Japanese Metropolitan Radiation Readings Spike Once Again, As Wind Turns Toward Land

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One of the Fukushima fallout's saving graces so far has been that the winds over Japan had traditionally been blowing radiation out to sea and away from major cities. Alas, as the meteorological office indicates, this is no longer the case and border breezes are now tugging each and every way, with the result being a lot of the radiation already accumulated east over the Pacific coming back with a vengeance. Unfortunately,the latest SPEEDI readings, indicate that the expected jump in gamma radiation has indeed been confirmed with reading every ten minutes over Ibaraki surging from mid triple digits over the past several days, to nearly 3000 nGy/h. While in the grand scheme of things this is still not a material threshold reading, it does confirm that the NPP continues to leak a dangerous amount of radiation, and the only key variable is the wind direction. Should winds continue to blow from the sea, it is only a matter of time before more and more Tokyo residents ask themselves if it is worth finding out if the government is lying about this latest data figure.

From SPEEDI, the latest print out:

A continuously updated spreadsheet of radiation counts over all prefectures - link.

And the latest windmap:

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AMAZING speech by a brave Iraq war veteran. So inspiring!


I can see clearly now...

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Nice speech. Let's see if it evolves from there. Or if it ends in just another speech.

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What happened to the other radiation post?  It looked interesting and I didn't get a chance to read it..................did the MIT legal dept. call by chance?

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for those who have not seen it, National Radiation Map, updated every minute. We have moved the blog.......



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True, radioactive rain in that area is something to worry about. Folks should stay indoors and keep windows closed. This is not your usual scaremongering, and those simple measures will help.

But please note: IN THAT AREA. Not elsewhere.

BBC - Japan nuclear threat: The tsunami is the bigger tragedy

By David Spiegelhalter, Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk, Cambridge University


Bicycle Repairman's picture

"BBC - Japan nuclear threat: The tsunami is the bigger tragedy"

No doubt it is, but the tsunami damage is the rug under which the nuclear damage will be swept.  Act of G-d.  What are ya gonna do?

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Faggot voiced. Should join the secret service, to provide Obama close "protection".

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I don't know if that's in any way representative, but I find it interesting to see that the "experts" being hawked as representatives of good judgment on nuclear risks by the corporate media are technical experts.  Nerds. 

I don't think nerds are the people I want making decisions profoundly affecting people, knowhutimean? 

Technocrats have little rightful role in decisions like those.  They tend to be freaks--even the ones who aren't sock puppets of sociopathic corporate interests. 

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Catch-22 my friend... Anyone who is capable of commenting on the techical aspects appears to be compromised in your view.

Be careful not to paint with too broad a brush....

Bob's picture

What is acceptable risk for society is not a technical decision is what I'm saying.  They're being thrust onto the podium as if they operate upon some superior scale and speak for higher social consciousness by virtue of technical knowledge.  I was being tongue in cheek about nerds . . . until I really thought about it. 

Sorry, I've known too many Ph.D.'s. 

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Ph.D. Jim Berkland:

Massive earthquake to hit California between march 19 to 26.


Flakmeister's picture

I've noticed a big difference between public and private Ph.Ds... The private ones sold their soul to a certain extent, esp. if they are working any where near their field... The academics are much more in tune with your line of thought..

All the time, keeping in mind, the brush is fairly large.

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Catch-22?  Hardly.  The technical details are trivia in the end.  Those who know such details are obviously part of the system and are completely and irreparably biased.

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You do have strong opinions on things you know nothing about... You are a poster boy for the Downing Effect....

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go to afghanistan yourself monkey boy and maybe some friendly fire will put an end to your arrogance. 

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He couldn't understand they need perpetual wars for profit$. War is peace.

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QE!! ONLY QE can save JAPAN!!


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Good speech but the question is nothing has changed in the last 1,000+ years. The elite always get the  poor, working class stiffs to fight the wars. War to the wealthy means one thing - transfer of assets -   now get out and vote every election and let's keep replacing the bums in office till we get somebody decent.

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Those figures (30-90nGy/h) are essentially harmless. That is not a high amount. At all. 30nGy/h = 0.000003 rem/h

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spoken like a true politician, next your going to say that radioactive iodine in my water is good for me

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It is, if they mix it just right with the flouride, it's tastes like kool-aid... yummmmy

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Ok, genius. Show me how that level is harmful.

A nuclear plant worker is not allowed to have more than 5 rem/year exposure. That's 0.000570776 rem/hr, or 190 times more than 30nGy/h and 63 times more than 90nGy/h.

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Obviously no one thinks those levels (which are just background) are harmful. The concern is about the areas where they've shown 4000 ngy/h. If they SHOW that level, then what would you guess the level is in the "under survey" prefectures? You say correctly that around 5700/hr is the harmful threshold, and we can be certain that it's been over 4000 in at least 3 prefectures for days. That's the real issue, genius. Elementary math skills aren't all that's required to understand what's happening there.

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Fuck your analysis of the readings.  If Japanese passengers deplaning at O'Hare set off radioactivity alarms, that's enough for me.  Oh, and just for good measure, China is sending back planes to Japan because the readings are too great.  That's not a win for the Nipponese.

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I set off the scanner once at a lab once, 1 week after I had a bone scan. The dectectors are very good...

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/anology ON/

I have in my hand a small speck of shit.  I dissolve it in a bucket of water and you drink it over several days.  But the fun part is; I never told you about the shit.

How much shit would you really prefer eating?

Some, alot, or zero?

/anology OFF/

Got Beef?

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Heh, love the anology. Is that why you sleep alone?

Sleeping next to someone is 0.05 Silverts radiation.


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Shit is part of food. Don't like it? Stop eating.

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I suspected as much and when Tyler acknowledged that it was not material, I was glad I didn't have to bother doing the conversion.  I think the operative variable in his analysis is the wind, whose whims effectively determine radiation concentrations.  Even if that particular data set is legit.  Another major venting of radiation at the plants on a day when the wind is not friendly will likely be a much worse day in Tokyo. 

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I believe Tyler puts it out there for us to digest.

Some do not believe the official number that are being released. Some have proof that they are fictitious.

Bob's picture

People quibble when they're small.  Tens of thousands of people in metro Tokyo are wearing personal dosimeters.  This is a culture where people wearing surgical masks on a good day of summer draw no looks--because they're actually common.  In combination with such locals, there are the western corporate media hawkers who are wearing them on air (and they are still on air from Tokyo.)  When concentrations/levels become material, the word will get out quick. 

But if you watch the plant drama and know the winds, it gets real simple. 

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NW Pacific Wind Chart


Some more wind data for y'all. Winds are blowing generally away from Tokyo. Though further south the winds are, at the moment, going against the prevailing east to west direction.

What we are dealing with here is prevailing winds caused by the rotation of the Earth. These generally blow away from Tokyo.


Additionally, the radiation levels are so small outside of a 20k radius (aside from occasional spikes) that Tokyo is not and will not be in danger, even if the Earth suddenly starts spinning the other way round and Tokyo gets a constant breeze from the plant.

Can we stop blowing the alarmist trumpet now? Even the MSM has moved on now they have something else to get their page-views from.

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Whenever I need meteorological data in the future, I'll make sure I bookmark magicseaweed.com, your first stop in wind forecasting products. 

I am Cowabunga dude.

Oligarchs Gone Wild's picture

Winds definitely showing out of the Northeast, more real time data w/ wind direction.


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Putin Jailed all of them. Or he used umbrellas to inject radioactive isotopes into his adversaries. Love that Red(water based) paint on the Kremlin. Does it come with the matching Siberian Tiger?

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Nothing like a slow low drip of Rads, you won't even notice the build up.

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It was ad seeing the chief of the Tokyo Fire Department choke up (not weep like the TEPCO director) as he said "I am very sorry for the families left behind."  The cream of the country's largest fire department is being sacrificed to try to save the Kanto Plain (Japan's largest arable/buildable area) from significant contamination.  Along with the TEPCO workers.

Best of luck to them.

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Too bad Lloyd is doing "Gods work".  I guess these poor schlubs are doing "BoJs" work. Bankers need to die soon(radiation sickness has a kind of happy karma ring).

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Thanks for the heads up on the Kanto Plain - it looked like an agri centre but I couldn't be sure. 

Back of the envelope calculations I made before this new data suggests a loss of 50% of that region's agriculture due to saltwater inundation. This will reduce rice production in the short term at a time when the price is going up anyway. Looks like even more of Thailand's rice will go to Japan.

You are right about the workers and firemen being heroes, and the sacrifice they are making.

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Futures are UP and climbing, of course.  The world's largest city becoming a toxic wasteland is great for equities.

Larry Darrell's picture

Not just futures up on worthless dollar.

Silver got a nice opening bid.


Boilermaker's picture

One makes perfect sense and one doesn't.  I'll wager that the TSE also goes up.  In fact, just take that wager across the board on literally everything.

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I think it's a bank holiday in Japan today, but the boys in Sydney have the futures up a good 2%.  The financial markets continue to wage battle against reality - Sunday night is always their favorite time.