Japanese Production Halts To Cause Parts Scramble, iSuppli Warns Of iPad, iPhone Delays

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+1000 rems.  That is what society is degenerating too.  very funny/scary.

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absolutely surreal cartoon....nanny state like a motherfucker

talk about treating the population like children

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Good heavans, planned obsolesence not going to plan?

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If reactor #3 MOX gets spread around, it will be more than pesky parts delays.

I was trying to explain to a friend of mine yesterday (who was convinced the helo water drop meant they were making progress and the things would be allright) the possible implications of wide scale plutonium contamination of the area and the disruptions to the larger global economy (not to mention the Japanese people).

Her eyes glazed over.

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Warehouse on Wheels--FAIL

Just In Time Delivery--FAIL

Gardening in my yard--WIN

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Country Boy Can Survive

- Hank Williams, Jr.

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iPad and iPhone delays?  There goes the recovery!  We're doomed!!! DOOMED!!!

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lol...sad thing is that will probably be the reason for things to fall apart


that said, I'm an Isuzu Commercial Truck salesman and the plant/port are fine, but they are worried about the suppliers.  I have a feeling all sorts of things are gonna get delayed and business models screwed....


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ooo you would be privy to all sorts of fun information right now I imagine....

I'm curious. To start with - Based in the States? Which parts in particular are the worry & when will you know? Who's your/Isuzu's biggest fleet customer? What's the average age of the fleet & what's the typical maintenance schedule for the most popular models?

Public knowledge only if you can of course...links to websites are ideal

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The diesel trucks are produced in Japan...and parts are from Japan (I'm sure there's stuff on them from other locations, but it is a Jap produced vehicle)


Gas trucks are cabs/chassis produced in Jap and sent here to have GM engine installed.


I don't know who Isuzu's biggest fleet customer is, but they have some large accounts.  Keep in mind, they sell the world over, not just North America.


Not sure what else/when I'll know more.  Has the potential to be pretty scary, really.

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Husband works for Case New Holland, maker of ag tractors/ind loaders - won't name which plant


Enuff transmissions until April 1st.

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See my reply below (downthread) for comments on vehicle spare parts from Japan.  Trouble ahead!

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Just posted this above--

If reactor #3 MOX gets spread around, it will be more than pesky parts delays.

I was trying to explain to a friend of mine yesterday (who was convinced the helo water drop meant they were making progress and the things would be allright) the possible implications of wide scale plutonium contamination of the area and the disruptions to the larger global economy (not to mention the Japanese people).

Her eyes glazed over.

Scary ain't the word for what will happen if this shit spreads even 200 mi.

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Fair point, but test an alternate hypothesis that says this thing does get contained to a 50 mile exclusion. In this case those parts delays SO is alluding to become the pointy end of any fallout from Japan for the US.

I don't think I phrased my original q's clearly enough - but I'm curious to know, based on SO's available data (if any), who Isuzu's biggest customers are in the USA (I'm clear SO is now USA-based), & the size/age of their fleet as well as their, say, top 2 models they're buying. Additionally what parts are the worry in particular & when do SO's shop mechanics predict this will impact their work.


Add: I really need to learn to 'Preview' before 'Save'.......I have no interest in knowing someone's not getting his iPad2 in time for his birthday, or his Acura has to spend another week in the shop - but what piqued my interest here was the link to commercial trucking.


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"Her eyes glazed over"...

btw, you'll never get anywhere with the ladies trying to explain the finer points of plutonium fallout... :)

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A date that will live in infamy.  The day ipad shipments are delayed.  Doomed is right.  I am going to head down and reinforce my underground lair.  The only thing holding this ship to gether at this point is American Idol finals.  They cant stop that, can they?!  CAN THEY!?

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iPad delays?



what the hell are we gonna eat?

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-Gen. Schwartzkopf

Mad Max's picture



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Mandrake, have you ever heard of fluoridation?

-Gen. Ripper

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You can mess with peoples lives, but don't you dare mess with ipad production.  Now it's a true disaster.  Watch for Obama to cancel his Rio trip.

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The DRAM market does not show any evidence of a supply shortage. Prices shot up on monday but have fallen every day since.



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All the well-run companies have multiple sources for key components or a cushion built into their inventories, and it appears Apple is managed better than most. Japan is important, but not *that* important.

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As a former Intel employee, I can tell you that this is the fact. You can bet that Apple has at least 3 sources for everything. They keep their costs down by pitting one supplier against another. Can't deliver? You move down the list and the next guy takes over.

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This is true- but it also takes time.  I work for an electronics manufacturer and our entire supply system,like that of every global company nowadays, relies on the "just in time" lean philosophy.  There is no room for error here and it is run that way on purpose to save money but it magnifies problems when things go wrong.

Everyone is going to be going after the same alternate sources who generally cannot change production overnight, it takes time to gear up for new orders, hire and train new people, etc.  This isnt a snap of the fingers kind of thing.

It will work out eventually, but there are rough seas ahead.

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re: Everyone is going to be going after the same alternate sources --

The biggest customer always gets top priority. There may be others who want the same part, but if Apple wants a million and the next guy wants only 50,000, guess who gets what they want?

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Can't the Fed just print profits?

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JIT meets CAT (Cat Ass Trophy).

I think the world should get used to supply chain disruptions, putting it mildly.

This perfect storm will have it's most pernicious and immediate effects on supply chains, already groaning under variously in-de-bi-stagflating economies.

The imminent death of Supply-sidism is good.

I hope the Japanese go back to making stunning hand crafted things again, those of ageless and timeless value.

Bye Buy iEverything.




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does this mean the price of an iPad and iPhone will increase?  holy shit, then the Fed gangsters wont even be able to talk about those prices staying steady when discussing lack of inflation.

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Does this mean my soon-to-be unlocked 3G just doubled in price?

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We need commander Spock to cap that reactor.

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Which sell side analyst will be first to have the GUTS to lower EPS on tech sector companies.

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But....but.....I though Operation Extension Cord was going to do the trick?

As silly as that sounds, based upon CNN and CNBC this morning, between the G7 currency intervention and the 12 gauge extensions cords being hooked up to units 1 and 2 Saturday and units 3 and 4 Sunday (bright yellow so someone doesn't trip over one, unplugging it and starting a meltdown) happy days are here again.

In fairness to CNBC even Joe was a little cynical about the world situation going into the weekend. He asked if you go long or short into the weekend, especially considering Japan's markets are closed Monday for a holiday. But his uncertainty didn't last long.

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The extension cord was doomed from day one.  Power plants generate power and therefore have female outlets.  How you gunna connect those cords? Larry the cable guy, where are you?

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Hello again CD... Another question...

Have you seen any (reliable?) estimates of the per centage of the electrical grid damage in Japan...

I am not asking about grid failure due to generating plant failures, but grid failures due to earthquakes and tsunamis.

Thanks in advance.

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Enter the I-MAD generation

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"The aftermath of the Japanese earthquake may cause logistical disruptions and supply shortages in Apple Inc.’s iPad 2, which employs several components manufactured in the disaster-stricken country—

Well there goes what's left of the economy...

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The global supply chain is a absurdity wrapped around a enigma.

The product of CBs riddler like madness and nothing else.



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I can see it now. Wall Street rushing to securitize i-pad financing as prices escalate to $30,000 each as supply shortage takes hold.

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I’m sure China would be more than happy to produce any of those intellectual patents items for the Japanese.  



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One of my friends went to an Apple store last week and they told him up to 6 weeks wait time for the iPad 2.

Are they letting all the beautiful people off the AAPL bus before this becomes major headlines?

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Short those annoying blue shirts.  Also, are the fadded jeans a requirement of that uniform?

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It would take a 4 year old to understand the supply chain disruption these events have caused.  Is anyone surprised?

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GM will anounce a major layoff next week when they run out of part for their Truck assembly. It starts.....

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Those GM facilities in Shreveport, LA are schedule to be closed by 2012 as it is.  That is what globalization does.


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Paging Harry Wanger.