Japan-China Conflict Escalates (Again): 4 Japanese Nationals Detained In China

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Things are getting wierder and wiered: China has confirmed it has detained 4 Japanese officials due to "violation of a Chinese law relating to protection of military facilities." Xinhua reports: "The state security authorities in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei, have taken measures against the four people according to law after receiving a report about their illegal activities." It is unclear if the four suggested recommending nuking the 3 Gorges dam for risk of cracks and terminal collapse during the next massive earthquake. Next up: Chinese defense forces amassing in Manchuria. In other news President Obama believes he can tell Hu Jintao what to do...

From Reuters:

A Japanese foreign ministry spokesman confirmed on Friday that four Japanese nationals had been detained in China on suspicion of violating Chinese law regarding the protection of military facilities, as tensions rise between Asia's two biggest economies.

The two sides are already locked in an increasingly heated dispute triggered by Japan's detention of a Chinese fishing boat captain whose trawler collided earlier this month with a Japanese patrol boat in waters near islands both sides claim.

Analysts say the trawler dispute is largely a row over sovereignty in an area with rich natural gas resources.

The islands are known as the Diaoyu islands in China and the Senkaku islands in Japan.

"We were told the reason for the detention of the four Japanese people is violation of Chinese law relating to protection of military facilities," said Hidenobu Sobashima, deputy foreign ministry spokesman.

"We will monitor closely the developments. We were told they violated Chinese law and we need to monitory closely what will be the conclusion," he added.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku, commenting on the affair, said it was important for the two countries to foster strategic, mutually beneficial relations -- a nod to the deep economic ties that would be at risk if the row worsens.

China's Xinhua news agency said on Thursday: "The state security authorities in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei, have taken measures against the four people according to law after receiving a report about their illegal activities." It gave no details.

A spokeswoman for Japan's Fujita Corp, an unlisted construction company, said that five of its employees were missing in China -- four Japanese nationals and one Chinese national. But they had no firm information on their whereabouts

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Obama Admin, watch & learn how two old-school Asian guys fight it out. Maybe China won't  bitch-slap you so badly again....you pack of fools.

molecool's picture

No but there will be lunch - and the Chinese will be eating yours.

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Good, because I serve plenty of Kool-Aid. I see you've imbibed.

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Japan has (hastily) released the boat captain they held.
The US is re-opening a rare earth mine in CA.
And so on. Stress fractures beginning to show? Or simply pressure relieved?

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Your so fucking stupid you sit on the tv and watch the couch.

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Big Yuan Rise Would Mean Bankruptcies: Chinese Premier

An appreciation of 20 percent in China's currency would cause widespread bankruptcies in China's export sector, where firms operate on thin margins, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said on Wednesday.

"The conditions for a major appreciation of the renminbi do not exist," Wen said in a speech to U.S. businessmen in New York. He said the appeciation of China's currency demanded by U.S. lawmakers would not bring jobs back to the United States because U.S. firms no longer make such labor-intensive products.




*** RED ALERT ***  .......Yen down big,Nikkei up 3.5%  woooooosh lift off, guess who .......


Ground Control to Uncle Ben
Ground Control to Masaaki Shirakawa
Take your hopium pills and put your helmet on

Ground Control to Masaaki Shirakawa
Commencing countdown, engines on
Check ignition and may Uncle Ben Sholom's love be with you ...

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five,
Four, Three, Two, One, Liftoff.......................

This is Ground Control to Uncle Ben
You've really made his day ...
And the sheeple want to know whose bailout is today..
Now it's tiiiiiiiiime....mm,time to print awayyyyyy...

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Have you hugged your Chinese peasants lately?

The China Post :

In other words, some 310 million people in China have an income that is on a par with that of people in France or the United States, but there are also hundreds of millions living at the bottom of society in abject poverty. “Don't forget, China's current success is built on 300 million people taking advantage of 1 billion cheap laborers. And the unfair judicial system and the unfair distribution of wealth are making the challenges even greater,” Zhou says with a tone of stern reproach.


China Daily:

President Hu Jintao recently and clearly suggested that the nation further adjust its national income distribution. China has responded, initiating broad reforms of how income is spread among the population.

Thirty years of booming economic development has created mounting national wealth. But uneven wealth distribution not only creates imbalances in the nation's economic structure and in international and domestic demands, but it also weakens domestic demand, one of the most important factors for sustainable development in the Chinese economy.


Sorry, but they are not going to be able to reshape Chinese society before the West has recurring unemployment rates of 20% plus across the board (oh, maybe not Germany). This will take years.

Time for a nudge?

molecool's picture

Correction: ... pack of complacent ignorant fools.

I just went to Asia for the first time two weeks ago. The U.S. is a third world country compared with what I saw. It was embarrassing enough to return LAX - could have been worse - could have been JFK.

trav7777's picture

Potemkin villages are good for doing that.

there are abundant "unauthorized" exposes on the massive pollution and environmental catastrophe that is the real China

Arkadaba's picture

I hate JFK and just heard something recently about getting my data to HMS 3 days in advance before flying ??? People can come see me or we will Skype. I used to love travelling .... 

UncleFurker's picture


Keep travelling, just avoid the arseholes employed by US border patrol.


I gave up even transiting through the USA years ago.



purple's picture

You're kidding right ? Most of Asia, including China, is quite poor. Please leave Hong Kong and your 5 star hotel and the airports. Or just look at per cap GDP numbers.



snowball777's picture

Yeah, it looks fucking great...when are you leaving again?



Millivanilli's picture

I love watching tai chi and other "internal martial artists" get their asses kicked in.   But up until the fight they look all cool and shit.  


Seriously, Obama is a dufus, but China has a fuck load of problems, like 1.2 trillion in US bonds and currency!   Now, Japan is in a mess because they don't have nukes.   So solly, your neighbor does!

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In other news President Obama believes he can tell Hu Jintao what to do...

Obligatory re-post of SNL instant classic:


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Japan has been asleep for twenty years.  I applaud China for giving her a poke; it will be interesting to see a re-awakened Japan.

molecool's picture

Re-awakening? Their population is depressed and rapidly aging. Expect Japan to be China's lap dog going forward - I can even see it being absorbed into the collective.

Millivanilli's picture

Like your head has been reabsorbed up your ass?   Since when did chimps access the internet?

snowball777's picture

You got on, didn't you, Fab?

lewy14's picture

You of all people should understand that Japan has been waking up - I mean you do know what your avatar is, right?

I assume you've watched all of GITS/SAC/2G, right? And hopefully Code Geass, and Bleach.

With Geass, they really give away the whole game when Lelouch vi Britannia has a scene imploring the entire nation of Japan: what does it mean to be Japanese? A certain segment of Japanes anime producers have been working busily to rehabilitate bushido (which is basically the entire point of Bleach) and re-instill Japanese national identity in the next generation.

Those with ears have already listened.

I'm betting Japan doesn't back down very easily.

AchtungAffen's picture

Hahaha, I would have taken you seriously a couple years ago but not anymore. Bushidou spirit in Bleach and Lelouch? I guess you missed the Bushidou spirit in K-On!, because that's where Japan's moving. Don't know about Bleach, but Code Geass is more about royalty, anglo-saxon, military and mecha fetish than anything else. Bleach is purely a children show.

Anime as a whole tends to be very little political, and more about "form", specially the marketable form which now is moe in its current appearance. There are very little anime titles related strictly to politics, I could name 2: Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu and Higashi no Eden. The first one is a masterpiece in all aspects but it's more of an extended (and less misery centred) Les Miserables in space, very general in politics, but very interesting as it shows the 2 sides of the aisle very good (not in black and white as many others do). Higashi no Eden ends up in nothing, so not very much political ideas there.

Japan is asleep more than ever at the wheel, even now. Except for a few, those who decide to live smaller and with less, the rest are in a stupor. I'm sorry, but no Bleach, no One Piece, and no other animu (now so famous) revolving around 20th century Japanese literature will change that.

AnAnonymous's picture

They will have to recapture that Okinawa base. Lately, as a democracy, they elected a government with a mandate to perform the task.

The guy in charge of performing the operation was sacked as he failed.

tyler's picture

Politicians like obama and the rest tell themselves that they are powerful and important because America is powerful and important.  Its just not that way anymore.


Arkadaba's picture

Just curious - did you spell weird weird on purpose? I before E except after C and a bunch of of exceptions :) Interesting post - I don't judge on spelling errors - I make a ton of them myself but couldn't help but notice.

Arseclown's picture

You wanna get nuts?  LET'S GET NUTS!!!!

suteibu's picture

In other news President Obama believes he can tell Hu Jintao what to do...

That's too funny.  All of this has come about because Hu looked into Obama's eyes and saw a metro-sexual globalist.  There seems to be a lot of issues going on in this pissing contest, not the least of which is the US reaction.  Biden warned that Obama will be tested. 

Amended to add that Hu sees the same thing in PM Kan.

Millivanilli's picture

Biden is a full fledged fuck wad.   Hey JOE how about those 250-500k jobs a month coming along!



thefatasswilly's picture

Once upon a time, a Chinese princess fucked a monkey.

Comically, the slut got pregnant, so she fled to the eastern islands and had her baby with her simian lover.

The descendants of this pair are what we now call the "japanese." Or at least, that's what my people believe.

jeff montanye's picture

and they are clearly your people.  stick with them.

thefatasswilly's picture

Jealous that your kind is not a contender for the title of "master race?" I would be too, if my culture were so inferior.

TraderTimm's picture

Time to go long dolphin and whale.

Not a surprise about the islands, they've been bitching at each other for a long time over those specks of rock.

Wake me up when someone launches something.

gnomon's picture

Did you know that China has a very active germ warfare program that possibly involves the use of influenza as a weaponized virus, one that could not be distinguished from a supposedly naturally occurring virus?

The Pentagon in fairly recent literature has worried about the use of influenza as a weaponized virus.  It would "paint" with a very broad brush, creating Lebensraum EVERYWHERE.

It would be sort of the ultimate Check-Mate in this brewing Resource War, especially if our deepening Global Depression puts at risk the continued rule of the PRC Politburo/PLA.

Watch the headlines in East Asia.  Our future will likely be violently decided there, but not as many expect, and sooner than they would expect.


infiniti's picture

NoBama should tell the Chinese officials that he wants a 15% revaluation of the Yuan within 6 weeks. China will scoff. NoBama should then spend all weekend working on an economic development package that will encourage the onshoring of manufacturing directly from China. Go on prime-time TV and tell the sheeple that you are bringing jobs back to Amerika, dare the other party to vote this one down!

LostWages's picture

"NoBama should tell the Chinese officials that he wants a 15% revaluation of the Yuan within 6 weeks."

Assuming he found the stones to do that, the Chinese would devalue the currency by 15%. 

jeff montanye's picture

"assuming he found the stones".  that's funny.

dussasr's picture

If China actually revalued the Yuan 15% the manufacturing jobs would not come back to the United States.  They would just move from China to Bangladesh or Vietnam or anywhere else that labor is cheap.

sethstorm's picture

...and next time around, the US cuts a larger amount of those countries out.

suteibu's picture

Mainichi is reporting that the charges against the four carry the death penalty.  From a Xinhua report.

trav7777's picture

China is just fucking crazy...you can't get away with stupid shit like this forever.

purple's picture

yep, this is stupid and crazy. They are not indespensible. The CCP has substitued nationalism for Maoism and the world will pay the price.

three chord sloth's picture

Do they realize just how fragile the whole worldwide, containerized, just-in-time shipping infrastructure is? And that they are completely dependent upon it for all their income and half their raw materials?

The Pacific is huge, and container ships could just start "disappearing" out in the middle of nowhere... no idea why it sank or if it was an accident or an "accident".

Spalding_Smailes's picture

Don't forget about this ....

Thursday, October 9, 2008 International Trade Seizing Up Due to Banking Crisis (Updated)



At the end of the day, if every counterparty is bad then you don’t have a market and you don’t have an economy. I spoke to another friend of mine this afternoon, whose father has been in the shipping business forever. Pristine credit rating, rock solid balance sheet. He says if he takes his BNP Paribas letter of credit to Citi today for short term funding for his vessels, they won’t give it to him. That means he can’t ship goods, which means that within the next 2 weeks, physical shortages of commodities begins to show up. 

The credit crisis is spilling over into the grain industry as international buyers find themselves unable to come up with payment, forcing sellers to shoulder often substantial losses.

Before cargoes can be loaded at port, buyers typically must produce proof they are good for the money. But more deals are falling through as sellers decide they don’t trust the financial institution named in the buyer’s letter of credit, analysts said.

Access to credit is key to the survival of maritime trade and insiders now say the supply is being severely restricted. More than 90% of the world’s trade by volume goes by ship…

“The credit crisis has made banks nervous and the last thing on their minds is making fresh loans,” Omar Nokta, an analyst at investment bank Dahlman Rose, said in an interview with Reuters.

Milton Waddams's picture

A defensible retaliation to the Japanese detaining of Paris Hilton, IMO.

PhattyBuoy's picture

Paris now suck Wang in China !!!

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

Here is my prediction:

Several years ago I was in china negotiating a project. We spent four days and got nowhere. The fifth day, my Japanese colleagues took the Chinese executives out to dinner, karaoke and drinking afterwards and the next day we came to terms.

The Chinese and the Japanese will find a way to save face on both sides.

Nothing big will happen.

Last time, there was a similar conflict, Japan stopped exporting cars and AC units to China and China stopped exporting tatami reed. A few months later... silence.

On the lite side:

The Chinese are negotiating with Greece to run the main port of Pereaus and for negotiating leverage, they stopped exporting vaseline to the Greeks. 

There you go. They are about to sign.