Jean-Claude Juncker - Europe Is Doing God's Work By Lying About Greek Insolvency, And Keeping EURUSD Longs Profitable

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Maybe I should apply for a green card anyway...CIA is chasing terrorists in Sweden without approval...this was in Dagens Nyheter today.

So I might have an equal chance of getting to some FEMA list over here, the only difference being that while waiting, I end up paying more tax.

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If you're chatting on ZH, you're on the no fly list anyway so why bother?



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GM All. What I find amazing is that we wake up Monday morning and read the news and yet none of what is happening is a surprise to any of us long term Zero Hedge subscribers. It is all falling into place. It is taking a long time for this Titanic to sink, but it will.

Patience and hand on the tiller will work. Like what I own.

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No kidding.

The entire system is a house of cards. Clearly evident by the fact these fools are now openly (and getting caught) lying about it. So how many more lies? Pah.

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I'll be honest: The real truth is we've been lying to you all along. OK? Now you can start believing us!

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When invoking the Decalogue wouldn't it be important to realize that use of one of the commandments to support an argument would mean the other nine would also come into play?  "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor" - I would imagine they didn't see this particular one. 

God damn these fucks.  Opps -  You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name.


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Our trustworthiness lies in our spotless track record of unwavering lies.

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Our trustworthiness lies in our spotless track record of unwavering lies.

Can you prove it?




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We now live in a world of lies...thanks to the Prince of Lies!

T.E.I.N. everyone!

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Gold at day high. Silver still basing. Tough to short, all the head inmate has to do is even verbally "hint" at QE3 and the market takes off. We know there will be QE 11+. But until this Mad man talks about it there is a question mark for the sheeples.

No shorts.

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If he can't tell the truth then he needs to shut his f****** trap!!

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Snicker. The world would get real quiet.

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Is it me or does Europe remind you of one of those calm, cool, collected customers that is about to just lose it. Europe seems like it's about to be Falling Down like Michael Douglas...

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Theyre going to die with that silly hat on.

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More like the Chief Inspector in the Pink Panther movies.

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I do not have a ready answer to your question


LOL what a fucking shit show this game has become.

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Greece is not broke. That is what the experienced experts with the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank tell us.


Experienced experts eh? hahahhahah.

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Wow, only completely disassociated megalomaniacs reason like that.

Let see, steal all the money and get everyone in debt up to their eye's and then break every law and commandment under the premise your doing GOD's work

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With all these people doing God's work, you would have thought the rapture would have been more successful.

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+ a trillion clown bucks.  Now I can get some shit done.  Thanks for the chuckle.

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This is the 'Failed Rapture Selloff"

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(Looking down from above) What do you was successful.

Are you still on earth CD?

T.E.I.N. everyone!

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Banzai7 and I were just discussing via email how maybe the rapture was successful and instead of us 'going' to heaven, some of 'us' just dropped down into hell. We shall see if this is so as the trading day progresses. I'm doubtful, but Banzai7 says my problem is that I have too little faith. :>)

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I'm pretty sure it was hell. I saw Blankfein painting roses in the foyer

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It's quite clear that the mission of the PTB (operating through the IMF, et al) is to divest gov'ts of any and all usable assets to be placed with corporations that are funded/owned by the banking cabal (which has unlimited access to the printing press to fund these purchases). They intend to rule the world by owning every asset that a person would need to interact with in order to live life. This is an outrage. I hope the citizens wake the fuck up before the gov't capitulates.

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Greek insolvency? What about European Central Bank insolvency?

The European Central Bank is insolvent

Back on May 11th I pointed out this.

As to debt restructuring the Euro zone has by a combination of incompetence and dithering got itself into a position where a lot of the restructuring would take place on the books of the European Central Bank!

Back on the 6th of December last year I suggested this.

the balance sheet of Europe’s central bank looks ever riskier to me and it is quite conceivable that we could be in an era where central banks as well as private-sector banks need bailing out.


I think that the insolvency of the central bank of Europe is a bigger issue that the Greek one -with apologies to any Greeks reading this-.

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Yes, and no. The insolvency isn't real as they have capital calls to the EU members. So the ECB's losses are made up for by the EU governments.  So basically the EU countries are lending to Greece directly, and struggling with that, and are about to get a bill from Trichet that is bigger than the amount they agreed to lend directly.  It is worse than doubling down for these countries since they did not all agree to back Trichet's purchases.  But at least the bill will be 'Service Compris'.  That should make the True Finns happy!

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LOL, it is always amusing to watch a person justify their actions as their power is slowly deteriorating.  All countries will now have to deal with their own filth.  Hedge accordingly.

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Idiot doesn't know just how much harm he is inflicting.  Should be tried and shot for treason against the entire world.

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When anybody but god tells me they are doing "God's work" (except GOD him/herself) I expect to be handed some k-y and bent over.

The antithetical of confidence is when someone lies to you for your own good.

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Benevolent dictators (junior and senior grade) only have our best interest in mind. And as long as we continue to bend over they will continue to be benevolent.

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Got it, so what you're saying is go long on K-Y? You gotta love the bene-v(i)olence of the dog-priests.

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careful what you ask for.  and lest we the human race forget "God has one wicked sense of humor."

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that's the thing about the greater good. It's usually bought on credit

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The Physics of the Matter dictates  All be Impossible, for no two particles may occupy the same space at once.

Thus, both Timmah and Jean-Clown cannot win at the same game.  Both currencies may not depreciate against one another simultaneously.

However, they can simultaneously depreciate against Gold.
Great fucking job, God's soldiers!

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The elitism of this asshole seeps through the pores of his skin.....


We lie to you for your own good because you are a peon and can't handle the truth.....that is is the main point I got out of this scumbag!

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Although I detest the lies and suppression of facts by EU ( and Fed ) officials ( the details of the Greek swaps that Bloomberg is so eager to observe for example ) I have little doubt that their intentions are sincere . The common thread in this interview and also in comments from other EU officals regarding similar material is the possibility of negative reactions from market participants. I agree 100% with Juncker when he describes financial markets as "largely irrational". They are , no doubt about it . 

It's natural that those in influential positions attempt to control the dissemination of information so as to ensure market stability ; I don't agree with that approach , but I can understand it . It shits all over the concept of efficient markets though and creates massive distortions . If the smooth operation of financial markets is dependent on outright lies and the filtering of information then I really do despair for the future . 


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Remind me again about the size of the derivative markets - I have no real feel for astronomical numbers.

But maybe I am being a tad irrational - given the fact I don't like getting this close to a event horizon.

 Anyhow in the mans defence - he is honest about lying.

Our Bureaucrats are more Noble then your Bureaucrats America.

Yee have peasants for functionaries but we have ...............

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Dork of Cork says, "In the mans defense, he is honest about lying."

He lied.

Don't make excuses for him. The responsibility for his actions is not minimized one iota for admitting it.

As  I've read, Liberal European apologists are not based in the acceptance of responsibility for ones actions. Gun-toting American Libertarians such as myself, do believe in accepting reponsibility for ones deeds and thoughts.

Perhaps, dishonesty used as a tool for selfish gain is part of the bigger problem?



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When Leftists CANNOT win in the Arena of thought, they always revert to shouting and insults.

Thanks for clearly proving my point about character.


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Well apparently the US derviatives market alone is worth $300 trillion dollars in notional value . God only knows what the size of the derviative market worldwide is . 


Yeah it was refreshing that he admitted to lying and furthermore gave the reason why . It was a great interview and Der Spiegel really tore into him . Perhaps our bureacrats are more noble , or rather less ignoble that those across the Atlantic . 

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I was casting a fly waiting for a fat trout to take the bait - I really could not give a toss anymore.