Jan Hatzius On Centrally-Planned Goldilocks

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Big if, sunshine. ..a moderate increase on the 10yr is dependant on the reserve currency status..and the US is rapidly losing sole superpower status. In fact, it's going to need a War to reaffirm it - there's no way in this current hell that any single other nation is going to go along with that sort of plan.

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Okay, Jan...here's mine: 10 yr @ 4.5% by 2012 with +0.75% GDP print.

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useless junk GDP/CPI/etc
who fucking cares ? nobody calculates those.. its just guesses..
mental msaturbation...

what exchange GDP/CPI being traded? how do we know he's any good ?
did he long or short his forecast?

as far as macro concerns what's federal deficit is gonna be this year and next ? 1.5 - 1.7 $ trln.. so in 2 years US national debt will be around 17-18 trln$.. thats food for thought.. whats next ?


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Your sure the GDP and Fed bottom line aren't related in some way? Maybe it will come to you by April.

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The economy is fine, because there's always a greater fool willing to buy US Treasuries.

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...and Euro-trash.

About that 'always'...checked with the ChiComs on that lately?

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If S&P @ 1,500 then Gold @ 1,600.

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S&P 1500 means QE 3 and 4 of over $2 trillion.  Gold would be over 2K by then.

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If S&P 1500 Gold will be 2,000...

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Everyone knows what they "need" to say and do to keep shoes on the kids' feet, a roof over their heads and the wife (or hubby) from adopting a less than favorable stance. It may be Hatzius, a politician, a judge, the bernank or any random corporate executive. We ironically call it "maturity" when people are cynical and will still not do the right thing.

... and so we deserve neither. (to partially quote Ben Franklin)

If we are to believe The Fourth Turning, it really matters not. The old will be overturned regardless how tight Governor Tarkin's grip becomes, and a renewel of spirit and ethics will come about. The new generation in control will not have the "me centeredness" predominant in their parents and be more concerned with the whole of our society ... starting in about 2025. (just a few years before we can be struck by a known meteor in the early 2030s). Unfortunately, none of us can conceive of this now ... our society is so corrupt and self-centered.

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Ok, Tyler, while stats, charts and forecasts have some relevance to traders and wall street wonks, us poor serfs here on main street could give a rip. I understand it's important to know what the idiots of irrelevance are thinking, it's more important to know what the single moms on main street are doing to feed their brood. I say we put Susie Sweetcheeks, the single mom in as Treasury Secretary. She'll start squeezing those pennies until they squeal.

As the TPTB continue to stoke the fires of fundom at the FED, Wall Street wizards continue to spew the company mantra trying to placate all who hang on every word looking for a glimmer of hope that the bubble will reinflate and they can salvage something of their stolen fortunes. Meanwhile, the banksters continue to sweep the chips off the table and make it seem that the Jan Hatzius' of the world know what the hell their talking about.

I'm not buying a word of it...just sayin


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Ever since his transition from a critical, respected and objective economist to the third coming of A Joseph Cohen, Goldman's Jan Hatzius has become an increasingly irrelevant second fiddle-cum-broken record, and as such his observations have merited less and less attention. His latest spin piece on why the centrally planned US economy will grow within the parameters of "perfection pricing" is merely more confirmation of this sad transition.

Does anyone besides me wonder if this has something to do with the ongoing investigations into Goldman et al?  Has Goldman's public rhetoric been co-opted?  That would be an interesting turn, shoe being on the other foot and all.

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It would be interesting to find out how

they got to Hatzius, wouldn't it? He was

at 1% GDP even as GS knew the Bush

tax cuts would be extended and now he

is at 3.7% based on what? The 2%

payroll tax cut which only covers the

higher price of gasoline or perhaps a

donut and coffee?  Very peculiar.


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Hatzius is but a minion, doing his bit for the oligarchy. Integrity has been for sale in America for generations. The economy has become a national security issue, therefore many former "proud" intellectuals will find themselves buying into the economic logic required to "save the empire", sacrificing their integrity on the altar of national interest (with a large dose of self-interest mixed in).  The tragedy of course is the economic fallacies required to support and promote bubble economics are beyond insane, and can be easily argued to be evil at their core. The rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer, and one needs to look no further than the paradox of Paul Krugman's continuing support of a system that effectively cancels out his primary political ideology, to realize that there is far more at play than competing economic theories.  The present American economic system can not possibly survive the irresistable force of cheap Asian labour, and the oligarchs have realized this for decades.

T.E.I.N. everyone.      

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I don't really blame Hatzius. His job, like Obama's press secretary, is to toe the party line. If he didn't, he would lose his high-paying job. Once you understand the situation and ignore his "analysis", no harm done.

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It appears that all the gloves have come off in this last attempt to reflate the global ponzi, and sadly credibility once relevant, is now completely out of the window.


Research has shown that 3-4% of the entire population is pathological liars. Among the top managers, economists, analysts, and traders on Wall Street, no one will admit to knowing a single one of them.


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As much as I think these predictions are based on policies, such as Fed printing and debt monetization, that I view as utterly unsustainable, I will not be surprised if these predictions are proved true.  Fighting the Fed and these policies on an individual investor/trading basis is a fool's game for now.  Long term, a different story, but even there, I do not see the catalyst for any major downturn.  And that's coming from someone who thinks there is one or more there, it's just not all that visible, and I guess that's how these things work.  Europe will muddle through its debt crisis, and the ECB will be monetizing somehow.

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Churnside fortunetelling from the steel and glass tent of 200 West.

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Hatzius' numbers are meaningless unless cast in "real" terms vs. nominal. Anything can happen if the dollar sinks 40%.

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Another Pod Person from the Invasion of the Bailout Snatchers.

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@Ned Zeppelin
#Long term, a different story, but even there, I do not see the catalyst for any major downturn.

are you kind of mentally challenged? do you really understand what is federal deficit means? do you really think FED/gov is going print 1$ for each 1$ in revenues.. ?? do you really think FED is going pring 1.5-1.7 trln per year each/every year and investors/ foreign investors gonna buy 10-30 yy curve what 3-5%.. ?

do youself a favor get some books to read and basic math classes about 'Geometric progression ' , will you ?


thank me later in couple years