Japanese Economy Collapses: Q1 GDP Drops At Double Consensus Rate, Epic Nominal Plunge Of -5.2%

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There she is.  The most glorious of the black swans, followed by the four horsemen right behind it.

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which is why the nikk is +

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Is this the same Black Swan that DSK raped?

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"followed by the four horsemen right behind it."

  1. The Bernank...
  2. Wanker Timmay Jeethner...
  3. Boner Strauss-Kahn...
  4. Obama Bin Lyin'...

Those are four dumb fuckers who could trigger an apocalypse...

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Bone-her Strauss-Kahn

Fixed that one for you.

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The Schadenfreude derived from this nice get of an elitist scumbag has never been more pleasurable for me.

Schadenfreude, German word, is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.

When I think about how a lowly HIV Goy put an elitist Jew god in prison, well, makes me cum in my jeans.

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That is the most perfect video example of what Schadenfreude looks like I have ever seen in my entire life.

Thank You.

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 But the joy is that you probably watched that clip for half an hour :)

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It was only 20 minutes of viewing pleasure for me while doing my fantasy dance. I'll catch up tomorrow on it some more. :)

Let me just add; it was a black female African immigrant who did that elitist aristocrat scumbag in for his own indiscretion. Trolololololol. :)

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The elite have become so intensely scummy that no amount of misfortune could produce pleasure in anyone. They have gone way past the point of tit for tat redemption. That's what happens when you double down on the I'm not fired you're fired. I'm not dead your dead once often.

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True art!

Someone should redo that video with a head shot of Bernanke superimposed over the singer's head and then have gobs of $$$ being thrown around the room as he walks about.

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That would ruin it.  How can you not smile and be happy while you watch trolololol?  Though indeed the Bernanke probably sings that as he dishes out the cash.

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...have triggered the apocalypse...

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Hoping things are improving for you.

(Double post save.)


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JIT issues from Japan have just affected a small bearing importer in Peru.  We thought we would get a vital piece, but no.

See comment #1290247 below thread.  Not good for us.

The Bearing thinks that JIT issues have merely JUST BEGUN.


JIT issues out of Japan could be a really bad surprise that few are contemplating...

And, yes, my heart also hurts that the people of a great nation were LIED TO and screwed by their .gov and TEPCO.

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Geithner: Another Meltdown is 'Certain' — Raising Taxes on the Wealthy Will Come

And he blamed a combination of timid politicians and credit card-debt-ridden Americans, rather than Wall Street and the big banks, for the financial woes that have beset the country over the past three years.


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Q: Whats the difference between Tim Geithner and a bucket of shit?

A: The bucket. 

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... And Geitner holds more shit than the bucket!

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Hey... that's a good idea. Let's lend them to Japan! A trans-pacific gesture of friendship.

No, really Japan... we wouldn't mind letting you keep those guys for a while. We can suffer through without them for a year or two... or three. They'll get you humming along in no time!

Seriously, Japan... you can have them. It's the least we can do.

How about if we say "pretty please"...?

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That was funny. Now what bastards junked you for that? The Problem Is, me thinks we've got us some trolls about.

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We know what this means... RALLY!!!

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Yes but those numbers are better than expected.

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Wait for Bloomturd to print "unexpected" when they run their feel good spin on Japan's depression print!

Banana Ben is warming up the QE helo as we speak...

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The Bernank: "Quick Robin! To the Fed Copter!"

Timmay Jeethner: "Holy QE3 Fedman!"

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But let me guess, Nikkei is up, right?

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Of course!  This is all very, very bullish, doncha know?

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Predictably not covered by Marketwatch whatsoever.

And the Keynesian shills will now all state "all priced in", completely ignoring that they were all jumping with glee over the "expected strong growth" on the back of rebuilding, less than a week ago.

The report should be written by Fred Mishkin, and we'd be all complete.

/Sick & disgusted.

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No one could have predicted this?   What rock have you been hiding under?

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Bazinga!   Leonard is supposed to inform me of these things.

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umm . . I believe TD was being sarcastic  . . uh . . .yeah

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Look for the classic mushroom shaped recovery.

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Look for the classic mushroom shaped recovery.


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Total collapse!

Mega money printing now.

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Gonna need QE4 a month later with all the Treasuries the Japanese are going to be redeeming!

Lowry Lon!

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Lots of Jew confetti will be flying.

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And how exactly would money printing rebuild their electric grid?

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They don't need an electrical grid anymore.  They can just tap the radiant energy right out of their environment. 


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so, why are their stocks up? is there an ETF for radiation?

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Bank of Japan stimurus.

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The financial sector gets new cash while the economy is allowed to collapse, like in the US

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Thats not so different to radiation.

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Thanks, man. That was just the sort of understated zinger I needed for a good chuckle.

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but.....but..... they said...... how could a big earthquake, tsumami and nuclear disaster result in this? I don't understand anything anymore.