Japan's Latest Proposal To Contain Fukushima's Radioactive Fallout - A (Circus) Tent

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You just can't make this up: proving that Japan can outdo even the Russians when it comes to nuclear crisis "response", Dow Jones reports that the latest scheme to come out of TEPCO is to cover Fukushima with a giant tent. It is unclear if it will have a circus coloration yet. From DJ: "Giant polyester covers will soon be placed around the damaged reactor buildings at Japan's Fukushima nuclear complex to help contain the release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere, the plant operator said Friday. Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) will install the first cover at the No. 1 reactor, the focus of recent stabilization efforts, starting next month." This probably means that Japan looked long and hard at the concrete shell option and realized it was impossible, which is true. The problem is that by now the melted cores are not in the complex, but deep beneath it and the radioactivity is actively seeping directly into the soil. And since the polyester tent idea is doomed to failure, it is only a matter of time before the Simpsons dome is firmly in place over a ragion with a radius of about 20 kilometers. Impossible you say? Just wait.

From DJ:

Workers will erect a steel framework and place a giant polyester tent-like cover around the reactor building. Similar covers will be placed around units No. 3 and 4. The work is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

A series of hydrogen explosions blew off the roofs and upper walls of the three reactors in the days after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami knocked out their cooling systems, triggering the overheating of the reactors.

The explosions scattered a large amount of radioactive debris in the area around the reactors. Workers will have to clear the debris near the No. 1 unit so that cranes and other heavy equipment can approach the reactor. TEPCO said it began shifting debris from the area around the unit Friday.

The damaged buildings have come to symbolize the severity of the nuclear crisis at the plant, the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986.

The loss of the roofs and filters above the reactors has led to the steady release of radioactive substances from the complex, prompting calls for measures to contain contamination in the surrounding areas.

Artist's impression of this latest Japanese venture:

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strannick's picture

Hope they remember to close that tent flap at the front.

Herman Strandschnecke's picture

This is only a tentative idea. Tentatively speaking. They're still trying to find an industrial sized zipper manufacturer.

Crack-up Boom's picture

+100.  Funny, the Tepco symbol even looks a little like Mickey Mouse.

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

Someone at Tepco must read Zerohedge.


by bbq on whitehou...
on Sat, 04/02/2011 - 16:52


"Maybe they could put a tarp over the buildings and vent the gas into someplace safer. Filter it or something.

Sound silly. Maybe; do you have a better idea then venting into the open air. Concrete will not stop the venting. So controling the venting is the next best thing.

Im sure NASA could come up with a good tarp (gold foil) or something that would work.

The leaking into the ocean is a tougher nut. You could wall of that area of the ocean and try to treat it. 

Not that anyone wants ideas from the peanut gallery, still you never know."

Do i get a cookie :)

franzpick's picture

When I saw they weren't going to do a damn thing last month, I decided I'd just 'wall off my own little piece of the Pacific' by buying 125 cans of 2015 dated pre-Fuku-ed tuna and 75 cans of 2016 dated salmon, and when the next longer-dated 2016-2017 cans hit the shelves in a few months, before the bluefin make their 3 month migration from East Honshu coastal waters where they spawn, to the eastern Pacific westcoast US waters from Washington to Baja for the 2012 tuna season, I'm going 'wall-off' maybe 50% more.

At some point in 2012 buyers will be shunning Pacific tuna and salmon like they are now avoiding Gulf of Toxico shellfish and other species, and the Atlantic alternatives will be going for a premium.

Well, maybe Ann Coulter will be buying the Pacific stuff in her belief that a little new-fin tuna and other slightly irradiated new species are good for you.

Stuck on Zero's picture

The East Coast of Japan in that area is subject to the full fury of North Pacific storms.  How will those tents do in a 100 KPH gale?  They may end up in nTokyo.

Kassandra's picture

Polyester. Back in the '70's dear old Grandma made a quilt of polyester scraps. We gave it the nickname of "The Apocalypse Quilt" as it IS indestructible.

angelsand's picture

like samurai leather armor against a gatling gun

stoverny's picture

and the circus boss leans over, whispers in the little boy's ear...

"Hey son, you wanna try the Big Top?"

All aboard, Nebraska's our next stop.

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

The sad part is either:

a) They are completely out of options.

b) They are in a drunken stupor and see this as a moment of lucidity.

Either way its bad news so stocks should go up.

Ag1761's picture

Called my Tofu dealer today just to get confirmation where he sources his Soya.

He told me not to go long on Soy Sauce


knukles's picture

Kikkoman soy sauce is made in Wisconsin!

And talking about food, the HAARP manager probably came up with the funny; "Quake and Bake and I hepped'"

krispkritter's picture

Well so much for the supposition that 'They can't make this any worse.'. I'm thinking something along these lines: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F54rqDh2mWA  I mean you'll not only be containing radiation but everything else being produced from the reactions taking place in there. Next thing you know there will be little clown cars driving around with suited workers wearing big shoes throwing Dixie cups of water at this thing or showering it with seltzer bottles. This face saving that's been commented on won't do any good when it looks like the end scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark and that country is clawing it's collective eyes out because everything around them is glowing with radiation. The fact that the MSM is not carrying this is no surprise, can't upset the masses. No surprise the EPA isn't monitoring this(publicly), wouldn't want to scare the sheeples. How soon until we have to start growing all our food in high tunnels or greenhouses because the 'acid rain' of the past comes back as the 'black rain' they experienced before? The cowardice and deceit of governments and corporations knows no bounds. 

Fiat Money's picture

hate to say this, but the amerikan "major media" is now as GOON STUPID as the japanese, russians (and, hell, throw in N. Koreans) - AT THEIR WORST.    

  I mean, for decades the fluff-ball & slober-ball (calling chris mathews)  "expert commentators",  network anchors, and other blow-dried talking heads have been a tellin' us that "NUCLEAR IS SAFE!"    now that we have considerable evidence to the contrary.... they just switch topics & keep on babbling,  like, you know, cows chewing their cud.     

   Good metaphor for US "mainstream media"  - ol' Bessie  contendedly chewing her cud!

TrustWho's picture

"chewing her cud"....L like, especially stupid Chris Mathews...what a waste of time, but most have not seen a cow...much less understand chewing her cud.

ian807's picture

One word.


markar's picture

cirque de becquerel

ziggy59's picture

Scotty, Beam me friggin UP!!, NOW.



RichardENixon's picture

Don't give up hope yet. They still haven't called on Ultraman and the Science Patrol.

jbuchal's picture

Wouldn't a giant geodesic dome make sense?  You could build a hemisphere, and then work down around the edges until you hit bedrock.

glenlloyd's picture

this idea is pretty much on par with the brain power we've got running the show right now.

Seasmoke's picture

every time you think its impossible for them to come up with a worse idea , they come up with a WORSE idea !

mt paul's picture

need a massive heat sink under reactors 

to deal with molten fuel..

suggest boron glass..

then build massive swimming pool around the rest...

but what the heck ..tent sounds fun ..

Ruffcut's picture

Yep tents are fun, but I'm in slideout trailers and ruffing it.

Fukushima, Japans largest campground. Easy made smores, quick cookin hotdogs and plenty of fun, for all ages.

Old bacteria filled hot dog? No problem, irradiated meat facility, on hand, 24/7.

Bagbalm's picture

Polyester is SO '70s...

topcallingtroll's picture

someone posted this solution on a zero hedge forum two months ago.


Just goes to show that all the wisdom in the world can be found at zero hedge.  You just may have to dig for it.

hannah's picture

listen...!....denigger said this is all HYPE so just forget what you just read.

hannah's picture

listen...!....denigger said this is all HYPE so just forget what you just read.

Ruffcut's picture

De nigger, must be a shill now.  Not everybody can go from cunt to text, so well.

Jim in MN's picture

We discussed entombment, giant dirt berms to make a pool, pushing the goddamn thing into the ocean, nuking it from orbit, and various structures here at ZH.  Seemed like we left off at a heavy duty frame with 'tear off' walls due to the fact that the typhoons will tear the roof off the sucker.

It's not whether it withstands a typhoon, it's how fast can you replace it.

The airflow and potential for filtering is the real crux of it.  Air can be filtered of these strontium/cesium radionuclides but it's staggering to consider the amount of airflow that would be required here.  I have heard exactly nothing about any planning for that. 

So, while the rainbow unicorn circus tent per se is pretty ridiculous it's not that far off from what the drunken, foolhardy, irreverent lot here at ZH came up with.  I started off with the 'upside down Cowboys Stadium' (because of the need for lots of structure for typhoon survival, instrumentation, air venting, robotic cranes etc.) and ended up with the 'tearaway walls/filters on a frame' (although I thought it would be heavier, and have the HVAC air systems built into it) so....hey, maybe they did listen. 

LOL how insane would that be?

Still, without a way to gain some control of the water and air circulations, you can't call it real progress.  But if they have an irradiated tent instead of an irradiated countryside maybe that's not so bad.  Until the next 'event' occurs at any of the dozen hot spots at the site.

bob_dabolina's picture

Funny how everytime there is an insurmountable problem the solution tends to always be to TARP it.

bob_dabolina's picture

"TEPCO Alternative Relief Project"

davepowers's picture

but what if the tent is successful in keeping the radioactivity from escaping? Won't that tend to increase the amt. of radioactivity close to and around the reactor and make it more difficult to get workers inside to do whatever the heck it is they need to do? Surely, no air purification system would be even close to 100% effective, so the more the tent does its job of restraining radioactivity, the worse it gets inside? Assuming the tent's purpose is to restrain vs. hide.

davepowers's picture

re air filtering

didn't they install an air filtering system in #1 just a week or so ago, then the next thing was the announcement that they were throwing the doors open (at night) so they could let the interior radiation escape so workers could get inside. And right after the doors were  opened, they said they were removing the purification system.

That didn't sound like an overwhelming vote of 'yeah, it worked' for the air purification system they've already tried.

Jim in MN's picture

Well somebody had better fucking FIGURE IT OUT then, eh?

I know it can be done--it's done all the time for normal spent fuel storage pools.  But at vastly less volume.

This is the kind of issue we should be hearing about in great detail.  Instead, nada.

Believable-Hypocrite's picture

The tent will also serve the purpose of hiding the reator building that is leaning to one side, so when it falls no one will notice. They might ask what all that noise was, but I'm sure they will blame it on a janitor that tripped over an extension cord.

silberblick's picture

Follow the link to read the open letter sent to NILU regarding their suspension of Fukushima Radiation Emission reports. This is a serious development that concerned readers should be aware of:


HeavydutyMexicanOfTheNorthernKingdom's picture

......this also is chasing after the wind. 

Meatier Shower's picture

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Melt ....right ....down!

Ag1761's picture

Finally a buyer for the London Millenium Dome

hannah's picture

maybe they could shoot it in the eye...worked for the obo.

Hephasteus's picture

Guam just had 228 cases of "food poisoning". It's not food poisoning. It's radiation sickness.

Ruffcut's picture

Shit take all the capital domes and cap that bitch, repeatedly. Let all the politicians, sit under tents and drink a special blend of koolaid.

swissinv's picture

enjoy the camping site - S. Berlusconi

Die Weiße Rose's picture

And on top of the TEPCO Circus Tent the Red flag :

welcome to Japan's T E P C O a Circus of TRAGIC EPIC COMEDY :))