Radiation Level At Fukushima Reactor No. 2 At Its Highest Level Recorded So Far, Neutron Beam Observed 13 Times

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Per the Japan Nuclear Agency: the Radiation level at Fukushima reactor No. 2 at its highest level recorded so far. From Reuters: "Radiation at the crippled Fukushima No.2 nuclear reactor was recorded at the highest level since the start of the crisis, Japan's nuclear safety agency said on Wednesday. An agency spokesman said 500 millisieverts per hour of radiation was measured at the No.2 unit on Wednesday. Engineers have been trying to fix the plant's cooling system after restoring lighting on Tuesday." And some more truthy news from Kyodo:

Electric Power Co. said Wednesday it has observed a neutron beam, a
kind of radioactive ray, 13 times on the premises of the Fukushima
Daiichi nuclear plant after it was crippled by the massive March 11
quake-tsunami disaster.

TEPCO, the operator of the nuclear plant, said the neutron beam
measured about 1.5 kilometers southwest of the plant's No. 1 and 2
reactors over three days from March 13 and is equivalent to 0.01 to 0.02
microsieverts per hour and that this is not a dangerous level.

The utility firm said it will measure uranium and plutonium, which could emit a neutron beam, as well.

In the 1999 criticality accident at a nuclear fuel processing plant
run by JCO Co. in Tokaimura, Ibaraki Prefecture, uranium broke apart
continually in nuclear fission, causing a massive amount of neutron

In the latest case at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, such a criticality accident has yet to happen.

But the measured neutron beam may be evidence that uranium and
plutonium leaked from the plant's nuclear reactors and spent nuclear
fuels have discharged a small amount of neutron beams through nuclear

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everything's fine folks.  everything's fine.

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Except for Sharks with Friggin Neutron beams attached to their heads!

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Put up all radiation shields and go to warp drive. The Blue Green place has either been swallowed by a Quasar or is to far gone to risk a landing, and with those readings there co be no truly intelligent beings on it . Lets get the flock outta this quadrant and take our bailout money somewhere else.

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For those who have not seen it, an interactive quake map of japan....3 big ones last nite and getting closer to tokyo....  



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You mean, they are made out of meat?



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Haha, you saw that link I posted a few weeks back, huh?  That's the best story ever.

I am Chumbawamba.

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How do solve a prob-lem like Fuk-ku-she-ma?

How do you hold a New-tron Beam in your hand?


Apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein

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Ladies and gentlemen, the key here is to duck and cover - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW4s7TETtJA

Be ready everyday, all of the time. 

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Duck and cover?  That's nothing compared to this man's reflexes... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWt3-kPBQ4A&feature=related 

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Butcher of Bagdad, brother of Obomba.

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That Bush guy really got the bob an weave down. That new sorta negroid fella we got now, he's really Irish idn't he. O'Bomb'em  Ya, I red he's one of them transgenderd cathaholic/protestrant/musel'ems.


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...13 times, whereas analysts had expected 10,...

They beat the number!  Buy! Buy! Buy!

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And now Tepco is trumpeting that the japanese people themselves will have to pay for this cleanup: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-03-23/nuclear-cleanup-cost-goes-to-japan-s-taxpayers-may-spur-liability-shift.html


Death is too good for TEPCO

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And now Tepco is trumpeting that the japanese people themselves will have to pay for this cleanup: 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

They (the ppl) will in any *case ... this is news?



* No matter how you 'juggle the books', the populace ends up footing the bill in the end.


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A neutron beam observed thirteen times ? "We'll have to get that number down a bit."

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You don't get neutron beams from random bits of fuel lying around. This was a criticality accident.

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liar liar pants on radioactive fire!!!!

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Radiation is "GOOD" for you according to Ann Coulter!!!



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Oh dear, you've upset Ann Coulter's fan.

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 It is years, Your Grace, since I buggered a boy... And in my own defense, I must add, I thought him a girl at the moment of entry.

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What say you, Guthrie, that Archie can't tell arse from quim?

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+ JLR... Ann Coulter... Just another paid shill of the US...

If Ann believes radiation is good for you, why don't she take this opportunity to move her sorry azz to downtown Tokyo?...No doubt she can now get a real deal on real estate.

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I am ambivalent about Ann Coulter and I don't know what her position on radiation being good for us is.  What I do know is that there is a significant number of health physics professsionals who believe that radiation in small amounts stimulates the body's defensive mechanisms just as exposure to viruses and bacteria does.  Therefore, a conclusion that small amounts are actually good for you.  Everyone is exposed to naturally-occurring radiation every day.  Some more that others due to their geographical location and/or time spent in structures that contain relatively high amounts of radiation-emitting materials such as granite.

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Sure, that radiation is called sunlight, and it promote the bodies production of Vitamin D.  Being pelted with ionizing radiation causes tissue damage.  You can set up a health tourism trip to Fukushima.  See how that goes for you.

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I wonder how many 'sidewalk nuclear physicists/biologist wanna-bes' actually read the piece she wrote; odds approach zero the louder the aspersion cast I think ...

Yet to see credible case made/the cite where her arg is shown false, mostly subjective unquantified, fact-free aspersions ...


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So by this brilliant Nietzschean (that which does not fatally irradiate me, makes me stronger) logic, people in Denver have lower incidences of cancer? 

Did this "low-level exposure" as studied happen to come solely from within the subject's thyroid? If not, isn't your position (which mirrors (M)Ann's BTW) a complete non sequitur? Can you see how suggesting such inane things during a nuclear crisis might be taken as an almost sociopathic lack of empathy by sane humans?

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My position?  Read again.  Inane?  Sociopathic?  Get a grip!  Panic much?

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I've heard that radiation attracts bears too!

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So stocks on Wall St. should jump at least a couple hundred points or so today............

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Comon Tyler, stop being a spent pool half empty type of guy.

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This is my favorite quip in a long time. Well played sir!

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Please excuse the triple tap.

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This is my favorite quip in a long time. Well played sir!

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I assume that the junk is for forgetting the sarc tag.  

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Mine was an accident, sorry.

Though NHK is reporting that it is now fully contained with no damage to your reputation. Carry on, BTFD.


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You can actually unjunk.

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Sweet, unjunked.

NHK is now reporting that the number of junks on the post in actuality, never rose beyond 1 uSV.

I shall now engage in Seppuku as a token of my shame.


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The Nikkei is off the lows!  How can we be so pessimistic look at the resiliency of that market!

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and gold's at $1437.5 and rising. Yes! Get up there you beauty...

We should pause for a moment and try to reflect that 1500 is merely a point on the path to 2000...

and that 2000 is merely a moment on life's rich and entertaining trek to 3000...

and spare a mere moments silence for our dearly departed dollars.... and pounds...and euros....and yen(s)....and so on and so forth.