Japan Finds Plutonium One Mile Away From Fukushima, Doubles Radiation Leak Estimate

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In a double whammy of bad news from the mainstream media blackouted Fukushima (or perhaps the general population just doesn't care any more) today we learn that not only did The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) double its estimate of the radiation leak in the early days of the Fukushima catastrophe, something we had predicted would happen eventually courtesy of the secretive Japanese government, but that Plutonium from Fukushima has now been found in the town of Okuma, over 1 mile away from the stricken Nuclear Power Plant.

On the fallout estimate doubling:

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says it believes the earthquake-stricken Fukushima plant emitted nearly 800,000 terabecquerels of radioactive material into the air in the days after it was hit by a massive tsunami.

That is more than double the original estimate and is based on new information suggesting the No.1 and No.2 reactors suffered meltdowns much earlier than thought.

The revision reveals the failure to contain the disaster resulted in much more radioactive contamination of the soil, sea and air than the plant's operators had acknowledged.

And far more importantly, on the plutonium and its 87 year half life:

Plutonium that is believed to have come from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 power plant has been detected in the town of Okuma about 1.7 km away from the plant's front gate, a Kanazawa University researcher said Sunday.

It is the first time plutonium ejected by the stricken facility has been found in soil beyond its premises since the March 11 megaquake and tsunami led to a core meltdown there.

Naturally, coming from Japan there had to be a silver lining of lies with the latest mushroom cloud:

Professor Masayoshi Yamamoto of Kanazawa University said the level of plutonium detected in soil in Okuma, Fukushima Prefecture, is lower than the average level observed in Japan after nuclear tests were conducted abroad.

This was the last resort after earlier attempts to lie about the source of the material failed:

The Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry has found plutonium in soil on the nuke plant's grounds, but it was believed to have been fallout from bomb tests abroad.

By analyzing the ratio of three types of isotopes in the plutonium, Yamamoto was able to determine that it was emitted by Fukushima No. 1 and not past bomb tests.

The soil samples were collected by a team of researchers from Hokkaido University before April 22.

Somehow we think by the time this is all over, mutated rabbits will be the least of the demoralized Japanese population, which already is experiencing a demographic crunch.

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Tokyo Electric Power Co. shares fell the most on record after the head of Japan’s biggest stock exchange said the utility should follow the same route as Japan Airlines Co. in 2010 and file for bankruptcy protection.

The owner of the crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant plunged as much as 28 percent to 206 yen, the most since at least September 1974, and was the biggest decliner on the MSCI Asia Pacific Index. The cost of protecting the debt of the utility known as Tepco traded at a record 1,150 basis points today, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc prices show.

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they're totally fucked...a cleanup of this scope cannot even be costed out

Spalding_Smailes's picture

What's up G they be scroomed I tell ya', scroomed



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This shit has been so fucking obvious for so long, and the entire world doesn't care anymore.  Damnit it if it doesn't make one think we're destined to just extinct ourselves through rampant apathy and stupidity.

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Ironically, the minute it went to a level 7 event, it ceased to exist from the news. Even worse, the Nikkei isn't even close to its lows. Insanity is bullish! Let's drop a bomb on Cali and maybe the DOW can hit 13k and we can shake this depression! I really wish I lived 200 years ago:(

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Lying is worse than dying. A diet of Truth is the essential food  for the brain to operate properly.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Too bad they don't factor the costs of clean ups when they build these dirty bombs.  They'd never build one of them.  Of course when BK is an option, no need to factor in meltdowns.

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Sounds like an excellent opportunity for an entrepreneur to buy some cheap land.

Fukushima Farms.  We grow them like no where else.

topcallingtroll's picture

Fuckin A Harry....where you been?

Good to see you back.

The Profit Prophet's picture

Could it be???? It seems rumours of his death were somewhat exagerated. I guess we will just have to wait until he comments on the recovery....or how well dildo sales have been going...to know for sure.

T.E.I.N. everyone

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That is not Harry Wanger it's Harry Wanqer. The original Wanger is long gone.

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Hey, don't give Israel ideas!!

mayhem_korner's picture

Fukushima Farms.

Raise earless rabbits by the billions.

rsnoble's picture

Even if it could be costed in how would you do it?  They're finished.

Boxed Merlot's picture

if it could be costed in how would you do it?...


Thankfully we won't have to.  We can wait for the smartest men in the room to do it for us when the start offering radiation credits for sale and trade instead of the silly carbon ones they've got Gore peddling. 


It's all good.  Nothing a new and healthy tax won't fix. 


Besides, I still don't understand why every city doesn't follow Berkeley, CA's lead and just declare themselves "nuclear free".   That way the stuff just bypasses the borders and voila, we're safe!

tonyw's picture

declare themselves "nuclear free", that's exactly what the French did after Chernobyl exploded, we ain't seen no radiation clouds - strange how they have some people with the same types of radiation illness.

The film "The True Battle of Chernobyl Uncensored" can be Googled and shows just how terrible these acidents can be.


Fedophile's picture

Science, Math and a giant concrete tome. QED.

vxpatel's picture

Don't worry, remember it'll be GDP positive! 



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Relax, nothing going here, move along.

Those plutonium samples are vestiges of Fat Man.

Funny how those idiots should point to "nuclear tests abroad" and not the two detonations in their own soil.

Regardless, one has to wonder why the Iternational Criminal Court has not issued arrest warrants for TEPCO officials and Japanese politicians involved in this genocidal crime.

cranky-old-geezer's picture

Agree, north central Japan is finished.

Even if they could put a number on it, they can't physically clean it up. It apperars spent fuel is scattered all over the site and up to a mile away.  The site and suurounding area is too radioactive to get people in there for any significant cleanup. 

It's way worse than Chernobyl where a single reactor blew more or less straight up, radioactive material contained in a relatively small area.  Fukushima had 4 reactors blow in all directions, plus spent fuel pools, way more radioactive material scattered over a broader area.

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I feel powerless... like a man with no arms, trying to fight back at the system...



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The water table will be the real factor in the coming decades. How much of the contamination is water soluble? How much of the water they dumped on the fuel early on has already escaped under the site?

Ben Dover's picture

The water table... or the next earthquake resulting in the next tsunami resulting in the next environmental crisis.

This video plotted the japanese debris spread from the last tsunami -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwMvsN6y9fo

While radiation probably spreads differently this might serve as notice that California beachfront property may become affordable in my lifetime.

widget's picture

Yes that's correct. Tsunamis are just waveforms that moves particles vertically (until they break or flood some beach). However the ocean currents will bring it to cali in a couple of years, and evaporated water will rain down a lot sooner.

I'm confused as to why this is alleged to be the furthest away that plutunium has been found since the accident. Isn't the US west coast further than a mile? http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/04/21/radioactive-fukushima-pluton...

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I'd say just about all of it.  They've been pumping highly radioactive water out of the basements of reactors five and six since early May.


That's over five hundred meters north of reactor 1...and there's no way for that water to travel that route over ground.  It traveled five hundred-plus meters in 7 short weeks and there's no reason to believe it limited itself to travelling northward.

They're now estimating that the amount of water to be disposed of under reactors 1-4 is running 105,000 tonnes.  The faster they pump the faster the water rises...and all available storage (including the tanks they're building) will amount to less than 50,000 tonnes capacity....and, over 20,000 of that is already full.

They're lying about all of it so I wouldn't take any of those numbers to the bank.  What you can take to the bank is that there's more radioactive water than they can possibly contain and more is being generated every day.

The sea hasn't seen all the radioactive water it's going to get.  Not by a long shot.

writingsonthewall's picture

Where is the market when you need it? - surely someone out there is seeing the opportunity to be 'entrepenurial' and set up a nuclear cleaning company to meet this demand.......no? - what do you mean the market fails in these cases - but these are the most vital cases!

Thank goodness for the state - ready to bailout companies like Tepco who made a lot of profit over the years but was too shortsighted to see this potential issue.

...it's almost like the market only sees short term - not very good for dealing with something which has a half life of 80 years or so.

ArrestBobRubin's picture

Who's THEY? Just because all Fuk U news has been blacked out hardly means that you and I aren't totally fuk-ed as well.

Cdad's picture

Remember Fukushima?

So much for Doug Kass and his call to buy Japan...which he referred to as a generational "buying opportunity."  Any day now, he is going to release his revised thoughts on this matter...right along with his revised thoughts on buying shares of GM.

Holding my breath...


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the levels are infinitesimal...bitchez

Temporalist's picture

Ann Coulter must love hearing you whipser sweet nothings in her ear at night...as she rubs infintesimal plutonium lotion on you both to make you stronger.

trav7777's picture

you can call me all the epithets you want and it won't make my statement any less factual, bitch

topcallingtroll's picture

I often find myself in agreement with you, but any exposure carries some risk. This is not harmless. This is also not over. Not by a longshot.

trav7777's picture

look; you're exposed to radiation constantly.  It's coming from that big burning nuclear fireball in the sky, from your granite countertops, from bananas, from lots of places.

Pu is particularly nasty in the lungs, sure.  The amounts in the topsoil here are minute, though.  It's a GREAT headline for chicken littles who think ANY radiation is harmful.

Well, then you need to move underground.  Oh wait, that's radioactive too.  So is altitude.  There are people living fine in places with 100x normal background.  Radiation in large quantities MAY be harmful.  There simply isn't much in the way of data on it, nor on REAL Pu toxicity.

I referenced what data there was when Mosely-claven started bleating about how a nanogram would kill the whole world and shit.  We've already been over this.

You guys are too desperate for everything to be "TSHTF," jfc, this is confirmation bias writ large.

Reptil's picture

Oh man, you're on this "harmless radiation" trip still?

It's cumulative. All radiation is harmful. More radiation is increasingly harmful. If animals, and people live on contaminated soil, they will die off slowly. The japanese don't have the luxury of the russians to just close off a part of their country and throw in a hundred thousand troops to clean up the mess. Their country will take a serious setback, because they will not be able to recover contaminated land. That is not yet "priced in", because everyone is still in "pretend" mode (incl. schools). Because they're not taking serious action (dig a trench to prevent further ground water contamination) right now, they're going to have much more problems in the near and far future. With the prospect of the reactors remaining unstable, the chance this crisis will get worse is very large. (This is "typhoon ally" after all.)

Sayonara Fukushima :'-\


widget's picture

The million people who died after the "harmless" chernobyl accident begs to disagree http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/apr2010/2010-04-26-01.html. You need to go by the actual health effects witnessed, not the fictional models provided to you by the nuclear industry.

majia's picture

Let us look at the facts trav(esty)7777

Plutonium: the gift that keeps on giving, even if presented in miniscule amounts:

"If plutonium were to enter your lungs today, much of the plutonium would still be in your body 30-50 years later”

“The isotope 239Pu was first used in fission weapons beginning in 1945 and is produced during the bombardment of uranium (235U) by neutrons in nuclear reactors. Approximately one-third of the total energy produced in a typical commercial nuclear power plant comes from the fission of 239Pu produced from 235U”… Approximately 1,855 metric tons of plutonium was estimated to exist worldwide at the end of 2003; most of which was found in spent fuel from nuclear power plants.

Atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, which ended in 1980, is the source of most of the plutonium in the environment worldwide, which released approximately 10,000 kilograms of plutonium. Trace amounts of plutonium (including 238Pu, 239Pu, 240Pu, and 241Pu) are found worldwide, mostly due to fallout from atmospheric nuclear testing…

Plutonium released to the atmosphere reaches the earth's surface through wet and dry deposition to the soil and surface water. Once in these media, soluble plutonium can sorb to soil and sediment particles or bioaccumulate in terrestrial and aquatic food chains….

…Most of the body burden of plutonium resides in the skeleton and liver, and following inhalation exposures, in the lung and lung-associated lymph nodes. As a result, these tissues receive relatively high radiation doses following exposures to plutonium. Radiation-induced toxicity to these tissues has been documented in human epidemiological studies and in animal models…

Possible associations between exposure to plutonium and mortality have been examined in studies of workers... The Mayak studies provide relatively strong evidence for an association between cancer mortality (bone, liver, lung) and exposure to plutonium….

Read More About the Fun Effects at http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/ToxProfiles/tp143.pdf


trav7777's picture

IF my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle and more of a man than you.

We already have Pu in our lungs from atmospheric testing and occasional burnup of satellites with radioisotope generators.

You're not telling me anything I haven't already known for a long time about Plutonium.  Sheesh

Ruffcut's picture

Fuck you travtroll. YOu got pluto in what's left of your brain.

Go to fuku and fix this shit. You don't know shit about this matter.

I can't wait for assholes like you to die. It's the main thing I look forward to.

majia's picture

I'm a woman and don't need balls because i have something better...

MsCreant's picture

I am not trying to start shit with this question, I really want to know what you think. Do you honestly believe that doubling the estimate gets us closer to the truth of what has really happened? I don't. I think doubling it is no where near the truth in terms of magnitude AND I think the global environment can withstand more than we realize and heal from it. Japan is screwed. Other nearby areas "ditto."

seek's picture

I think we're still quite a ways away from the truth. The hysteria about radiation outside of Japan is seriously overblown -- I've run my own monitor since the day after the event, and it's barely detectable here, but certainly a large chunk of Japanese real estate is perma-fucked.

What troubles me far more is the degree that they lied. I'm a huge cynic, and a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and didn't buy into the happy-happy-joy-joy after the event, and thought my understanding was fairly well grounded in reality, but it was far from it. The true reality is there were three simultaneous full-scale meltdowns, and both the Japanese government and US government knew this within a few hours after the earthquake, and presented the situation as almost benign. I think at this point it's safe to assume thing are at least 10-20 times worse than is presented, and keep assuming this until you're proved wrong.

I knew they couldn't be trusted, but we're at a whole new level now, folks. Between overt market manipulations and meltdowns, they've made it clear there's no limit to how far they'll take their deceit and nothing they'll stop at the achieve their goals. It's said that the first victim of war is truth, and looking around and seeing myself surrounded by hundreds of dead truths, I must conclude we're at war, and per Pogo, the enemy (to them) is us.


trav7777's picture

Oh christ, you are pissed off at "lies" that you didn't believe?

Are you a bitch or something?

hardcleareye's picture

"the levels are infinitesimal".....

Trav, the word  infinitesimal is a "relative term"... ie the distance from the moon to the earth is infinitesimal compared to the distance from the earth to the next solar system.....

Your statement is NOT a "factual statement", (claims that can be verified as true or false).

Sloppy, sloppy.... you can do better than that.

tmosley's picture

Not without abandoning his pride and arrogance.

That will never happen.  He is too small a man.

trav7777's picture

keep dancing bitch.

Or else keep making ridiculous predictions and falling flat on your face.