Jan Hatzius Issues A Correction To Bernanke's Take Of The Goldman Analyst's Report

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Feds cutting spending, States and munis doing the same. Consumers getting scared of oil, as gas goes up .35 in 1 week (discretionary spending just collapsed).  Oh yeah...home prices at 2002 levels. 

But, the DOW is at the highs last seen in summer, 2008.

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My question is: what business has the chairman of the Fed referencing a Goldman Sachs report? I thought he had some (enough) Fed economists working for him.

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Sham now the crook is qouting GS who has been in the criminal circle for years now?  Boy they are coming out of the closet now.....

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His economists wouldn't have passed his course so he doesn't trust them? Plus why not just admit Goldman has been determining fed and treasury policy for at least a few years!

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DX plummeting. Is Bernanke talking?

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Goldman playing semantic games to curry favor with the White House.  Same with Zandi.

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what crap is this?

gdp is 15 trillion, 86 billion is 0.6% of gdp. with a little second order effects, that's all we need to know.

hatzius telling bernanke how to read his working papers?  wtf!!

let's mine hatzius' data.

down 1% annualised q1, then annualised 1.5% to 2% in q2/q3 then no GDP impact.

unanuallised = 0.25% in q1 then a mid of 0.44% in q1/q2. total 0.69%

simple..not bs, same number..so all we are getting is that spending cuts take effect over 3 quarters..

NEXT! i will send the fed some arithmetic and pay myself 2.5 million a year with fed dollars...