Jeff Gundlach: "Now What?"

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DoubleLine's Jeff Gundlach has released his latest presentation on the economy and the markets, titled, cryptically enough, "Now What?" Zero Hedge readers can access it below. For those who wish to hear Gundlach cover the key topics live, can do so in real time here (registration required) as he is currently holding a Q&A on the key topics presented.


Now What

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Corn1945's picture

Is that how he gets the yield so high? By investing in mortgage backed securities?

No thanks!

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right, looking at the holdings it seems like they're depending on continued government intervention i.e. that the fed won't shrink its balance sheet anytime soon. As long as Bernanke's around, that's not a terrible short term bet, but if it goes bad these funds will expire.

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all mortgages are not bad. he managed to make alot of money in mortgages all through 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Luke 21's picture

the yield is so high because they do research and do not rely on rating agencies. the fund is safe.

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Yo! Tyler, I cannot access the document, I only get the apple-ish looking round thing forever...tried in 2 different browsers

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It's not tyler, it's you.

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Wow !

It's only the 5438th guy telling us how bad the economy is and what a farce equity markets are.

Oh thanks, but we knew already.


Hard1's picture

Well, if you did not want to read about that you are in the wrong media.  You can watch Fox News and everything is working fine in the economy over there.  Or if you did want to hear about a diferent topic, there is always scientifc american, youporn, gay life, national geographic or whatever your preference is.

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Here's what is much more important:


In 1895, Dr. Hans Goldschmidt discovered and patented that:


Fe2O3 + 2 Al --> 2 Fe + Al2O3   @ 2277°C


Franken_Stein's picture


Compared to that, Alien blood is nothing !


Hard1's picture

Hmmmm....let me see... you tell us in the prior post that the economy being bad is old news and that we should care about a patent for welding material that expired over a century ago!!! wow, now you really got me!

New World Chaos's picture

That's thermite, which creates white-hot iron slag.  You could use it as a welding material but he's probably thinking of more creative uses like sabotaging heavy machinery or melting the support struts in the World Trade Center.  You would get the alien-blood effect if you could land a large amount on top of a building.

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Now what? So what!

kito's picture

monsanto scum rep gets beaten up by farmers...too bad it wasnt the ceo

PaperBugsBurn's picture

Monsanto is a bankster tool for depopulation.

The CEOs will be next after after the dollar regime collapse.

rocker's picture

You da man, I can't believe the shit head analyst who pump this piece of shit company.

The farmer should have bailed him up and fed him to the pigs. My Bad. The pigs deserve better. Eh.

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Why is a fixed income guy giving so much air time to gold and silver?  They don't earn any interest and only cost $5 to dig out of TCW's backyard.

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"Now what?"

Um, RMBS and dildos I guess...

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Hey, may I refer you to Dylan Ratigan's "What I Read"? 

He doesn't read any shit that doesn't affect the markets, including this BS.

After he reads it, if it doesn't pertain, he UNREADS it. Superhuman.

Reese Bobby's picture

Brilliant...he UNREADS it.  Superhuman indeed...

"The bottom line on Ram Dass is the realization that there is no personal identity. I'm an anchor, I'm a journalist, I'm a father, I'm a brother. But the only thing that's important is infinite potential. Every human being's identity is your potential. Right now I'm an anchorman in New York who's a dude. But I'll still be Dylan Ratigan. So who are you?"

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Hell, I was expecting a plug for a red ink manufacturer.



Things aren't so bad.

At least I've got chicken.

Blackfriday's picture

Why do I think that reference is might not be recognized for how awesome it is.


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Eagerly awaiting his follow up "How to Lose >70% in Your Hedge Fund in One Year, Then Start a Mutual Fund to Get in on the Sweet 401k Gravy Train, While Maintaining the Laughable Illusion That You Are a Market Expert and Not Just a Guy Who Buys Junk With Massive Leverage."

lolmaster's picture

Subtitle: "Because Anyone Who Lost ~$7 Billion Must Have Been Smart Enough to Get $7 Billion, Right? (See JWM, Amaranth, BSC, LEH, AIGFP.) Um, Yeah."