school debyt earn $80K.

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One of the reasons my city has not been more affected by the downturn is because we have agreements with/own part of a nuclear reactor...  the city run electricity is very cheap and, as a result, very attractive to prospective manufacturers, etc.  Not to mention bending backward in other ways to get them here...  needless to say, selling ownership interest in energy generation facilities might not be a good strategic decision...

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The Vikram Pandit Brigade has arrived.  It's time to smash those who do REAL work.

All hands on deck for the class war.  Keyboard Cowboys, ATTACK!

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Teach some kids to do differential equations or STFU, bitchez.

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To ALL Republicans on this Thread Bitching about the Union(s)...


To all wanna be Hawks / wanna be Conservatives...


$440,781,045,961.00 <----- got NO! Fucking Air Time... No Picket Signs... NOTHING!!!!




Anger as JP Morgan bankers get $10bn pay and bonus pot



JP Morgans Bonus Monies Last Year.. when no real work was completed.. could have paid for Wisconsin in TOTAL which includes the Unions...




When you wanna be motherfuckers take the time to post 700 plus times on the 102 Billion that "We the People" are getting Fucked for next Month.. I will stop calling you Poser / Wanna Be's.. but until then, you are fucking banker puppets paying attention to what you are told to pay attention too.

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you got that right, its "rage against the machine time" once more. 

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Yeah. Amazing right ? The tit has been sucked dry and yet they manage to turn this into a "the elite is cracking down on the middle class!" argument.

How about the middle class that was paying for their insanely good conditions comparing to the shit sandwich the "other" middle class was eating meanwhile ?


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To Me

The Banksters on Wall Street

And the Public Unions are the Same

Both sucking me dry

downwiththebanks's picture

Right now, on this issue, you're standing with Jamie Dimon and against librarians.

Good job. 

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I nominate pazmaker for the ZH "Reader Post of the Day" award !!!

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"get ready for a 4000 comment thread..."

214 posts in 2 hours.  can we keep up this torrid pace for 35 hours?

- Ned

[ed. I think that all of the junks mean "go with the Under." ;-) ]

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And 10,000 more from the Keyboard Cowboys lining up to beat-off Jamie Dimon right after beating on people who actually do REAL work.

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"America's" union? Hardly...

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great news.

sad performance by cnbc carl in attacking walker this morning

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Gov. Walker had better stay out of his hot tub.  You never know what the union thugs are capable of.

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rahm and chicago mob right across the border like al qaeda

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a general strike may be in the making in well as a campaign to recall the Governor.

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how about a strike by the people that pay the bills

carpetbaggers leave, jesse go home, dc union thugs - u lost