January - March FOMC Statement Comparison; No Dissenting Votes

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Blah blah blah.


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So I'm assuming "stable inflation expectations" means we all are and have been expecting high inflation

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Stable inflation expectations - for the elite.

As they only use 0.1% of their income on food and energy, they will be just fine.

The rest of us will just have to eat iPad's.

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"No dissenting votes". Reports going around of seeing Hank Paulson entering building with large bulge under suitjacket.

Other reports state he has no bulge under suitpants.

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if you flip Paulsons head there's a Falcon on the back i heard somewhere recently... weird !

....don't know where these rumours start

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Word 2003 bitchez; will catch unlected ringleaders in their tracks.

But when will this make mainstream? Neva!

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Bob Pisani, Steve Liesman, Jimmy Cramer, all preparing the sheep for delousing.

Come on in. The water's nice and warm. Fukushima swimming pool FTMFW.

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If you ever wanted a reason NOT to trade equites- AND THE MARKET IS NOT FIXED!!!   Its today....Japan is falling in the ocean...down 15% in two trading days...so buy...hahaha

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I can't comment on this thread.  My head is already close to exploding....

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It's easier to smoke crack when you use a pipe.

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safer, too....so i'm told of course....

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I see, so you were a crack baby as well.

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you just know this rally is coming out of bernanke's bunghole.

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Always seems to happen on Berskank spew days.  Flighty shorts get fleeced.

Though this one seemed to go 2 S&P points better than expected.

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Feels like the Fed has control of the market now....except for a mushroom cloud over Tokyo, nothing is going to stop them from new highs again here

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computer say dollar much weak then the opening----so BUY!!!!!

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They undoubted spent weeks debating the proper coordination of conjunctions.

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SSDD= Same Shit Different Day? (I don't normally cuss). Sorry.

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BTF gap down D

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That red line revision is fucking hilarious!

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The economy at the moment is based on printing and debt. Once this stops, it can’t breathe on its own.  This is not going well for the Fed.  It eventually will end with the removal of the Fed from the government.

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At this point, it's going to end in utter ruin.

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Yes, it’s going to end in utter ruin - of their captured financial system.  And that is the day this nation will be economically free.

It looks to me like Bernanke’s trying to prevent a stock market collapse.  With all the bad news piling in, it gives the appearance of water building up behind a dam. With the debt at $14 trillion, and with the cost of the rebuilding of Japan from its current devastation estimated to be in the hundreds of billions, we can begin to get an idea of just how economy-boggling $14 trillion is. It’s a number you can’t wrap your arms around, and yet the Fed is “dealing” with the number.

And they’ve got an administration that just cannot hold back on this overflow spending.  Both party leaderships expect that the budget can’t be brought into balance for up to 20 years from now!  These people are abject criminals.

Everybody’s going to pay with higher and higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher energy prices, unemployment, houses dropping, rents dropping, purchasing power dropping...  These people, these Sarah Bloom Raskins, don’t have the answer; the only answer that they have is to reward their friends.  And that ain’t enough to save the country!

There is a point where it ends.  And $14 trillion takes you to the bottom of the hole. And the hole does have a bottom.  Nothing in the world that is manmade goes on forever.  Sarah and Ben and their FOMC are just driving it deeper… and deeper... and deeper... 

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"Yes, it’s going to end in utter ruin - of their captured financial system."

They're gonna take all of us with them. At this point the snap will break too much.

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Bernanke is wiping out the 99.9 to benefit the one-tenth of one percent. 

A slight hike in a $26,000 401(k) invested in a rising stock market isn’t going to appease the natives who are expending the bulk of their income on indiscretionaries such as insurance for health care, drugs, cars and houses; food; heat; gasoline; car repair, property taxes; credit card interest; bank fees; college tuition, business supplies, and taxes/SS  - with stagnant wages or declining small business income and 0% return on savings. 

Methinks the natives are getting restless ;  fortunately, the bankers appear to be overwhelmingly outnumbered. :))

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Man, this shit isn't worth it.

When I get home I am drinking a 5th of Absolute and smoking a few bowls.

It sure is wonderful to know that I will spend my adulthood in a 3rd world economic hell-hole!

You cannot make this stuff up anymore.

Why aren't people in the streets?

Do we need to lose another 8 million jobs and get 40% U-6 before it starts?

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green...baby..green giant shoots


nevermind the 3rd largest country's economy may start glowing...Crap, Nothing But Crap says its so..so its SO...soooooooo

and the FED(who aint fedup of the FED lies and sheeit?)  propergander..own the the proper outlets and you control the gander


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Banana Republic, baby.

And no, we won't be wearing the khakis, we'll be sewing them together.

But it's all good because we'll be at full employment.

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Want people in the streets?  Just take away their bread (food stamps) and circuses (American Idol, ESPN, etc.).  Until that happens let the games continue.

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I suggest a monster spliff...

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Do you think that, once the Meeting Minutes are released, we'll see the word "Japan" in there somewhere???

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CNBC has become unwatchable! That idiot cramer this morning says hey we are only down 2 percent thats nothing...then the market rallies 150 points and in the same fucking day says he is a buyer here....wtf ?? what an asshole...the fed and their minions on tv can stick their ponzi up their collective asses ... ive had enough... from now on its Three's Company reruns on tv all day and ZH on the laptop.


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Jumpin' jeehosafats man! Get a grip! NO ONE can take that much 3's company! It's suicide man!

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Cramer told RON PAUL that WE MUST BOW to the IMF's Wishes.



Cramer is a real piece of work and a beta male, loser!

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You don't want to miss Daring Rovel's feature on Japanese baseball.

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I'm gonna let you in on a little secret... It's all a misunderstanding based on overhearing the wrong thing and the landlord has a wild imagination. (Now that I think about it, 3s Company is kinda similiar to a Fed Meeting sans the sweet 70's cans)

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CNBC has been unwatchable since 2008. It's been unbearable since 2009. It's made me welcome the apocalypse since 2010. And I think you're pretty much their last viewer.

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Something definitely is going on.  2- and 5-year Treasuries are in the red.  Corporate bonds appear to be in the red too.  Market rallying.  The "risk-on" trade seems to be back on.

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It is risk on because the japanese govt has basically shut down the news to save the economy . Fuck the people we must save the economy . Now imagine the same thing anywhere in the world . That is Globalism , that is the new world order . Run by .001 percent of the population who probably don't realize they are 100% pure satanists or maybe they do realize it and they have so much fuck you money they could care less .

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All is well. Nothing to see. Continue shopping. Go to work. All is well.

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Good buying opportunities for silver and gold today, perhaps even over the next couple if it keeps selling. Once the panic is over and the certainty of QE  forever sets in.
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I avoid all the complexities of financial markets quite simply. I don't have much money - easy as that. In the spirit of contributing to Project Mayhem I'll cheerfully accept advice on how to go about purchasing physical silver. Canadian Maple Leafs sure are pretty. My preference would be to walk into a store, furnish my name (cash) and walk out. Maybe a kind soul could refer me to a link here as I assume it's come up before. (Anti-Junk suit zippered and buttoned up tight.)

What_Me_Worry's picture

If you want the best price possible, you'll have to deal online using some form of electronic payment.  Otherwise, just call a few coin stores in your area and ask them how much for rolls.

You missed the boat for getting deals, though.  Ebay, using bing cashback(plus others), coupled with people who still didn't realize the value of their lots made for some amazing deals.  You could pick up the numi coins for their melt and bullion for 10-25% off melt.  You could even buy eagle/maple rolls at melt, if patient.

I stopped trying.  Best I can ever find is probably 5-7% off melt, and even that's rare now.

chunga's picture

Thank you! Just got my feet wet with a few dozen Maple Leafs. What's interesting to me is I bought from a place my kids recommended. They are in their twenties (I started early as I just squeak into the Generation X crowd). They aren't into video game toys but they fear something bad is "right around the corner". Like many, they can't quite put their finger on exactly what it is...but are leary about the future. They hate banks and so do many of their friends and they are not left wing greenies that default to that position.

They know what a Credit Default Swap is for Gawd sakes...kids these days...

When I was that age I was worried mostly about beer and pot and could roll one up in a jiffy with a 16 oz. can of beer on top of my head. I'm going to learn more and stock up. If at the very least I get to do my part and toss one in JPM's fanny in the tiniest of ways I'll be happy. Thanks again! I appreciate it!

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Since the army is broke the only way to fight the fictional terrorist is to fukk with the economies of all nations by exporting the Chairsatan toilet paper.

Why couldn't the japanese disaster happen to the Fed. You know I think they are gonn apush people to revolution here in the US.

19 days is all we need, just like Egypt.

You can feel the world's frustrations with the elites. One dipshit GOP/DEMon is gonna fukk with us the wrong the way and she'll blow.


Just watch this year