January China Commercial Banks Loan Growth, M2 Below Expectations

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China has a huge, black, underground economy. To real China, these NUMBers mean little if anything.

Loan sharking is big business in not so little China...



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Whilst we are on international statistics then UK inflation has risen again this month. Of course the Bank of England says "move along nothing to see here". Not everyone agrees with this, however.

Last Friday I reported the following Producer price figures where output inflation was recorded at 4.8% and input price inflation was recorded at 13.4%. As you can see there is no drop back in inflation likely from the output figures and the input price figures suggest a further acceleration. They are perhaps the biggest criticism of the Bank of England’s stated view that inflation is “temporary” and the result of “one-off” factors.This is because they indicate that inflation is if anything building up in the chain that eventually leads to prices on the high street."


Or as Vince Cable the business secretary calls it the UK virtually has deflation.......?


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What happens in China stays in China... the Wests problems are quite different from an inflating and growing economy (we wish!!) though that is Bernanks policy aim (dream on tubby midget)

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Every once in a while the people on cnbc say things that indicate.they read zero hedge. Joe just let it.slip this morning but he called tyler durden "some people."

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even zimbabwe is complaining of "cheap chinese imports". i had to laugh when i read it, but its true



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just remember that a pack of cigarette costed 60K of what the money was in the past.  They pretend, and make up shit to go along with it. 

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